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Connoi Flag Hill

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Technical Details
Brand Connoi®
Item model number TR10RS1
Screen Size 10.1 Inches

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Bellissimo.... ma quanto sei brava!!! :)
la foto di questo trucco la dovresti mettere come immagine del tuo canale :) davvero bello!!
ma bellaa=)
Un'opera d'arte! Bravissima Sara, bacioni e buon anno:*
Il trucco è molto bello, però penso sia poco adeguato per Capodanno ma più per Halloween! Si vede che ti sei impegnata molto e questo va apprezzato tanto!
Ti seguo da tanto e complimenti sei davvero bravissima! Se mai ti facesse piacere passa nel mio canale,sono ai primi video peró mi farebbe davvero tantissimo piacere averti trá gli iscritti! Un bacione e buone feste ! Ciaoo Meri
Secondo me è un bel trucco, dramatic e scenografico senza ombra di dubbio ma non c'entra veramente nulla con il Capodanno. 
Mi ricorda vagamente il trucco di Make up delight.. Molto bello 💞
Il trucco è supefacente! brava davvero.♥
Oddio è bellissimo*--* sarebbe un ottimo trucco scenico, forse non tanto portabile normalmente però!
secondo me hai talento
sara è stupendo , hai superato te stessa lo dico davvero ! è assolutamente bellissimo ! 
Ma ch bello questo trucco!!!
Bellissimo, Sara! Adoro i trucchi scenografici, peccato siano poco apprezzati generalmente :S
E' davvero un trucco bellissimo, sei stata molto brava anche nel montaggio.. Ma secondo me non è adatto per capodanno.. :)
Mi ha fatto subito pensare alla regina dei ghiacci.. Probabilmente non avrei nascosto le sopracciglia (gusto personale), la parte migliore del video è che ci sono tre idee fantastiche insieme ma che secondo me sarebbero belle anche da sole: le labbra ombre, il.trucco degli occhi vero e proprio e poi il grigio costellato di brillantini *.* Credo che si chiamino strass i lustrini che hai usato ma non so ;) Auguri e a presto! :)
Bellissimoooo Sara..
stupendo sariii :)
A me non piace molto, è troppo esagerato, non credo che qualcuno si metterebbe a fare questo trucco a capodanno, sembra più una cosa per carnevale, però comunque è un trucco scenografico molto ben fatto.
Complimenti sary chissa che pazienza che hai avuto nell'applicare i brillantini sei troppo creativa :)
I bought a Sealy Electrostart 4 years ago...its battery in it uses capacitors and you can charge it in about 3 mins from a pretty flat 12v car battery as long the battery's residual voltage isn't below 5v (even after leaving your lights on all night or running battery down trying to start it usually wont dip below 10-11 volt) ....have used it about 6 times on friends/neighbours/family's cars and it works great...expensive but excellent.
Good channel! 🏝 Hopefully you’ll enjoy my friends channel too. They make travel and couples content. Have a look at their stuff! ———> #ForeverFarnsworth 🏖
Bought a similar device During 1st lockdown as I left my charging block connected in the Always on cigarette socket so after leaving it for a few weeks the battery dropped and wouldn't start (borrowed a Charger that time and bought a booster for future) last week car wouldn't start, got the booster out of the boot (6 months without a top up on it) connected and started as if a brand new battery had been installed. The one I bought was from Amazon, YABER Car Jump Starter, 1500A Peak 20000mAh Car Battery Booster (not listed now) Very impressed (although it does recommend a top every couple of months to keep it charged)
Unrelated to the video, sorry. Does anyone have the Ryzen 3700x? My CPU will bounce from 3400mhz back up to 4300mhz while running the a game. Temps are in 50s, just fine. I’m using afterburner to monitor this. It’s base speed is 3.6Ghz. From what I know, the CPU isn’t supposed to drop below its base speed. Am I missing something here? I am a bit of a noob, just built this PC in June.
Always wondered if I needed one of these as I seem to a have a flat battery most of the time in airport carparks after holidays, maybe I do! Great video and sound from the DJI camera again, I need one as well. Expensive day watching MUB. Great video, thanks Mike and Kath.
Hmmm. Not that I don't believe you, but wouldn't been much better to try the car first to prove it didn't start and then connect and restart to show the device worked without any editing.
It’s amazing how much power these little suckers have. great video mike
I used to have a thing for buying cheap auto jumble lightweight 125/250cc bikes in boxes to keep my hands busy in the shed in winter to refurbish into rolling classic bikes to traverse the little cow sodden country lanes and deep rutty green lanes round my village and surrounding areas in the summer weather (TVs 'where the heart is' 'The Local Shop for Local People' and 'last of the summer wine' greenbelt rolling onto those infamous murder moors) Maypole used to make a great little battery charger/conditioner bought a couple of them they where great to keep my collection topped up and running and lasted me years. Living out in the sticks my parents garage was actually a tractor shed bigger than the ancient knocked through weavers cottages I lived in growing up and housed 8 small bikes and a couple of bigger bikes. I had issues letting my babies go until my health issues forced me to sell. But I think my dad still has both those units still working hard working hard about 27 years old at this point
Its just what I am looking for. I am sat watching your video whilst waiting for the AA. Flat battery. I will be buying one today
Lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Calls the coppers, Mike is stealing his car :P
You say it is only good to 3L... but I believe it is harder to turn over a desal engine than a gas engine due to compression. Makes me wonder if it could start an Ford F-150 (5 litre+ gas engine).
Mmmmmmmm bacon. Used to have something very similar when I worked out in the sticks in an office and during the winter months I was a VERY popular guy when people couldnt get their cars started at the end of their shift. I think for the cost of one of these they should be a MUST, thanks for making this video Mike and Kath, great as always :-)