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Buy Cooler Master CM Storm (SGK-3002-KKMF1-US) Keyboard online at Amazon. USB Connectivity
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The Lowest Price of Cooler Master CM Storm (SGK-3002-KKMF1-US) Keyboard

Amazon Offers ₹17,661
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Amazon Offers ₹17,661
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Cooler Master CM Storm (SGK-3002-KKMF1-US) Keyboard Features

  • USB Connectivity

The lowest Cooler Master CM Storm (SGK-3002-KKMF1-US) Keyboard Price in India is ₹17,661 at Amazon.
Buy Cooler Master CM Storm (SGK-3002-KKMF1-US) Keyboard online at Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Before purchasing, please refer to the specific online store for any variation in the price.
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Cooler Master CM Storm (SGK-3002-KKMF1-US) Keyboard Specifications

Technical Details
Additional Features Basic
Batteries Included No
Batteries Required No
Brand Cooler Master
feature Fully programmable dedicated macro keys, 5 profiles up to 75 macrosBrilliant full backlighting White LEDs with 3 levels of brightness for the perfect illuminationDetachable wrist rest for enhanced comfort64-Key Rollover function for anti-ghostingDedicated Multimedia Keys for quick media control
Hardware Interface USB 2.0
Hardware Platform usb
Item Height 33 Millimeters
Item model number SGK-3002-KKMF1-US
Item Weight 1.4 Kg
Item Width 18.8 Centimeters
Manufacturer Cooler Master
Model SGK-3002-KKMF1-US
Product Dimensions 48.5 x 18.8 x 3.3 cm

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Cooler Master CM Storm (SGK-3002-KKMF1-US) Keyboard Reviews from YouTube

$30 Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo Any Good? CM Devastator II
Cooler Master CM Storm Trigger Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Unboxing + Written Review
Cooler Master Devastator 3 Review! [BEST AFFORDABLE Keyboard & Mouse!]
CM Storm Quickfire TK Mechanical Keyboard Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips
I'm late, but I have had it for 4-5 years and both still work perfectly, not a single button broke, even after abuse. Too bad you can't buy it anymore
Anyone know if the mouse can drag click?
I really loved it and its out of stock
Omg its mecanical!!!!!!!!
I kind need the link to the website to buy it
these now go for like 110 dollors
I have have this for 2 years and here is what i can say about it. 1. if you can buy anything better with real switches and not this "exclusive" coolermaster ones, do it. 2. you can't press w + a + s on this keyboard which sometimes in fps games, car games and brawlhalla is really annoying. 3. Its rally nice to have media keys for this price 4. the stabilizers work, but aren't really that good because the keys still shake a bit 5. if you slam your desk you will commonly see some keys jumping off the keyboard 6. you feel a bump when pressing the key, so it's technically a tactile switch like the mx brown if u were wondering
Finally a review about this keyboard and mouse of the language of English all the other videos are in a language I don’t understand😞
Use Devastator 3 for about 5 years idk is that long?
ancient 'review' but ... wtf? worried about the shinier plastic bit below the space bar - erm, let it serve as a good reminder to f'ing clean it every now and then, ignoring it just means you love breeding dust and germs - also, flex? how often do you pick up your keyboard and try twist it out of shape?
Not worth it. Keyboard was dead in 1 year. Mouse maybe good. But disappointed by CM devastator 2 keyboard
the devastator has 7 different colours
i have devestator 3 after upgrade system dont save my coler setting help me plz?
i have it
Just got done watching out of nostalgia, first ever combo before I even built my own pc because I wanted to feel “gamer” so bad with a Hp p7-1534 desktop playing LoL, csgo and tf2 3-4 years ago lmao. Treated myself to a corsair strafe RGB with mx browns, and a G502 Proteus Spectrum(now a Glorious Model D coming soon) after building my pc and I gotta say, it was truly a solid ass combo although the mouse wheel started squeaking and barely responding scroll and click wise towards the end before I upgraded.. nevertheless I loved it and kept it for memory’s sake. 10/10 would purchase again if I was knocked upside my head with a bat, lost memory and had no clue of my current setup and started fresh again.
How do you change the DPI levels on the mouse ?.
*expects cheap switches to be as good as red's* ok
had this for years and it never let me down, unlike razer
can i flick shot with mouse ??
Bought mine a year ago at a repair shop while getting some upgrades done, I love this set to death its perfect
one question are keys are etched by laser?
this is very helpful with my trigger. thanks and thumbs up
where did you buy if from?
I have this keyboard, and this is cool)
i have this one but black mx's
That knife he had thats a fu king counter strike CT knife XD
Can you get this in a UK layout?
This or Corsair K95 RBG?
if you plugin a 5volt jack the lighhting can go a bit more strong
this or cm storm quickfire pro?
Brown? I thought this keyboard has MX blues, not browns. :/
Why do you need a power adapter?
where can I find the software for the keyboard ??
So in the end is the wrist rest any comfortable ?
my keyboard won't turn the led lights on :( help
Both are good and pretty similar.. I'm about to get this one, because it is much cheaper than the Blackwidow Ultimate. The features are pretty much the same.. all in all it is a keyboard..
I was never interested in the price lol
It costs from 85$ to 200$. Happy now?
Would you recommend this over the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2013?
That's the average price for a well known brand keyboard.
Can you drag click with the mouse?
You can change the brightness. You might want to read the manual before using the keyboard or creating a review. Just saying 🤷🏽‍♂️
is it mechinal or not
what is the length of the cords? good review, is not it ?
3:18 it has fwd/bckw buttons ant that the only feature i was intrested in
I changed my mind last minute and got the Dev 3 prob -1 If your surface tilts back even slightly due to elevated keys on the main line the media keys will be hidden behind them due to lower elevation if your keyboard is on a higher desk... prob-2 the smooth surfaces on the sides, top and that small strip under the spacebar are smooth they are gonna be a magnet for fingerprints and dust and as much a nightmare to clean as my pc tower pane) i'm glad to see they switched the alt symbols correctly for the UK version of the board I someone say the line "It just works" andf I was like no why would you say that cursed line but after plugging it in it did immediately light up and start working (a noticeable difference from the 10 yrs old ps/2 acer m3802 aspire keyboard and random compaq mouse I was using) say what you want about hp's sucky pc's but their compaq mouses are tanks It feels like cold metal to the touch so I do worry the problems I may have with already extremely cold mornings practising on aimlab as we speak right now I am typing with the keyboard so far so good (most of my worries lay with survivability on my mouses part the wire can get caught as theres no room for the pc on my right the cable is near it's upper limit on distance which in the past has fallen down sometimes even slamming the floor which is most likely the sensor on the old mouse was beginning to fail) The 7 lighting options don't go with the full rgb rainbow light I got on my MSI Mag Vampiric 011c Ryzen Addition case... yeah I know it's mystic lighting which isn't the best sofware wise (not that I use theyre dragon center because I got an asus board the software wont work for me) they do have a button on the case itself just like this keyboard and mouse you got singular lights to choose from (i'm going with red cause any other colour is obnoxiously bright) tbh if the lights are off your only just gonna be able to see the letters even with the light on as the grey is colour of the letters aren't too dissimilar from the black key's they're on lock keys are obnoxiously bright as they are just white but it's ok I usually keep those off anyways when I plugged it in the mouse was preset to highest DPI and it felt buttery smooth and lagless the keyboard keys go down effortlessly with great responsiveness I don't feel i'll need to hammer these keys don't like I did the old one, sadly I couldn't get on AWD-it for free shipping and the £29.99 because they're stock of it discontinued so I had to pay £39.99 but so far it feels worth it I gotta practice clawgrip on aimlab and this mouse and keyboard feel perfect for that as I amd getting much less slip also the dpi makes up for the mouse weight this package deal is heavy btw it feels like if christian bale batman was a gamer this would be his gaming keyboard and mouse
what is it called l wanne buy itt
Wow keyboard
Btw it does have DPI it's apparently the Light+ side buttons to change DPI although it apparently annoyingly flicks through the lights as you do this so you have to set your color again if your not already on it after changing the DPI it has 600, 1200, 1800 & 2400 nothing special but better than nothing
I have this keyboard. Its okay, BUT and a big BUT why I'm looking to replace it ASAP, the left shift key doesn't want to go down if pressed from the left side with pinky, doesn't have a stabilizer, popped the key and it acts a small key. So it sucks. :( It's funny the fuckers who make this shit, it's obvious in QC to just press all the keys... the left shift key sticks out like a sore thumb. Probably too late they, purchased the moldings and other manufacturing components and settings... "Oh well sell it to those fucking round eyes! Fuck'em!" And I say the same to them. Look for another keyboard if you typically type lots and use the left shift key.
this was my first keyboard and mouse. The mouse is only starting to break now. If you want a cheap keyboard and also a mouse as a starter set, i recommend getting it.
I have this exact keyboard and mouse, it’s so good!
I have this mouse and keyboard 70$
when i play minecraft it doesnt register drag clicks. :(. do you know how to fix?
dude to change the dpi u have to press the light and up or down side button at the same time. it was on the manual.
I have this keyboard and whenever I press a button it types random stuff please help
Just in case you didn't know you can make the keyboard rainbow by clicking the fn key and the change colour key.
I use that keyboard and mouse
I think i got this one. I'm fine with it, but sadly i can't clean it. My dad won't let me :(
Press FN+changing colours
Linus without beard? Ok this keyboard is old.
0:26 I can at last now have fun a happy life as a result of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e . c o m*
Got this for 8 dollars at a swap meet
i wanna buy the keyboard how many rupez of pakistani
about the 6/N function; here at late 2020.. 5:46 thank you Linus.. I have this board for years now, and suddenly thought what the heck is this button... Original CM vid on this keyboard conveniently skipped this function... But still does anyone know how to tell if this N or 6 mode is on or off? when I press function + escape nothing on the keyboard itself seems to indicate anything... Thanks!
Anyone have drivers fr it?
I have this
I got one of these a few days ago second hand. Cleaned it up and it works perfectly, really well built and has Blue switches which I love
I'm using this keyboard since 2016 and it's working like a charm. (June2020)
Amazing keyboard, really recommend this one 👌
Can confirm, bought mine 5 years ago in 3 days. Not a single key even faded on it. This thing was made to stand the test of time and it still works flawlessly.
Why Is The Computer On BIOS
This was the old intro its kinda ugly
i have a blue one and I'm happy with it
drlupo!! its drlupo man!!
This video is so old :D
fuck you linus, fuck you
Watching this in 2019 lol
Why do people want a loud ass keyboard??

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