Ciba Vision Fresh Look Colour Blends Monthly Contact Lens (-4.5, True Sapphire, Pack of 2) on Flipkart Price in India: Compare prices and reviews

Ciba Vision Fresh Look Colour Blends Monthly Contact Lens (-4.5, True Sapphire, Pack of 2) Price in India, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online at Flipkart . Compare Prices and Save!

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Buy Ciba Vision Fresh Look Colour Blends Monthly Contact Lens (-4.5, True Sapphire, Pack of 2) online at Flipkart. Contact Lens Light Blue Color Lens Monthly
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Ciba Vision Fresh Look Colour Blends Monthly Contact Lens (-4.5, True Sapphire, Pack of 2) Features

Freshlook Colorblends in affordable opaque colors with maximum possible lens concentration blends 3 colours into one to create the subtle, natural depth of your eyes. Replace it frequently to enjoy a comfortable wear.

  • Lens Type: Color Lens
  • Spherical Power: -4.50 Dioptres
  • Cylindrical Power: 0.00 Dioptres
  • Axis Power: 0 degree
  • Color: Light Blue
  • Disposability: Monthly
  • Contact Lens
  • Light Blue
  • Color Lens
  • Monthly

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Ciba Vision Fresh Look Colour Blends Monthly Contact Lens (-4.5, True Sapphire, Pack of 2) Specifications

Axis Power 0 degree
Base Curve 8.6 mm
Brand Ciba Vision
Brand Color True Sapphire
Color Light Blue
Corrective Power -4.5 dioptres
Cylindrical Power 0 dioptres
Diameter 14.5 mm
disposability Monthly
Lens Type Color Lens
Material Phemfilicon A
Model Name Freshlook ColourBlends
Spherical Power -4.5 dioptres
Water Content 55 %
In the Box
Pack of 2
Sales Package 2 Contact Lens

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Ciba Vision Fresh Look Colour Blends Monthly Contact Lens (-4.5, True Sapphire, Pack of 2) Reviews from YouTube

I have tried lense for the first time # freshlook monthly lense # blue sapphire # pure hazel
All 12 Freshlook Colorblends Contacts on Dark Brown Eyes - PROMO CODE : MIMI
Freshlook 5 COLORED LENSES TRIAL for DARK / Black EYES I Indian Dusky Brown GIRLS I Tumpa Banerjee
12 Freshlook Contacts on Dark Brown Eyes - PROMO CODE : MIMI
Does air optix and freshlook's true sapphire look the same?
Beautiful lens
Hazel to lagaya hi nhi didi
Aap pr day maximum kitne hours tk continue contect lenses use krte ho pizz reply
Di mere bale chubtr hn
Dikhaya to h nhi
When i check link 2lens per box?That means 2 lens for one eye
Thiss is called true and honest review and suggestions
Appi akho me chubhta to ni hai lens boliye
Di can i use it daily ?
Didi nahane ke samay lense kholna hai kai
Very good
You explained everything good
For those watching: she doesn’t put the contact in her eye until 5:24. You’re welcome
U look so pretty with these, I just bought them
Don't use sanitizer again and again while putting lens. You need to wash your hands with dettol+water and after that use can easily put lens. Sanitizer has chemicals in it because of that you may start having itchy eyes and redness. As, I am using the lens from last 10 yrs and I don't use sanitizer. Rest, it may vary person to person. Once you ll habitual of it then you can put them within seconds. Good luck guys.
Try wearing contacts from Olens India. They're really good, although they're quite expensive. But, worth it. And apni Jodi sanitizer ta use na koren, eyes theke tears ashbena. Using a sanitizer before wearing lens is a common mistake that people make. I wear colored contacts almost every alternate day. And trust me, I made the same mistake of using sanitizers. When I stopped using sanitizer, my tears also stopped. The reason behind this is simple science. Sanitizers have alcohol which is a disinfectant and alcohol is going to irritate your eyes, sometimes even causing blindness. Aankhon ka sawal hai, bas dhyaan rakhna.
Chudail lg rhi ho
Bohot suit hui hai
still looks dodgy to me lol. if it aint for the ridiculous shipping cost i would have already bought Olens ;A;
Thankyou for this
How much for the box
Mimi, watching you from thousand of miles away just wanted to thank you.
No close ups? Very dumb video. They all look same
Can you see well in them ?
Not at all clear dear
Thank you so much for doing this- The pure hazel were gorgeous on you and with a full lock down (all shops closed) in London, England, this is sooo helpful
no se distingue nada
Cld not really see the color, u wer looking awaythey all kinda looked the same except brilliant blue and the greens
thank you for trying these out and showing us. absolutely what I needed before making my purchase. thank you!
Since HS (2008) I love gray, too! When I transferred to another country (2010), everyone thought I had that gray as my natural eye color I am pure Filo I couldn't buy a new set because of financial priorities. Hoping to get a prescription set on my special day. Thanks to your video I know what I'll be going for. ✨
You don’t say what color you have on
Thanks for this video. But you look so sad and like you’re going to cry. I know the watery eyes are from changing your contacts a lot, but you really look on the verge of sobbing for most of the video :(
My fav s gray and g green
Arrasou !
Gracias por la reseña
green is really cool
I have lenses in brilliant blue colour from this company I buy these lenses from saudia
Lenses TRIAL STARTS @2:50 and All lenses together @5:52 5 NEW COLORED LENSES FROM SOFT LENSES SEE BAUSCH and LOMB Pink and Aqua color Lenses BUY FRESHLOOK LENSES HERE 1) GREY MONTHLY amazon link flipkart link 2) AMETHYST MONTHLY amazon link flipkart link 3) GREEN one day lenses amazon link flipkart link 4) GREY one day lens amazon link flipkart link 5) BLUE one day lens amazon link flipkart link Also freshlook lenses look mostly greyish on black eyes, but when You see closely they do look different
Hii dear Could you please tell me which color shade will look good for dark brown skin tone . please reply Thnkyouu
Hello Ma'am. I have a query. I have purchased trial eye lense @ 99/- from aqualense brandjust to can I use it twice or thrice or it is only for single time use?
Are those freshlook lenses comfortable than aquacolor lenses? Please reply
Lokking like rani Mukherjee with gray eye lens
Amazing video! I've never worn lens so please suggest which color should I buy as I have fair skin and brown eyes?
Hey hey hey. If I buy monthly lenses, and use it once a week, then, can I keep them for atleast 3 to 4 months?. Please reply .
Sub ek jaise he ha
Can i go for zero power lenses and then wear my power spectacles plz reply
Lens solution ka teast kiya namkin hoty hain
Ye sab me sab se best Konsa lagta hai black eyes par. Aur app ka favourite konsa hai one day leans me se plz reply.
She in college started to where lenses Me still 13 and thinking to where
Hats off to you for keeping your eyes open for so long for us too see properly. Thank you
Thank you so much. Now I am able to choose the perfect look of freshlook grey lens
Which green colour lens is it?
Hey, are the green lenses kind of brown? I mean a slight tint of brown and green in green lenses? I want to buy them so your opinion would help. I'm actually confused about pure hazel and green
Hello jab main lens lagana start Karti Hun tu vah mere hand ke finger per hi chipak jaate Hain aur lens ki dabi make a water kitne din ke bad change karna chahie yah bhi bataiye please mujhe
The link u have given its for 10 lenses So please reply whether it's of same colour 10 lenses or different?
For how many hours I can use one day 4-5 how to keep it safelyI never used any lenses 's why I don't have any ideas about the lenses.must reply that I can go for it.
Plz tell me the best lens on brown eyes
girl I don't know if you still read comments this old but every time I re-up my order for these lenses I rewatch ur video to make sure I'm getting the right colors XD loooove you thank you for posting this
my eyes are naturally a very dark brown. but the pure hazel looked more natural on me than the brown. the brown was like a stand out on eye, if that made sense hehe. the brown stood out too much. but the pure hazel on the other hand, blends more naturally on me.
I should have watched this before ordering
Hi Mimi. First time on your channel . Great video and thank you for taking the time to show us an example of what each one of the looks like on dark eyes. You saved me a lot of valuable time deciding what to get. Many blessings to you
The mascara is too heavy. It looks like you've got used wheel bearing grease on them. You dont need it so heavy like that. I liked the green ones on you.
This is the most helpful video I’ve seen for color contacts. But I guess that’s because you actually have my skin shade & eye color.
Hey I loved this video and I have a suggestion - please get a better camera for your viewers and I have a question - are they disposable or can I wear them for long? (please don't be like those people that don't reply back)
how many years can use contact lens answer plsss
Pure Hazel looked good on you
I like honey
Ur fake eye lashes look horrible
The video was great but you could have shot this in natural day light, would have come out much better
Vow you are looking beautiful with hazel contacts and it is my favorite color. Guys you can buy contact lenses from .
Baby Ariel who
I bought a pair of hazel ones today and was thinking does it look natural and after watching your video I am at peace with my purchase soo thank you omg thank you
I couldnt really see none of the colors maybe add a light
Total fail! Could barely see any dofference with bad lightinf. Hope that you do not really wear those grotesque eye lashes Gross!
these are bad, sorry
I bought "honey" 1 hour before watching this. I guess I'll look like some twilight vamp. Thought on my almost black eyes they would look natural. No way in hell have I thought about edward cullen shit

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