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Only 172k likes?
I hope she hasn't rejected Jesus, so many throw the baby out with the bath water.
My family is just like that. So, I decided to find my religion. Now, It's completely personal.
Her voice voice is much better than a podcast
I would love to have a conversation with her. I'm a trans woman who grew up in a homophobic Christian home. I wanna pick her mind.
your one person everyone whining about their problems is what has caused the mess were in now aww what the heck keep whining make the world suck more dont let anyone be happy.
I wish this woman the best
She's gorgeous 😍
So obvious, take lucy and you will get the truth instantly. The truth is all religions are made for controlling people's minds, lives, and work with the government. It's so stupid to believe in supernatural in 2020, it's unforgivable to give them your life and freedom
Sounds like she could not take the pressures any more
All religions are cults. They are a dangerous blight on humanity which we will hopefully be rid off in the future.
Can she come tuck me in and read me Harry Potter? Thanks
America feels like a big cult
I think this this is the girl from Hollyweird Squares on Howard Stern's show with her Mom.
A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger
Wow as a mature woman she is working beautiful
I give her a lot of props for speaking up and happy that she left the church. Although she will have to live knowing what she has said and done; her apology and sincerity is genuine. Great job.
Was she the girl on the Howard stern show.
Incredible speaker.
👋Hola! Please remember to like and subscribe - THANK YOU for your support! ❤️Have you heard of Sayulita before? Do you like a laid-back vibe when you travel? I'd love to hear below 😀
🌺 Love your videos! You are darling! We love Mexico and find all your videos so helpful. Thank you and your hubby too!
Cuando vienes de regreso amiga ? Ven a visitar el estado de "Guadalajara jalisco" 🇲🇽 o si quieres ven a "Veracruz México " Grasias por la visita hermosa 😘
Holaaaa .buen vídeo GRACIAS
OMG we leave in 13 days thank you!!!!
So positive and upbeat Eileen I Loved your video and coming from a canadian point of view no less...I'm interested in going to Sayulita and the Puerta Vallarta area. Now you make it feel and sound so very appealing... I want to go. Can you tell us if you felt safe and free to come as you wish ?
Your video is great and you seem to be a lovely person; just one suggestion: please buy a reusable cup, and help us attract environmentally conscious visitors! <3 Those plastic cups and straws are something we fight really hard in Sayulita...
Just came across all of your Sayulita videos. Love them! I'm going with my 9 year old daughter next month for 2 weeks. Can't wait! We've been to Puerta Vallarta and Mazatlán before but I think this is going to be 'our' place from the looks of it. Quick question...we're flying into Puerta Vallarta & I was just wondering what you thought would be the best way for us to get to Sayulita from there. Thanks for any advice & I look forward to watching your videos about the rest of Mexico. Thanks from a fellow Canadian gal...Tammy :)
You’re so nice to watch You make me feel good and happy Thanks for been such a beautiful soul God bless you. im mexican
Another 🇲🇽 charm
You are so funny What state are you from?
Love your videos. You give fun information!
Hey Eileen, how far to Puerto Vallarta airport by car? By bus? Thanks. You are delightful. Are you living in Mexico or still in Canada?
Looks really lovely.
Great place if you dont mind getting violetnly ill and love the sound of construction on every street. Dump trucks everywhere. Insane traffic. Such a chill vibe. Paradise over
I just discovered your channel. Now I cant stop watching 😬
I hope you bought a mermaid! 😉
Is it safe to surf there?
Will be going to Sayulita in October so I am wondering if mosquitoes are a problem at that time of year?
Poland: exists Russia and Germany: nice place
Im here because i didn't pay attention back in class
Guess what? I played as Iceland, use the command "annex" and typed a random country, like "annex GER" i became a superpower after annexing europe and africa. Other nice commands found in cheatland.
I like the bit when you said'HItler was patriotic' about being German............... When he was infact Austrian
3:57 thats the flag of belgium🤦‍♂️
You're like bill wurtz but slower
I wish you were my history teacher
Dud un cool
Put video of alternate history plz
For someone who has done a lot of terrible and sinful activities, Hitler has some powerfully, tactical fighting styles.
1:18 Is where the video starts
My 8th grade history teacher looked exactly like Mussolini! It was so funny like legit they look alike! He even dressed up like him for Halloween!
3:22 what are the countries on the losers side
Please be my teacher for next year
Imagine saying that Mussolini was my elementary teacher
4k video ultra hd
Er, The Balkans, Bulgaria and Romania were Axis Powers too.
one oversimplified channel video can replace two history lessons
1917 must have been a really fun year for the world. Great job.
Lafayette "I am here" Black Jack Pershing
Sad point: The raid on London June 13th killed 18 kids and injured over 30 others. The POS airmen dropped a bomb in a school. The bomb broke through the boys level, then through the girls level, and finally through the ground level (where was where the infants were at) and exploded. 16 of the 18 dead were between 2-6 years old. They had to bury them together since the bodies were unrecognizable in pieces. Some of the kids who survived were mutilated. Very, very sad.
Hey, atleast Goring managed to do something successful in life...
Why would it take "strict measures"? Seems they should have FIRST tried to give in to at least SOME demands...
"Details below in the doobey-doo"
Great Italy
that one Russian officers like aite I'm boughta head out
Or, persecute Julian Assange 100 years later for helping the enemy showing US citizens about their army methods of torture in foreign land. Or, chasing Edward Snowden for helping the enemy because showing how their government illegally spy on everyone else.
watch?v=9QzXQ9Zy16E here's a historical song of the Alpini dedicated to the Battle of Mount Ortigara, just to get in the atmosphere
Was there any "Sir" fighting in the trenches?!? Or they where only superior officers since they were "noble" in birth.
I realy like the"World War 1"decoration of your office briefing room.
Everyone: Be there or be square Rudolph Hess:
When you fight a war to defend Belgian neutrality by violating Greek neutrality.
Last American war of note was Spanish-American at turn of century. Given that aside from the Marines there was no well thought of unit among American forces. Did it make sense for British and French forces to stand pat waiting for Uncle Sam to get up to snuff (took British 1914-mid1916, roughly 2'years). That would mean holding on until 1919. The French were seemingly folding. Could Haig have stranded pat in lieu of the advances in Ypres? Advances which German leadership saw as another major step towards their inevitable defeat. I have defended Haig (mostly) but I do wonder if there was some other option. I don't see one but, it was costly in lives. Germany had to be pushed out of France and Belgium, and I do not see what else could have been done to accomplish this work. They had to do it the hard way, mile by mile against strong defensive positions.
Isn't that mutiny kind of the first "french strike"?
General Mutany was far too laid back, to keep his troops in order.
what a dark stain on our history The Espionage Act is, a law that says your only allowed to digest propaganda and currently has whistleblowers in permanent captivity until they behave 100 years later
Allies: USA! MY FRIEND! You have this right? You can win with your superior power? USA: We.....are gonna need a couple decades.......
I have to check his papers for the exact battle( I believe Monte Forno), but June 19th 1917 my great-grandfather Santi Tonioni was shot in the femur which according to record shattered it. He was back in combat in September 1917. No clue how they fixed/saved his leg. He died from complications in 1937, so for 20 years war wounds tormented him.