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Corsair Hydro Series H5 SF Low-Profile Liquid CPU Cooler Cooling ...

Corsair Hydro Series H5 SF Low-Profile Liquid CPU Cooler Cooling CW-9060023-WW : Computers & Accessories.


Corsair Hydro Series H5 SF (CW-9060023-WW) Liquid CPU Cooler Features

  • H5 SF Low-Profile Liquid CPU Cooler Cooling
  • Hydro Series cooler
  • Durable electronic item
  • Liquid Cooling

The lowest Corsair Hydro Series H5 SF (CW-9060023-WW) Liquid CPU Cooler Price in India is ₹10,999 at Amazon.
Buy Corsair Hydro Series H5 SF (CW-9060023-WW) Liquid CPU Cooler online at Amazon.
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Corsair Hydro Series H5 SF (CW-9060023-WW) Liquid CPU Cooler Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No
Has Auto Focus No
Item Height 23.6 Centimeters
Item model number CW-9060023-WW
Item Weight 862 g
Item Width 9.4 Centimeters
Model CW-9060023-WW
Model Year 2015
Noise Level 42 dB
Product Dimensions 33 x 9.4 x 23.6 cm
Programmable Buttons No

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Corsair Hydro Series H5 SF (CW-9060023-WW) Liquid CPU Cooler Reviews from YouTube

Corsair H5 SF Low Profile Liquid CPU Cooler Review
Corsair Hydro Series H5 SF small form factor CPU cooler PM Preview
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Corsair H45 - Liquid CPU Cooler (Unboxing & Installation)
Hey,I know you are big enthusiast about sff. Can you please check up, can this cooler be putted in Lazer3D LZ7?
can i ask is this cooler capable to lga 1151 mini itx
you never showed what the back of the case looks like with the mod
after looking at that hell with the Case ...As it a major downgrade then rebuild best just to have know case at all just lots of fans blow it outwards ...Thanks alot total put me off buying one for my gammer
I got it for $15 at the time of the discount. This video has helped me to build htpc, Great review.
Amazing! Fit on Lazer3D LZ7?
thank you.. the noise info was very helpful.. hate fan noise
find us a liquid cooler that will fit in your lazer3d lz7 please! I bought that case too after watching your 'no compromise build' video :)
hmmm yes, but this AIO can be moded in various ways to meet your need, is nice to know about his existance
Any idea if it is going to git into Louqe Ghost S1?
Very informative, thank you for this. Just a question, I've got a cooler master elite 130 mini itx case would this fit in it? Thank you.
That graphic card is a Quadro card... I am an Architect, and I think this working station coulb be great for me. I love that small format PC. Can someone please tell me if I can find the build of this specific pc? Thanks
I don't mind sound as it means cooling !
What’s the max watts/TDP that it would cool?
y u using that dumb song
Can anyone tell if this AIO fits in a Fractal Design Mode 202?
What case was that in the sound test?
Any idea if one of these would fit into an x51 r3? On the sound test bit, I actually had to rewind it and turn it up, because I never heard *anything*. lol I *do* have a fair amount of ambient/white noise goin on here though:P After doubling the volume, I could here the fan just a little bit, but only when it was at 100%. Anyway, nice video:)
I want to know how this cooler compares to a horizontal tower cooler with the same height/thickness as this AIO has. Both cryorig and noctua has 120 mm horizontal coolers that could be competing with this. Or?
They should switch the radiators. The standard liquid cooler you shown is bulkier than the low profile
Does it fits to dell sff optiplex 9020? And can gpu installed after this? Fited?
I know that this is an older cooler, but is it compatible with modern AM4 processor sockets?
i almost bought it considering that its really cheap now. i didnt notice the form factor lol
I know this might be a long shot, but do you guys have one of these i could use in an up and coming project i have planed. I want to create a small APU build, I'm going to use my very first console the SEGA Master system, wanted to do it for a couple of years tbh. There not much room so one of these would be perfect I would remove the blower style cooler & add Some small fans in push pull, this is about the only AIO that will fit & I just cant find it anywhere.
Would it be possible to lay the cooler flag down oneside og the motherboard, so you get a flatter yet bigger pc? :)
an overclocking performance of this would be nice :)
I want to cool with this both, CPU and GPU (gtx1070). Can anybody tell me if that system can handle it?
Is it fit in phanteks evolv shift case ?
this vs h80i v2?
good luck installing the motherboard power cable!
I can install on my Alienware x51 R3?
Theoretically speaking; How hard would it be adding a second fan/blower-box to the loop, and is the tubing a standard size/available to purchase separately, is it glued? I plan on a custom case, and these look to be par with the output vents in the design. I just don't want a convoluted mess deconstructing/combining two of these(which I'd probably still tackle anyway). Any other modders out there pulled one of these apart yet?
Question for Corsair, how is the compatibility of this product with the Asus Maximus Impact series as they have daughter-boards on the top edge? I am planning to buy this up replace my Noctua low-profile cooler. My motherboard is the Asus Z97 Maximus Impact VII.
Quietly 42db lel
I only wish this had the fan take air from the top rather than from the bottom right above the hot motherboard. I assume this was done because the Bulldog doesn't have an air intake right above the CPU socket, but a lot of Mini-ITX cases do. If it were only 1 mm lower and took air in from the top, this would have been perfect for the Silverstone Raven RVZ01. (Assuming there's enough room around the motherboard for the mounting bracket.
why not have added fins on the waterblock CPU for better cooling because you can not see the card-mother nor waterblock.Or maybe a Cheaper Way Would Be to make a hybrid cooler (amalgamate the CPU waterblock with radiator and add a fan on top by extraction)
will this fit silverstone ml08 ???
Anyone know if this will fit in a "Corsair Graphite 380T Mini ITX Case"? Cant find any information in regards.
Would this fit in the Silverstone RVZ02B?
Before you all "woah dude" your way to a geeky orgasm this will not work with all cases. It works with ITX Mobos but try and use it with a InWin BQ656, for instance. It won't work. Lian Li PC Q30? Maybe. You need a bit of clearance on the back of the board and a bit on the side opposite the PCIe slot. about a half inch by my reckoning. If you haven't got the clearance in your case it won't work. Trust me, I just bought this and am somewhat disappointed that it won't work with the above mentioned InWin case. So just because you have an ITX board doesn't mean this will work. Oh and it's noisy.
I've heard you can fit the H100i and keep the optical drive bay, anyone know if this is true?
I got one, pretty dreadful truth be told. For a SFF cooler it doesn't actually fit in many ITX/SFF setups due to the bracket and radiator spilling over along the top edge of the mobo. OFten where PSU's and the actual case roof would be. Noise sucks too.
Why not use the cougar qbx Instead
mobo mount points are common , this cooler will go on any board
It´s micro-atx, not mini-itx on this case
Hi all would this fit in a coolermaster elite 130 mini tic case? Thank you
I'm trying to design my own system around this cooler because it surprisingly would allow me to water cool both the GPU and CPU in a small form-factor build. BUT nothing I've seen other than the SilverStone ML07B will support it without blocking the radiator in any way, but that thing had been largely proven to be poorly built crap. so, anyone have any suggestions on a case? or am I in that situation again where I have to either build my own case or heavily modify one?
You could get one of those molex to 4 fan connector things
Hey, Leo, the word your looking for the describe the fan is impeller. The easy way to tell the difference is that a fan is designed to move air in a straight line, parallel to the axis around which the blades rotate. An impeller (which is what you'll find on this cooler, and on reference style "blower" gpu coolers) draws the air in parallel to the axis, but then redirects perpendicular, in the case of CPU and GPU coolers, it does this through ducts to focus the air flow in one direction.
Hate the 250d lol
thank god for you tube vemo sux soooo bad
Would that cooler in the slim style itx cases? Rvz02/node 202?
Leo, what's your favourite CPU cooler for a mini ITX system ?
ai q
Cant say I'm sold on it, a good air cooler would probably be just as effective and nicer looking.
250D chassis
As a comedy video is ok.
Thanks for the help 👍
i died a little when i saw him pull out a vacuum and vacuumed his motherboard
Do you still have it? Did it leaked?
nah the vaccum pissed me off
Bune amk kaksowpsos
The video was more fun than the fun of the watercool fun.
And this was the first video when searching for Corsair h45 for me haha
Does it not come with a amd backplate?
Perfect. everything clear without Bla-bla-bla. Thankyou
Anyobdy use this with R5 3600? please share your temps :3
no voy a usar el tutorial de alguien que usa la aspiradora para limpiar su pc
that PSU is gangsta as hell 🤣🤣
does it have rgb
you're special kinda stupid aren't you?
Do you need thermal paste for installation?
I have an H45 WC that I bought a long time ago, before AM4 release. Can you send to me all measurements for the AM4 mounting bracket?
buy a case corsair pleaseeeeee even cheaper one
and you would have 105,000 members? jajajajajaja I want my 5 minutes lost to watch this massacre

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