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Computer Simulations of Space Societies (Space and Society) Book Reviews from YouTube

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MIT Has Predicted that Society Will Collapse in 2040
I have this software so amezing
hmm universe sandbox 2 vs space engine
fake linkshow to skip those adds
nice bro
hamari channel ko bhi subscribe kardo Bhai
Speaking of ridiculously small development teams, it'd be interesting to see you review Project Wingman. Definitely a weirder entry but I thought it was fun.
Used to play that game a long time ago, was fun
Ive been playing this game for a while and I actually really enjoy it
I have played this game since it was released on mobile and I totally recommend it
I need an opinion. Just finished the whole Swedish and Russian air tree, thinking about Israel or Japan. Which would be the best?
hope the game comes out in 2022
KSP on PC. SFS on mobile.
I hope to see more of this, I hope this developer turns this into something big!
Would love to see you take a look at tiny combat arena now that it's out in early access! Seems up your alley and I've seen good things about it
I played the mobile version way back 5 years ago for awhile. But got bored after he promised more updates for years past Mars and Venus. I played enough to put rovers on each planet and moon, and a space station around earth, Venus and Mars and Sol. There was lots of space junk out there lol. I also tossed a few craft from the system and on the way to what would be new stars
I remember playing it back on mobile when it was completely free but the game got ruined once it added all the microtransactions in. Hopefully coming to PC reverts it back to when it was good
Oh my goodness, you actually reviewed a small game i played! I had it on mobile and LOVED IT! Can we expect more gameplay? (Also pro-tip, you can clip parts via overlapping them, selecting them both, and moving it around. Maybe they fixed it in the pc version though.)
As an SFS player, I can tell anyone who is new that it is very very easy to play and learn, a good game before KSP. The future is bright, and a lot of new stuff such as career will come eventually. A problem I have though is that the devs are removing part clipping, where you can place models inside of eachother and replacing it with a DLC. Good game though.
I played this game a lot on mobile, the phisics are darn good
You planning on trying Tiny Combat Arena? it came out just last tuesday.Also, thanks for the vid, Tim.
Be one of the first 1,000 & claim your 1 month free trial of Skillshare Premium! Watch our course "How Not To Suck At Speaking Aussie! (Part 1)" model predicting the end of the world by 2015
Sweet. Enough time to build my bunker and equip it lol
We'll have two doorways.Door 1: Enter into a path to a single global democratic government. The current dominant powers realize that their strength will wane and that trying to maintain dominance will wreak havoc on the world. Rather than fight one another to maintain supremacy, they peacefully shape a stable, just, and egalitarian system together and welcome in the rest of the people in all nations of the world as fully represented citizens in the new democratic system.Door 2: Societal Collapse, a dark age, and a reset to find a new path (or species extinction, considering the destructiveness of modern weapons).Door 1(A): The new system is too corruptible, and eventually leads to stagnation, oppression, and a prolonged dark age, leading back to Door 2.Door 1(B): The new system is too unstable, and eventually collapses, leading to back to Door 2.Door1(C): The new system is durable and does not overly restrict human progress, eventually allowing humans to transform into a new phase of development, like spacefaring (extroverted species) and/or extremely advanced universe simulations that renders space exploration unnecessary (introverted species).
Thankfully I won't be around then. I'm in my 70s now. Personally, I think if men remain as they are now, the end will come sooner than that. If Humankind makes a drastic change in their attitudes very soon, we might just survive a great deal longer - fingers crossed.
Mansa Musa was by far wealthier even in his time compared to ours
Nice, less than 18 years to look forward to.
This may be difficult to understand and even sound insane to those who have not been given the light of truth, but I will try anyway.There is no reason to fear or cry about the collapse of human institutions of higher learning nor the resultant degradation of human society. We should rejoice! The problem is not in the universities and colleges, it's in our heart, namely sin and rebellion. Mankind has proven that he cannot properly manage what was given to him. This perceived collapse is only scary to the people who put their faith in it.Don't worry anymore, God is in control. Nothing happens outside of his divine council. He is the Creator and designer of everything. God knew humans would fail by their own self-righteousness and pride. He wants you to turn to Him, put your trust in Him. He has already provided the solution. The problem is you reject it. There is peace at the doorstep waiting to come into your heart and mind, but it's up to you.The good news: God is reconciling the world back to Him. He started this about 2000 years ago when He sent his Son to abolish sin and death on the cross. Jesus died, was buried, and rose again to take away the sin of the world. He saved us from uttter destruction. When we individually as well as corporately believe in that, we then can begin to experience true peace, in our heart and mind as well as a nation.I believe the destruction of America as well as the whole world as we know it is like a purifying or learning process we have to go through in order to learn that we can't do this on our own so that we may turn to God for Him to save us. Truely He is our only hope at this point.
buahaha perfect tie-in dude. "time to start learning how to forward in the wilderness... which you can start right now using skillshare"
Im a little disappointed that the pandemic and current social Trends arent introduced as a factor and how it may play into or change this theory. The amount of people that died during the pandemic has reduced our carbon footprint but it also cause the birthrate to drop since people weren't able to couple-up fluidly in a meaningful way and Dating apps are mostly reduced to hook-up outlets. It has been ecpescially hard on Gen Z whom seem to lack a lot of basic social skills because they rarely have to deal with people or issues in a physical, face to face and case by case bases. This in addition to the variables in this study will have a major impact on our future.
Maybe if corporations made products with durability and repair-ability in mind instead of making cheapest possible products, unless they are made with sustainable materials, we wouldn't have trash problems.
The Rothschilds own every major bank, they're trillionaires.
The difference today from previous societies and empires, is that we have nuclear weapons. I dont think we will let our society fall before we mutually destroy each other and the earth.
Well I've seen tons of people saying thisll happen soon I can throw stones blindfolded but it'll eventually hit something.
We are starting to reach physical limits which break Moore's Law?No. New silicon always has more transistors and complexity than ever before, ever-increasing performances at ever-decreasing rates. Today's fastest consumer processors are rated around 4GHz - vs the 3.4GHz processors of two decades ago.
theirs also the recent breakthrough in artificial wombs, imagine mass manufacturing human workers for any kind of labors or desires, within our lifetime
Awesome! Shortly after I retire. SMDH
I no more then you lot we won't last 1 more year if Russia keeps this up

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