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Coghlan's Stretch Cord Multicolor (Length: 1.01 m, Diameter: 6 mm) ; Highlights. Sport Type: Camping & Hiking ; Sport Type · Camping & Hiking ; Seller. outdoor. 4.


Coghlans Stretch Cord (1.01 m) Features

While camping or going on an outdoor trip, you need to carry a lot of stuff along with you to make it successful. This Coghlans Stretch Cord is a useful piece of gear to tie your stuff safely to your motorcycle or camper. Plastic and Rubber Material Made of strong plastic and rubber, this stretch cord is durable and you can rely on it to keep your camping stuff fastened. Plastic Coated Hooks Use the plastic coated hooks to latch your load to your bike seat or rooftop cargo carriers without scratching the paint and finish. Multi Strand Rubber Core The multi-strand core makes this cord tough and durable so that it is perfect for camping.

  • Sport Type: Camping & Hiking
  • Ropes

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Coghlans Stretch Cord (1.01 m) Specifications

Additional Features
Other Features Plastic Coated Hooks, Multi Strand Rubber Core
Body Features
Material Plastic, Rubber
Length 1.01 m

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Coghlans Stretch Cord (1.01 m) Reviews from YouTube

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You can also build a small fire using twigs and sticks on that folding stove.
Great idea using the refurbished can for a pot!!!
They are great stovesI like that you can take them as checked baggage on aircraftLiquid stoves will be confiscated if found on baggage checksI'd die if I lost my Trangia that I've had for forty years!
I picked one up for $1 on sale today.
Added to my shopping list! Thanks!
Hello....And thanks for the nice little video. I heard you say that the cup you're using is a Costco Chicken Breast Can - where did the lid come from?
Can these be used indoors? We've had some windy rainstorms that knocked out power in my house for 18 hours and I was craving coffee! Everything the sporting goods store had said "for outdoor use only". These were at my large chain drugstore. I was thinking I could put it in my fireplace to be sure there wasn't anyflammable surface waiting for an accident. (I don't use the fireplace the chimney in my rental home hasn't been cleaned for years and I don't care to pay for it myself.)
To get the most of boiling use two tablets in this order. Place the first on the side which increases the burn time (9 min.). About 6-7 min. place the second also on the side burning togheter. and you have over 15 good min of time which should boil two cups of water.
I have been using solid fuel for decades. There were times when my backpacker friends would scoff about my pack being too light and that I would starve to on the trail. However, once we were together cooking they found how simple it was to have a hot meal. Ireally thinkmy pack was just as heavy as theirs, but it was because I had more food and highly comfortable sleeping materials. The weight of this lil stove/fuel made it possible to be more comfortable on the trail. So, I was up 1st, and first to eat and 1st to leave on the trail for my next adventure. It was so easy to take my stove out and have a quick cup of joe or hot chocolate w/o worrying about a fire getting out of hand, or carrying in bulky items that scared away the little critters you meet up with along the trail. It was so simple/stupid and I really didn't think of it that much at the time. So, you guys out there that think you need to spend big bucks - you really don't need to fork over a lot of money- just go out and have a ball- be creative and think that our creator gave us a mindtoDOsomething greater on the weekend than we do during the week seeking those presidentswe see hiding in our wallets everyday. THINK ABOUT IT!!! Jb.
Can you even put can foods on that stove? Yeah i know its a stupid question. I bought mine from amazon though for $8. Still waitibg for it though.
Great vids Anthony, out in woods, I've used this stove with small sticks when I've ran out of fuel tabs. Just keep feeding it until water boils. Well worth keeping in your backpack. Craig.
Thanks for the info. Good idea using the Trangia inside this set up. I will need to try that out. You can buy the Esbit tablets. They are bigger and you only need to use one per meal. Yes, the residue washes away. This is a great low tech set up. Take care.
just got one of these, 5-6 tablets will boil 1.6 liters of water im my msr seagull pot. a trangia fits under it btw. and 3$ gets you 24 more tablets. only downside is it lease a residue on your pan, but it washes off easy
I can put a pan over it as well?
Thanks for watching.
Thanks for posting a review!! Will look into my local shops :)
Wow! Great haul at Dick's. That is $20.00 very well spent and invested. You can substitute the ESBIT Fuel Tablets. They burn much better.
Gresat vid and demo, you convinced me to go shopping! I bought eight of these at Dick's for $20 (clearance *plus* another 40% off!), complete with the fuel tabs. They don't burn as hot as an alco burner, so I'm trading out the cubes for a short-wall cat type stove that'll store inside the folded stove.
I've been string beading for a few years now. I've been putting off using stretch cord. So I tried it today using the Stretch Magic youtube tutorial. The knot just wouldn't hold. I figured there must be some other options out there. I came across YOUR youtube tutorial. Thank you very much! You saved me. YOUR knot didn't fall apart! Thanks again!
Wow! Beautiful work Those are really nice. Thanks for sharing
Hi there I sure hope you get this and you can message me back on this. I have been looking for a way to tie off so it looks as though you cross over and go under twice tie the knot but you do it three times is that correct?
Perfect instructions!!!!
Thank you love your video you get to the point with so much good and very clear information I add you to my favorite will follow you
I'm a crafter myself. Haven't picked up bead working in awhile. I have to take apart a hematite bracelet & restring it with extra beads. I've used stretch magic in the past, I was considering the 1 mm for my project. I was curious what size string you'd recommend for industrial beads like that ?. I need it to endure frequent stretching because I'll be making it without clasps of any kind. Thanks in advance if this can be answered.
Love this video. I want to start beading. Can you make some more videos on how to make bracelets, earrings etc.....? You make it so easy to understand.
Love your video. May I ask what would be a generic size to make a beaded bracelet for all?
I can't tie Stretch Magic its too tough.
Thank you
Great video! Informative and to the point. Thank you!
This was very helpful! Thank you!
Thank you for the information! I know you made this video awhile ago, but do you still have these beads? They are so pretty!
How come no one ever does stretch necklaces? Can it be done?
I love those beads especially the green ones.
This video is awesome thank you so much
How many bracelets can you make with one pack?
I am always looking for something that needs to exist, in this case, the super strong almost unbreakable KIDs Stretch Magic, only in clear or pastel colors. Why are they not making this for us beaders? I have waited for years, and now its hard to find at all. It is so much stronger that I only use the kids one, but Im stuck with purple hot pink hot green and black, . Does anyone else want to put a bug in the ear of the manufacturer, too? We need more voices! Its hard to find, too, there is never enough in stock.
Love the videos! Please keep them going!!
pro tip, add one of these inside of every kit that can fit one, you will thank yourself (redundancy = living to see another day)
In all honesty, Someone should take one of these small kits and nothing else and see if they can survive even 3 days. Fishing with real gear is hard enough let alone a string on a stick. So its a waste of money
I'm actually fairly impressed with the Coghlan's. I'd always dismissed these as pure novelty, but now I can see throwing one in a car or boat if you didn't have the time/money/inclination for making something custom.
You can do your own Gatorade with sugar and salt, maybe with lipton added too.
Thank you for making kits that are fortified out of existing products how many people in a survival Community or a little elitist and don't understand that not everybody has time and resources to have everything all at once and even little hiking backpack survival kit is still better than having none at and showing people how to properly fortify them is an improvement
These items are just the right size for the wazoo survival belt... and wont cost you $80
Lack of water purification in these tiny kits is always such a glaring weakness.
This kits are for exactly what this channel shows so well, strip em for parts and extras, i always have spare ferro rods, mylar blankets, tinders etc for squirreling into ne kits or extras to play with and test
I saw a review once where they broke the pull tab off first thing and no can opener. I got two tins almost like you used years ago, they were for Japanese bento boxes. A tad bigger than an Altoids tin.
I don't know about you but I once cut myself on a sardine lid. That right there is a nice edge.
Personally I have always be a fan of the Cobham's kit.It gets belittled by various influencers in the Survival/Bushcraft arena, who naturally want you to buy their own brand kit, at an eye watering price. Without which you will most certainly perish in a most protracted and horrible manner.However, it's a remarkably capable little kit, particularly at its price point. If I to equip a group of people economically (purely as a precaution) with minimal capability for a short duration, it would be my first pick.One of them, A space blanket, emergency poncho, Mora knife, 15' (3m) of 550 cord and possibly a wire saw would enhance their chances vastly.Give a short (4-8 hr) course on the kit's contents and their possible uses.
Why cant Americans just use standard metric system
I've been watching you for a few weeks now and YT just showed me this show tonight , I like the " kit-bashing " you do. However, for this episode like a lot of people, I don't think you get WHY these exist. These are very wimpy survival kits, sure - but what they really are is a POCKET survival kit. This is the one you have in your jacket pocket that just sits there for years and years literally and you forget about it till the day you find yourself out someplace and you DON'T have a proper kit ....... then they're golden.I took the guts of the Coghlan's and tossed it in with a adventure medical kit 3 and it stays in my jacket pocket 24/7. Now the big pisser with that is that little sardine can would be golden to have, espec for a hot drink in the Canadian winter ..... so I will miss the tin big time. I do like the one you made here but I'll never carry it in my pocket and that where the Coghlan's can rocks!!
Those tealights are very wasteful, space wise, so I use about a 2-1/2" length of regular candle, shaved to about 1/2" square.
My kit uses that small, lockable tin, and I managed to get a survival blanket in it, simply by putting it in last, and pressing the lid onto it.It also has the advantage, of preventing any rattling.
There's enough space left, in those cans, to include a mini BIC lighter.
I'm waiting for the video where there's been a mix-up at the factory, and when you open the can, you find it contains sardines.
Sleeping bags
Wonderful video. Thank you for making it.
How can I make my bracelet smaller than what it is? This video shows as if you broke your bracelet and want to fix it I asked how can I make my bracelet smaller they sent me this video lol ridiculous
Thanks for the video. It really hides the knot.
thank you
Your cord is too thin for your beads.
The beads look so cool!
Hands down best tutorial in the internet!!!
Thank you!
ngl this is stressful im only working with the string the things was on and its so small i cant even
Excellent video!!! Thank you!!!
Just starting in this new 'craft', and yours was the first tutorial, and it's awesome!! Answered all my questions! No need to search further - thank you!
Thanks how wonderful!
Thank you!
OMG Thank you. I'm Trying this.
Wow! I was looking for a video that would teach me how to do stretch bracelets because I'm a fan. But the other ones looked waaay too simple, and I could already imagine the bracelet breaking and the beads dancing on the floor. But your careful instructions have encouraged me to give it a go! Thank you so much!
Thanks for the tip.
This is an incredibly helpful video, and so well made. No superfluous jibber-jabber, just plain and very clear instructions. Thank you x
Great video thx
Ive been doing this the long hard way omg thank you for this video!
Thank you! Nice video!

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