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Coghlans Double Hammock Features

  • Wide enough and strong enough for two adults
  • Hammock Length: 108" (274.3 cm)
  • Camping Furniture

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Coghlans Double Hammock Specifications

Technical Details
Batteries Included No
Brand Coghlans
feature Wide enough and strong enough for two adultsHammock Length: 108" (274.3 cm)
Height 4 Inches
Length 10.50 Inches
Manufacturer Coghlans
Model 0112
Number-of-Pieces 1
Sport other
Weight 4 Kilograms
Width 6 Inches

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Coghlans Double Hammock Reviews from YouTube

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Tim , Even in the Semi tropics like Florida during the wee hours of a summers morning I get the cold butt syndrome. I go to bed without anything under me. Then in the early morning hours roll over and slide a partially inflated , self inflating , Threm-a-rest mattress under me. If you are going to use a hammock for camping get a good one designed for camping. The best I found is a double bottom one which will stop the mosquitoes from biting your back as you sleep. If you are new to hammock camping or thinking about it then do yourself a BIG favor. Spend a couple bucks and get Derek Hansen's book. THE ULTIMATE HANG , an illustrated guide to Hammock Camping. I have been camping in hammocks for over 60 years and I learned things by reading his book plus it is a fun read.
I only clicked cause the empire shirt
I'm from Wyoming we sweat when it's 40 degrees out lol
Thanks Tim, helpful stuff!
70 or above? I'm in Texas and I'm fine in my mummy bag down to the 30's with no pad or underquilt
Great vid. Cheers, dude!
4:17 YUP Testing out my hammock before we actually go camping right now, i was having a hard time with the sleeping pad fitting in the hammock, ended up flipping the whole hammock over and I broke the mosquito net with my fat arse!! 😭 now I gotta buy a new hammock
hey😊 i have a dd hammock i use to tighten it up between the trees. I get the angle I need no matter if the hammock hangs horizontally. so i do not understand why one must have swag? I have seen many people tighten it up horizontally and it seems that you lay better then the big swag..i dont know😊
Great job Tim. Very well thought out hammock how-to. I met a guy on the AT trying to hang with his hammock tight as he could get it and complained about how uncomfortable it was. I gave him a few tips, especially the 30 degree hang tip, but he just looked at me like weird. Something tells me he was too stubborn to try it.
Thanks Officer Ramathorn!
Good points. Thanks dude!
Sweet rain fly! Where'd you score that?
This weekend was my first time hammock camping. The hammock I bought off Amazon didn’t come with ANY set-up instructions, so the night before we left, I decided to watch some videos. I had never heard of a bottom liner. You guys weren’t kidding about losing heat out the bottom of the hammock! It got down to 50 degrees the first night and I froze my butt off! I had stopped and bought a cheap $5 blanket on the way with the intention of placing it in the bottom of my hammock to act as a barrier. It really wasn’t big enough to give me protection from head to toe. So, the next day I went to Walmart and bought a twin size fleece blanket. It made SO much difference! I’m still learning how I want to set up my hammock and what works, but the videos definitely helped.
.....yea there was absolutely no difference when you switched from laying like (banana) to the (flat) way 😂
I just bought my first hammock and a 16' Kelty Noah tarp. I'm going to use them for motorcycle camping in Alaska where I live. Your advice is priceless to me. I never knew you were supposed to sleep diagonally in the hammock. I went outside and strung it up right away to try it. What a difference! Kind thanks. Instant LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Greetings from Alaska.
A mummy style sleeping bag fits great into hammocks and you could even lay on top of it if you’re warm when you first go to sleep. I lived in a hammock all up and down the east coast from spring through fall for three years. Slept like a baby in my Eagles Nest Outfitters Double Nest Hammock. I use the ENO pro XL rain fly and occasionally the ENO mosquito Net when necessary. I got a Columbia mummy bag that was rated for the appropriate temperatures and I slept like a baby. I was working my ass of and never woke up sore in that sleep system.
Tim, if your ridgeline is too tight, what is the correction that I need to make? Thanks!
Why does ridgeline tension matter?
Your name is Tim Watson?
If you wanna know drip lines work then tie some jute to the end of your willy and watch the stream.
Very Nice!!!

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