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Circuit Analysis: Theory and Practice Book Reviews from YouTube

Essential & Practical Circuit Analysis: Part 1- DC Circuits
Circuit Analysis - 1 (Introduction)
Circuit Theory Class -1,Circuit Theory I Network Theory I Electric Circuit I Electrical, Electronics
EECE 251 - A BJT tutorial/recitation with a quick review of theory
7 years later and it's still the best video
great presentation .. why you stopped doing videos ?
Ive never understood anything better tysm for the help
At 12:14. What do you mean "you just flip it?"
Why isnt it c for current?
Hi there, I have a map of the world on the wall size 8'x5'. I would like to install a lighting effects above it that emulates the way the Sun lights up the earth. The system will probably be connected to a clock. Can you make a video showing in details the steps for such a set up? Thanks
Why do we take the reciprocal when calculating the Equivalent Resistance at 12:10 ?
(380 V)
This link has useful material for circuits was such an excellent explanation, I have really learned a lot. The way how you are presenting the equation together with the example, it really makes sense, and gives more understanding. Thank you.But I would like to know how those explanations, and equation, apply practically as the devices are being used in reality.
at 53:15 I'm so confused. This is the exact opposite sign convention I was taught by two professors. If your current is flowing from low to high potential through a voltage source (negative to positive), it should be a voltage rise (positive, not negative). Am I misunderstanding something?
Dude. I had no idea. This cleared up quite a lot of misconceptions I had. This should help me a great deal. Book marking this video.
Best knowledge, thanks you so much
Excellent knowledge in maths, physics & electronics... Reminded me of learning during college days while learning physics...very simply with efforts explained.
Best circuit analysis lecture I have watched so far.. You nailed it sir!
35:05 lol love the humor in this video
V1= 14v is incorrect. Vs is 12v sum of all voltages cannot be more than source voltage.
i love it. thank you
Amazing mind-blowing superb
You are the best teacher Guys kindly follow his channel
Sir apne bohoti achi tarikase samjateho thanks sir
Thank you sir
Amazing Explanation all topics have cleared properly,thank you sir.
Kya kahoon samagh nhi aa rha h gjb superb sir very helpful
I wish there were english version for your videos!
Sir eca -1 explain r20 regualtion please sir
Great sir
Sir is this video helpful for bsc part 11
Sir, aap bohot achchha adhate ho, easily samaj aa jata he
Thanks sir
Doubt free lecture..Tq sir.
very awesome and mind captivating lecture. sir plz send me your whatsapp number plz and make a video on last mentioned theorems
i apology if i sound rude, but is this english? I'm a non native speaker
Good evening mam my name is Robin mam apse mene top test series per machine detail me complete ki thi or aaj un notes se bahut paper ayaThanks mam dffcil me
Mam circuit theory all chapta videos baniye din sscje ki liya hena..
Please Ma'am make the video on power system..
Easy to learn... Thank you Mam.
Mam Electricical and Electronics measurement ka bhi series laiye
Madam technical kas strong ka kr
Start watching from 13:22
Mame civil k liye v kuch intazam kijiye ssc je k liye
Mem plzz puri basic electrical kra dijeegaa plzz mem
Ssc jee kele padhaiya na mam please complete syllabus electrical branch ke
Thank you so much mam bhutt din se wait kr rha tha ey series mam thank you mam
Series ko continue rakhiyega mam
Mam aap aise hi sabhi technical subject cover karwa do
Superb mam
mamm dfccil ki exam har sal conduct hoti ki har 2 saal mai ?
Mam Mera exicutive OP and BD main raw marks 60 hai with 100%accuracy SC community se Kya main pshyco test k liye appear ho sakta hun
Mam SSC JE 2021...examination Notification kab tak ayega
Just wow!! Thank you Sir
The best tutorial ever about BJT transistors. Thanks a lot!
Where did you get 0.2 v from?
Excellent Many thanks
Thank you . Your videos are a SERENDIPITOUS experience.I kept saying to myself "Oh, NOW, I GET IT!" over and over. I just had to subscribe! Thank you so much for "TURNING ON THE LIGHT on BJTs for me.
This is absolutely exceptional. Thank you for this wonderful video.
Maaaaaan!!!! U R A TRUE LEGEND!!!!
I've finally found help
Wonderful explanation. On minute 16:30 however, how did you get Vc = -6.25mV? Isn't it supposed to be 0.1V?
Thank you very much! I'm busy doing some distance learning without lecturer support and I've decided to adopt your youtube channel as my unofficial lecturer. :D Keep up the good work it's much appreciated!
Just the BEST.
Incredible video.
Every minute here equals an hour in class.
Thankyou very much sir , you are amazing
Thank you for the help...well explained Iam now able to solve questions
The best BJT tutorial I've seen so far. You took it nice and slow, and didn't skip over any crucial details.
OMG great voice, great knowledge transfer. Absolutely great content in efficient time.

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