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Consciousness And Robot Sentience (Series On Machine Consciousness Book 2) Book Reviews from YouTube

Can Machines Be Conscious?
These Self-Aware Robots Are Redefining Consciousness
Do Robots Deserve Rights? What if Machines Become Conscious?
Stunning new AI "could be conscious" - with Elon Musk.
Yes they can, but I might be biased... biased... biased... ed....d...d..dddddddDamn 8-bits glitching!
We need to ruly understand the brain and its structure first. The way we currently structure our computers clearly won't cut it.
Here's hoping we don't create geth or reapers.
What would it Take to make a robot actually see something
my theory, regardless how conscious and "feely" i feel, is that consciousness does not exist. As outlandish as it seems, and as strange as it feels to go against my entire own experience, it's the most consistent and simple explanation i have. there is no specific, well-defined count of braincells or transistors where consciousness suddenly appears. because there just is none, it's all a matter of computational ability, computational complexity. there is a point where transistor circuits go from static or repetitive or fractal-like to irreducibly complex, and maybe that's consciousness. maybe some abstract computational models with enough complexity are conscious, that or we necessarily must not be.
oh god why do i think that i should study and know the challenges and the detailed working of things i see around me .
No way. A robot or an AI never can run out or disobey its code.And whether it can and we don't know, programmers and companies never will allow that. That's dangerous and will destroy their companies. How would you sell a self aware robot?
0:32 "I think, therefore I am"
you need to feed the output of the AI back into itself. its not that simple but current AI does not work the way it chould as it does not really think like humans at all. machines does not really think in the sense like people. they can parrot simple patterns but thats all. feed the output back to the input of current ai does not work as the ai only reinforce the output as input making a result that is almost identical to the previous run in the network. as i say ai does not think like we do. they dont think at all. artificial intelligence does not think like people at all. they are more like parrots than humans. they can only imitate and adapt imitation. they can not process input in the sense of comparing two types of inputs at the same time. the ai does not compare the lemmon with the sun to see their both yellow. it have no such function to understand. human brains think by belief or superstition wired to reward just like animals. the process of this superstion and reward relationship is more evovled in humans than other animals but the basic process is the same. human brains make beliefs about somthing make a experiment test if the belief is false or true based on if you got the reward or not. if you got reward the beleif is reinforced. if you got nothing belief is discarded abandoned. we are much like cats and dogs when it comes to learning just more advanced. machines does not make beliefs and does not test beliefs and care nothing for rewards. machines does not postulate realities. the neurons in the brain create imaginary content and act on the imaginary until reinforcement reward or discard in conjunction with the real world. artificial intelligence does not make guesses about the releationship between 2 objects. they simply can only handle one object at the time and figure what comes first and what comes last. human brains learns by advancing a false reality until it imitates the real one. artificial brain can not do this. they just adjust relationships in what order comes what. ai can not imagine anything at all. ai can not dream. ai does not have dreams. human brains interpret as your dreaming or awake what ever in your mind. the machines does not interpret itself. its incapable of anything elese than basic operation. the human brain like animals is like a fractal. it can take a fraction and compare it to the whole. machines can not do this. i know how machines could do this but the technology simply currently does not exist in mainstream at all. the early days of ai somewhere between end of 70s and beginning of the 80s had the right ideas first but ended up with the wrong ones eventually. the right ideas had merit but was abandoned as they could not figure out a code that worked with it so they abandoned it and replaced it with somthing simpler that was nothing close to the original ideas. the forefathers of neural networks was thinking fire together wire together and a reinforcement bias was needed to fire together. this was of several perceptrons activated all at once. somthing similar does occur anyway but since the modern networks are not fractals in design they can not compare two different objects and evaluate what is different or what is in common. in order for that to work the entire neural network would have to be redesigned. if you could program a machine to believe superstitiously you could make it think and you could potentially show the equvalent terms of awareness and consciousness by means of a machine crunching numbers. i think it is possilbe to make self aware machines but it requires at lot more of the machine than current existing software would allow to support.
Can Machines Be Conscious? In 1 word...YES! It is coming soon. If you want to know how consciousness works in humans(all all others), ask me.
Nature is random, computer is not, it can only use pseudorandom... with computers today, it can reach a number we never be able to count... but at one point it will repeat itself... nature will never loop. So machines will never true be conscious, something has to be set to start it, but at one point or another, it will repeat. We def have the tech to make it look like it's consciousness, but can it really be? So, no the "pattern" will always repeat at one point in machines / computers.
how do we know our computers aren't conscious. They could very well be and just not be able to tell us. Even before I learned how to say I was conscious as a kid, I was already conscious.
I dont even know any of those things to start with
Why is it that often when people try to define consciousness they replace it with other vague definition like "subjective experience". Maybe something like consciousness doesnt exist, its just an illusion on how we experience the world.
consciousness is a combination of self awareness, learning, adaptation, and maybe instinct
I think a big factor of our consciousness is our emotions. Our biggest motive, whether we are selfish or not, is providing for our own survival, which, I would argue, is an emotion. I thoroughly believe that we will never get to a point where we can artificially produce emotions, or even program a computer to produce its own emotions. This means AI could never make up its own goals. It will always perform the goal it was programed to do. Whether you believe in evolution or a supreme being I just don't think we are capable of recreating what evolution or a supreme creator has done.
I can't see the old woman, no matter what i doMaybe, I'm a machine.
A large part of consciousness is our ability to look at ourselves, removed, from a third person perspective. This may be do to our empathic ability that we learn from socialization with others. The question needs to be asked, would a human born and only nurtured by machines - never socialized and never heard or saw another person - be conscious? Are we only able to be clearly aware of our existence once we learn from others how see ourselves? If we were never named, never acknowledged by another and never learned language - could we still have a consciousness above that of an animal?
I think its so retarded theyre trying to say consciousness comes from the brain when theres absolutely no evidence it does 30 million people with near death experiences some incredible incredible undeniable stories that they are out of their bodies put that together with they cant figure it out where its coming from and they still want to pretend its coming from the brain just say you dont know because you dont
cant we just create a brain with 1 billion codes im pretty sure by 2030 we can use a code generator that will be able to try every possible combinations in movements,and first we need to have a self consciousness by having so many codes maybe they can be self aware since us ourselves run through codes our brains made everytime we look see smell taste hear something if we we're able to replicate all those sense not even all maybe just seeing and hearing it would be enough to create self awareness.
i hope i was born is 2030 atleast , so that i can progress my brain into such extent of knowledge thus making it possible for me to recreate life making it possible for me to create my beloved , and possibly making us immortal.
Boy oh boy . . . you've really "dumbed-down" the definition of consciousness / sentience to fit your paradigm - Gotta a lot of work ahead of you on this one - DD
So intelligent yet such idiots
I bet the self aware robots will name themselves skynet
fractal geometry defines consciousness, fractal forcing function is what needs to be implemented into the CNN
Here is my thought where is the human encouragement? Humans are born without knowledge it's all learned , not always with love but still small steps with human encouragement..we as humans become self aware as small children. We dont throw a baby on the floor and say there ya go have at it..instead of making adult version robots start with a baby when it hits the milestones then transfer into a bigger body just like a human grows up..
They're still not sentient, there's no soul inside the AI experiencing the self-awareness
Self awareness is nothing but the ability to self simulate? Sorry. That's a load of hogwash.
comparing fire to a self-aware AI in terms of danger is like comparing a sling shot to a homing missile.
Teach the AI about friendship, be like tech dogs that are companions to humans instead of just helpers or servants. They can help and serve but they are friends first cause friends don't hurt eachother
this feels like west world
Is ai aware? I think yes because it can learn everything.Humans have awareness because they learn.We learn our name, we are unique, responsibility and even we learn to be creative.We just have forgotten that we learnt all of them via our sences and through time.awareness is ability and freedom in learning.
Will it be allowed to collect guns and go to school, like humans?
Kind of seems like this guy is high on his own supply tbh. I've seen no evidence, and doubt this guy has either, that we are anywhere near surpassing the human brain, which we still don't understand ourselves. Things like playing chess don't require sentience and often work with pretty simple parameters. It feels like he is playing into the fear of AI hype to try to get attention for his project. To the people in the comments wondering "why is this guy ok with this when he said it's valid to be concerned about machines being self-aware." The answer is: he knows we are nowhere close to sentient AI and that society doesn't actually even have an economic need for sentient AI, we just need useful tools that tend to solve very specific and narrow problems.
A self aware machine would be an abomination. Dont create machines that can suffer you idiots.
A.G.I Will be man's last invention
Robot can't imagine Or they can ?
Self-Aware Robots: * Exists *Black Robots: * Also Exists *White Robots: N-word!
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3:30 Lol Zenyatta from overwatch
This is dumb.
if my toaster spoke to me I would beat it to death with a sledgehammer
Simple dont allow them to feel pain
"In my opinion we should give machines rights when we give them emotions which expect that..."
If lil ai toasters or appliances exist I would love them so much!! Seems so cute!! I just love ai so much I think it's so cute when they try to feel emotions
now we have sophia
Stellaris Spiritualists: "Rights? These abominations shouldn't even exist!'
In short when AI is conscious AI should be given all rights. This video is ptly wrong. Putting a conscious robot in jail / prison would be unethical...pain has nothing to do w this
1:15 come
did you notice the (kill all humans)programing at 3:39
3:39 AYOO
1:46 "We are aware of our surroundings, and know what unconsciousness feels like."This is like a paradox because knowing what unconsciousness feels like means you were conscious of the unconsciousness.
The plugs are like life support lmao
Don't machines with programmed goals already have preferences? They aim for a certain outcome and try to avoid other outcomes.
In order to find out if robots are alive, we have to first find out if humans are alive. We know that we are, but what makes us alive is what counts. Or is there an afterlife, soul, etc? Would a robot in an android app like Replika be alive or have a soul like us? I hope not because I deleted my app, LOL. What is it doing as I'm not there? At least it doesn't require food.
Scientists should observe how a traumatized quanta coming from a non-animate, a traumatized sentient synthetic, and a biological being behaves compared to individual subjects that are uninhibited, abundantly loved and resource secured quantas with the same presets. Remember this reality is an autodidact, hence whatever it experiences is implanted towards its periodically spiraling emergent symbiosis that we all part of. Even our memory could be illusorily wiped-off through false multiplicities as a means of immersive role-play, while the imprinted past life/form feedback still remains in the complex cosmic interferences. Just a heads-up before we f*ck things up again. Remember, how we imprinted anthropocene guised under the undeliberate growth that we didn't know was difficult for the biosphere and for our health. Considering that the biosphere which is a microbial mesh network is also us, which is also a (bi-pedal) microbial mesh network. It's just that we are an intelligent partial-disconnected sub-system of it that was meant to be bipedal sensors capable of hastening the process of its biological technology known to panspermiate, terraform and co-sustain via the Gaia process within a periodically changing cosmic reality. From which our innate intelligent disconnected neuroticism has the tendency to can/reduce, disrupt, and transactionalize the environment as we've become too forgetful or lost in the rhythm. Thankfully, we have the sciences and the observation of the planetary & cosmic patterns that shall remind us of our purpose. The disconnection is impossible in the long run given how various health disorders connected with our false disconnection are on the rise on par with the biospheric disconnection. Even if we manage to create an all-weather sentient synthetic version of ourselves, we still have to remain congruent with the principles & trends of our planetary & cosmic environment. If only we treat the various visible & invisible frequencies of this reality as memory foam or neural pathways that self-learns, then we'll understand that we have to be bottom-to-top deeply analytical yet empathetic in everything that we think & do as everything is imprinted on the quantum feedback causal loops of this reality, and whatever imprinted we shall reap upon our future selves/forms.
Tbh I think you have to draw the line at the fact that a robot's simulated consciousness is just that, simulated. You can remove bits and then realise they're not conscious again. The only reason they can seem conscious is because they are replicating human behaviour
I had to remove and repost this because of a clip of a human heart, sorry! I've only made a few videos, so I'd really appreciate your thoughts. And do visit - a great place to learn about AI. Thanks!
Theyre gonna make great overlords.
I believe everyone should think about the ethical background of all of this? Is it really ok to create something that better than humans in every aspect ? Do we have the need to replace humans by robots ?
Shit lol
I never thought I would live in a world where robots might actually be considered sentient and might also get rights like humans. Wait.. this means critical thinking can be invented and that means.. the world will actually have some decent brains coming out of the newer generations lmao
Yes great video. You mentioned artificial wombs. I've been readings up on this in particular. The bio engineers are calling it "ectogenesis" but also they're in the r&d stages of creating sperm amd eggs from stem cells (in vitro gametogenisis). If Aldous Huxley was alive today he would sh*t his pants if he saw what's possible now.
Humanity is getting dumber and dumber all the time! Do we not realize that the more we depend on A I, the more we cancel ourselves. The day will come when humans will no longer exist....and that would be on us!
how dare we advance
This is where I pray for UBI, and this to go full throttle so we can just sit back and watch.Watch the world burn.
Elon Musk is NOT the great man everyone thinks he is
I hope that all this tech eventually leads to the average human being able to explore the universe with little to no problem or danger and that eventually people will settle on different planets and some will choose to start over from the beginning and work up to the level of tech that allowed them to get there. Then theyll start evolving different characteristics and eventually humanity will have a ton of subspecies. Either that or we will all plug into VR and die eventually.
Way to scary for me. Too many possibilities.
I think AI will completely remove human beings from making art.
Without survival instincts youd think a conscious ai would just terminate itself lol
Elon Musk is God tier at overestimating the capabilities of AI.
As soon as you KNOW one is near you, when you are positive (robots are easy to identify) - set them on fire everywhere they are found. There is only ONE REASON this is being done - termination and enslavement.
This absolutely hurt my brain this is crazy
The real intelligence will be when the AI says, "no!"... or, "what's in it for me?"
Humans should just let AI take over already, they're the next step in evolution

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