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Buy Corsair Carbide Series Clear 600C (CC-9011079-WW) Full Tower Cabinet online at Amazon. ATX Extended ATX Full Tower Micro ATX Mini ITX Corsair Carbide Series Clear 600C (CC-9011079-WW) Full Tower Cabinet Colours: Black
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Amazon Offers ₹74,411
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Corsair Carbide Series Clear 600C (CC-9011079-WW) Full Tower Cabinet Features

  • Inverse ATX Layout: With this new layout, airflow is directed at the hottest devices in your system; the GPU and CPU, and not wasted on drive cages
  • Full side panel window: A gorgeous, panoramic full side panel window shows off your components, and the tool-free latch and hinge lets you get in and out of the case easily Water-cooling Ready: Fit up to a 280mm radiator up front and up to a 360mm radiator on the bottom - along with the 140mm rear fan mount, that means your next build can be both cool and beautiful
  • Steel Exterior: Get rid of those plastic cases - the 600C has full steel front and top panels for extra durability and good looks Easy to Clean: Easy-access dust filters on the front and bottom mean you'll never spend more than a minute getting dust out of your system
  • Three included AF140L fans: Great airflow doesn't have to be noisy. The AF140L fans can push good amounts of air across your hottest devices with less distracting fan hum, and the three-speed fan controller lets you decide exactly how fast they run Easy to Build: Tool-free drive installation, side panel access, and tons of cable routing options and tie downs means you can spend less time building your PC and more time using it
  • PSU and 5.25" Bay Cover: Clean up the inside of your case by tucking all those cables and less-attractive drives behind a clean, refined PSU and 5.25" bay cover. Or remove them for assembly - it's up to you
  • ATX
  • Extended ATX
  • Full Tower
  • Micro ATX
  • Mini ITX
Corsair Carbide Series Clear 600C (CC-9011079-WW) Full Tower Cabinet Colours:
  • Black

The lowest Corsair Carbide Series Clear 600C (CC-9011079-WW) Full Tower Cabinet Price in India is ₹74,411 at Amazon.
Buy Corsair Carbide Series Clear 600C (CC-9011079-WW) Full Tower Cabinet online at Amazon.
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Corsair Carbide Series Clear 600C (CC-9011079-WW) Full Tower Cabinet Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No
Brand Corsari
Color Black
Colour Black
feature Dimensions (L x W x H): 454 x 260 x 535mm, Maximum GPU Length: 395mm, Maximum CPU Cooler Height: 200mm, Maximum PSU Length: 220mm, Expansion Slots: 8Hinged and latched full side panel windowInverse ATX layout With this new layout, airflow is easily directed at the hottest devices in your system; the GPU and CPU, and not wasted on drive cages.Three included AF140L fans, PSU and 5.25" bay cover & Watercooling readyCompatible Motherboard: EATX (12" x 10.6"), ATX, MicroATX, Mini ITX
Has Auto Focus No
Item Height 53.6 Centimeters
Item model number CC-9011079-WW
Item Weight 10 Kg
Item Width 25.9 Centimeters
Manufacturer Corsair
Model CC-9011079-WW
Model Year 2015
Number of USB 2.0 Ports 2
Operating System None
Product Dimensions 45.5 x 25.9 x 53.6 cm
Programmable Buttons No
Total Usb Ports 2

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Corsair Carbide Series Clear 600C (CC-9011079-WW) Full Tower Cabinet Reviews from YouTube

Corsair 600C Case Review - Something seems a bit... different...
Corsair Carbide Series 600C: Review
Corsair 600C Case Review & Benchmark
Corsair 600C Case Review - Inverted ATX layout worth it?
I really feel like this case doesn't get the attention it deserves the 600Q has plenty of space for almost anything you want I reused the Noctua D15 from my old FX8350 on my ryzen, all fans but the rear are intake(all 140mm Noctua fans of course) and I get decent thermals with very casual fanspeeds lingering in the 600rpm region I really think that this is the best balance between space, airflow and noise out of all cases out there if you happen to know a better case, please do tell me
This is an awesome case. I own one and the build I have done (to thus far) is amazing. So much clearance to everything.
4+ years later, and I would still put the quiet 600Q variant up against anything else out there if you're a no-nonsense builder who doesn't want their case looking like it belongs at a rave. It's easy to work with, has an excellent combo of drive bays(I do still use an optical drive in one of my machines), and the sound-dampening features really work. I can run a total of 5 Corsair ML Pro fans(2x140 & 3x120) at full blast and the sound isn't terribly disruptive, especially when gaming. If I set the fans to around 75%, I barely notice them even when I'm not gaming.
What happens if you have a water leak and the water hits the spinning fan at the bottom?
I don't know if anyone monitors the comments on such a old video but I would like to know can you fit a 240mm rad on the bottom of the case ?
Is there a version of this that isn't inverted atx and has the see through panel on the right? This would be a perfect case for me if it was like that
The perfect case for Australians
Reminds me of a G5/Mac Pro Hackintosh build
Which liquid cooler did you chose for the build in this video? Looking to buy this case, and would like a similar liquid cooler for it as a starter. You guys usually include that info in the description. Thanks!
WTF Corsair?
I like the 600Q !
And how will the hot air leave the case?Exaust fan is at the bottom,hot air tends to rise up...
If I actually filled this with radiators, I'd have...5 intake fans and 1 exhaust? That doesn't seem right; I feel like the inside of the case would be a hot box.
this is all wrong
I have the 600Q and love it. If temperatures are an indicator, airflow is magnificent. I'm using all 3 included fans. CPU (i7 6700k) cooler is a Corsair H110i GTX, and it has an MSI RX 480 Gaming X 8GB.
Perfect for showing off waterblock on the GPU and twin bays in the attic should work well for a bay res/pump.
AND you get to see the sexy side of the GPU! Not everyone grabs a back plate.
There is space for a ut 3600mm thick radiator + 3 fin between the botton and the RAMs?
So what's the point of the inverted layout?
This case hurts my brain!
2:22 you didnt showed the right panel! does it have place for a fan? or is useless? 3:45 youtube cannot transcript your accent... we don't know wtf are you saying
Is the FAN Controll of the Case running Fans with 3 pins or 4 pins?
talked about everything but noise levels...
will it worth Buying ?
Very nice video as always! btw just do you get all these parts for review? don't the companies usually send to usually bigger channels first or do you work for or own a hardware store?
so which one better for cooler PC? .. cooler master case 5 ..or corsair 600C? any feed information?
xʇƃ ǝɔɹoɟǝƃ xʇƃ ǝɔɹoɟǝƃ
how does inverted hardware setup help when compared with typical traditional setup ??
This case is like driving an car in Japan or England. It doesn't work, if you ask me.
I'm not a enthusiast, but this would be intresting case to upgrade from Antec Nine-Hundred Two.
Hardware Unboxed, may I ask what the best ATX case is that features optical drive bays that's *white*? I'm looking for two choices really : The 60-80$ choice in case I have to lower my budget. Or a 100$ case. Thanks sorry for the big question this is my first build.
Great review!
Another Awesome Review !!!! Keep it up
Great review, subscribed :)
im aiming for Corsair Carbide Air 540, but... will it fit with this spec: GPU: MSI GTX 750 TI *this gpu that i bought is to big for my HP dc7900, so now i stuck with my old hd5450 :( CPU: Core 2 Quad OC to 3.5ghz PSU: 450watt RAM: 8gb ddr2 HDD: 465gb & 698gb (1TB) can you suggest what case that good for me?
Great video man! keep it up:)
great review, great channel. subscribed
So I looked this up to see how my case did back when it was new but an interesting test idea could be to compare old cases to newer designs to see if an upgrade makes sense for a new build ( aside from style reasons)
Brilliant case, current build sits in it now and so will the next few builds too!
I've had this case for over 3 years now. I still like it, but I guess the inverted design wasn't popular aesthetically as it doesn't seem like they are still producing cases like this.
wow so yung what a cutie
Jesus christ. steve looks so different
Might just have to subscribe for reviews like that! Unbiased, comprehensive with the added bonus of alternatives! Very nice!
DAAAAAAANG that hair is different 2-3 years down the line.
is this case airflow or not?
why would it b on wrong side whos says other side is right ??//
this will be my case of choise :) cause i want good cooling, quiet pc, 6700k with 1080gtx, m.2 nvme drive and z170x gaming 7 motherboard with creative soundcard :) to have quiet pc and listen to superb quality music. nice to see how it handles temperatures.
Very helpful review as allways :)
Could I fit 4 gtx 1080's in there? And also water cooling? If I can fit in both how many 120 fans could I fit in aswell?
Very detailed review!
Oy, you didn't mention Fractal Design Define R5 and S ;) Those two I would be defenitly looking for. And speaking Corsair cases, still very interesting King of 150 dollar cases Corsair Carbide Air 540, legendary split chamber cubic looking case!
Great review. Just curious to see numbers on what happens with fans blowing up from the bottom, and 1 out at the front.
You a fuckin boss Steve. I luh u
missing HDD cage is a dealbreaker for me :( if only those optical bays can act as an hdd slots, that would be perfect
Would you guys ever do work on Vessel if you were offered?
I love the way you review so much. Unfortunately this way isn't popular.
I cannot remember if you addressed this in a past video or if the reaction was not positive enough to justify the time it took, but any reason you didn't do the smoke test? I really enjoyed watching how the air flowed and such. All in all, super glad to be a Patron, excellent review and as always I love the scientific view of "if I cannot accurately test it, I will not test it."!
so shity case :D this corsair is cancer
riotoro cr 1088 1080 its better :v
Where did you get a XTG ECROFEG gpu? are they good never heard of one
I have a case like that. How did you remove the front panel?
Finally INVERTED - Since this is the Apple stunning design in Mac Pro. How long it took to the PC team to adopt it ?? Apple@2007 PC-2020 :)))) I was hoping for this in PC's since I loved my Mac Pro which I just sold it yesterday :( build a Ryzen 9 PC to be able to run Horizon Zero Dawn.
4:25 you installed your radiator wrong. Hose coming out the radiator should always be down or the air goes up in the pump
yea had the cooler set to exhaust? no wonder the temps suck
my hp pavilion has an own world. if i change my case i need to change my motherboard too, because it will not fit in case because my case is inverted and it has no io shield
Your PCs upside down bro
¡XꓕⱯ ꓷƎꓕꓤƎꓥNI ƎꓥOꓶ I
I would consider the more common cases these days as inverted. Pc's were designed to have the motherboards on the left side of the case. That's why pci cards are usually upside-down.
It is not new lay-out ---- I have DELL XPS 630, 630i and 730 cases (from 2006/2008) and love them like crazy. Since I got them I never purchase any *normal* ATX cases - never needed. I allways upgrade my old rigg with new parts (completly from mobo -> up) great cable managment and lots of built-in lights, also great build quality (of Dell cases). I really recomend old XPS cases
that one degree might be due to the gpu backplate blocking heat escape?
the only reason i want this is because i have my pc on my right side for fuck sakes arg
Found it lol
Better get the Corsair 400Q.
I hate installing psus since my right hand got screwed up and I've always wanted an inverted case so installing them would make it easier for me. Looks like I got my wish. I just wish it wasn't so damn big. :p
Looks good and has the window on the right. Awesome :D exactly what I need ^^
I thought I had drunk too much..
great case , no compremises , 2x 5,25 , plenty cpu clearance 200 mm , great having the gpu with waterblolck pressing by weight the pcb and cpu with block even if leaks from connectios will not drop at the motherboard or the gpu , the only really negative is reservoir where to put it if the gpu is long and not fe so have to be really small or 5.25 and the 360bot and 240 front rad is pretty much the max maybe a 120 back can fit so max 2x360 total if somehow one more could fit maybe top vertical behind the mobo would be great so yea a little taller the case would help generally.

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