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Buy Cooler Master Chassis HAF XB Cabinet online at Amazon. Micro ATX Mini Tower
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Amazon Offers ₹15,999
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Amazon Offers ₹15,999
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Cooler Master Chassis HAF XB Cabinet Features

  • Quickly and easily transforms into a test bench - ideal for enthusiasts and overclockers
  • Two durable XtraFlo fans included in the front for powerful airflow, also supports 240mm radiators
  • Supports tower CPU coolers up to 180mm tall and high-end graphics cards up to 334mm long
  • Supports up to 4 HDDs or SSDs through removable cages
  • Motherboard tray can be removed for easier installation or removal of components
  • Dual USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports and X-Dock bays in the front for lightning fast plug-n-play I/O
  • Rigid carry handles for transportation
  • Motherboard Type: Mini-ITX, micro-ATX and ATX
  • 2 x 5.25-inch, 4 x 3.5-inch and 4 x 2.5-inch drive bays
  • Expansion Slots: 7
  • Power Supply Type: Standard ATX PS2
  • Micro ATX
  • Mini Tower

The lowest Cooler Master Chassis HAF XB Cabinet Price in India is ₹15,999 at Amazon.
Buy Cooler Master Chassis HAF XB Cabinet online at Amazon.
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Cooler Master Chassis HAF XB Cabinet Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Cooler Master
feature Quickly and easily transforms into a test bench - ideal for enthusiasts and overclockersTwo durable XtraFlo fans included in the front for powerful airflow, also supports 240mm radiatorsSupports tower CPU coolers up to 180mm tall and high-end graphics cards up to 334mm longSupports up to 4 HDDs or SSDs through removable cagesMotherboard tray can be removed for easier installation or removal of componentsDual USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports and X-Dock bays in the front for lightning fast plug-n-play I/O
Included Components Cabinet
Item Height 42.3 Centimeters
Item model number RC-902XB-KWN2
Item Weight 8 Kg
Item Width 33 Centimeters
Manufacturer Coolermaster
Model RC-902XB-KWN2
Product Dimensions 44.2 x 33 x 42.3 cm

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Cooler Master Chassis HAF XB Cabinet Reviews from YouTube

Cooler Master HAF XB ATX Cube Gaming Case Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips
Cooler Master HAF XB Review
Cooler Master HAF XB EVO | UNBOXED and Impressions!!!
Cooler Master HAF XB Mid Tower Component Installation + Benchmarks
Even though it's a testbench I still love it
The only thing I noticed wrong with this case is The SSD cage is not movable and you will need extra long Sata cables to reach them because the SATA ports on the Motherboard are on the other side of the Case. Maybe if Linus did not rush through reviews he might of noticed it to. But as usual he rushes through and mises a lot and thats why I do not Sub to his channel!!
2021 and I'm gonna be buying one of these for a server build. Looks epic.
I legit bought 2 of these cases so I can stack them up for both my computers
Is there ANYTHING out there like this but for ATX-E? The presented case "only" fits a ATX-sized Motherboard
Just bought one today... Looked around and can't really find anything comparable in today's market...
Came here looking for a good case for a NAS. Man this is a time warp.
love this case, very happy with it even in 2021 with fresh components
Looks how young is Linus
Building my pc with this case almost 9 years later, best case I have in my entire life, and i will buy another only to stock up for the future.
im still using this case to this day on my pc
Happy to see this here on Ltt building a beastly NAS+plex using unraid
No dust filters is a turn-off.
Damn this case was ahead of it's time. This is something I'm looking for in 2020, especially considering it still has 5.25 slots.
8 years later and I'm about to buy this lol
Still using mine in late 2020. Went from a 2500k, to a 3770, to a 3770k, to a 6700k, to a 9700k all in this case. I've used two AIO's the whole time, and the same 280mm AIO on the inside, venting to the top vent since 3770k and am running 4.9ghz stable on my 9700k 2070 RTX duo fan card, I've ran the same DVD drive and Fan controller with the original red fans i've had in it from the start. I've also got a red CRT illuminating the whole case. I've got two M.2's, two HDD's and three SSD's This case is phenomenal. not a dent, not a scratch, even though the metal is probably 1/8th inch pot metal, the engineers had the case bent in a great way and is structurally S O U N D. I've taken this case PLENTY of places, and is still basically perfect. Best case there will ever be.
talking about that packing material always thought that was a nice touch
Watching this in 2020, my god how far they've come. I'm seriously considering this case, too.
Is it still good in 2020?
Still want to buy this in 2021. Also anyone know if EATX can fit in this one?
Transplanting a VR rig into this case in 2021
Could you fit a godlike in it?
wish they would update it and add a usb c port
It looks like the haf xb EVO removed the 4 x 2.5" cage for a 2 x 3.5" cage. That kind of sucks.
I still use mine in my main computer after all these years. Its really great for airflow, but I must admit the footprint sucks....
This is the best review review for this case.
8k reviews on this thing on Newegg damn and 5 stars too!
I have two of these cases... they are great! I love the cube design... "Resistance is futile! You will all be assimilated!" LOL
7 years later and I am seriously considering this case for my next build. I had the full size HAF tower.
I wish those SDD trays were removable, also the 2 frontal hotspot trays, since today we mostly use Nvme.2 those became optional parts. My case have those supported bolted in and i had to force it out to benefit from additional ventilation flow, because those sits on the front and prevent free flow from the fans :(
Bitch to clean from dust but still one hell of a case, definitely still recommend buying this if you can find it on market these days.
Still best cube case on the market, very future proof, even in august of 2020
you forgot to mention they are awesome because they can be tacked vertically if you have more than 1 case :D
And now I know what case I`ll use for my NAS server...
I purchased this wonderful cube in 2020 to meet the airflow requirements of my new build. Other than the slight bulkiness of the chassis it's a superb case for ease of assembly, durability, and of course the amazing airflow characteristics.
I've just bought the HAF XB EVO last may (2020) and I'm loving it, pretty sure it'll be the last case I'll ever need!
Have had this case for over 7 years. I'm not replacing it. It is just to well designed. Easy to upgrade around.
Still using mine in 2020, just put a b450 and Ryzen 3700x in recently!
I recently picked one of these up. The current version of this case seems to come with a dual 3.5" drive cage in the basement level where the 2.5" drive cage was in the version reviewed here. Needless to say, this does permit both 3.5" and 2.5" drives to be installed provided you are willing to use mounting adapters for the 2.5" drives. In my build I swapped in some Arctic 140mm P14 PWM PST CO fans, which include dual ball bearings. These are relatively quiet and move a lot of air. I added a 120mm version of the same fan to the rear of the case behind the CPU cooler, two of the 80mm versions of those fans to the basement behind the drive cage (in exhaust configuration) and one of the new Noctua NF-A20 PWM Chromax Black Swap fans to the top panel. All these fans combine to provide tremendous air flow which should prevent any heat buildup inside the case. I should note here that installing the top fan significantly reduced the total height available for a CPU tower cooler, so I had to look at a lot of options before I found that an Arctic Freezer Xtreme Rev. 2 which is a 120mm dual tower air cooler would fit with a bit of room to spare. I didn't see any other 120mm class tower coolers that would fit, but fortunately the Arctic Freezer Xtreme Rev. 2 is a very capable cooler that seems to be more than sufficient for the Ryzen 7 1700 CPU I am using. I would add here that the Arctic Freezer Xtreme Rev. 2 is a surprisingly affordable cooler, currently priced around $38 on Amazon. Highly recommended. If, like me, you prefer airflow cases with a plain industrial esthetic over tempered glass cases with internal RGB 70's disco lighting, and if you can live with the unusual form factor of this case then this could be an option for you. It seems to still be in production after all these years, which I think it remarkable given its age, and while its design esthetic will not be for everybody, it does work remarkably well for a performance PC build. Needless to say, by the way, the issue with the top fan vs tower cooler height clearance vanishes if you build a water cooled system, and it looks to me as though both 240mm and 280mm A.I.O. coolers ought to fit in easily provided you mount your radiator fans outside the main chassis and just behind the removable front cover and the radiator on the inside of the chassis so that the fans and radiator sandwich the front chassis panel. And if you are willing to forego the top fan (a very viable option given the air flow in this case), then a truly huge tower cooler will, of course, fit with room to spare.
Which all these vents, you need a beast of a GPU! Check this out!
Way too big
Finally a video of the XB EVO in 2020! Great work!
Hi thank you for this video review. Great information. May I ask how and where do you get the other extra 2 hot swappable hard drive trays? Thinking about getting this case if i can build my 4 hard drive NAS server. Thank you.
Yep, just the video I needed to be sure I made the right choice. I will be using this case for an HTPC/Gaming build. But mostly as an HTPC and something I can retire my parts into when I upgrade my main pc. Thanks for an informative video.
Well Done.
i use the case since years now, its great imo. i use the side panels on opposites sites so air is coming in from ground level soo drives get some fresh air too^^
I'm really thinking about getting this case. I think you just pushed me over the edge towards getting it.
I liked the review. Thank you! Just a suggestion for your dust concern: Just keep the front mesh clean, it'll help keep the inside clean. I have another Cooler Master chassis; and, although it has a top and bottom filter, it doesn't have a front filter, where the inlet fans are. I just vacuum the mesh off, and the inside of my chassis, motherboard, and all other components, are still very clean. I'm about to get that chassis, because of its horizontal design. I want to integrate it with my living room entertainment, on my G-Sync TV. It'll be for gaming, but it is meant to blend in, as to not be a distraction.
9:33 just buy kitchen filters and put them on the intakes, problem solved until next year
Okay it's been a few months. How happy are you with this case? I'm getting one just because I want an easy-to-work-in, spacious case for my upcoming build.
My favorite is the Thermaltake V21 but it did not accept an ATX without a minor mod. And then 1" of the left side was sticking out but worked fine. So went to this and it is BIG. But if you have the room can do anything you want with it and use this now. Just wish they had made the Thermaltake v-21 1.5" wider to handle the atx size. The top 200 mm fan is setup only for their fan? and would have to mod that to install another 200mm brand.
user manual for a case lmao :P
5:35 to 5:41. Or you could just order the other version that doesn't have the top 200mm ish sized mesh and instead already has the glass installed instead RC-902XB-KKN2 is the mesh version...I forgot the other exact model number of the glass topped one offhand.
Can I recommend an accessory for you if you plan on building in this case? It's the Enermax ECR 501, and long story short it's the ultimate card reader/USB hub/drive bay.
This was great, I just got the case and your tour around the case was very helpful
I bought this case in 2015. Still using it as my main rig!
Do you need any brackets to mount the internal 3.5" drives
Just ordered mine today 🙌
Honestly, that hot swap bay is the worst part of the case. The board on the back of the bay is right in front of the PSU and the fairly rigid PSU cables tend to press against the two sata data connectors(which are as durable as any long/tall pins, meaning they're super fragile). As for getting dirty, HAF cases mandate a datavac. You can't really get around it.
what power supply did you use?
Just bought this case. Originally waned it but kept getting caught up in he new best thing and finally came to terms this was the case I wanted all along. I just really like the aesthetic compared to other cases and I find it so less frustrating to work with than other cases I've had. Would definitely recommend for those who prefer more of the cube aesthetic and like working in space with the removable motherboard rather than trying to get in the case and fit everything that way especially if you have bigger hands. Just being a straightforward case without all the tempered glass and rgb trends is a big positive for me as well. You can probably customize it to have rgb fans if you want idk. Anyway I think this one of the better cases out there for those looking for a different aesthetic than the normal and like working more with space rather than trying to get up inside the case.
People are so dramatic OHMAIGAWD he didn't put the driver into its holder right. The things were originally designed to be put in like that and they're clearly plenty flexible it's not gonna hurt anything. Like you haven't made plenty of petty mistakes while building lol, even pros made fuckups...bad ones.
looks amazingly easy to clean
You said you was going to show how to install the components but when you put the motherboard tray bk in you just skipped to it already done same with all the other bits not that I need to know how to do this but still they were your own words
Are you still alive, Wade?
For an installation video you sure transition over...the installations -_-
A good enough vid but I couldn't listen to the 'upspeak' for more than a couple of minutes.
will a Noctua NH-D15 fit inside this case with the lid of the case on?
damn, i was worried that my cpu cooler wouldnt fit in there, but after seeing that monster you have, i have no worries
Does anyone have links to replacement screws?
Warning !!! In spite of HAF XB case having some of the best airflow it has a major design flaw when it comes to the cooling of the hard-disks. It has very little to no airflow at the HDD bay areas and this case is know for killing hard-drives. When I took of the motherboard trey I immediately saw why. The hot-swap bay have only small air holes at the sides and not at the top plus that the hard-disks is on top of each other very close without any fans to blow air. The other hard-drive tray is a little better as it at least have mounts for two 80mm fans. Don`t even think about mounting hard-drives other than SSD in this without mounting cooling fans first, your drives WILL overheat and die slowly if you do*. Besides the major flaw with HDD cooling the HAF XB have potential to become one of the best cases there is with a little modification and this case is really easy to modify. I have removed the side panels and put 14cm fans at top there instead and 12cm fans downstairs to blow at the hard-drives (did also removed the hdd tray and mount the drives standing up at the bottom of case). I also have a 200mm fan at the top and that fan really helps get the heat from my Zotac GTX980ti AMP out of the case. Temperatures when running GTA V benhmark is 55C at the graphics card max overclocked and 38C at my i7 4790k CPU at stock speed with Schyte Ninja 3 cooler. Thees temperatures is really impressive specially for the graphics card, my GTX980ti gets a lot hotter when I run it in a open testbed. *This summer one of my passively cooled 750gb drives died at 32Celcius ambient and that one was mounted in an open case alone with no other drives near. My 3 other drives was also really hot about 50 -60 Cecius (burnt my fingers) on the outer case but they survived. I learned my lesson, conventional spinning type hard-drives need active cooling or they get really hot and die. At normal ambient room temperature of 24C my hard-drives did not get more than 42C, problems only arose when it got hot in the summer and for some reason the HDD`s got much hotter when it got a little warmer.
Don't cut out crucial things like inserting the moderboard(tray) and whatnot.
I have the HAF XB EVO my drives in it are getting hotter then they did in the old case. I want to put some fans to help ventilate the hot swap drive bays. Do you think that will help? Any recommendations?
hey i have the same case ... iss verry god .... and lighting and watercooling look at my canel
Wiil a Hyper 212 EVO fit?
Very beauty case.I think buy it P.S. And this case air circulation is the same as that of conventional buildings or just for worse?
Am I the only one who feels like i'm watching a video from a confused blonde chick?
The case is butt ugly, yet very useful.
too noisy !!!

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