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Buy Cooper Vision Biomedics 55 Evolution Monthly Contact Lens (-5.00, Clear, Pack of 6) online at Flipkart. Contact Lens Clear Power Lens Monthly
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Cooper Vision Biomedics 55 Evolution Monthly Contact Lens (-5.00, Clear, Pack of 6) Features

Freedom from Spectacles

  • Lens Type: Power Lens
  • Spherical Power: -5.00 Dioptres
  • Cylindrical Power: 0.00 Dioptres
  • Axis Power: 0 degree
  • Color: Clear
  • Disposability: Monthly
  • Contact Lens
  • Clear
  • Power Lens
  • Monthly

The lowest Cooper Vision Biomedics 55 Evolution Monthly Contact Lens (-5.00, Clear, Pack of 6) Price in India is ₹999 at Flipkart.
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Cooper Vision Biomedics 55 Evolution Monthly Contact Lens (-5.00, Clear, Pack of 6) Specifications

Package Weight 0.075 KG
Axis Power 0 degree
Base Curve 8.6 mm
Brand Cooper Vision
Brand Color Clear
Central Thickness 0.07 mm
Color Clear
Corrective Power -5 dioptres
Cylindrical Power 0 dioptres
Diameter 14.2 mm
disposability Monthly
Lens Type Power Lens
Material Ocufilcon D
Model Name Biomedics55 Evolution
Oxygen Permeability 27
Spherical Power -5 dioptres
Tint Shade Light Blue
Tint Type Opaque Tint
UV Protection Yes
Water Content 55 %
In the Box
Pack of 6
Sales Package 6 Contact Lens

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Cooper Vision Biomedics 55 Evolution Monthly Contact Lens (-5.00, Clear, Pack of 6) Reviews from YouTube

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Biofinity contact lens review
🔹Eye Health QOTD: Which type of contact lenses are you wearing? Do you wear monthlies, dailies or specialty lenses? Which are you favorite brands?
Can anybody here tell me about transition from Frequency 55 to Biofinity? Will I be having issues? Frequency 55 were pretty fine for me, but they have been discontinued. Shall I just take one pair of Biofinity and test them on my own?
I'm using Biofinity lenses with Acuvue RevitaLens solution. But i feel dryness and it effects my vision after a few hours than put my eyes. Which solution should i use? In my country, I can find Biotrue, Cooper Vision High Care/All in One Light easily. In addition, should i try Air Optix Night and Day? I don't want to sleep with lens. Just i will use daily, from 7 am to 12pm.
I am more then happy whit Cooper.
Are weekly contacts better than monthly
"24+ hours in a day" Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Never had contacts before. Today I finally made the switch to contacts after getting frustrated with my glasses constantly fogging with my mask. I chose monthly and after the first time struggle of getting them in the second time it was a breeze. Excited to finally have contacts.
Is there a reason you don't go into details about how the "digital zone" works? You're making it sound like marketing fluff. I'd super appreciate an actual explanation about how these things work. Otherwise, there's really no difference between marketing and innovation.
Finally something for us semi blinds :(
Dailies are nice and thin. So much more comfortable and cleaner. I almost forget they’re in. Why the fuck did I come here? Anyway dailies are the only way to live. I don’t know how people can even wear the monthly shit LOL
Boy, are you helpful and hot!
I play baseball and recently I have switch to contacts but I wanted to know which monthly set will actually be the most convenient for me?
I really find your videos helpful! Thanks mate !
are there 3 month lenses
I need to know if there contact that can last one year if there is can you tell me where to buy them and I need a 6 pack so yea :D
Hi Dr. I ordered colors lens from LensDirect 1 month now , but I’m not get lens
I use acuvue oasys lense .some time sleep with on
Just started monthly contacts a few days ago using Biofinity I like it so far I don't miss my glasses at all
Is that your natural eye color?
Are there any daily lenses with the Digital technology in the energys?
Did you try biofinity énergies? I love this a lot but want to try énergies
Sir do we have to change a pair of lenses weekly or monthly? And what is its daily usage hour?
How can I understand if they are turned out? Is there any sign on it for that?
everybody is saying you should let your lenses be adjusted for your eye, but can i wear these without any damage to my eye?
Yo so do these lenses suck or are they ok
hey, how do i tell which one goes in my right eye or left eye. And *HOW LONG SHOULD I WEAR EACH CONTACT if i take them off daily at night, should i wear them for a week or 30 days?*
Hi! I checked the product online and it said that it is only good for 2 weeks each pair. Hindi naman naging irritated eyes mo kahit ginamit mo for a month? Planning on buying sana
Girl sorry for asking but why do you start speaking English and suddenly switch to another language (I couldn't guess which is it)? It's so damn hard to find something about this subject and you seem to clear a lot of my doubts up but there's no eng subtitles...
pretty momsh!! love your eye glass!! 👍👍👍 sana makita mo din ung bago ko momsh!❤️❤️❤️
you're teeth are pearly white grabe yun agad napansin ko 😁 anyway,i was also using contacts before.kaso nagka astigmatism ako 😂 dipa ako nakakabili ulit
Thank you for this vid!! Haha. Ganda niyo po. ❤️❤️❤️
I'm just getting contacts for the first time in about 25 years. I didn't ask my doctor what I'm getting, as far as brand but I believe they're probably biofinity based on my Rx and the package size (3/box) he mentioned. Have you noticed if yours have a "5" etched on the lenses?
Thank you for your review.
I've worn these for 3 years now and the comfort is incredible. I do take them out every night. I cannot handle sleeping in my lenses. I will take a nap and then but I don't sleep overnight in them. I don't think the distance vision is as sharp as regular lenses, the intermediate and close-up vision is I would give it a b or B+. sometimes I wear a single Vision lens on the right eye if I'm going out and a multifocal on the left eye for sharper distance vision.
What type of contact soln do you use? I started using the hydrogen kit as instructed by my doctor, but I think that's the problem.
Nothing to add, you've covered the full ground, buddy. Thanks for that review.
I just got a trial pair of biofinity toric lenses and they are extremely comfortable but things up close are not as sharp as with acuvue oasys and these are same RX
Are these for astigmatism?? I have astigmatism and now wearing Air Optix breathable contacts for astigmatism...30 day ..they're good but looking for other brands
Great review , have you tried airoptix?
My doctor said I can wear them for up to a month, but I'm not sure, it sounds risky. He said I had to take them out regularly to clean them but it was ok if i kept them in for a whole month:/
So far the best toric contact lens i've ever tried. I work with computer all day, and I don't feel dry at the end of the day, easy take off and put it. and they don't break easily as daillies.
i hate these ones so much. they dry out so quickly and irritate my eyes. they actually ripped once and thats the first time it has ever happened to me. after going from acuvue to this, honestly it was the worst decision ive ever made.
I wear the proclear toric XR. They are so comfortable, I cannot even feel them in my eyes. Good job mine come slightly tinted or else I would not be able to find them to take them out of my eyes seeing as they are so comfortable! and they keep well hydrated and no issues with deposits either! :-)
Have you tried the Air Optix Night and Day? Please make a review of them, I want to know if are better than the PureVision 2. Thanks!
my biofinity lenses are 30 day lenses. I keep the lens holder next to my bed and have the lenses in every waking moment.
Wa ones did yu order
Wearing them is great! Getting them out is difficult!
I currently wear Biofinity Toric in my left eye and a Biofinity lens in my right. I stopped wearing contacts when I was about sixteen years old, and I'm nearly 24 years old now. Time flies! However eight years without vision correction was a horrible idea... my prescription has nearly quadrupled from lack of correction and from the maternal side of my family.  I have to agree with nearly everything Maxxmentum said about these lenses. The only reason I stopped wearing lenses was because of extreme discomfort. I tried Acuvue and Acuvue Oasis over the years as well as the Acuvue Colours line. NO LENS has ever been so comfortable. It's incredible really.. sometimes i question whether I've got them in or if they've come out. The Toric lens doesn't allow overnight wear, so it's not [technically] and option for me, but I'd imagine one night here and there won't do too much harm.

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