Corsair Carbide (CC-9011087-WW) SPEC-M2 MicroATX Gaming Cabinet Price in India, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Amazon.

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Buy Corsair Carbide (CC-9011087-WW) SPEC-M2 MicroATX Gaming Cabinet online at Amazon. Micro ATX Corsair Carbide (CC-9011087-WW) SPEC-M2 MicroATX Gaming Cabinet Colours: Black
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Amazon Offers ₹14,151
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Corsair Carbide (CC-9011087-WW) SPEC-M2 MicroATX Gaming Cabinet Features

  • Micro ATX
Corsair Carbide (CC-9011087-WW) SPEC-M2 MicroATX Gaming Cabinet Colours:
  • Black

The lowest Corsair Carbide (CC-9011087-WW) SPEC-M2 MicroATX Gaming Cabinet Price in India is ₹14,151 at Amazon.
Buy Corsair Carbide (CC-9011087-WW) SPEC-M2 MicroATX Gaming Cabinet online at Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Before purchasing, please refer to the specific online store for any variation in the price.
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Please go through Corsair Carbide (CC-9011087-WW) SPEC-M2 MicroATX Gaming Cabinet full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.

Corsair Carbide (CC-9011087-WW) SPEC-M2 MicroATX Gaming Cabinet Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No
Brand Corsair
Color Black
Colour Black
feature With a full mesh front panel and direct airflow path to the GPU, the SPEC-M2 gets cool air directly to your hottest components with nothing in between.A front LED 120mm fan gets your cooling off the ground, and extra mounts provide more expandability. Take advantage of the 240mm front radiator support to upgrade your CPU or GPU to liquid cooling.Maximum GPU Length: 383mm, Maximum CPU Cooler Height: 150mm, Maximum PSU Length: 160mmDimensions (L x W x H): 448 x 198 x 378mm,Compatible Corsair Liqui
Has Auto Focus No
Item Height 37.8 Centimeters
Item model number CC-9011087-WW
Item Weight 3.6 Kg
Item Width 19.8 Centimeters
Manufacturer Corsair
Model CC-9011087-WW
Model Year 2015
Number of USB 2.0 Ports 1
Operating System None
Product Dimensions 44.8 x 19.8 x 37.8 cm
Programmable Buttons No
Total Usb Ports 1

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Corsair Carbide (CC-9011087-WW) SPEC-M2 MicroATX Gaming Cabinet Reviews from YouTube

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Will this cabinet fit GTX 1060?
The music makes me want to kill myself
how do you open the front
Can u Change led colour with the spec m2 fan included
In a budget of 4-5k which case would be good? i thought of this one...
Your intro music is pretty long.
Corsair 88R or spec M2???which one should i buy?
Now we are talking......
was this sponsored?
Killed it with that intro🔥🔥
Thank you for making and posting this video. I'm glad you folks have included a 5.25" drive bay up front for optical drive. (I still use one). Thanks again.
I didn't know Brendan Fraser was working for Corsair
Why remove leds on window ? &all side
I have this exact case. Anyone tell me if a GTX 1080ti will fit in it?
George, I am buying the case now because of you
I have this case but i must say, its not as perfect as its advertised. First, the window gets scratched easily, the cable management is super difficult even for a fully modular psu, i own EVGA G3 750w and the back cover barley closed due to thick cables, also for no reason, one of the 4 supporting legs completely detached for no reason, and i lost the leg so now i must put the pc on the ground where its safest.
Seriously lost as to why you stopped making this case. I sold my rig to my dad when I had to move to another state and I was working 80 hours a week, and when I went back around to rebuilding a new rig, this case was off the market and sold out and discontinued. I seriously haven't found something this good and this size/weight that I liked with the features this thing has. Bring it back! Please?
Hello, is it compatible with biostar b150 gt3? Thank you
Will a Asus ROG Strix Geforce GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 Graphic Card fit ?
with the CM hyper t4 fit in this case?
This guy shure knows how to sell
I would like to buy this but in Mexico. I haven't found it there yet.
How did you get the top front led to light up blue? In the pictures it shows up as white.
im guessing a MSI GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6gb would fit into one of these cases
+Corsair what after market cpu cooler do you reccomend (not a liquid aio)
i have this case, dont get a non modular case, the cable management is doable but its very difficult hiding those cables
What are the fans you guys used in this video? They look awesome and I would like them in my rig with this case!
how do you change the led strip in the front and on the power button?
Would this make a great portable, yet powerful build?
it would be cool if you made an itx case like this
Very positive points of this case: small, light, looks surprisingly good, and you can put a 5.25 inch rpm-pwm fan controller. Things to improve: it should be about 3 - 4 cm higher to properly place a radiator in the front, that is, with the radiator top side higher than the cpu pump, also two more holes at the top to pass the 2 top fan cables plus the pump USB cable plus the mobo power cable. The holes to pass the big power cable and the SDD cables should be wider. Something to cover the power supply cables and the the HDD zone would improve aesthetics as well. The front end should have some other mechanism to attach - detach than the bottom lid, as overtime it will break because of having pulled many times from that lid. And more things to improve: the top side does not support a radiator, but if the case is made about 5 cm higher and if specially the holes are moved a few cm to the front there would be space for a 240 mm radiator.
what is the type of psu?
'You can really fell the flex" *starts violently harassing the shit out of the back plate* WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK IS GONNA HAPPEN, Its a thin piece of aluminum.
Just my $0.02, but you *really* need a smaller, modular power supply with this case. The rear SSD cages require the L-shaped sata connectors. Not sure why you would want quite that many drives in this case, and you didn't use the optical drive bay. Just using two drives and the right PS would have changed your experience with this case I think.
Who is going to use a non modular PSU in a micro case? This case is actually great. I am currently looking for a case to replace my Obsidian 750D for something smaller and lighter (Obsidian 750 is huge and weighs alone at nearly 10kg, not suited for someone that travels so much like me) and this case is perfect. I can fit in both my coolers (Corsair H105 for CPU and Corsair H55 for GPU) which is something not most micro ATX cases out there can do. And once I remove that completely useless 3.5 drive bay (same as I have done in my 750D) I might be able to fir in my 105 with quad-120mm fans at push-pull configuration. And this case weighs only 4.7kg! The only downside with this case is that, apparently, I will have to get rid of my AX1200 power supply, which, come to think of it, isn't much of a problem since this is a huge and very heavy PSU (I got it back in the day when I ran a R9 295X2, today, running a 1080Ti, I can get away with a MUCH smaller and lighter PS, and for the price I can actually sell my AX1200 I'll probably actually cash up when switching for a smaller, lighter PSU). Motherboard, GPU and coolers don't weight more than 3kg, and building the system with a lightweight PSU (something with less than 2kg, maybe even one of those ITX PSU's that weight less than 1kg, although they do charge more from you), I can probably get the WHOLE Carbide M2 weighing in less than my Obsidian 750D case alone.
I love this as my case looks sleek good air flow the clear side panel is quite nice as well.
can my asus strix fit?
can i put a H170-PRO in it? please reply
your funny I love this case cheap and grate cable management 1 ssd, 2 1tb wd blue backup , noctua cup cooler push and pull, saberthooth r2 0 ,evga g2 850w power supply, pny gaming memory 1866hz 16gb kit, 2 140mm fans on front, 1 120mm bottom blowing up, top 2 120mm blowing out, 1 back blowing out.
Shut up and take my money !
How change led colour
i might get a corsair cx 750 would that fit in this case?
You used a fucking 800W PSU. theres more cables then the typical 500W PSU that the target audience for this case (the budget gamer) would use.
So does normal atx mobo fit in this?
You say that 350D is better, but according to Amazon and Newegg reviews 350D has more bad reviews than Spec-M2. Main complaints about 350D are bad quality of door hinges, rattling because of hard drive vibrations, warping and bad plastic smell. And in Europe 350D costs 2x of Spec-M2. Phanteks P400 is ATX case, so you can't compare it with Spec-M2. I want a good mATX case for the same money. Not sure which one to look for because other options, such as Thermaltake Verse 13 and 15 and Cooler Master N200 have even more bad reviews, although there are people who are using them just fine. So, what is the best mATX case with the best quality and the price comparable to Spec-M2?
I bought this case, now what I really want to know is do I need ssd mounts because I can't even figure out how you mounted the ssd at all
could it fit the CM Hyper T4? Thank you
no ugly extra dvd drives slots . thats what i really love about this case
Will the gtx 1060 fit ?
So weird that the psu has to be facing the ground with this case. I love the micro size tho
Just picked up this case for build . Very tidy case . Thank you for the review
Thanks, quick and informative.
Hello - thank you very much for the review. It has shown me exactly what I needed to know and as a result, I will likely buy the case.
This cabinet works well for games?
What's mm?
hi, is the included fan a genecric one from corsair? or is it their ML 120? thanks
good job at showing all the filters :)
Seems Like a magnet fingers magnet
A) please, use millimeters not mm B) slow down, it's hard to understand you over your thick Indian accent. C) STOP THE FOCUS AND PANNING SHOTS, just show the full product. This was a pretty awful review to be honest
Nice review, very informative.
does it offer much air flow?
good naan
fuck this case, cant fit shit into it. put my 1080 in there and it was fkn cancer, had to rip off the back bars like the pleb i am
Pretty good review my dude
Will a CoolerMaster Hyper 212x (160mm height) fit in it? Thanks in advance.
no dust filer?
Nice informative video! keep up the good work.
2 sub Ports? What am I gonna do with that
Velcome back to anudder wideo

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