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Cooler Master Silencio FP Cooling Fan

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Cooler Master Silencio FP Cooling Fan Specifications

Fan Dimensions 120 x 25 mm
Unit Weight 158 g
Air Pressure 0.48 - 4.8 mm H2O
Fan Bearing Type Loop Dynamic Bearing
Fan Speed 800 - 2400 rpm
Fan Speed Control PWM
Noise Level 6.5 dB
Brand Cooler Master
Cooler Type Cooling Fan, 120 mm
Fan LED Non-Led
Model Id Silencio FP 120 PWM Performance Edition (R4-SFNL-24PK-R1)
Type Cabinet
In the Box
Sales Package Cooler, Metal Screw x 4, Rubber Anti-vibration Screw x 4
Power Specifications
Fan Rated Voltage 12v
Power Connector 4-Pin
Power Consumption 1.92 W
Rated Current 0.16 A

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Is it compatible with all cooler master pc cases?
Thx I started building my pc and buyer 2 of them
It costs 10k on and almost 1300$ on . I think your the price of the silent master which 1299RS
/ In the website the specs says this fan is 3 PIN, I'm also using an old M/B which has only one 3-PIN CHA-FAN connector on it. Kindly recommend me some good quality 3-PIN only case fans. Also I was looking for a cheap FAN HUB for connecting all 3-PIN fans. Help me with that too if you can !
in future review u can measure the noise level the right way. use a unidirectional microphone @1 meter away from the fan. then u can post the measurment and compare to the official specs. keep them coming i still haven't found the perfect fan!
Will this work in my case? I have Silentium Pc Gladius M20 GD-m20
should i buy 2? i need a cooler silent but good because i stay on pc to 3am and my parents qant to sleep so do i buy?
you English is terrible
Great review! just about to buy 3 of them for myself!
Not available in my countrycause customers always pick led Don't Look for performanceSo importers do not buy way nice video
hey man first of all nice videon yea even I'm facing the same problem can u suggest a good fan controller I have cooler master n300 case
0:45 How did you do that effect!? It looked great! Definitely love your videos
Hello, Can you please tell me how i can monitoring this fan?
I have these! But 3pin, not PWM ones, they are only 1200RPM unfortunately. Still, they are absolutely silent. I think they are better then GTs at the same rpm. I wish there were high speed versions available, right now you can get Nepton ones - / If only they would sell these normally.
Nice video bro! I guess I'm going to buy one :D
Do a what's on my oneplus2 :) waiting :D
Hey man do a build!
how to get a review unit? ;)
Lols first
I tought the 2 44cfm fan intakes are not enough for a rx 5700 xt, i have a pc with two 50cfm fans and a rx 480 and it cools it good its at the limit 50% fan on gpu and low % on fans i have 2 45 cfm exhaust fans too and theres not enough of air onto the gpu and theres dust on my gpu, i tought a rx 5700 xt with less exaust could cool the gpu
This was going to be my new case So, what silent cases are good? I'm going for a stealth build no glass all black.
How much difference is there if you add a fan or two more on the front panel to increase airflow?
5:28 For price $100+ here cheap dust filter without frame? Thank you, Cooler Master!
If this dude says orientated one more time I am going to blow my brains out.
So, this wouldn't be a worthy replacement of my carbide 330r?
Coolermaster should make a modern version of the classic ATC-S cases they used to make. The 200/201 etc.
Looks like they may have switched out the 1250rpm fans for some 1400rpm versions.
Why this is black and in the pics silver wtfffffff
Nice, this way you don't even have to take the gpu to bake it
The space at the bottom is for a fan.
Is this an all metal build? Would this make a very good audio production case compared to the Fractal R6 if you prefer it's looks?
Its not silent at all i can hear all the fans inside clearly:/
Why would you call it a GPU oven and not give it a best case scenario for airflow? I don't think that is a fair testing strategy.
your temperatures suck because you're using 1 120mm fan in the front when you should be using 2 140mm fans
its a shame because it is actually a great looking case
great review
5.25″ drive bay is so unnecessary and without it would be great PC case.
u dumb ass bitch, just do proper airflow, bitch ass noob as bitch
Hi, anyone knows if that optical drive bay is totally removable or not?
Does anyone know if these will be good in 2020?
I have just one RGB fan as an exhaust fan and that's enough for me, I need other black fans for intake and I think these are perfect. My case is a Coolermaster Masterbox q300l, my RAM and my SSD are RGB too, so there's three things blinking in colors and looks perfect. I dont need more RGB in my life.
I got these fans and they're really silent
can i replace my cpu cooler fan with this bro? like dual fan setup cpu solution with these fans?
"30,000 hours of life, I don't know how came up with that number." They probably ran 1000 of the fans for 300 hours and 10 fans died: 1000 fans * 300 hours/fan * 10 fails = 30,000 hours/fail
quality wise these look like crap man, what can you expect from such cheap fans anyway lol
man are thouse good fkr airflow inyour case
thnks for the video
I dont like my computer looking like a fast and furious car HAHAHA! Thats gold.
What case do you have?
excellent vid! you forgot to mention (for those like myself) who don't know that CM didn't include the 3pin to 4pin molex that's common with pc fans
Can they only be installed one way (Exhaust or intake) or can they be install either/or?
what adapter did you use to connect all of the fans?
I know this is and "old" review but. I have seen these fan model sold separated at 4$, which is strange, low price for my country. Finnaly find this pack here and over there, but the fans I seen are rated at something like 720 rpm and a pretty logical low cfm, noise db, etc. I'm confused.
Can these fans be used horizontally and vertically in a case?
Probably a stupid question, but which direction do you face the fan in your case for intake and which way is outtake? (Which was does the shiny sticker face, in towards the motherboard or out away from the motherboard?)
Thanks for the review. It covered everything I was looking for. I'm running at about 33'C idle, and almost 70'C at full load doing animation renders on an i7-4770k. My case already has 2 stock fans(front intake, back exhaust)[Corsair 200R] I've never had case fans before the 200R, does anyone think adding 2 of these will provide better cooling, or are they not even needed?
I have these fans, bought the four pack a few months ago from . Question I have is, with these fans rated at what. 19db, how are they not the "quietest"? Maybe I'm still too new at high end pc components, but even noctua nf-f12 and corsair sp120 quiet editions are rated at 22.4 and 23db respectively without low noise adapters, yet I thought those 2 were some of the more higher end fans aimed at being quiet, yet louder (if not by much) this "value" 4 pack, at a much higher price point.
How silent are they? in therms of DBA
My God, this music is terribly annoying.
why so many down-wotes?!? title said what is in the video and that is exactly in the video. what did you expect to see
какя temperature became with coolers ? :

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