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Buy Cloth Theory Men's T-Shirt (CTABSBIRDS_Medium_Sky Blue) online at Amazon. Cloth Theory Men's T-Shirt (CTABSBIRDS_Medium_Sky Blue)
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Cloth Theory Men's T-Shirt (CTABSBIRDS_Medium_Sky Blue) Features

  • 100% Cotton
  • New Regular fit
  • Crew neck
  • Short sleeve
  • Do not iron on print, machine wash cold with similar colors, gentle cycle, only non-chlorine bleach (when needed), tumble dry low, warm iron if needed
  • Made in India
Cloth Theory Men's T-Shirt (CTABSBIRDS_Medium_Sky Blue)
The lowest Cloth Theory Men's T-Shirt (CTABSBIRDS_Medium_Sky Blue) Price in India is ₹0 at Amazon.
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Cloth Theory Men's T-Shirt (CTABSBIRDS_Medium_Sky Blue) Reviews from YouTube

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Went to all these links. Very similar color palette. Too faded and drab for my taste. Well, a few nice shades or blue and black, but I already have those.
This is very nice video. Thanks a lot for share with us. I Know about very nice T-Shirt. It's Heathers: 60% Cotton. For more details, Click this link-
What size buck mason shirt do you wear because you look like my build and do they shrink if you wash em like a normal guy (wash and dryer)
This is the best, non biased, video I’ve seen on this topic!
So im about 5'10 164 pounds sorta slim/average built most tshirts fit perfectly other than the sleeves rn I like the uniqlo white t but still roll up the sleeves do you recommend any tshirts??
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you so much
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Recommended a $45 t shirt. Disliked and stopped watching. Thanks
Uniqlo supima cotton black, thats amazing
Where did you get that hat? 👀
The best t shirts i own are these shirts from G by Guess. Theyre just 1 solid color and have a pocket. They fit me so well. I have every color haha
Buck mason all the way
Their LUX shirts were some of the worst fitting shirts I've ever purchased. They fit like an art class smock! And extended way past my butt. When I tried to return them, the company tried to charge me a $15 return fee for sending me the worst shirts I've ever bought. If you walk through their website from home page to the pay now screen, there is not a single mention of their $15 return fee policy! Seems like a huge scam to me!
This is the best Channel on Mens grooming and fashion. Keep it up Sir✌️❤️
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brother deo and perfume or video bnao😍🙏
6:15 I'm wearing the same right know
Nice video how to contact you
Bhai kitna ganda colour hai tshirt ka Aathhooo
very good efforts brother 😍
very good efforts brother 😍
For slim guys thing is even small size t-shirts are bigger in size and look oversized
Brand of your cargo shorts?
available ba to sa kids sizes?
Hi can you put the product ID for the supima shirt? in the philippines online uniqlo there are two different products for a supima cotton t shirt that look the same but have different product ID's.
Thanks for your Vlog. Ur review is really helpful for me. I'm from Myanmar and there's no Uniqlo store here, ordering from online shops and sizing is the most difficult problem.
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Thank you for your honest review, and all your comments do help.❤️
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I usually don't like or comment videos, but damn...your so sympathetic. keep up the good work!
Uniqlo dry packaged tee is my favorite, I used to own the supima version but I sweat a lot specially here in the Philippines were its summer all year. The dry packaged tee is a poly cotton blend and it holds the dye better I have 10 in black. Amazing review!
Godsent comparison video, thanks man.
I started my minimalism journey and I struggle finding where I could buy good quality plain white t-shirts of it's brand here in the Philippines.
i used to watch this guy in his cam crunch days
wait a minute, i think ive seen you in film analog channel before
Where do you buy your cargo shorts bro?
thats nice
good vid!!
My new fave vlogger + almost kaedad ko pa.
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That dry Uniqlo is probably the best value t shirt. I’ve washed my grey one numerous times and it’s still holding up
Who the hell knew a white Tee could be so complicated? lol...
I've gotta be honest. It's kinda nice to wear coloured shirts again. Support the channel by sharing this video on reddit or join our patreon community!
whos here cuz u had to watch this video in clothing class
The $6 t-shirt looked like thick, kinda slub cotton. The combed cotton Everlane shirt is just see through.
Dude I was on board with this until you told me you didn’t wash your clothes every time you wore them
I only buy clothes that I really like, so I use them until they're broken. I've also tried to buy stuff that is good quality.
I never understood why old navy was so popular. The clothes literally fell apart. It’s strange because there are a few gap sweaters I’ve owned for 20 years. I think they have the same owners
you know you can buy those 6 dollah shirts on ali express with free shipping from china for less than a buck right? there like 3 bucks 50 with a black print my dude its called low wage country's thats how its done
From my understanding Levi's a huge advocate for sustainability but doesn't seem to care about ethics at all. On their website, Patagonia states that they don't support child labor or unethical labor practices, but if that were true they wouldn't have more than half of their factories in China. I believe ethical practices are just as important as sustainability if not more.
How can it be made so cheap? Short answer economy of scale. They don't design anything. They pick a generic shirt design in a solid color then buy the materials for tens to hundred of millions of products. Then automate there construction and ship in mass. I only bring this up because i come from the view point of not caring about sustainability or child/slave labor. Only about quality vs price for vale. So i would love patagonia quality that is cheaper do to compromising somewhere besides the quality. Evergreen isn't an issue for me because they aren't transparent, they are an issue is because the product is inferior
so Patagonia pays you to convince us to buy their overpriced shirts, it's not happening
Hi Levi, whether these thoughts are in the scope of this channel is debatable, but I am of very limited means, reliant on state benefits, so the $6 t-shirt is realistically my only option. My thought would be if the Patagonia t-shirt can be bought for $50, will that last 8.5 times the $6 item? Given the $50 t-shirt seems to be heavier/thicker there's more cotton, so this will use more resources in the first place. It might even use higher quality/scarcer cotton growth from the plant, thus the $6 unit is making use of more of the plant. I am going to again assume the £50 t-shirt will use more water, labour, energy to both make and sell/market. You do touch on the conditions for the human labour aspect, but there will also be a 'cost' to producing each item, as I know growing cotton and making it into thread takes huge quantities of water and energy too. Plus pesticides (if they are used) and the amount of land needed to grow each t-shirt. Basically, while the video does take some 'costs' into account, it doesn't really scratch the surface. It would be hard to calculate these things, many assumptions would need to be made, research would be needed, but a fuller 'cost' could be arrived at. Whether that's to me as an end-user, to those producing them or to the planet, this could and in my opinion should go much deeper. While a 'stats' video would be to some folk fairly boring, there could be 2 versions, one with the workings out, the other with the sum totals. In short, I think this type of video deserves a deep dive into the issue to really bottom this as there are too many unresolved questions to know which is best to 'save the planet'.
It would be interesting to compare the "5 year basic tee" from LuluLemon.
How is living without a car in North America an achievemt?
In the uk you can get a shirt for £2.50
This dude just said a $6 shirt cost less than a burger at McDonald's...
$50 for a Patagonia shirt is a bargain. I live in Central America and the import taxes are ridiculous, and things get even worse when the you take in consideration the local wages are much much lower than first world countries. Changing topic, I do agree with buying premium t-shirts whenever possible because they will outlast a 1000 cheap t-shirts, the premium t-shirts I have purchased over the years do not stretch when washed, their color do not bleed, their stitching remains intact and all of this after years and years of wear, it is like wearing almost the same product I bought (unfortunately I can't say anything about their manufacture practices since I have no idea).
Dude must not sweat... I pretty much have to change clothes every 4 hours between work, working out, mountain biking, and going out at night. Shit I do laundry like 2x a week!
Imma keep it 💯 with you, I got one Patagonia shirt for dates but just give me a $6 grey tee-shirt.
can someone explain the ubereats things? that is not environmentally friendly...

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