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Buy Commander Men's Long Denim Casual Shoes (Black) (6) online at Amazon. Material: Denim Jeans Shoes for Men with imported Insole for funkyy Dudes Outdoor Multipurpose Shoes Fully adjustable Padded Foot Bed, Cushioned Ankl...
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Commander Men's Long Denim Casual Shoes (Black) (6) Features

  • Material: Denim Jeans Shoes for Men with imported Insole for funkyy Dudes Outdoor Multipurpose Shoes
  • Fully adjustable
  • Padded Foot Bed, Cushioned Ankle, Fully adjustable straps, Shock-absorbing Anti-Skate sole
  • Care Instructions: Allow your pair of shoes to air and de-odorize at a regular basis, this also helps them retain their natural shape; use shoe bags to prevent any stains or mildew; dust any dry dirt from the surface using a clean cloth, do not use polish or shiner

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Commander Men's Long Denim Casual Shoes (Black) (6) Reviews from YouTube

Top 6 BEST Shoes to Wear With Jeans! (Look BETTER in Denim)
10 Shoes Men Wear That Women HATE!
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mans is fcken styling
I am looking at your watch bro can you tell me about your watch becuse i'm watch lover 🤩🤩
High heels is most agresiv play boy shoes 🤣
All those shoes in the video look ugly as fuck IMO but whatever floats your boat.
Is it me or he rarely breath in these videos ?
Some of his shoes require a fair amount of maintenance. Nobody in Europe would walk out with that.
Bro ur yelling too much my ears hurts 😢🤣 but i love you man 👌👌♥️
ur jeans?
Jordan it’s for kid’s bro
Yes, those Old English low profile leather sneaks by Thursday Boots are the BOMB! They have been out of my size (12) but I plan to procure them soon!
Some chucks or vans go with denim
White Reebok MEMTs look amazing with jeans
Jordans - not if you are over 30 LOL
What about Brown Bostonian? 💡
This guy Aaron provides a great service to men
Air force ones ......
Black suede wallabees
I love these sneakers: Thursday Boots full collection of comfortable, versatile, & durable boots:
This video makes me wanna wear my cowboy boots even more. Whoever follows this crazy trendy BS isn't worth the work nor effort to be with. Wear what you want when you want. If you are a true man than wear what you want no matter who tries to give you crap.
If you’re a man and you have nice feet I say wear yourself a pair of flip flops if it makes you happy.
Wow, what a pleasant bunch. I usually wear chukkas for colder seasons and retro sneakers for the summer, but I'll make sure to buy a few pairs of cowboy boots and runners just for the ladies!
Cowboy boots has to be a regional thing
Dude... The only time for flip flops or any other sandals is the pool, and maybe the river or beach. They never go with anything that comes below the knee.
@Alpha M - since you mentioned dirty shoes, how about talk about a product that can be used to clean the dirt off your shoes - in particular - cleaning those dirt marks off white shoes?
We as a MAN don't give a F%#K what those ladies like or not.. we will wear whatever we want.. we will wear those with PRIDE.
Time to wear sandals and cowboy boots everywhere.
What bullshit girls don't love the cowboy boots
I can only find logic in dirty shoes rest of the opinions are useless
Change the title to "10 shoes boomer women hate"
Funny. But seriously, if you care what she thinks about your shoes you deserve each other.
Haben diese 🤬 keine anderen Sorgen? Jesus… Gleich disliken sowas.
Western boots are stylish & uptown cool. 👍
If a girl doesn’t like or want to see your feet/toes, they aren’t worth your time, you’ll end up being a simp. Men wear what you like on your feet and you will attract the correct partner for yourself. I wear flip flops all the time, jeans, whatever and I could give a, what some lady thinks about that.
Ironic that this channel is called "alpha" and it's the least alpha channel I've ever come across
Summer flip flops. Leather flops are perfect
Did I just watch a Thursday boots commercial?
Don't know if you knew this but in Asian countries flip flop is a sign of poverty, opinion is that people who can't afford to buy proper shoes manage with flip flops.
I need the name of this boot
Big thumbs down because if you think that stacking looks better than either cuffed or straight, you're nuts. Straight or slim jeans are fine. If you want to wear skinny jeans though, I'm sure you'll be popular with all the guys down at the Ramrod....
Turn the gain down a bit, my dude
You know what looks even better? Not wearing your boots with tights. Also, a quality pair of boots can last you decades if you care for them, not just "three or four years."
I wear my carhartt jeans over my gunmetal grey timberland 6 inch, because i don‘t care. Same thing as wesring dusted up, white air force ones- just do it, who gives a crap.
Gracias jose with a H
I prefer cuff, fuck your rules.
The funny part is if you go to Thursday's website and look at the boot pictures they are doing what you said not to do lol. Most of the pictures have cuffed jeans and jeans inside the boot. hmmm..
I disagree with number 6. What he said is just a fad. Classic cut jeans is a style. That style is lot older than this young man. Tell that to the middle men and up and they will laugh at you.
I need relaxed jeans hard to carry a Nina in boot jeans and only boots I rock is my timbs everywhere lol
this dudes imposter syndrome energy is exhausting to watch, he must have done a bowl before speaking....
The stacking part I agree + best boots are the 1460 mono combat boots from doc martens
Worst audio
Fix your mic bro
Nobody pays a single penny for my boots if i want i will wear them upside down😌
Your rule only applies to homosexuals!
Those boots are cheap. Good boots don't have the fake stitching on bottom. The stitching is real.
This guy is trying to make money on youtube he is not a fashion icon 😆
If you wear skinny jeans you can’t say shit about other people’s styles
Go 21 .... Shoes bhi review kari bhai....
Bro what you do with all these you can do give away na
Badka har jutte ko acha bata ta h lodu
Yesterday, Bro I bought adidas ₹5600 in 399🤭 with acics ₹4500 in 380.
Inse ache to me mangal bazaar se lelu
Please unboxing asian easywalk 08
Saans to lele be 😅
Bro kya bakwas choice hay tumhara❗❗❗❗❗❗
Also provuge
500 bol...rege ho lekhin 1800 se ...adi...gai.
sunglasses bhi dikhao
Sir Asian ozone 1ka review kijiye
Ak bhi achha nhi laga
Lee Cooper per video banao
Lee cooper shoes brand
Hi bro. I am suffering from knee pain. Please suggest best cussion sports shoes for daily use below 5000
3:18 basketball wale joote🤣🤣🤣 Bhai wo jordan hota hai
Bhai yrr Sega ke shoes ki unboxing or review karo bhaii❤️❤️❤️
Formal strap sandals ??
Affliction 😂😂😂😂😂 Hindi people fall here 😂😂

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