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Corsair RM650 650W PSU Features

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Corsair RM650 650W PSU Specifications

SATA 8 SATA Cables
Certification 80 Plus Gold
Brand Corsair
Model Name RM650
Part Number CP-9020054-WW
Power Output 650 W
Series RM
In the Box
Sales Package Modular Cable Pack, Cable Ties, Case Badge, Accessory Bag with Mounting Hardware

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Corsair RM650 650W PSU Reviews from YouTube

Corsair RM650 650 Watt 80 PLUS Gold PSU Unboxing!
Corsair RM650 PSU | Unboxing
Let's Review - Corsair RM650x
Thank you, very nice unboxing!
can this run a amd 5 3600 and 2060
Theyoupartwas cut over by the intro
gonna mount it to my new build: 2700x+2070 Super I assume it's more than enough.
i bought an rm650i and it seemed to make a small electrical noise while the PC is on.And while the PC is off it makes a sort of low pitched electrical noise
considering to buy it, but why do they still include flopy adaptor, is there a reason for it
plz tell me is it enough for msi gtx 1060 gaming x and i5 6500 i am in India
mine just failed, after 3 years, hopefully they will send me a more reliable version.
Will this run a GTX 1070 and a i7-6700k?
mine just failed.. again... after 2 years, this is going to be my second RMA..
Had 2 corsair psu failing after almost 5 years and the second 1 died a few days ago (haa 5 years warranty alright). Not going to lie they were pretty good in the years they were alive.... Well now I'm going to EVGA with their 10 year warranty and superb customer service. God damn corsair is taking so god damn long to reply to my ticket that I had to create a second ticket to get their attention....
Can this power an Asus z97 a. PLEASE REPLY!
Im actually a Corsair Fanboy , so i thought wow im gonna buy myself a corsair psu too, bought the corsair rm650. something seemed to MELT in the psu, and my power went out, and something was making a constant beep sound , and it smelled like burned electronics, and i paid 120€ for this, and it literally broke after 2 months, not recommended imo. i was really disappointed by this and i personally never gonna buy a corsair psu again in the future, but still gonna buy keyboard/mice by corsair and maybe something else, the quality of this psu seemed bad. never had a psu die on me so fast, or die anyways. even after a few years not.
Will this run a GTX 970?
"HI-POT is OK, you take what you want from that" LOL you could be a comedian
Can this handle two gtx 770 sli?
could we unscrew and have the fangrille removed..? making it easier to easily wipe and clean the PSU fan blades
will this power supply could run a gtx580 ?
Is this fine when i use a i7 4790k and a gtx970? 
Brother's Please EverythingNeoX ke family Member ban jaeye,Aur Bell icon jarur press kar dena🙏 please 1 like + 1 comment 😍 Love you all❤
Mere pas vs 650 tha jaise hi argb strips lgai corsair ki 4 pc bndh ho gya on ni hua ab mei rm 750 le rha hu gold to best hai na
How's Thermaltake SPS-530M for Rog strix 1080? Do I need an upgrade?
what do you think about Zebronics ZEB-PGP750W Power Supply
Will this psu be good for RYZEN 5 3600xt rtx 2060 16gb ram?
I am planning to get a RM850 power supply from Corsair, however it comes with a UK plug, what are my options to use this plug in India? Also if I have to buy an adapter could please recommend a few trust worthy adapters? Thank You.
Brother corsair tx series kaise hai gaming ke liye use krna hai
Hi Sir, Brilliant and detailed video, could you please tell me if this is compatible gigabyte X570 Aurous Master motherboard. This mother board is having 2 CPU connectors. Do i need to connect both TX_12V/ATX_12V1?
Ye rabbit bala stikar cool he😋😋
bro no doubt a better PSU is always better, but UPS is still needed not only because of voltage fluctuations (Good PSU can manage Voltage Fluctuations, as u mentioned in the video) but because of frequent power cuts. I m from odisha and yaha everyday 1-4 times power cut hota hai and each time mera PC band hota tha. Now that i have a decent UPS i can continue using the PC through the power cut. Anyways Cool Video :) 4:38 and nice rap XD
Plsss help me i dont know how to connect the cabelq pllsss
Lol my box had the same dent in the same corner
Great Vid Super Useful Thanks!
This music is such a vibe
Obrigado 👍🏽
I mean, was this
69 veiws ha
Nice video. I'm planning to get a RM650. Could you tell me that there is any problems with this model because in my country it just has 3 year warranty. Thanks in advance!
Thinking about buying this one when i build my pc!
The heatshrink is needed to cover up some in line transistors which help with ripple current. That's why so much is needed.
Fonte Cooler for up ou for down in case?
is it important in which directions the power supply looks
Hey I got some weird buzzing noise coming from the same psu, can u help me out?
So do you face it down or up in case
The fan faces up?
good job l got the Corsair (CP-9020084-UK) RMi Series RM1000i ATX/EPS Fully Modular 80 PLUS Gold 1000W works well 2 years old
Thanks for the peripheral bag idea:)
Watching this as cba to take side off pc, forgot if it were fully modular cables 🤣 ...reason, them thick as fook sleeves makes the cabling extremely stiff, and now i need the base fan mount for better summer airflow cos of the changing climate.
Corsair's RM X series is one of the best quality PSU that money can buy for enthusiasts and gamer builds.
Hello sir, great video! I have a question if you don’t mind. Does this power supply fit in a mini-itx case? Thank you in advance.
normally the fan should be turned down as this draws heat from the inside of the case and not the fresh air outside
yes stupid masturbation powers :)))
I'm using the RM750X. It's great.
its sad to see Malaysian market is going to discontinue such a awesome series and to be replaced by RM series. Such a pity
Does it have 8+4 pin eps power cable?
is the powercord coming with the psu?
What's the floppy adapter do?

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