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Buy Cooler Master CMP 352 (RC-352-KKN2) Cabinet online at Amazon. ATX Micro ATX
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Amazon Offers ₹3,842
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Cooler Master CMP 352 (RC-352-KKN2) Cabinet Features

  • Cooler master product
  • ATX
  • Micro ATX

The lowest Cooler Master CMP 352 (RC-352-KKN2) Cabinet Price in India is ₹3,842 at Amazon.
Buy Cooler Master CMP 352 (RC-352-KKN2) Cabinet online at Amazon.
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Cooler Master CMP 352 (RC-352-KKN2) Cabinet Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Cooler Master
Item part number RC-352-KKN2
Item Weight 5 Kg
Manufacturer Coolermaster
Operating System Windows
Package Dimensions 53.3 x 48.3 x 24.6 cm
Product Dimensions 53.3 x 48.3 x 24.6 cm

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Cooler Master CMP 352 (RC-352-KKN2) Cabinet Reviews from YouTube

Cooler Master Silencio 352 Micro-ATX Case
Cooler Master Silencio 352 Review
Cooler Master Silencio 352 PC Case | Review
Cooler Master Silencio 352 Case Unboxing and Overview
I've had mine since mid 2016, have an x299 i7 in it now (upgraded from z170) and it's getting a bit cramped in there; 2 hdds, sata ssd, card reader and DVD drive and a non modular psu
I've had this case for 2 years, and it's pretty great for being so compact. It's very quiet... IF you don't have super high performance parts in it. My stupid ass threw a 7700k and 1080Ti in mine so this sucker gets so hot the fans are having to spin up pretty high, negating the "low noise" benefits haha.
Just bought this, thanks for the review!
can this case support 120mm radiator at the top
Engineering failure: air vent intake is BEHIND the front filter. Phanteks Pro-M also has this same failure. SMH how the fuck do mistakes like this make it to final production without being spotted? Kinda like making cars with seatbelts on the outside.
I'm left handed and I am rejoicing that door .
Am I the only one who sees all these reviews for silence oriented cases where they don't do ANY SOUND TESTS AT ALL. It really annoys me...
Do you have to keep the front door open when using or it will overheat?
So, is it better than Fractal Design Mini cases (Define, Arc, Core) in terms of overall quality?
Si lo hiciera en español sería más fácil de entender. Gracias!
Thank you for the thorough review.
can this fit a hyper 212x cooler?
I think he must've felt so cheap reviewing this! Hahaha! :D
Silencio... Sounds like a Harry Potter spell
Just buy 3 noctua 120 pmw fans you'll be fine
how do I check if its micro atx on mine
Can you really put a 140mm fan on the top? On the official site all fans are 120mm.
+JayzTwoCents Does it have an integrated fan switch? I do wish they have rubber grommets. Can they be bought and installed separately?
i'm a noob what is airflow for
witc fans for intake. cosair sp 120 or af 120 ?
Informative video, I have looked at this case down at the local PC shop. Now that I have seen your video I will purchase it. Thanks...very professionally done video.
This not a review. Just unboxing. 😣
I've had this case for about 2 years. It's not bad, but it's not nearly as silent as you'd expect. Mostly because the airflow is marginal, so your fans have to spin harder to keep it cool, making more noise.
Ive got this and the fans it came with aren't really that quiet, they are like 25-30 decibels
can it fit a 1080ti strix in it? with a radiator?
i got mine for £35 from CCL in the UK and it's very good. i love how it looks and it looks great with my asus gryphon z87 armor edition.
Have it, hate it. Few reasons; the airflow is, for some reason, extremly poor. Even with all cables hidden, the removal of the HDD bracket ánd 4 very good fans installed, it still sucks. If it were half an inch wider, it would probably be much more able to lose that hot air. Than there is cable management, well, the lack of space for it. You will hurt that sidepanel a lot if if you stack some cables in the back. You will also hurt yourself kicking a chair in anger while trying to close the damn thing. Also, no fifth PCIe bracket, godawful noisy fans, sturdy USB 3.0 cable, and a top mesh cover that makes the fan whistle. And last, would have been nice if the 5.25" bracket would have a bracket for a 3.5" HDD. Wish I bought the Fractal Design Define Mini C, or at least did some research before buying it for my 1500 dollar system.
I could do good cable-managment
Great. After 15 years, I decided to buy a new case. This is the one I will buy. P.S. A guy from Scrapyard Wars?
Looks Decent =D
Can I put a AIO Liquid Cooler (120mm) (Corsair H75) in the front, as opposed to the back?
So, is it better than Fractal Design Mini cases (Define, Arc, Core) in terms of overall quality?
where did you get that shirt?
Does the Nepton 120XL fits on top?
I got this case for my mothers computer and WAS able to get a 24 pin, a sata power and sata cables in the back of the motherboard tray. The 4pin board connector on the top was sifted behind the motherboard and the tray. Fortunately the GPU is just a gtx 520 which is okay for just movies (no cables necessary) . It's a pain in the ass but it can be made clean on the inside. Pliers, zip ties, and force. LOL The case panel on the motherboard side was not bent either. :-) If it wasn't for the bulge it wouldn't have worked at all.
I've got this case and honestly, I'd not recommend it. Why? Because of the vibrations caused by the hard drives that are not dampened (CM could have put some sound dampened HDD caddies, it shouldn't cost a lot to produce), the front air filter that completely kills the air flow of the fans while at the same time not filtering the air (dust gets through behind the filter), the provided fans that are everything but silent, the unremovable ODD cage (while the HDD cage just under it IS removable) and the nearly non sound dampening feet, that are mostly hard plastic with a really thin slice of rubber on its end.
will the front intake fan be blocked by the front panel door? it seems to be covered by the noise dampening material.
I like it!!!
This or Corsair 100R?
hey the card reader does it connect to the mobo via USB 2 or 3 u know?
Nice vid, like the music too! Very well edited video
Which graphic card ur using in this pc.?
4:43 - Considering just how limited this case is in terms of cable management, this is some excellent work on your behalf. My cables would probably be everywhere, eventually ending up in the front 120mm fan :D
wat video editing software do u use on your graphics card
how many this case have hardisk upgrade
is that the Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 motherboard ?
hi i have the same motherboard, so i can see youre case comes with 2 fanes 1 at the front and 1 in the back, but the asus motherboard only supports one fan plug so how did you connect the oder fan ?
Fantastic review! Very detailed too, I like how you've mentioned the cables which come from the front panel at 3:00, it's details like that which really makes this video. I'm surprised how small this channel is based on the quality of this video - only 1,079 subs... 1,080 now ;)
hi ,sir , could you please tell us your email address is ? we would like to invite you to review .
great review
Will a CM hyper 212 evo fit in this case ?
Great review I had to subscribe :)
PT here too :) You bought a PSU from 1-life?  Courage!
Thanks for a great review. I'm considering this case because it's very compact. I'm planning to build a somewhat powerful PC (Intel i7-4790k + 500GB SSD+2TB HD + asus gryphon z97 mobo) for my business. Since I work many hours next to my main PC, quietness is key. Can you comment on the effectiveness of the sound insulation? Was your final computer build really quiet?
I have an Alienware x51, and the case is absolute shit, there is no cooling whatsoever on mine. Do you think I could fit the components in this (I think it's mini itx) Thanks
Wait wait are you brazilian?
Great video review. Helped me a lot for building an office PC. As I could not find a lot of reviews. 
Is there a Hyper 212 Evo on the Table in the Background? Does it fit inside the Case without touching the Sidepanel?
Thanks for the video, is it possible to fit my coolermaster tx3 + asus m4a88td-m phenom  II x6 in this case?
Hi, Are the front panel USB2.0 port and SD card reader on the SAME USB2.0 connector? Or are there two of them separately? Thanks anyway.
I was looking for a review of this case but I didn't expect the first one to be from a fellow Portuguese! Great job btw, very informative!
Finally a proper Portuguese reviewer! Subscribed! Boa sorte com o canal!
I have a noob question. can you fit the newly GPU's. A full r9 290x or Gtx on this one ?! I'm tempted to upgrade pc but I'm afraid I will get stuck with the started gpu.
Great vid! I really want that case but I read it only supports CPU cooling with max height 155mm. The problem is that my favorite cooler is 158mm, only 3mm too tall :(. I wonder how thick the sound isolation foam on the inside of the side panel is? Is it 3+mm so I can remove some form just where the cpu cooling will be so it fits? Really grateful for answer, thanks!
Thanks for the Video, I'm going to buy this ad s case for my new htpc. I think you meant the Fractal Design Define Mini, which is a very good looking case, with great build quality (i had a chance to get my hands on). But the down side is the cost. The 352 costs at my retailer 55€ and the define mini 85€. Althoug I really like the fractal look, this case is very similar at a much lower price. Greetings form Austria
Great unboxing/overview, helped my decision a lot! You should probably get some more lights on the scene though, it's kind of dark :)
Hi Pugizimo, Glad you found the overview useful. I also searched for more info on this particular case before buying it and was difficult to get detailed info. Thats one of the reasons that took me to make this overview. Anyway back on topic, the build is already setup, ive managed to put everything together and it went very smooth. At the moment im installing the software, actually a few games :) and i want to make some tests before shoot the video so that i can show these on the same video. I will do my best to put it up before christmas day, as this build is my kid christmas gift. Best Regards RJ
Hey, great video. I'm getting this case for Christmas and will be transferring my current build into it. There's hardly anything of this case on YouTube and I've been searching for a while to find out as much as I can about the case before I get it on Christmas day, so I can put everything into it as smoothly as possible. I look forward to seeing the final build. Do you know if the build with this case will be up before Christmas?

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