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Confidence Coloring Book: Mercedes Inspired Designs For Building Self Confidence And Unleashing Imagination Book Reviews from YouTube

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i have listened to Brian Tracy for my life and he has helped me! Thank you brian!
I heard about you a great 😃👍 motivational and network marketing coach sir harshvardhan Jain . So I will daily watching your videos and apply in my life till then I complete all the videos. Thank you 🤗 sir for this great 😃👍 content to this society. Love you 🤗 sir
CTU in the house! ☺
Thanks Brian , I would really to love to see more of your messages on sales and confidence. Thank you
Can you tell me please how to earn online extra income..
Thank you brian..lets starts to successful moment
Great knowledge, huge experience, and wonderful advices. Thank you so much Mr. Brian Tracy.
Great sir
Thank you sir for the great advice
This man is a genius
Brian's voice can lift you up from the dumps and can be so pleasing every day in the morning.
J'ai suivi vos instructions à la lettre i bealive you i can do it take action now for your futur you and merci
I love this
If your confidence stems from approval from other people then it is anything but confidence
Thank you. It would be amazing if you were to mentor me?
This is awesome! Thank you for sharing your insight into confidence!
Thank you very much Brian 😍😍😍
You always give very inspirational vedeos,,thank u
I gained my confidence back after listening to this video thank you 😃🥳.
wowww such a good one.
Thank you, Guruji, whenever I. am confused, I will listen to your speeches to motivate myself.
हरे कृष्ण 😇🙏
Love you Guruji 💐 thank you so much
Beenlooking for
This was the video ihave
I 23 and not year able to overcome the bullies I faced in 12th...I am very very disturbed and depressed thing is no one knows about it..I battling with it since 6-7 years..I am feeling like I am going mad's really hard to put your own hand on ur own shoulder and console urself...I feel pity and poor for myself...please someone guide me...I AM LIVING IN PURE HELL😭😭😭
Subject: An unhappy life 👨‍💼👩‍💼 1. Today problems are coming in que, coming one after the other ane destroying the peace of the humans. 2. Today people are not happy in their life. People are struggling and suffering from many disasters. Pains, stress, struggle, worries, sadness, sickness and frustrations. 3. Today people are not happy in their life, specially the needy and the poor people. They are undergoing with several difficulties in their life. Each and every day some sort of things happen and those happenings damages one's peace in no time. 4. When you do good things in life, you fall into trouble. When you are good with others, you will be cheated. When you help others, you will will face damages and losses. When you are kind with others, unkind people will harm you and your kindness. When you speak the truth, others will speak lies to you and put you into frustrations. These things are widely happening in today's world. 5. Cost of living is very high. Life is very difficult and frightening. Sickness comes in no time. There is no peace in life. People are not helpful to each other. Bad hearts are increasing, good hearts are vanishing. Therefore, living is totally a punishment where we have to face lots of challenges till we die. 😢 life is painful. By: Dawood ✍ Written on: 11.02.2022
Exactly what I am feeling now just got a right video on right timee...
I'm not rich but yesterday I donated my iPhone, watch and wallet to a homeless guy. You can't imagine the happiness that I felt as I saw him putting the knife back in his pocket.😭😭 KINDNESS IS EVERYTHING!❤️
Art of making no one steal master🙏
GURUJI, Good morning.Everyday I wait for your video. Without your video I always miss something. 🙏🙏🙏🙏. Every day different lesson is very effective for me!!!
sir 1 ques ... its great that no one can take away our creativity or talent but what is the way forward for not letting such thing happen again in life ?
I have started listening your inspirational vidoes Guru ji. It gives me strength and confidence indeed.I learned alot from your vidoes that how to deal with Disloyal peoples in our lives,how to control our emotions,how to control our subconscious mind and how to face the challenges of life. We should have a clear vision where we want to go and take immediate action for achieving goal in our life. Thank you so much and keep supporting to us in our journey. God bless you.🙂♥️
Are you from Minnesota? I went to that renaissance festival.
I loved when you said it was your goal to make them happy 😊
Fastest way to beat Brock is to catch a Caterpie then evolve him up to a Butterfree at like level 10 lol
Estero del balete Bomb-hacienda Killer highway-bomb-eat
Eat whatever you think is the most disgusting and take the most irrelevant class to your interests that fit the major, meaning don't do what you like and you will succeed, life is training and pushing thru not enjoying and dying for...or should it be?...I hate my life, now you have a productive goal, to kill that hatred and deal with it...or suck it up...
did you have a hair transplant?
Usually I would gey distracted in just 2 minutes of any video but once this vid was over I couldn't believe I sat up straight for about 15 minutes in one shot... this guy really knows his way !
How to be confident. First step stop watching those youtube video you don t need them. You don t need nothing, you already have what you need inside you. Second step: LIVE IN THE PRESENT. The only thing that you lose when you think to much or when you die is the PRESENT. Present is the key, is who you really are, LIVE EVERY SECOND OF YOUR LIFE, whith confidence or not, doesent matter to much. Is simple to be confident: tell yourself every time, speak with you: i trust me, i am confident....and you will be . YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK, because with thoughts we creeate the world. Belive me, just LIVE IN PRESENT and you will discover much more than confidence. In some situation you have confidence, in others situation you don t have and that is only because you don t know to use it, but is there, you have it. Be your own GOD, be ...YOU. Speak with yourself, deceide with yourself, laugh with yourself, BE GOOD WITH YOURSELF, tell yourself what you want to become, belive it.....and this is how it will be. IF you live in the Presence you discover that you don t need nobady and nothing but you connect with everythink, you will see the reality--> here is the problem, you will not dreeam anymore with open eyes to imposible thinghs. People likes dreaming, reality is bad for many of us. Good news is that you put your thaughts, your imagination to work for the only think that matters for you in this life:YOU. YOUR SELF
I am 19 right now and that's the same thing I also feel about my looks . Before watching this video I was exactly thinking that when I will look good, my self- confidence is gonna build up naturally. But thanks to you to make me realize that looks doesn't decide our inner personality. BTW I was nervous and insecure about meeting my OWN friends after this lockdown, and they have planned a small tour around my city. And that's why I watched 4-5 videos of yours to boost my confidence. Aaahhh I just hope it works for me. Wish me 🤞 luck
I was really scared to approach people on the street. I've been forcing myself to do so for a year now and I don't have a problem to do so at all.
I'm not humble, I'm insecure
This advice is gold, especially the insight about how listening to the other person without trying to impress them actually teaches us that we don’t have to impress people in order to feel confident.
Still not confident in 2021, fuack
i think about public peaking and then i faint
Do it, gain experience directly, and indirectly (aka podcast before YT), advance your skill so high that you get residual rewards, join communities to learn. Mindset: people don't pay as much attention to you as much as you think, people love confidence. Record accomplishments- a daily accomplishment journal. I win more than I lose, list goal and a slightly higher goal from it. , Speak slowly, smile, and say less and focus more on the other person. Put the focus on them and let them ask questions.
No shade but when you're white in the U.S., self-confidence is a lot easier to gain than if you're not. For so long the majority of visual aids, corporate culture, social culture and mainstream culture have all existed in favor of that archetype. The positive reinforcements of literally just being are bountiful. Sure, narratives are changing, but for a large portion of MY millennial life I've felt the sting of this reality... and still do. Imagine growing up and being conditioned/brainwashed to believe your hair HAS to look a certain way opposite of its natural texture in order to be considered "presentable." And if you fail to comply with this standard you'll likely experience social ridicule, rejection, outcasting, etc. All for the sake of sustaining comfort and familiarity amongst the opposite majority. And even if you comply, there's still a chance someone will fix their mouth to slander your hair or call it "nappy." Or how about going to a private elementary school and not being allowed to wear your hair braided or in styles rooted in your culture - only for those same hairstyles to be considered acceptable when mimicked by and trendy amongst... you know. Imagine seeing and feeling the difference of treatment you receive because of your darker complexion - and noticing time after time how it's the opposite for... the opposite. I'm sure this comment will be unpopular af and someone may even clap back with malice intent, but I still wanted to add this perspective to the thread; how for some of us, the journey of building and securing self-confidence is faced with more stumbling blocks than it is for others. I do believe the more we learn from each other about each other, the better we can be with each other. With that said, this is a dope video.
I am glad that you speak so well, definitely a skill acquired over trial, persistence, and determination. SI might be able to do the same but for now I am getting a headache from listening to rapid fire speech. I am definitely not anywhere hear where you are. ps: is there a way to listen to you in a slower mode?
LOVED the Pokémon reference. It connected 100%.

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