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Buy CoolerMaster Notepal U3 Plus Cooling Pad online at Amazon. CoolerMaster Notepal U3 Plus Cooling Pad CoolerMaster Notepal U3 Plus Cooling Pad Colours: Black
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CoolerMaster Notepal U3 Plus Cooling Pad Features

  • Three configurable fans allow you to reposition and target your laptop's specific heat zones
  • Slim and lightweight aluminum surface compliments the design of your MacBook or Ultra book
  • Can be used as a carrying case with the included safety strap
  • Ergonomic design offers optimal viewing/typing angles
  • Elegant sand-blasted aluminum surface and three fans provide a chill mat for your notebook
  • Clean and sleek design matches with and compliments your laptop
  • Fans can spin up to 1800 RPM, each capable of 15 CFM airflow
  • Heavy duty aluminum structure for increased durability
CoolerMaster Notepal U3 Plus Cooling Pad CoolerMaster Notepal U3 Plus Cooling Pad Colours:
  • Black

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CoolerMaster Notepal U3 Plus Cooling Pad Specifications

General Specifications
Brand Cooler Master
Category Cooling Pad
Color Black
Model Notepal U3 Plus
Size 19 inch

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CoolerMaster Notepal U3 Plus Cooling Pad Reviews from YouTube

Cooler Master NotePal U3 laptop cooler Review
Cooler Master Note Pal U3 Review
Coolermaster Notepal U3 plus Review
Are Notebook Coolers Effective? ft. Cooler Master Notepal X3
Still nice 7 years later. (and you get get one for a few bucks on ebay bought mine for $15) After 10 minutes stress test on my 17" Omen (rtx 2070) : - without the notepal u3 : GPU 75°C , CPU 87°C - notepal u3 minimum fan speed : GPU 70°C , CPU 84°C - notepal u3 maximum fan speed : GPU 68°C , CPU 82°C Cons: note rigid enough. it may become irritating because the screen is shaking when you use the keyboard My omen laptop is quite heavy, maybe it wasn't such a nice deal to be confirmed !
4:30 Why he didn't try to insert the band from the smaller front side of the pad is beyond me. :p
How hard would this be to modify to use your own fans? That is the best feature of this if possible, because these fans will give out in time.
Aluminium is not "cold" but an excellent heat conductor only surpassed by copper; however this would require the laptop to directly touch the aluminium base without the rubber attachments interfering. In the case of Apple laptops with their aluminium casing (without the rubber feet) most likely a good heat sink extension, not sure this applies equally well for plastic cased PCs though. Nonetheless, thanks for this review and explanations.
how much speed ?
I currently have no fan in my laptop. MSI GL72 6QC shit. I'd like to buy it but I'm wondering how fast these fans are. Can it replace my old built-in fan?
Amazing review, good looking deskspace :-) I thinking about Zalman ZM-NC3 or Cooler Master U2 Plus but perharps I will buy this Cooler Master NotePal U3 PLUS. I too recommend see benchmark results in video Cooler Master Notepal U3 Notebook Cooling Pad Review (Steven Wright) Temperature in summer on my notebook idle while browsing internet: CPU: 90°C, GPU: 76°C, HDD 42°C
up to 19.
Isn't the elastic band to help the front of the notebook have a better grip on the aluminium? Just put the band close to the handle and place the "front feet" of the notebook over it.
whats the best cooler for 17.3, for travelling
Just one question. I have a cooler that pulls air from the buttom of my laptop. Does this board pull or push air to/from the laptop? So witch way does the fans push the air? Thanks
does it compatible with alienware 17 laptop ? Thanks
nice review
Available in indonesia / Tersedia di indonesia @ I need help. Even after using this cooling pad my laptop is still hot as fuck. It is like the cooling fans are doing nothing. Is there any detail im missing?
is it possible to install say a 220 mm fan in there?
Ammm. Ammm
my review? cheap aluminum bent down a little more everytime i set laptop on it  until fans were hitting the cords. bent it back straight but within a month it snapped off. while the position able fans worked great in the right spots they were low power , and the cord was too short to reach and plug into laptop when i got thats retarded.
damn. makes me regret buying the thermaltake massive v20 in hopes of cooling my msi G60. it doesnt cool for nuts.
Mattertron, how is your Note Pal U3 holding up?
thunk u sir for the review
Available in indonesia / Tersedia di indonesia @ it work with my Alienware 18R3?
Cooler Master NotePal X2 or Cooler Master NotePal U2 PLUS/ U3?
Brilliant review!
ive got this its awesome .
I bought this, and it worked well for few months, then the fans just stopped working randomly.  I had to slap them around a little to get them started, and some of them completely died, or got really slow.  It's a solid build, but the fans are simply crap.
Yes you can :) I have 15.6 inch laptop and this cooling pad :)
You are right. Thank you for correcting me 7 months later.
pretty sure that is just the fuzziness of the low rez video
Can you put 15.6 inch laptop on that cooler
Same, do you know the answer yet?
thank i will
well got mine today andit's working pretty good. doesn't change anything ^^
i want to know that too. pls help
And BTW great review ;) I'm gonna buy it.
well. anyone know if it is also possible to use it with less then 17" ?
can it use with macbook pro retina 15 inch
the word is downthrolling when th elaptop gets heated
so you dont lose USB port?
This would be excellent, but only if it's easy to replace the fans with your own fans when these break, which they will.
good vid
It supports up to 19 inch laptops witch is pretty *cool* (insert troll face here)
what kind of wizard suit are you wearing ._. nice vid though
Do you have a Lenovo Y50-70? And after one year do that cooler really work? (I mean, for you gaming laptop the cooler is usefull?)
Then, do you know how many degrees does it cool down your laptop? Nice review :)
It's called throttling. Nice review, man
thanks for the nice video
I put an ice pack under my laptop and it cooled it down also
Even after heavy load for many hours,my cpu ans gpu reach maximum 75 Degrees celsius. All you gotta do is to regularily clean the laptop fan,thats it
Can it improve performance
guys put your laptop in the freezer i got 10000000 fps for playing in the freezer
This guy looks like that fellow from LTT.
In my opinion the laptop chill pads work best in an A/C controlled environment. Ventilating cool air to the system's Vents.
I don't care so much about getting more performance out of my Aorus 7 but if the cooling pad can keep it even a bit cooler then I'm okay with that. I don't use it for gaming much anyway. Just schooling for now.
You're not funny please just be normal. I'm skipping the YouTube zany parts
this guy should consider doing youtube fulltime he's really awkward and stuff
"Turbo Fan Mode" HP never think that with their Pavilion gaming laptop line.
is he making fun of Donald trump with that acting?
meanwhile my laptop on my blanket
Oh god, a younger linus
God I used to hate this guy back in the ncix days
Idk I just used a book and it helped a lot
Most laptop coolers are useless, the heat generating parts are enclosed inside the case, just think can a electric fan cool you if there is s wall between you and the fan?
I have a asus scar 2 with a rtx 2070 and my Temps after hours of gaming il in the 90's and I play on it a lot I bought a cooling fan just so it stays cooler tbh because I need my laptop to last me as long as possible. At least until I can build me a desk top
Ive been using a £30 cooling tray for years with custom laptop build & its a certain lifesaver! Mine fits in the laptop bag & acts as a cage around the laptop protecting it from damage, pretty know why ive found this video now lol
how many channels does he have??!
Technology has advanced too quickly to make this video irrelevant.

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