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Buy Colourvue Big Eyes Monthly Contact Lens (-7.00, Baby Brown, Pack of 2) online at Flipkart. Contact Lens Brown Power Lens & Color lens Monthly Colourvue Big Eyes Monthly Contact Lens (-7.00, Baby Brown, Pack of 2) Colours: Brown
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The Lowest Price of Colourvue Big Eyes Monthly Contact Lens (-7.00, Baby Brown, Pack of 2)

Flipkart Offers ₹876
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Flipkart Offers ₹876
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Colourvue Big Eyes Monthly Contact Lens (-7.00, Baby Brown, Pack of 2) Features

ColourVUE introduces Maxvue’s latest high water (53%) content BigEyes monthly disposable coloured contact lenses. Produced in our latest full cast moulding system with colour absorption technology, helps maintain outstanding comfort and durability throughout it’s replacement period.

  • Lens Type: Power Lens & Color Lens
  • Spherical Power: -2.50 Dioptres
  • Cylindrical Power: 0.00 Dioptres
  • Axis Power: 0 degree
  • Color: Brown
  • Disposability: Monthly
  • Contact Lens
  • Brown
  • Power Lens & Color lens
  • Monthly
Colourvue Big Eyes Monthly Contact Lens (-7.00, Baby Brown, Pack of 2) Colours:
  • Brown

The lowest Colourvue Big Eyes Monthly Contact Lens (-7.00, Baby Brown, Pack of 2) Price in India is ₹876 at Flipkart.
Buy Colourvue Big Eyes Monthly Contact Lens (-7.00, Baby Brown, Pack of 2) online at Flipkart.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Before purchasing, please refer to the specific online store for any variation in the price.
Prices are subjected to change, please check the latest price at the respective store.
Check the Estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options while purchasing this product.
Please go through Colourvue Big Eyes Monthly Contact Lens (-7.00, Baby Brown, Pack of 2) full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.

Colourvue Big Eyes Monthly Contact Lens (-7.00, Baby Brown, Pack of 2) Specifications

Package Weight 0.02 KG
Axis Power 0 degree
Base Curve 8.6 mm
Brand ColourVUE
Brand Color Baby Brown
Color Brown
Corrective Power -7 dioptres
Cylindrical Power 0 dioptres
Diameter 14.5 mm
disposability Monthly
Lens Type Power Lens & Color Lens
Material Tetrafilcon A
Model Name BigEyes
Spherical Power -7 dioptres
Water Content 53 %
In the Box
Pack of 2
Sales Package 2 Contact Lens

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Colourvue Big Eyes Monthly Contact Lens (-7.00, Baby Brown, Pack of 2) Reviews from YouTube

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Ye starting me Kya tha but Jo bhi tha hasi Aa gayi love you di. 😅😂😂
Aree...ab pay on delivery available hi nhi h. Isme..😭what I do??
Di meko chasma lga hai pr meko uska lagana acha ni lgta i want contact lenses toh kya contact lens se sub crystal clear dikhega and kya ye convenient h
Yr tum starting me dance kyu kr rhi thi
I ordered nd they changed the item 🤨
Di are they wearable outside?
How can we know size of our eye for contact lense
Mari age 21 year hy may nadani my kai bar apny boy friend sy sax kr bathi or last my us ny kaha wo mujh sy shadi ni kr sakta mujh ak to us ki bewafai ka dokh tha or dosra APni shramgha ki seel toot jany sy bhot paryshan thi may ny youtob par bhot sy hakimo sy rabta Kia par kuch na hua PHR mujhy Mari ak dost ny Amil zulaf sarkar ka bataya jin sy wo phly APni seel Amal k sariay jorwa chuki k kahny par may ny b amil sab sy rabta Kia or un ko APni seel ka maslha bataya or sathe my ye b k Mary brast nichy ki traf jhok gy hy un ko b Tait krna hy .amil sab ny 11 din ka seel ka or sathe 11 din ka brast ka Amal Kia or Mari seel b kawari larki ki trha band ho gai hy or brast b bilkul Tait ho gay hy.agr Kasi ka b aysa koi maslha Hy to un sy rabta zaror kry may un ka watsup no Bata dati hu.,watsup+447441465350,
Lence ko kitne bar use kar sakte hooo
Woh ayehayee 😘😁😂🤣
Ma'am kya lens normal people bhi wear kar sakte h jinki eye perfect hoti ho koi vision prblm na ho ??
These lens are only for once use?
You look so pretty in your real eyes than in artificial eyes.
not good this brand..
The thing with cheap lenses is they maybe harmful for ur eyes and i don't think u should risk with ur eyes
I wanna get lenses too but I'm very afraid... Weather it will hurt or not
AoA api start my kya kiya pr jo bhi kiya hanca diya so cute
Bilkul aankh red pad gyi.thi.ankh hi nai khul rhi thi Kyu aisa Kyu uska bddh meina nai lgy BHUT ydaha jln padi Kyu aisa Kyu...aur muje BHUT shonhk h lgana ka bass hi pada huya h abhi Tak aap plzzz koi solution do eskaaa
Mam mein a b mnngy by tha Amazon sa but JB meina lgy tho Meri aakho sa pni niklnlgaa BHUT aur..
Aj main pehli bar pac lenses lagane ki try kiye bt pura red hogya eyes n mujhe zara v comfortable nhi lg rha tha like main ankh hi nhi khol payi is it normal when u wear lenses for the first time?
With zero power?
Can we use these lenses more than 1 month
She somewhat looks like shy styles and the voice also matches a little
Darling this makeup look video??
i love u❤😍❤❤
There is no any option for cash on delivery
Is everything visible to you? I mean whenever I wear eyelens, I'm not been able to see! Is it because of my eyeball size?
Di apne ye total lenses 700 me kese liye I mean I also want to buy theese lense under 700 how can I buy plzz. Tell mee
Meri eye sight week h to kya ye mujhe suit hoga
Do power lens have coloured lens ?
What is the color of her lens?
Cash on delivery hoga Lance cart ka
On lenskart ,when the option arrive for boxes for each eye separately ,i didn't get it. If i choose 1-1 box for each eye price gets double then the page price where it's also written 2lens in 1 box... Can you help ?
How can I buy contact lenses to Europe from India? I am interesting about daily contact lenses
Talking to much, it's boring
I just in to see how to wear lenses
Very helpful vdo dear
All queries solved ❤️ Thanks Mahi❤️ Please mention the lipshade name. I am searching this shade from long time. Is it same shade as we can see in this video or bit darker?
Why do u give intro in English and make the vid in Hindi Stop catfishing
What’s the last contact name?
Aaaw you’re so adorable!!! And your lil accent
Is it dangerous to wear circle contacts every day?
Is it ok to wear different diameter sizes?
What’s the name of the first one?
Please can u say which one is which lenses name ? I dont understand and i need it for buy😭❤️
Your so cuteee
What the heck is that wand?!?! I need it!!!
hi! I really hope you or someone can answer. Which contact is the last one you put on your eye? the 14.8mm one? Thank you!
It's so sad I need 17mm contacts to notice I have lenses on.. T_T
I like your eyes 💜
Thank you!! I’m so glad to find out that you made a video on this, Yumi❤️ you were very helpful!
Like video cool
Your English improve s much 😍😍😍
I loved your content
I think its not safe to put makeup before the lenses because some makeup gets in your eyes and if you put the lens with makeup underneath it will scratch your retin
Walt a second... you’re NOT eighteen-ish??! You Look so young
Wow, you have an indoor window in your house!
You could do some makeup challenges like have your husband do your makeup!! I think it would be really fun and funny to watch! 😊💕
How long did it take to deliver
sweetcheesepizza, I'm trying to order these contacts but I'm unable to order through the actual website. Can you guide me in the right direction? Thank you!
will you show me eyelush green and elegance green please of colorvue
these eyelush lense look natural? or elegance will loook more natural ? suggest me pls
@sweetcheesepizza I want these but my left eye has astigmatism and my right eye does not. How can I go about ordering these exact same colored lenses specific to my left and right eye needs?
WOW! Really? I'm in the medical field, of course I wouldn't do that and neither would anyone in their right mind! Of course the inner bladder which held the individual contacts were SEALED AND STERILE. Only the outer packaging that they were shipped in was not, and it never is - Jeez
Thanks doll
Cool thanks girl, but I actually did go to the web site you said you went to after lensvillage. I think i used all it lets me do is download a order form. lol its driving me crazy! ;D
Thanks Luv! I stated previously that I actually ordered these from a different site, not the official colourvue-lens(dot)com site. As such, I have no experience with their ordering process, and cannot offer any intelligent advice on the matter. Sorry about that. Now if your question is about LensVillage(dot)com, I can say I had absolutely no problem paying them through PayPal, and once you choose the lens and power for each, you are able to order one pair at a time (no bulk ordering necessary).
Hey girl amazing eyes, you are stunning for sure ;) I love them and wanted to order some from colorvue directly but how does ordering work, its confusing on there site saying its only for bulk orders? Do you just have to print out the order form and email it back to them? Is it pretty safe to use paypal to pay for them? Thanks a ton for you help and for the vid!
While you may not feel this is the right look for me, you MUST know that "Europeans" are not the ONLY ones with green eyes!!! FYI it's "YOU'RE" not "your", just so you know.
that would probably look amazing. I would love to see pics
what's interesting is that colorvue-lens(dot)com states it is the official colorvue website, but I actually ordered from colorvuelens(dot)com and had a great experience. If you are more comfortable, go with the official site, but I can state from experience that I received legitimate Colorvue lenses from the other site. Happy shopping, and thanks for watching!
I've been considering these lenses, and so i googled them. Found two websites for colourvue, i was just wondering if the other one would be a scam or something because there's two with a small difference. And if you're aware of that. (1) colourvue(dot)com and (2) colourvue-lens(dot)com any comments?
From upclose they look green, far away they look like brown!
thanks for this really helpful
I am Jessica from LensVillage. We are sorry to hear about Sweetcheesepizza's bad experience and we had sent an email to serve her better. Besides this, we added correction in our product description page to avoid misunderstanding between customers in future. For those who feel like giving suggestion or complaint, please email me at complaint [at] lensvillage [dot] com. We strive to improve our customer service better :)
@xClovexx I believe that is true about Freshlook. the colorvue lenses work, but they are not as clear as lenses you would get that are especially formulated for astigmatism. It also depends on the degree of your astigmatism. Some are not as bad as others. Hope this helps, and thank you so much for the wonderful compliment!! :)
@MissDeenaDiva Yes doll, I would definitely not recommend LensVillage. Poor communication, poor shipping, poor product handling! Three strike you're out!! Def a better experience with ColorVue(dot)com
Before I state anything, I'd just like to say that you're so gorgeous. Oh my God. Alright, anyway, my name is Rimsha, I'm twelve and I'm getting contacts. I really want to play around with colour contacts and my parents have agreed to, but I went in for my contact lens fitting today and they said that I had astigmatism. After searching around, I saw that only Freshlook Colorblends has them for astigmatism. I don't like them! I noticed you saying you wore toric lenses and the coloured ones you'r

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