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Control Applications in Marine Systems 1998 Book Reviews from YouTube

Marine Engineering knowledge: Marine control systems and instrumentation 1
Basic of Marine Control Engineering
Books milagi brother call me
bhaiya electrical ke liye koi book bataeapreparing for ETO
(Advanced marine engineering interview questions) is this book helpf ul for GME interview?
Sir I m prepaparing for 4th mate exam Plzz gv any suggestions
I you very helpful
Sir can i get your number ! I have need to contact personally
Sir i took admission in IMI greater noida Marine Engineering. College is not started yet. What all should i prepare before going to college?
Thanks for information
Sir are you from MANET ?
sir i am in 1st year doing btech in marine engineering which all basic knowledge books i should refer for college placement.
Make video on DNS book
Sir please make a video on books for nautical science
Bro, mere 2 subject mein compartment aay hai after compartment mujhe tolani mein dns ke liye admission milega
Very much informative
Tolani 100% placement sach me deta hai kya
Ship construction ke liye marine engineering ya koi aur course lagta hai
Bro tolani main entrance ke liye TMISAT Ke saat IMUCET ko clear karna padta hai kya?
Thank you so much sir!
Thanku sir
Base on my understanding the marine automation, As a marine engineering student I have to be fully quipped interms of studying automation since it is extremely important to the marine field that simply teaches us on how to handle in protect ourselves during and after the operation on Broad to all automated equipments. And I learned about the lesson of marine automation in independence between open and close loop system, different between sequential and continues control.
Thank you sir. I am ETO cadet and all of your videos helped me to understand basic knowledge re marine electrotechnology. Keep it up sir! God bless
Thank you sir It Really Help me a lot upon determining the differences in system that exist in a ship . However it is also Important for us to know the Process and every particular system to ensure safety during Operations Very Informative video Sir.
Thanks for this video sir. The marine automation is helps us to lessen the number of people who are working in the engine department because of the equipment are very highly automated that gives us easy and faster work, lessen maintenance and lessen cost. I understand the two system which is open and closed loop system. The open loop system is the non-feedback systems like the traditional flat iron, while the closed loop system is the electronics devices that automatically regulates a process variable to desired state or in short it is feedback system or setpoint without human intervention, like the electric flat iron that our used today. And also I understand the two types of process control in automation. Such as sequential and continuous control. The difference between them are the sequential control system is an process control that need a sequencer to follows the procedure or step of a process until it done. While the continuous control system it can be on-off action or the process are continuous monitoring and adjustment like for the example given. While the tank refilling a water it have a floater to control or adjust the valve. If the tank is going to full of water, the floater are slowly closed the valve until it closed or full the water in the tank.
Thank you for a wonderful and fluent explaination sir. In this lecture I understand the difference between a new and old generation work on the ship and how many working crew are capable to work in an ship. Also I understand the open and close loop system on what their difference and their function and also I easily understand the principle of Marine Automation.
Thanks for this video, It is easy to understand because you relate it to different kind of appliances that we can see our house. I have learned from this the transition of the automation. From the ship that is using open loop system which you can't change the output without human intervention thats why it is needed greater manpower to fully operate the ship, to the another ship that is using close loop control system which you just set the machinery to any setpoint and let the system adjust and control the output to reach the designated setpoint. Thats why it need lesser manpower compared to the one that is using open loop control system. I also learned how the sequential control works. It need to finish process A in order to go to the process B and it is using a sequencer who send signals to the valves and the mixer to open and close it.
good day sir im Jay-ar Nuñez im learn that about the how to improve my self about the marine automation how to understand the working maintenance and troubleshooting of the various automated control equipment. thanks you for sharing this video sir marami ako matutunan sir
Good day sir thank you for this video i learn about open loop and closed loop in how to operate the system.
Thank you for your video sir, I learned about marine automation importance and how it works. In today's generation we are very high tech and automated specially to the ship engine and because of that the workers are limited and less hustle for the workers. And i also learned the difference of the open loop and close loop system.
Please, speak in English . only English . Thank You
After watching the video I was able to understand the basic principle of Marine Control Engineering, as this comes with open loop which simply means a process to be done by human interaction, whereas the closed loop means automated. We also tacle about the process control which have sequential(process to be done after the completion of the first process) and continuos control (needs to have continues monitoring and adjustment to get the output that we are aiming for)
Thank you for this video sir I've learned the importance of marine automation, then the open loop vs close loop system, is a control system in which the output has no influence,while the close loop automatically regulates without human interaction. The difference betwee sequential and continous control and lastly, the elements in the control loop. Thank you for sharing this video sir. Godbless and keepsafe
In the video, I learned that the main difference between an open-loop system and a closed-loop system is that the closed-loop system has the ability to self-correct while the open-loop system doesn't. Consequently, closed-loop systems are often called feedback control systems while open-loop systems are also known as non-feedback controls. Thank you sir.
Thank you for this lecture video sir. after watching this video i learned that the Simple Continuous Action is a process action is used to Continuously control a physical output parameter of a material. The parameter is measured with the instrumentation or sensor, and compared to a set value
Open loop system in which the system has no controller and it can control by human intervation (are manually controlled) and the close loop system the system has a electronic device that can automatically regulates by using the electronic component like a sensor to determined the temperature, level or pressure.
Thank you for this video sir we learn and we know how automation evolve then the technology there are few manpower ther is more efficient then defferent between two types of system being use which is closed loop system and open loop system .
After watching this video. I learned about the difference between the Open loop and the Close loop control system. So the Open loop reffered to non-feedback system so which the control system the output has no influence, also the Close loop system has a feedback to the output value where in you can control the temperature of the certain things. Also the two process control, I understand about that such sequential control is a step by step processing untill the process they complete and then the continuous control their is a continuous monitoring of sensor and also the adjustment of the process. Btw, thanks of this video sir!
well explained sir thankyou for this topic sir I got some ideas of how automation evolve before alot of worker but now because of the technology etc. There are few man power being used which is less cost and more efficient and also the defference between open loop system and closed loop system last but not the least the tye element in a control loop. Thankyou for this topic sir I get some knowlegde about this topic.
Thank you for this video sir I really appreciate your efforts in this topic, the automation is a game changer to human life as it makes everyone more efficient to live. The engines of the ship is highly automation, less, cost, less people to do work and also the difference about the close and open loop system on how to operate and particularly where or what systems and appliances in our environment we can classify if it is closed or open loop system. Thank you sir.
Thank you sir for this video very informative. In general overview I observed that the reason why need to study the marine automation is technology is continuously involving and we need to adapt on that. I strongly believe as well that modern problems when it comes to to work in ships. Needs also to have a modern solution.
Do a video about tolani maritime institute . Its admission procedures , fees ,eligibility criteria ,number of batches ,etc . It will be very helpfull .

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