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Cooler Master Notepal X-Slim Cooling Pad Features

  • Silent 160mm fan with great cooling performance
  • Two height settings for the ideal viewing/typing angle
  • Full range metal mesh for superior airflow
  • Cable grooves for easy USB cable management
  • Powered by USB port extender
  • Supports up to 17 inches laptops
Cooler Master Notepal X-Slim Cooling Pad

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Cooler Master Notepal X-Slim Cooling Pad Specifications

Color Black
Compatibility Supports up to 17inch laptops
Dimension 380 x 270 x 27.5-46 mm
Fan Airflow 70 CFM
Fan Dimension 160 x 15 mm fan
Fan Noise Level (dB-A) 21 dBA
Fan Speed 1400R.P.M.
Fan Speed Adjustment Single Speed
Manufacturer Cooler Master
Material Plastics, Metal mesh, Rubber
Power USB 5V DC
Power Consumption 0.38A, 1.9W
USB USB 2.0/1.1 x1 (For Power Input)
Warranty 1-Year
Weight 1.54 lbs / 0.7 Kg

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Cooler Master Notepal X Slim Cooling pad laptop Review
Hi, after years of use, how is the longevity of this cooler?
How do we clean these fans free from accumulated dust?
How well does it work for gaming laptops
Can I use it for Helios 300
Good luck using it on a newer crapbook.
can you please tell me how many degrees does it cool?
What's great about this one, unlike all the other ones, is that it does not have OBNOXIOUS LEDs! All those other ones on amazon, you cannot turn the blue/red LEDs off. Luckily this one is actually good, so if LEDs are a dealbreaker like they were for me, then this is the one to get.
I'm getting this when i'll recieve new Laptop for Gaming. Should be really useful for editing and playing. I was always worried about the heat, but i guess i'm alright now :D Thanks for this review !
show us the accurate sound(Decibell) of cooler.
just what I need. Getting one tomorrow and I'm subscribing, your welcome
I have a Macbook Air that gets really hot when connecting it to a Monitor, should I get this one or the Notepal x3 ?
Excellently done. The quality of reviewing is at par with any major standalone technology benchmarker/reviewer.
I'm getting one tomorrow.
Do you think this would work well on a Lenovo Ideapad Z50-70?
inexpensive ? well in Europe it is 75 Euro not including the shipping :s The Thermaltake Massive 23 LX is lot cheaper though i was more convinced with the quality of the Cooler Master ;)
It's a shame u guys don't have more subscribers, this channel has serious potential that I hate to see wasted. your video quality and the detail of your reviews really bring true production value to the channel.
Thank you.
Thank you for the review. The only thing I would ask is, in your opinion, are these necessary?
6:24 no one ever get's a USB in on the first try lol
Lol. USB storage? Hahahaha ’s to store the USB connector.
tutorial on how to open the cooler to clean it
any ideas how to clean this cooler?
are they affective?
My cooling pad from china (ebay) has lights and fans in top corners bottom corners and a big center and right underneath the laptop air induction and output,should I slide my laptop over so more air is under the induction side or the hot output side? I left a gap on the hot side so all the air blows out toward the hot seems to work better.i ended up just centering it
k listen to this i bench marked my Geforce 920m running over hundreds and hundreds of tests . ( mid range card / low end) and over clocked it to 1087mhz on the core apposed from 953mhz The only issue was i was running about 75 - 72 as an avarage GPU and 70 for avarage CPU temp 85 MAX once time :/ so what i did was rill about a half inch hole into the back door of the laptop to increase ventilation ( which is smart . but stpuid lol! ) and got a coolmaster that runes 1400 rpm AND NOW my results are amazing i never jump over 70 on my GPU and my CPU stays at 65 SO this does do a difference . myne were more dreastic casue i dilled the holes STUPID LOL but i ordered a new back door from MSI all in all works good lol i got the same model
It's kinda loud but pushes more air than most, I have an older dell with a m6500 920xm i7 and a 5870 and it runs between 48-80C and those seem to be cooler than some people are getting. But I keep it clean and good thermal paste. It helped it drop about 5-7C so that's a good difference. But the way the design of the dell helps with cooling vents on the bottom. I think it's a good cooler for the price don't need extras like USB ports.
Mine has stopped working completely, as even if I plug it in, it just doesn't turn. I'm trying to get into the thing to clean the fan, but I don't know how to do it without destroying the mesh.
That fan is really loud
Does it make alot of noise or is it like "meh i could work with it?"
dude i have a problem with my laptop overheating sometime *died on its own , do u think using a cooling pad will solve the problem? i used it for gaming btw
Wow 70 cfm and its quiet and nearly flat. Def getting this. BTW great review you hit all the important points and added some of your own.
i have the same thing bought it from amazon is there a low medium high fan settings on this thing or this is the only speed it runs when u plug it in? If so whats the download link please.
Cooling pad is especially important if you own a expensive gaming laptop because you want it to last and you're gonna work the heck out of the cpu.
Just wondering if I could possibly use this cooling pad for the PS4 or will this possibly mess up the cooling fans for the PS4.
I received one today for Christmas but am having difficulty making it work. I see no power buttons to start it. Am I missing something? Also my USB looks different than yours
What I'm concerned with is if this thing actually takes up RAM, and if so how much? My laptop isn't exactly a gaming one but it's the only one I've got, and it's almost gotten so hot that I burnt my hand when I touched the bottom. See, I had this other plastic cooling fan USB thing, but it made my laptop significantly slower. Does this thing do the same? My laptop only has 4 GB of RAM.
I just got one of these today. My laptop is a 17.3" rather than a 17" though. I can't tell if the fan is making any difference. I'm using Planetside 2 to test it. If the fan is making a difference, it's very minimal, Ps2 often pushes the heat to the 80+ area, now it's going around the 70-75+ area. Tempting me to get a more expensive one. Actually, it might just be the elevation, I'm not sure the fan is making any difference at all.
If you don't really care about looks or noise, you can even use a small box fan lol, I usually place my box fan flat on my desk and put my laptop on top of it. My system is pretty much always cold no matter how much I game.
Where did you get it for under $20. It's listing in the $40 range online ? Sorry - update, you mentioned at end of your video on Amazon. Thanks for the info.
Thanks for the video. I'm convinced that I should buy it!
Great vid, informative and straight to the point.
hi, i see you have alot of reviews on laptop coolers, id like to know which one is your favorite performance wise, i was thinking about getting the cm storm sf-17 i know its big and expensive but as long as my laptop is cooler i dont care. thanks for the help!
Before and after which the temperature difference. celsius?
hi , before C an after C ? thx
It has a 1400 RPM fan I believe! I'm going to be purchasing this pad because of that fan alone and the massive air vents around the pad.
can you power the fan without connecting the usb to the laptop?
Is this better than the microsoft or antec ones? It's 14.99$ on sale now. I'd like something that can be used on a desk but at the same time can be picked up and used with a laptop on a lap without any problems. I have a Latitude D630 and it gets HOOOOOT. Not sure how many degrees celsius but the bottom can burn quite literally to the touch. Oh and it has to be amazon. I'm buying whatevers the best choice with a giftcard. xD Along with new headphones.
i got this for my macbook pro lol. didnt have heating issues before but with it its 30 lower. petty great coolin pad
Pretty late but, which one u think is better this one or the CM Storm SF-15 cooler?
Do you prefer this or the havit for gaming laptops?

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