Corsair (VS1GSDS333) 1GB DDR SODIMM RAM Price in India, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon.

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Buy Corsair (VS1GSDS333) 1GB DDR SODIMM RAM online at Amazon. For Desktop 1 GB Memory DDR
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The Lowest Price of Corsair (VS1GSDS333) 1GB DDR SODIMM RAM

Amazon Offers ₹44,079
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Amazon Offers ₹44,079
FREE Shipping
Out Of Stock

Corsair (VS1GSDS333) 1GB DDR SODIMM RAM Features

  • 1GB SODIMM memory module
  • Guaranteed to work on Intel and AMD platforms
  • World famous Corsair reliability and performance
  • Designed for use with all SODIMM compatible DDR systems
  • For Desktop
  • 1 GB Memory
  • DDR

The lowest Corsair (VS1GSDS333) 1GB DDR SODIMM RAM Price in India is ₹44,079 at Amazon.
Buy Corsair (VS1GSDS333) 1GB DDR SODIMM RAM online at Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Before purchasing, please refer to the specific online store for any variation in the price.
Prices are subjected to change, please check the latest price at the respective store.
Check the Estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options while purchasing this product.
Please go through Corsair (VS1GSDS333) 1GB DDR SODIMM RAM full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.

Corsair (VS1GSDS333) 1GB DDR SODIMM RAM Specifications

Technical Details
Battery Description Batteries not Required to Operate
Brand Corsair
Computer Memory Type DDR DRAM
feature 1GB SODIMM memory moduleGuaranteed to work on Intel and AMD platformsWorld famous Corsair reliability and performanceDesigned for use with all SODIMM compatible DDR systems
Included Components 1x 1GB DDR Memory Module
Item Height 10 Millimeters
Item model number VS1GSDS333
Item Weight 32 g
Item Width 12.1 Centimeters
Manufacturer Corsair
Model VS1GSDS333
Product Dimensions 19 x 12.1 x 1 cm
RAM Size 1 GB
Voltage 2.5 Volts

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Corsair (VS1GSDS333) 1GB DDR SODIMM RAM Reviews from YouTube

Team Elite DDR 4 Sodimm vs Corsair Vengeance vs Samsung
Alienware R4 RAM upgrade: Corsair Vengance, Crucial or Kingston HyperX? (JJ's Layman's Review)
How Much RAM Do You ACTUALLY Need? (2020)
Installing Laptop RAM into Desktop!?
Bang bagusan mana antara team-force zeus dengan team elite?
Bang team group vs vgen platinum
bg, apa perlu ram di atas 16 gb utk gaming? ato hanya pemborosan aja?
yg team elite sama corsair cocok gak untuk laptop lenovo ideapad 320 14isk min?
Ini Team Elite yg chipset SK Hynix ya? Soalnya Team Elite ada juga yg pakai Micron Tech atau Nanya Tech
Bro laptop sy lenovo 320s 14ikb i5 gen 8 kaby lake Refresh, frekuensi ram bawaannya 2400Mhz, kata tim technical supportnya itu ramnya support 2666mhz, bener ga sih? Sy mau upgrade Ram soalnya
Bang, asus X441UB tambah ram pake corsair vengeance 8GB 2133 Mhz kira² cocok gak ya?
Bang kalau ram DDR4 2133 kuatan corsair atau kingston ?
thanks bro
ini support ryzen gan? trims
Bang saya mau tanya, merk ram yang bagus buat Editing dan Gaming apa ya?
Kalo frekuensinya beda bisa kah gan?, laptop udah ada yg ddr4 8gb 2666, trus mau beli team elite tpi 2133. itu bisa gak dikombinasi?
Klo mau upgrade ram ke dual channel beda merk tp frekuensi sama gpp kan bang
Saya bingung min lebih baik beli ram Team Elite atau Corsair Vengeance yah kalo pemakaian harian biasa dipakai Gaming, desain, edit video sama pemakaian office biasa ?
Untuk team elite, 16 gb dual channel. Yang 2 lain nya 8 gb singel channel. Enggak keliru membandingkan nya ?
bantuin dong, bingung DDR3l corsair atau team elite
Ada saran gk, merk adata, team elite, sama samsung, prefer yang mana?
Aing punya laptop tuf a15 single ram 8 gb yg kecepatannya 3200ghz, enaknya beli yg merk apa serta alasannya ngab soalnya bingung mau beli yg merk apa. Sebelumnya makasih
Bang kalai harga team elite 2666mhz berapa ya?
You should also account for the CL number in each RAM. Corsair 2666 might need XMP enabled
The Corsair ones may require XMP profile that alot of laptops can't use with locked bios, instead, check it is JEDEC certified which works out of the box without editing bios.
Crucial is way cheaper in my country maybe I will pick them.. thanks for the video
hi good morning dear, but please dont condemned my corsair brand.because im working with corsair brand now. 👍🏻👌🏻🙏🏼 however,make a comparison is a good info.
Hyperx impact 3200mhz and nothing else comes close
Bro enable xmp
Hi I wanted to tell you that your cpu only handles 2400mhz ram that's why you don't get 2666mhz.
Crucial ddr4 8gb 2666 MHz is Dual or Single Rank? Could you check it on CPUz for me please?
Waiting for my hyperx and thanks for the tests. PS, love the soundtrack!
crucial or hyperx which one and why?
This is old video but your cpu does not operate at higher speeds than 2400mhz :D sorry dude, i dont know what was u expecting. Did not even checked your pc stats. I dont know how you got 2667mhz anyway...
I always buy Crucial whenever available. Reliable and decent quality only trumped by Samsung.
Ur dumb as fuck. Whatever the ram speed is doesn’t matter. It’s governed by the bios.
Do anyone now where I can buy A graphics card for My Alienware 17 laptop it his a 860m I just want something higher then that like 1070 maybe. According to Intel itself, the Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ Processor supports up to DDR4 2400 MHz. So how can the memory show's 2667 MHz?
So hyperX is the best??
Could it work with 2 of these? ADATA XPG HUNTER 16GB 2666 SODIMM (AX4S2666316G18-SBHT) thank you (google translator)
2021 here. Running 3200MHz HyperX Impact on my Ryzen 7 4800H. Registers as 3200MHz ram without any issues. Ramdisk: 8594128896 bytes (8.6 GB, 8.0 GiB) copied, 4.04855 s, 2.1 GB/s
☠️BLACK BARON☠️ 2:40 ... interesting that crucial makes "temperature durability tests" and "software compatibility tests". I don't know how they do it but I think, with lots of bad code nowadays, you can create lots of unnecessary fanblows, CPU burners and buffer overflows. I have corsair right now in my Macbook Pro mid 2012 and I will probably test the ram from crucial.
i had 2666mhz in my laptop but i bought 32gb 3200mhz ram bcus i wanted better upgrade i hope it works
"This may not be the case in the future", my man, u have predicted Cyberpunk 2077 before it launched.
64 gb
How much do you need ? How much can you afford with speeds like 4400-5200mhz
That’s the most smoothest sponsorship advertisement transition I’ve ever seen.
I much prefer 32gb, when I had 16, I would usually start to lag if I opened a game up since I already have a bunch of background programs running.. steam, oculus, epic games then I would have chrome and opera open with a bunch of tabs, then maybe I would have blender open or am torrenting something.. it all adds up! Now I don't have to worry about closing stuff its awesome!
What about tablets?
It depends on how many tabs you open in Chrome.
64GB is sufficient for 2021…. May be until 2022
Lmao i have a 6 year old computer with 4 gigs of ram running minecraft with maxed out shaders. Hey why is it glowing and smoking
Need help on first build. B550m ryzen 3500x 4× 8 gb gskill 3600 250gb ssd boot and 1tb hdd. With a 800 80 bronze psu. Ran great at start up but is now shuts down randomly. And restarts with out noting the issue
8 gb ram for normal gaming 16 gb ram for ultimate gaming
me with only 8gb of ram running cod warzone youtube and discord at the same time 🥲
wait, why did he said ‘no pun intended’ in middle.
A GB of of RAM should do the trick
Minecraft mod packs use a bit more than the average.
I used to run Android Studio on a machine with 1GB ram. It ran quite smoothly somehow
Lol fallout 4 reviews “mostly negative”
I have an hp pavilion dv6700 laptop, I try to upgrade ram from 3gb to 4gb .. I fix PC2-5300s 2x2gb after I fix the ram my laptop not booting How to fix this issue. Help please 🙏
How is it possible to play games with only 8GB? I had 16GB until 1 month ago and I often were at 90-95% usage when gaming. Right now with only Brave, Firefox and a few background programs I'm at 32% of the 32GB I have now.
Could I need more than 8gb for virtual machines ?
결론은 굳이 이걸 사서 써야하냐는 거네 데탑에는 데탑 메모리를 넣으라는게 답이네.
"Because you can, but should you?" Yes Linus, I should. I am poor.
I like that the manufacturer is called std
A company named STD. They really didn't put any thought into it, did they?
I have some DDR3 converters I use (with my surplus laptop RAM I tend to accumulate) on basic PCs I have throughout the house.
What's the performance difference between the dimm and sodimm in a laptop? I'm interested to know the size difference is that necessary
The fact that it says std
Fuck this shit ads 😬
But why???
Lines WINDOWS UPDATE SUCKS me who traying to install the 20h2 but kept having errors :) good for you buddy
Well You could but why, why would you do that
So tl;dr You can do it....probably shouldn't
Why do you have two different sponsors for every video???
2 sponsers 1 video. sToNkS!
It’s like a talking dog. You do not marvel at how eloquent the dog is but that the dog talks at all.
We not gonna talk about that photo shop on the thumbnail
Noticed the adaptors have a 1 star rating on eBay - probably a good reason for it...
Your all videos are very high quality in terms of audio and video.
Why ? Because I don't have money to buy new ram for my old home setup 😂 so better I spend 4 $s on Amazon to buy the adapter if it exists why not ...

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