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Buy Corsair Obsidian Series (CC650DW-1) PC Cabinet online at Amazon. ATX Mid Tower Corsair Obsidian Series (CC650DW-1) PC Cabinet Colours: Black
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Amazon Offers ₹28,500
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Amazon Offers ₹28,500
FREE Shipping
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Corsair Obsidian Series (CC650DW-1) PC Cabinet Features

  • Dual 200mm fans provide outstanding cooling for even the hottest components
  • Easily accessible dust filters make maintenance simple and hasslefree
  • Integrated fan controller lets you quickly adjust cooling performance and noise levels
  • CPU backplate cutout makes it easy to upgrade your CPU cooler
  • Brilliant cable routing system providesway to keep your system neat and tidy
  • Adjustable drive cages can be removed and relocated to accommodate large video cards
  • Eight expansion slots give you tons of room for multiple graphics cards
  • External hotswappable SATA3 dock providesquick way to copy data toandfrom 25inch or 35inch SATA drives
  • ATX
  • Mid Tower
Corsair Obsidian Series (CC650DW-1) PC Cabinet Colours:
  • Black

The lowest Corsair Obsidian Series (CC650DW-1) PC Cabinet Price in India is ₹28,500 at Amazon.
Buy Corsair Obsidian Series (CC650DW-1) PC Cabinet online at Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Before purchasing, please refer to the specific online store for any variation in the price.
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Please go through Corsair Obsidian Series (CC650DW-1) PC Cabinet full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.

Corsair Obsidian Series (CC650DW-1) PC Cabinet Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Corsair
Color Black
Colour Black
Computer Memory Type DDR3 SDRAM
feature Dual 200mm fans provide outstanding cooling for even the hottest componentsEasily accessible dust filters make maintenance simple and hasslefreeIntegrated fan controller lets you quickly adjust cooling performance and noise levelsCPU backplate cutout makes it easy to upgrade your CPU coolerBrilliant cable routing system providesway to keep your system neat and tidyAdjustable drive cages can be removed and relocated to accommodate large video cardsEight expansion slots give you tons of room for m
Item Height 52.1 Centimeters
Item model number CC650DW-1
Item Weight 11 Kg
Item Width 22.9 Centimeters
Manufacturer Corsair
Model CC650DW-1
Number of Firewire Ports 1
Number of USB 2.0 Ports 4
Product Dimensions 54.6 x 22.9 x 52.1 cm
Series Obsidian Series 650D

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Corsair Obsidian Series (CC650DW-1) PC Cabinet Reviews from YouTube

Corsair 500D Review - More of the Same with a Twist!
Corsair Obsidian 650D Gaming Case Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips
Corsair Obsidian 450D PC Case
Corsair 750D Obsidian Case Unboxing & Overview
Couldn't you just mount the fans up top before putting everything else into the case?
So can you put an optical/disc drive in the case?
the case DONT TOUTCH ME ! BITCH XD 2:10
Please tell me where I can buy your white table????????
i got this case for half a year and im happy!
I just bought this case...the 4mm gaps on the side panels are not a big deal, I'm going to block them with some black weather stripping. It should be pretty easy to do really.
I've owned this exact case for almost 2 years.... It still looks great, fingerprints not an issue as it is rarely touched after setup. You do get some dust inside but not major. The second I saw this case I knew it was for me and.... I expect it will continue to look new, cool and modern for years to come.
Just ordered my 500D. Mainly got it due to the sliding doors making cleaning much more accessible now my PC is closer to the floor (new desk won't allow for putting it on top).
anyone watching this in 2020?
Nice case but horrible price from a "sticker" company
You've got to wonder how much the peeling logo cost them.
Does Grandma occupy real life or not?
Corsair burned me hard on this case. I had to cut into it with a dremel tool to accommodate an ATX motherboard with 90 degree connectors on the south side of the board. Their customer service was rude and arrogant which I returned. They said I was supposed to check the dimensions before buying the case which is normal for the graphics card and all but when I asked them to send me a link to the technical documentation that would allow me to verify there was enough space around the mobo, they just sent me a link to their instruction manual which has very little technical data and a link to their internal verification document which is useless. I was pretty bummed because I bought a Corsair case, RAM, and AIO for my current build. It will be the last time I ever buy anything from Corsair again.
The most difficult decision is: What PC case will look best for the allmighty superior Flight Simulator 2020 which will give me the joy of PC gaming and flying and modding and retexturing back thanks to it`s superior graphics quality? The Corsair Obsidian, or an inWin midi tower? Tough decisions to make, really, tough decisions..... :D
is it possible to put those front fans a step outside the case, so it saves space for push pull?
isnt it better to have the watercooling radiator on top?
Did anyone else catch the Logitech keyboard in the opening followed by a sponsor placement for Cooler Master?
550D rulez no competitor ever since.
Was given a replacement case but still used the one with the partially peeled logo. :(
After you were shocked.....did you get a case with a plastic logo instead of a metal one? The new re-revision.
Dang Linus! You finger banged that case hard. Still rocking my case after 8 years. They don’t build them like this anymore.
Bought mine in 2011 and it's still in pristine condition today.
I bought one of these cases for $40, albeit with a couple of missing pieces, about 1 or 2 years ago at a pc store that was closing down. Definitely one of the best deals I've ever come across.
Bought mine back in 2011, still my main case today.
"Why are you down there?" My sides
If anyone still has this case you can get custom magnetic filters made for this for very very cheap.
Your not reading this in the bathroom are you?
Mine is all I need...still. Who was Crazy Russian?
Had this case since 2011, only just now did I realise there was a fan speed control up the top. Thanks young Linus!
bought this one in 2012, still use it today hehe
good video, found out thing I didn't even know the case could do and I've owned one for 3 years now
ah yes my case...good ol 650d...or as i like to call it, the "poormans lian-li/silverstone" yep top clearance for a rad front clearance for a rad, clean simple lines/minimalistic design. With a nice "big" window some might be against visuals but i removed all the HDD and have 2 ssd mounted on the bottom and like showing ppl what PSU i own etc. Really let ppl know whats in the rig. Also it looks like soo oldschool my fave era was the 8800 sli era and this case reminds me of back then so much. all business lmao but still "poormans lian-li/silverstone". Nh-D14 covers everything noctua fans all over, then a fat 7990 and my hds and psu no hd cages lmao nice air flow and cool n quiet....except the 75% fan speed 7990 lmao but she idles like a dream @ 40% dead silent for daily computing.
Does it comes with a dust filter at the top like the 450D? Great review btw!
AANNDD in the year 2016 its still beter then a acer predator case , msi cube shit XD XD XD I still have this case in 2016
This is an excellent case I've been using it for over 4 years but it does have a few drawbacks...namely the front 200mm fan is junk and it's thinner than most 200mm fans so finding a replacement took a trip on newegg searching after I had already bought another one that was too wide most 200mm fans are 200x200x30 the front fan in this case is 200x200x20....also after about a year the door that hides the front usb and audio ports broke off not a huge deal but a drawback....I LOVE the tooless side panels on this case and won't buy another case without these kind of mechanisms for side panel removal I give this case an 8.5 out of 10
Like for 2016?
Can you get this case w/o the side window? Im looking for a workstation case so the window is not something that I want.
Are the stock fans that are included powerful?
I used this case back in the days with a 980ti and i7 5960x 😄
if you build a case make one that work like i care for looks how about you making a case with all the main power that are fixed to the mainboard tray so you just play the power into the tray not go throw the tray
Why do you call a mesh a 'dustfilter'? I haven't seen any dust that's big enough to stuck in it.
I'm looking for a case with tempered glass side panel and still has 3 front bays for dvd drives or card reader. And hot swap hdd bay
Back when Linus reviewed things in his kitchen!
WIll this case take an eatx mobo?
Definitely mesh.
Is this case big enough to hold a vega 56 red dragon from powercolor that 12inches long and 5 1/2 inches wide? I have a thermaltake armor midtower and to me that case seems wider than the 450d from corsair.
I'm still running this case in 2020 I don't ever really plan to upgrade
I am preparing to build a Ryzen Matisse system using an ATX motherboard. My current system has the Corsair Obsidian 350 case and I'm spoiled by easy access to the front filter for cleaning (I live in a dusty home so it has to be done nearly weekly). I've reviewed case after case that have many things better than this case but all require removing the whole front of the case. With most being plastic and held on by plastic tabs, I'm concerned with the potential tab weakening and breakage if I'm removing it regularly to clean filters. So I'm considering buying a this Obsidian 450. It may be a 5 year old design but it makes for easy filter management. Also a lot of replacement parts available if needed.
Anyone else watching old case reviews for the heck of it?
I always have a lot of cards in my system. Having quad SLI isn't the only reason to have those slots available.
Best case ever.This case is legend.
Top mesh off. better airflow.
Good Video And Pc Tower Thank You
Why new casings have no DVD drive
Do you plug the corsair cpu AIO into the cpu fan header?
is this case still good in 2018?
Crazy how far this channel has come great content as always
A rad in the top is just BS (I own only Corsair peripherals and components where applicable for syncing of lighting and ease of use but this case needs some work). If YOU have a top mounted rad like me (it looks cleaner IMO) you CANNOT pull out the RAD without tearing apart the insides of the case and I found that annoying because I tried pulling out my H115i a few months back as I thought it was faulty (just stopped working completely and temps in the case kept rising till I MANUALLY shut off the PC for safety purposes) then one day it starts working as if NOTHING ever happened around a day before I was finally gonna tell Corsair it died these are the improvements for an UPDATE I would like to see 1) KEEP the fan mounts and add 360 rad support for the front (should be 360/280 RAD support or more in TOP AND FRONT with regular size rad's in both) 2) Increase the height, width and depth each by at least up to 1 inch (height should be utilised ABOVE MOBO for top rad, width should be used for the cable management area and depth for a little more space inside especially near the front for rad's and so on) 3) Left and FRONT tempered glass (front is for RGB fans) and the TG should be a mirrored finish like the new edition of the Corsair Crystal Series 570x RGB (has USB 3.1 gen 2 as well as the white LED logos replaced with RGB one's) 4) even with TG on the front it should be optimised for airflow somehow and have an emphasis on this for example separating the distance of front TG panel from case 5) Radiators SHOULD be easy to install in the top and should either have the slide rail system of the Corsair Concept Slate or one of those things some other manufacturers do where you mount radiators outside the case on a piece of metal which you drop in from the top 6) USB 3.1 gen 2 Type C
Just Bought This Used Giaaaan Case With i7 7700k 32Gb Ram RTX 2070 :)
Bought this case about 5 years ago. Still rocking the AMD FX 8370 with a GTX 970 and about to update to a Ryzen 5600X. Super excited and definitely keeping this case.
This case looks really good. What I really miss are more USB ports on the front.
Let's not talk about the reset and power buttons/switches, they are not important.
Crazy man, I got this case almost 7 years ago through 3 builds, and I still haven't found a reason to change it out. It's taken all my solutions exactly how I wanted them.
03:15 I don't think you showed it.
Came to this video about 18 months after I built my first PC just to see if I had picked a good case. Turns out I did :D Not really utilizing all the space and features, but I'm very happy I got it anyway.
That intro
omg is that a mobile data center
I own two of these, one each of the airflow and non-airflow editions. And yet I keep coming back to watch this video for some reason.
im considering this case but after reading some reviews ive read that people using 360mm radiators have had to sacrifice the top 5.3 bay. Opting to place an optical drive in one of the lower remaining bays. Does this mean the radiator was only hitting the optical drive and not the bay cage itself or are they modifying/removing the upper bay??? One review a guy said he removed just the upper bay but i dont see in the pics and videos that these are individually removable...
XL are back!! Yay! Specially for water cooling and dual pc in one case
In late 2020 the Airflow version of this case is still damned good. Worth the money and such a pleasure to build in.
looking for a full tower chassis in 2020 below 300 dollars. is this my one..
After like a full 2 years of trying to decide on a big case (I need to store 6HDDs) and living through hell with a shitty tiny cramped random case that cant even properly fit my GFX card, and considering my future upgrades, I am finally going for the 750D.
Can the hard drive caddies be flipped around? It looks like you'd have to run cables to them on the window side thus making your set up look ugly.
Bought this case, waiting for 3080’s to drop. Can’t wait to join the master race quit playing on my shitbox
thank you for including a bot of info on the optical drive slot, even though you didn't show it like promised... Appreciated anyways.
this is an old video but i wanted to ask, since i'm getting this case and i want to paint it red/white, is there a white edition of this? so i don't have to paint the whole case but some parts of it instead.
i still have this case after all these years and upgrades :) fantastic PC case

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