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Coghlans Wrist Compass Features

  • Compass-Type: small compass
  • Compass-Applications: good orientation
  • Equipment-Covering waterproof ✔
  • Compass

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Coghlans Wrist Compass Specifications

Additional Features
Impact Resistant, Luminous Dial, Adjustable Strap
Liquid Fill Yes
Waterproof Yes

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Cammenga wrist compass
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I see in Shazam movie clip
It's my favourite
thumbs up (+1) - great video. thanks for sharing.
I was thinking about getting a ball style compass fir the car. I've seen bigger ones with a suction cup to attach it to the windshield.
What's up! You made a great video! I hope I can make a video like that! Check out my channel and Subscribe! Your awesome!
Is that paper clip made of metal? Glow in the dark is a nice feature to have. Great backup compass. Thanks for sharing. -Eric
looks like a handy piece of gear manhave a great day over there!!
My only issue with the wrist mounted compass is how it's mounted to the band are weak I've had to epoxy them so the compass stays on the band
I use mine for hunting only, I hunt the swamps and I have to be able to get back to the river, and it is a tool, and it has to be tough and reliable like I said before the hardware is cheap other than that it's great compass
The compass is great real good quality the band it's probably indestructible but the latch is crap the pin or post that goes through the holes too short mine came off two or three times took an old watch and replaced it and it worked great for a while but now it's come off again and I've got to buy another one or replacement Compass is great the hardware is terrible
Will this fit on a 20mm wristwatch
Is it induction damped like its "big brother" the USGI lensatic ?
Looks like a cheap plastic compass you'd buy at REI or something.
Anyone have any thoughts on a how a high altitude EMP blast would impact compass operation on induction compasses with their use of copper wire shell?
wrote the post below with a cast on, excuse my wrong spelling
compasses is who are oil/alcohal filling acatuallymare ther eto ptotect and make a compass more suitable for foul weather. and its also dosent make things jump arrounr as much.. different brands have deifferent solotuions for combating this..
professional compass can have alcohol filling in them
you don't think it's missing the rotating bezel ?
Great help in selecting a quality compass.
Id like to buy a wrist compass but if there not water proof that's a huge problem. Please comment on the water resistance of the wrist compass
Great illustration on the wrist compass by Cammenga, as it was a deciding factor on me buying... which I did. Thank You.
can we attach this with a wrist watch
I REALLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW CAMMENGA CAN PUT ON THE MARKET A COMPASS THAT HAVE A NATO NUMBER BUT CAN NOT BE USED IN ANY HUMID ENVIRONMENTAL.Seriously... This is by far the best wrist compass on the market (for my taste) but become useless with just a little exposure to water (30 min walking in light rain and the needle get stuck (for days).I have tried several way for waterproof this thing but nothing lasted more than 6 months...FFFSSSHHH...
is the tritium radioactivity a health issue?
Hi! When the tritium get dimmer after long time of usage can you brighten it up by exposing it to light sources? Thanks a lot
Great review my friend, I love your compass they are cool.......
When you move it around, what part is making that rattling noise? Will it make a lot of noise jogging? Would have been interesting to turn the light off once to seeing the quality of the glow in darkness.
Lots of complaints on Amazon about how flimsy and weak the construction is, with one buyer saying the strap guides broke upon flexing his wrist and putting pressure on the Velcro band..
just got one on amazon after watching this "cheers good review Henri" Also a I got the micro clipper
It's a beautiful compass

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