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Buy Coghlans 8 Multicolor Online at Best Prices in India ... - Flipkart

Coghlans 8 Multicolor (Length: 0.76 m, Diameter: 6 mm) ... items to the seat of your bike or the roof-top cargo carrier with this Coghlans Stretch Strap.


Coghlans Stretch Strap (0.76 m) Features

Strap your camping items to the seat of your bike or the roof-top cargo carrier with this Coghlans Stretch Strap. Polypropylene Material Tightly knit with propylene material, this rope possesses the strength and durability to secure heavy load without snapping. Superior Wear Resistance Whether you use it during the hot summer days, harsh rain or chilly winter, this rope will offer a longer service life. Plastic Coated Steel Hooks The steel hooks of this rope are coated with plastic to avoid corrosion and to avoid scratching of the vehicle paints.

  • Sport Type: Camping & Hiking
  • Hiking Accessories

The lowest Coghlans Stretch Strap (0.76 m) Price in India is ₹247 at Flipkart.
Buy Coghlans Stretch Strap (0.76 m) online at Flipkart.
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Coghlans Stretch Strap (0.76 m) Specifications

Additional Features
Other Features Plastic Coated Steel Hooks, Tight-knit Strap, Superior Wear Resistance
Body Features
Material Polypropylene
Length 0.76 m

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Coghlans Stretch Strap (0.76 m) Reviews from YouTube

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Not sure how to put it on
Can you explain how to use the numbers on the band? I was a little confuse with that
My leg turns out when doing the hamstring stretch. Is that ok?
is the black part stretchy as well?
Thank you Dr. Jo!!!
I wish DOCTOR JO to actually do the 30 sec workouts. That would have gotten a thumbs up.
I would like to a video showing a whole body stretching routine using the stretch strap
Looks like a great product - will have to try it!
I will have to try this product.
I will have to try this
Looks handy!
Thanks for showing how use it, looks great!
Its really great!
awesome video.
gosh, how important is stretching.
Dr Jo, is it harmful to work out wearing belted jeans, as in running, push-ups, sit-ups? I heard from someone they affect posture but I see you wearing jeans and Mabye a belt so perhaps it's ok? I don't always have time to change into workout clothes
I want to try this!
Great video
very informative video, thank you.
Thank you ❣️
Very helpful! Thank you for making this video.
You guys are the 99 cent store of physical therapy too much clowing around Unprofessional
Hi Brad and Bob, have you ever done a video on extensor tenosynovitis? I can’t see one so I assume not. Really suffering badly from a pain on the top of my foot and nothing out there on YouTube to help. Keep up the great work.
Wonderful series...
Sōrē koko kakoe *
This is like physical therapy porn - I just can’t stop watching ! 😆😂
These guys talk so fast and talk on top of each other it's annoying, have a great message but....
I bought your strap a few weeks ago. Helps me put my legs into bed. It's the best
First, thank you for this and sorry this is a long posting!! I did it in my wheelchair and it definitely loosened my spine up!! I'll be doing this everyday!! My entire body is extremely stiff from using a walker for a few years and a wheelchair since October. I've had MS for almost 18 years. I shattered my right heel in 2012 from a car accident. By 2016 that foot began rolling inward so severely I began using a walker. The beginning of this I found a podiatrist willing to surgically fix it. March 6th I had the surgery to remove the hardware from the previous surgery, replaced it with titanium, and added more in places in order to let me walk. After the surgery I went to an in patient rehab, the day before COVID restrictions here in Washington state. Everything was going great!! In May I slipped in water on my bathroom floor, fell, and had a fib tib fracture. Holy moly how painful that is!! Had surgery almost a week after it happened because I had a kidney stone blocking my left kidney, leading to septicemia. I've been working hard to heal my leg but in Oct I was back in the hospital unable to bear any weight on my right side. I have a small inguinal tear keeping me in a wheelchair as I wait to see a surgeon Dec 22nd.
Dear Bob n Brad my father has decades of ankylosing spondylitis with anterior subluxation of the cervical spines with AAD n pannus. Basically neck is advised to be not exposed to sudden jerks but he has back pain due to persistent forward stoop n frozen shoulder. Please do a section for him n suggest some steps to open his chest n improve neck motion. Waiting for ur feedback because I have been seeing ur videos for almost 2 years now and I cannot tell u how much information I have gained
What are you guys using to support this mattress, platforms, what?
Please help me how to fix my knee
cbd/thc cure covid
Thanks, Bob and Brad. Love all your videos.
Great assisted stretches with the yoga strap!
30:27 Anyone want to do this with me😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Thanks guys! Not only for your amazing videos, but this incredible giveaway! My poor back and hips could really use a new mattress!
Ligament Stretching Belt Get it Here: ❤ 50% Off Today. ❤Free Shipping
Would love to see more moves like handstand and other difficult stretches.. Very graceful .. Thank you.
I have it
Very nice...
nice one. A little instruction on to hook the strap and fit it on the back of the door will go far.

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