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Coghlans Emergency Survival Bag : Sports, Fitness ...

Instant protection against rain, wind or cold. · Helps prevent hypot;hermia by holding in body heat. · Carry when hiking, backpacking, canoeing or climbing.

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Coghlans Emergency Survival Bag Features

Everything you need to survive in harsh weather and hilly treks, the multi-purpose Coghlan’s Survival Bag can be used for insulation, a ground sheet or a distress signal.  Can be Used as Distress Signal A must when you’re going on an adventure, this Survival Bag comes in a bright color, reflects sunlight and can be used as a distress signal to get immediate help. For Storing Gear Made from the finest polyethylene, this Coghlan’s Bag can be used for carrying along all your climbing gear. It’s sure to come in handy when you’re hiking, backpacking, canoeing or climbing. Protection against Rain, Wind and Cold Spread over the ground as a sheet or wrap it around yourself when the weather gets harsh as this bag also traps in warmth and protects you from rain, wind and cold.

  • Camping & Hiking Bag
  • Material: 3-mil Polyethylene
  • Width: 90 cm, Height: 210 cm
  • Instant protection against rain, wind or cold.
  • Helps prevent hypot;hermia by holding in body heat.
  • Carry when hiking, backpacking, canoeing or climbing.
  • Measurements: 84" x 36" - weighs 9 oz.
  • Safety & Survival Gear

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Coghlans Emergency Survival Bag Specifications

Additional Features
For Storing Gear, Can be Used as Distress Signal, Prevents Hypothermia, Protection against Rain, Wind, Cold
Height 210 cm
Weight 255 g
Width 90 cm
Material 3-mil Polyethylene

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Coghlans Emergency Survival Bag Reviews from YouTube

Coghlans emergency bag review
Coghlan's Emergency Preparedness Kit
Coghlans 46 pc. Survival kit review.
Coghlans Survival Kit
Well that about covers it so job well done.There are other uses like water collection through condensation & heat reflection behind a fire.But let's hope we never have to use them.& most will spend there entire existence packaged.I have found though that they can considerably add to heat retention but long term use is not advised (moisture can't escape) moisture equals thermal conduction which equals cold.But this isn't a normal sleeping bag it's an emergency bag which is better than the blanket type because it can be used as either & many companies sell the same thing so as it won't pack back down you can buy cheap ones 1.50 (2dollars) then dispose of them as insulation behind external wall mounted heaters or as loft floor insulation.glue it to your garage roof anything really.I can't believe my sleeping double sleeping bag was ok for me but my Japanese gf was cold but this silly little foil layer was enough to make her quiet again...
Useless kit
You got a steal. Those kits are $46 now.
during all the video yo uface says : what did i buy
I love the camp heat tins, they're so useful.
Enjoy the PBR. Nice vid thanks
I was wondering what was in that kit when I seen it at Walmart, Thank You!. It is currently going for $29 here at my local Walmart and that is too high though if they included a stove and fuel tablets and perhaps a little cooking pot then the $29 may have been worth it.
Wow 15$? At the Walmart I go to its 40$
pbr ewww! good video tho thx for sharing brother!
This guy kicks ass.
Do you think this would be a good investment to add on to my family earthquake kit? I already have a few lightsticks, a flashlight, a sterno stove with 2 sterno fuel packs, matches, food, water, a first aid kit, whistle, a space blanket, a poncho, plastic sheeting for shelter in place, duct tape, hygiene kit, N95 breathing mask, work gloves, and plastic goggles. My wife and I live in Oregon where we have frequent wind storms, flooding, thunderstorms, as well as a risk of earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. If a major earthquake occurs of our coast like scientists are predicting, it could be over a 9 on the richter scale which will disrupt, plumbing, utilities, and phone lines for at least week. Considering it for the candles just because of the risk of power interruption. Don't really need the extra space blankets and first aid kits since it is just me and my wife. We already have that stuff.
Pbr. Awesomeness
It was a great find...
LMAO..... You got me...
That's a good value. You can swap some of it out if you want for your BOB bag. Id throw a P38 in there just in case haaaaaaa!
No problem....
I'd swap containers to one that could be secured better.. also not see through.I'd add something to cook in as well as a few food items. Oh and a ferro rod, matches and a lighter.
Thanks for clearing my end cap Kev!!
I have that kit to
The salt is there as a source of electrolytes and a source of iodine. You need both to survive.
i bought this from walmart for $15 as a starting point for my bug out bag that i am building. in time i'll probably replace this kit with more high quality stuff, but for now its better than nothing
are these worth it at all or junk that won't last a week?
your really smart :)
shes reviewing it? no promoting.. you know the person is a dumbass when they cant see the difference between the two..Whats wrong with matches, its always nice to have a multiple ways of starting fire.. matches produce instant actaul flame.
if ya think about it, matches requirer less wood processing than using a firesteel as you can skip the tinder part as you already got a flamehowever in a way I agree, firesteel is the best option of the simple fact it can be used for ages while matches are gone once ya used the last one, but using firesteel also requirer skill and most common men dont know how to properly use it and wount succeed in making a fire, and due to transport regulations they cant ship gasfilled lighters so its matches
Hi sleeker. Just want you to know that there water proof bag isn't to good and the signal mirror with a hole is called a heliograph. Nice vid, thanks for sharing.
useless plastic junk, but for $18 thrown in the back of your car. better to have it there just incase, ull spend more buying 1 cinema ticket and popcorn
A lot of this stuff is useless. matches are useless without a way to process wood. i dont like this kit.
Years ago I bought this as a starting point kit, but have upgraded most everything - cheap items but could come in handy versus nothing
I have the kit. Its a good buy for anyone that wants a good survival kit and can't make one.
daybydaysurvival@ its ok .....but at least the got the message which i wanna tell them LOL
All the moron below me give bad comments but when u guys stuck in the wood I think u can survive a day the girl is trying to teach something if u fucker wanna listen ok no just fuck off don't comment bout other see ur ass first
i bet she takes it up the ass!
Coughlin's diet: cocktails and dreams.
@A99399939 Not true mate. Some of their stuff is so so, but the stuff that's good is great. I've been using their Sierra saw for quite a while and it saws better than my Bahco Laplander saw for a 1/4 of the price and hasn't broken after sawing tons of wood.
book matches as the primary fire starter?
***** Although personally I am weiry of these pre packaged kits. I think it's better for someone to create their own, and become very familiar with it. It would not be a bad idea to start of with one of these and then modify it to your own needs. I have bought many Cohlgans products in the past. The water proof pouch has failed on me. So just be careful people. Always test your gear on an over-nighter before using for the real thing. You'll learn alot about your gear.Excellent vid 5 Stars :)
@viperlinxion Yeah , maybe cut it into a square shape.
Nice little kit, great as a backup kit.

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