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Classical and Quantum Information Theory: An Introduction for the Telecom Scientist Book Reviews from YouTube

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For a more intuitive approach to understanding Quantum Mechanics see : sirI need a basic and introduction of quantum mechanics book which is more theoretical plz suggest me sir
Sir please do more of these books videos especially for history
Nice books progression. Here's an inspirational speech from Prof Richard Feynman. kya apne sirf iss video ke liye yeh sari books li
Without maths :1. Quantum Mechanics by Manjit Kaur2. 2 doors 1 reality3. Astrophysics by people in hurry Niel Grasse TysonQuantum Mechanics in Maths Rigour :1. Hrk2. Kleppner and Kolenkow3. David Morin4. Theoritical Mechanics - Schwann Series5. Mechanics (idk the author name)6. Em by David Griffths7. Statistical MechanicsMaths :8. Mathematical mrthofs for phy and eng by riley hobson and benz9. Ordinary differential eqn10. Intro to linear algenra gilbert strang11. Biren and Fuller maths mathematics in quantum and classical mechanicsQuantum mechanics :12. David griffths quantum mech13. Quantum mechanics by willey14. Principals of quantum mechanics Ram murthy shankan15. Practical quantum mechanicsQuantum Field theory :16. Lahiri and pal quantum field theoryAstrophysics :17. Gravity by Hurtle18. Tensor calculus schaum's series19. Gravitatiom and Cosmology Steve weinberg
How learn matjs for quantum mechanics If ones maths is v poorPl help
Chaitanya is a legend
i loved how calmly u said at 13:58 .........................then u can come up to speed within a period of about 5 YEARS OR SO
most of the books are for preparation of international phys olympiad during my jee prep i read those they are wonderful
*Complete list of books recommended to refer:**Pupular Science books:*Quantum by Manjeet KumarThrough two doors at once by Anil AnantswamiAstrophysics for people in a hurry by Neil Tyson*Quantum Mechanics:*Fundamentals of Physics by David Halliday, Robert Resnick, Jearl WalkerTHEORY & PROBLEMS OF THEORETICAL MECHANICS (SCHAUM'S OUTLINE SERIES) (SI UNITS) by Murray SpiegelMechanics: Course of Theoretical Physics - Vol. 1 by Landau, E.M. LifshitzIntroduction to Electrodynamics, 4th Edition (South Asia Edition) by David J. GriffithsStatistical Mechanics by Kerson HuangMathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences by Mary L. BoasMathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering by Ken F. Riley, Mike P. Hobson, Stephen J. BenceOrdinary Differential Equations by M. Tenenbaum, H. PollardIntroduction to Linear Algebra by StrangThe Mathematics of Classical and Quantum Physics by Frederick W. Byron, Robert W. FullerQuantum Physics of Atoms, Molecules, Solids, Nuclei and Particles - by Robert Eisberg, Robert ResnickIntroduction to Quantum Mechanics Paperback - by David GriffithsQuantum Mechanics: Concepts and Applications by Nouredine ZettiliPrinciples of Quantum Mechanics by R. ShankarQuantum Mechanics (Non-Relativistic Theory) Volume 3 by L D Landau, E.M. LifshitzPractical Quantum Mechanics by Siegfried FluggeA First Book of Quantum Field Theory by A. Lahiri (Author), P.B. PalAn Introduction to Mechanics by Daniel Kleppner and Robert Kolenkow*Dark Matter (Astro physics):*Gravity: An Introduction to Einstein's General Relativity by James HartleSchaums Outline of Tensor Calculus (Schaum's Outlines) by David KayGravitation and Cosmology: Principles and Applications of the General Theory of Relativity (WSE) -by Steven Weinberg
Sir please suggest the books for Math from Start to Finish
I want to understand it completely and deeply
The best I find is R shankar quantum mechanics zettli is also great for beginner
Yes astrophysics is easier than quantum mechanics but it is no piece of cake for a grand unified theory we need to work on it from both the fonts so astrophysics is also very important
Sir please reply it's a humble request and I am new to bsc so I have many confusions please answer sir
Sir I want to become a competent astrophysicist but all the quantum mechanics and mthematics books that u have recommended should be read to master astrophysics or some of the rigorous qm books can be neglected
ALWAYS FIRST go to the "Copyright Page"/"Date Page" and see what printing it is, this will tell you how recently CORRECTIONS have been included. A 9th Printing, a 10th Printing, etc.. are good signs. It took nearly twenty years for all the clunkers in Peskin/Schroeder to get chased out, and now that it's a CRC Press/Taylor Francis, it's pretty much error free. Schwartz's book is getting the clunkers chased out in each new Printing.
Plzz suggest me some books on Tensor analysis and tensor calculus ..
Narlikar or sp Puri which one is good for a beginner in general relativity?
the book has great explanation of concepts but the structure of the book is what I do not appreciate
Hello Brother;I want to buy this book but I hesitate if I buy incorrect edition. So many errata published about this book. Maybe your on hand corrected version. Where did you buy it ? Can you share purchasing link ?
Which is best book on general relativity for a beginner?
Which is best book for mathematical methods in physics for absolute beginners
Hey bro, can you please do a review of all theoretical minimum books
Sir, what are prerequisites for studying narlikar's introduction to relativity?
Can you please suggest some books which come with engineering approach to Quantum Technology
We all want to know about you make video about you self .... please
Andrew dotson is using this book + the book from peskin for his PHD reasearch
Need this in my life
Is it necessary to know to classical filed theory before going into QFT. If so suggest me a good book for classical field theory.
dope af!!!!! seriously amazing work prof doc!
She's so beautiful. And SMART. :) Great presentation, vital information these days.
I love the name Elizabeth Reaper. I just got divorced I may change my name to that.
Great talk!!
I can't unhear the uwu-speak in her accent, and now I'm enjoying this talk even more.
Natural processes did not create DNA.
I have a question for you please... apparently, someone made an experiment where the dna of a person was put in a room and the owner of that dna was put in another room ... when this subject was exposed at any stimulation the dna in the separate room would response at exactly the same time than the stimulus received on the pacient.... could you please share a link of this experiment if any thanks
This means of course we'll never be able to copy a consciousness. That's a shame as I had hoped to be able to download mine before I died....
It makes me wonder if quantum entanglements transmit the phase of polarization.
In-form-ation, formulae, active format, modules of resonances => Act-uality of Time Timing Spinfoam, QM-Time Totality => Phys-Chem connection of Recorded Feedback, DNA etc of the living systems.Good talk for 2010...
Very interesting approach. DNA is in deed a quantum system. The problem is to find its logic gates. Binary code has only 2 digits and 7 logic gates. For a 4 digits code will need way more than this... in the digital world.Assert this:The DNA helix has 2 SIDES: L(left), R (right)T = UP in L, DOWN in RA = LEFT in L, RIGHT in RC = DOWN in L, UP in RG = RIGHT in L, LEFT in RAssert an T A G A C G A string => T->A, A->T, G->C, A->T, C->G, G->C, A->TResult :UP-RIGHTLEFT-DOWNDOWN-UPLEFT-DOWNDOWN-LEFTRIGHT-UPLEFT-DOWNThis is a very trivial simulation with comprehensive terms...As you can see will NEVER be UP-DOWN or LEFT-RIGHT situations that can cancel themselves off...What she said is sketchy because is a beginning... but is a very strong starting point for a new area of research. Good stuff!
Some one asked long ago...Q: what bosson participate in the interaction of molecules into cells, cells into tissues, tissues into organs etc?A) though bosons act as field catalysts and stimulus on quantum field level, field catalysts and stimilus on eather field level are different..enzymes..etcUnfortunately for the ether field unlike the quantum field, it converges through vibrational frequency and diverges through frequency resonation inform of vibration frequency resonation..eather not a medium but vibrational frequency resonation.Frequency resonation converts negentropy into entropy through classical landscape(which is quantum info in nature), and vibration frequency converts entropy into negentropy through quantum field(which is classical info in nature).And when. And the classical quantum reduction and production justifies the complex limits of vibration frequency resonation in polynomial time.
She has a super position of r's and w's. But she's fantastic though, great presentation!
tell me one person that understands this and hes even dumber than the people that didnt understand it!! hHAHAHAHAA
quantum mechanics is bullshit. :)
Correct, Quantum Prophecies, only the carrier is physical. In addition, information in Shannon's theory is not the H of the source as implied here, but the difference of the source H overall with that of a particular message received.
Can't understand at 26:23 why does she say the classical channel is too small. Bit quick for me at that bit.Anybody understand?
hot wife=hard drive please read the subtitles people.
I've the problem-solution version of Aruldhas (500 probs and solns).
How to download online this book?
Please update link here to download this book
Did you appear for iit jam?
After doing gravity by James hartle which book is good for GTRJayant Narilkar or Bernard schutz or Gravitation by kip thorne
please do book reviews on statistical mechanics
For studying first time which is bestGriffiths or Zettli
Feynman lecture or this one
Bro from where do you buy the books?Actually the only platform I have for Book purchasing is either Amazon or Flipkart. But you know sometimes they disappoint so much the Quality and delivery of the books.Is there some sites where I can buy second hand books at cheaper price or I can sell my books that I don't want to read again?

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