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CoolerMaster Notepal X-Lite II Cooling Pad Features

  • Silent 140mm fan for laptop cooling
  • Ergonomic design for best viewing / typing angle
  • Ultra slim, only 28mm thin
  • 2 USB outputs
  • Fan Speed Controller
CoolerMaster Notepal X-Lite II Cooling Pad

Find the best deal on CoolerMaster Notepal X-Lite II Cooling Pad at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest CoolerMaster Notepal X-Lite II Cooling Pad Price in India is ₹4,690 at Amazon.
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CoolerMaster Notepal X-Lite II Cooling Pad Specifications

General Specifications
Brand Cooler Master
Category Cooling Pad
Color Black
Dimensions 330 x 251.2 x 28.2 mm
Fan Dimensions 140 x 15 mm
Fan Speed 1100 RPM
Features Silent 140 mm Fan for Laptop Cooling, Ergonomic Design for Best Viewing / Typing Angle, Ultra Slim, 28mm Thin, Fan Speed Controller
Model Notepal X Lite II (with USB Hub)
Noise Level 21 dBA
Number of Fans 1
Part No R9-NBC-XL2K-GP (USB Hub version)
Ports and Hubs 2 x USB 2.0
Power Consumption 5 V DC
Power Source USB
Size 14 inch
Weight 795 g

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CoolerMaster Notepal X-Lite II Cooling Pad Reviews from YouTube

Cooler Master Notepal X-Lite II Cooling Pad Review
Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Review - Ultra Slim Laptop Cooling Pad
Do cooling fans really work?
Are Notebook Coolers Effective? ft. Cooler Master Notepal X3
great review! thanks!
Dude, you are waay better than alot of adults making reviews!
not bad kid. not bad. great review!
Is this the slimmest cooling pad Coolermaster makes? I'm down to this or the X Slim II which according to the website is 44mm while this is supposedly 28.2mm which confuses me. Like why did they call the other model the "Slim II" when it is close to twice as thick as this other model? Unless they changed the way they measure things.
close your youtube channel
Great review
Nice review! Are the side usb ports useful for charging?
Excellent review. It helped out a lot. Thanks.
I'm going to comment my experience here, because that's only video about "NOTEPAL X-LITE II" The fan makes strange noise, I mean, the moving of the blades themselves are completely silent, but there is some strange like electricity humming sound. It's even worse when I put laptop on the surface of the pad. Wouldn't be big deal if I would be able to put Noctua cooler for example, but it's not possible in this case, because it's only 15mm thick and has small 2-pin connector. I bought it as B-Ware (used device) so perhaps it was the reason why it was returned by first owner, so I'm also going to return it. Not sure if completely new device would have this issue.
Good review, everything I wanted to know. Thanks.
good video
after almost 5 years of using this device, finally a problem arose, there was a strange sound on the cooling fan which I don't know what caused it, I opened and cleaned it but I couldn't open the fan directly which led me to only cleaned the surrounding area, and it didn't change anything :p this thing is old anyway, time to get a new one lol
im gonna use this for my nitro 5 when i get it, thanks
uhhh. do these even work with macbooks? there's no intake on the bottom of a MBP, so what does the cooling pad do for it exactly?
Hi, after years of use, how is the longevity of this cooler?
How do we clean these fans free from accumulated dust?
How well does it work for gaming laptops
Can I use it for Helios 300
can you please tell me how many degrees does it cool?
What's great about this one, unlike all the other ones, is that it does not have OBNOXIOUS LEDs! All those other ones on amazon, you cannot turn the blue/red LEDs off. Luckily this one is actually good, so if LEDs are a dealbreaker like they were for me, then this is the one to get.
I'm getting this when i'll recieve new Laptop for Gaming. Should be really useful for editing and playing. I was always worried about the heat, but i guess i'm alright now :D Thanks for this review !
show us the accurate sound(Decibell) of cooler.
just what I need. Getting one tomorrow and I'm subscribing, your welcome
I have a Macbook Air that gets really hot when connecting it to a Monitor, should I get this one or the Notepal x3 ?
Excellently done. The quality of reviewing is at par with any major standalone technology benchmarker/reviewer.
I'm getting one tomorrow.
Do you think this would work well on a Lenovo Ideapad Z50-70?
inexpensive ? well in Europe it is 75 Euro not including the shipping :s The Thermaltake Massive 23 LX is lot cheaper though i was more convinced with the quality of the Cooler Master ;)
It's a shame u guys don't have more subscribers, this channel has serious potential that I hate to see wasted. your video quality and the detail of your reviews really bring true production value to the channel.
Thank you.
Thank you for the review. The only thing I would ask is, in your opinion, are these necessary?
Downloading an app to control your internal fans is the best option! Let me know what you all use.
2:54 Sorry. This is wrong here. This is how it actually works: if the metal is getting warm, it's conducting the heat and dissipating (removing) it away from the laptop. Which is what you WANT to have happening. Also: plastic, in contrast to metal, is an insulator. It doesn't dissipate heat well. It's better to have metal material (laptop casing, laptop pads, etc) because it cools the internal electronics (which are extremely hot) better than plastic.
it depends on your laptop. IF your laptop has intake vent on the buttom then this cooling fans are effective. I disagree that this fans are not helping your laptop to generate air flow.
I have a Lenovo yoga 12 with a i7 and it gets really hot. I got the kootech x3 mat.I noticed 5-7 degrees cooler and better performancebut I plugged it into the wall, not the computer.
Great video. I have a laptop (Dell) that is use on my lap so I have a cooling fan that I can elevate and that is comfortable to have on my lap. I do play games but I'm not a "gamer". The speed of the fan is adjustable and can be turned off. I'm going to check out a control app for the laptop fan also. Thanks for the info.
What did you expect with a MacBook Pro? It doesn't even have vent holes underneath for the cooling pad fan to push air into.
i just put few crumple of tissues at the edge below the laptop. its working !
Nice, straight to the point!
the worst thing about laptops sis not the cooling parts sbut the backplate that doesnt give u air - most laptops work much cooler if they have backplate removed on some type of elevation
The cooling is the problem for notebooks factory, not our. Make a good notebook or not. It´s easy. When the notebook is throttling (like my Asus), then why buy again this? Easy.
Loving the video!
Right monitor at 3:52, there go your fingers :-)
I can’t believe I’m just now subscribing to this channel where have I been
cringe guy
Hey got a laptop is already making noise from the fanwould one of these pads help my laptop fans improve it's performance, cool down and last longer, or must I just buy a new fan?
I would like people to record my eyes when i spotted the "water cooler" . Almost fell
1:06 yeah my AMD 4800U while running CSGO says so while running at 101 C
Ur mic is killing my ear
This guys trying way too hard. Dude stop
really glad he stopped using announcer voice. his regular voice is annoying enough as-is
Your speaking style looks like stupid
Every Where I Go I See Him Linus
My FPS is 151 and when I used the cooler it became 190 epic
u can make a video about how effective coolers are in like max 2 mins but this dude just wont stop talking omfg just tell us dude
well if its summer 40 degree i guess it will help kinda?
hard to watch this dickhead
Can’t handle the theatrics
wait thats linus
I put an ice pack under my laptop and it cooled it down also
Even after heavy load for many hours,my cpu ans gpu reach maximum 75 Degrees celsius. All you gotta do is to regularily clean the laptop fan,thats it
Can it improve performance

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