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Buy Chuwi Hi13 64GB Intel Apollo Lake Celeron N3450 Quad Core ...

Intel Apollo Lake Celeron N3450 Quad Core 1.1GHz, up to 2.2GHz_:Ultra-low-voltage platform and quad-core processing provide maximum high-efficiency power to go.


EbuyChX HD Clear Transparent Screen Protector for Chuwi Hi13 ...

For: Tablet PC Accessory type: Screen Protector Film Compatible models: For Chuwi 0.0970 Package weight: 0.125 kg Product size (L x W x H): 32.40 x 21.70 x ...


PU Leather Flip Case for Chuwi Hi 13 Tablet PC Protective Cover ...

PU Leather Flip Case for Chuwi Hi 13 Tablet PC Protective Cover 13.5 inch Full Body Folding 3 Foldable Stand Design Shell Luxury : Computers ...


Folding Stand PU Leather Keyboard Case Cover for Chuwi Hi13 ...

Description: Compatible Model: Chuwi Hi13 Tablet Material: PU leather. Function: Dirt-resistant. Design: Folio Stand Case Size:33.8*24.2*1cm. Color:Brown


Phone Accessories H3 for CHUWI Hi9 Plus/HiPad LTE / Hi13 ... Buy Phone Accessories H3 for CHUWI Hi9 Plus/HiPad LTE / Hi13 / SurBook Tablet Active Capacitive Stylus Pen (Black) (Color : Black) online at low ...


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Chuwi Hi13

Find the best deal on Chuwi Hi13 at Amazon, and check out the latest price, availability, estimated Delivery, Shipping Cost, Cash on Delivery (COD) and EMI options before buying online.The lowest Chuwi Hi13 Price in India is ₹38,999 at Amazon.
The online price is valid across the cities in India including Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune, however before making your purchase, we recommend checking the latest prices and availability at leading retailers such as Amazon and Flipkart. Keep in mind that prices may fluctuate, so it's a good practice to verify the current rates on the respective websites.
For a comprehensive understanding of Chuwi Hi13 we encourage you to explore its full specifications, features, expert review and unboxing videos before purchasing.
Shop for Chuwi Hi13 on Amazon to enjoy the best prices in India and significant savings. Take advantage of any ongoing discounts or promotions to get the most value out of your purchase.

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Item model number CVAHC-133002

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Chuwi Hi13 Reviews from YouTube

Chuwi Hi13 Unboxing - Windows 10 Tablet With Surface Book Screen
Chuwi Hi13 2-in-1 Tablet Review
Chuwi Hi13 Review - Windows 10 Tablet With Surface Book Screen
Chuwi Hi13 Review - What if Surface Book was $400?
This tabelt is $269 here with coupon Hi13GB *The full detailed review is now online! Over 27 minutes worth!* full written review: linux, KDE it's the best desktop, it's prepared for everything. And Manjaro, it's maybe the best user friendly distribution. Thanks for this good review.
They allow PayPal now. Edit: It depends on stores
Hello I just bought a chuwi hi13 but I have to audio sound or the touch screen don't work can anyone help me this is the first time I had ever used this device
What is the back made of?
Hey vives en España
Yikes they're overcharging it on gear best for just 100 bucks more than how much they're charging it I could get a used surface book sadly
4:50 i like that port alignment . acually is like my piss outside in the back of a camping fire chinese design. im sure they dont give a fck about that, knowing the chinese spirit hahah and the piece of shit under the screen , amazing i guess YOU HAVE TO get all these because is cheap. thats how they thinking, not that they easily could improve on not having that dirt under the screen
Does the stylus also work with their cheaper tablets?
Does anyone know if it takes sim cards?
Is the performance any better if you knock it down to 1080?
This looks remarkably similar to my Insignia Flex 11, a Best Buy branded 2 in 1 Intel Atom windows tablet pc (which I love by the way). But the similarities are so much to the point I would almost swear that one company made both tablets, unless one copied the other.
Wish if it's have face recognition
Tablets are like pc
I picked one of these up last week, I got about an hours use out of it before the battery drained, I plugged it in only to find that nothing is charging. I get a charging light and a charging icon in windows but nothing actually charges, now the battery is completely dead and I'm returning it. Oh, and the keyboard dock is also super uncomfortable imagine the weight of a heavy tablet directed into a 8mm bar levered straight across your legs, yup painful. The trackpad is horrendous, they've made the buttons way too small for the pad, so unless you click towards the inside of the pad it just doesn't register. The performance is really bad too, youtube struggles to load, multiple browser tabs are a no-go, it's really underpowered, barely any better than an atom. The keyboard has sharp edge bevels directly where your wrists go making for an uncomfortable tabletop experience too, and the snap fit with the dock is really fiddly I can easily see it being dropped if applied incorrectly since it half sticks to the keyboard. The pre-applied screen protector also came with bubbles underneath. The only good thing about this tablet was the screen for the short period of time I got to use it. It just seems like nobody can make a good quality 2 in 1 these days, the surface has garbage quality control, evidently Chuwi is trash, maybe it's best to just avoid them all together?
Can you suggest me best budget dual os tablet I am really confused. Please.
This tablet is very heavy, it's about 1.5kg, too heavy to handle by your hands, and the stylus is awful, the battery get stuck inside you can't replace it, the customer service is super super super awful, their response is like it's all your fault, the quality, the battery get stuck(I used their original battery and get stuck) and they told me an address to return back, then told me another address and I sent back to the first one, they said they didn't get it and won't provide any service, even not call the delivery guy to check, and keep saying it's all my fault, what hte xxxx this company.
HANNspree HANNSpad Titan 2 13.3 or the CHUWI Hi13 2-in-1 13.5. which is the better buy?
Does anyone know where I can buy a charger for this I busted mine and I can’t find one online
How can I buy this in Malaysia?
Sir I want to but chuwi hi12 but i dont know from which site I can buy in belgium. Can you give me some reference?
how many buttons are on the pen? I'm thinking of using it for editing/compositing video, and 3D modelling, low end stuff
Can the keyboard be used with surface book2?
Indian price
What is the screen size
I have a Chuwi Hi13 Tablet, but it came with Windows! How do i get Android
How bright is the display?
Does lowering the resolution speed up web browsing and page loading?
I need help please Which device do you recommend me, the Chuwi hi13 or the Chuwi Lapbook Air Which is better Or you can also recommend me something else, I need to watch videos, light games, office. Is for the university Thanks
Jesus Christ. When you guys review the handwriting, PLEASE, show it from the right angle so we can see how responsive it is, to get the feel of the experience. If you're writing with your right hand, put the camera on the left; if you're writing with your left hand, put the camera on the right.
The WORST thing I ever bought in my life. Besides the hardware does not process the resolution of the screen, the hardware came with defect. The official store says but it does not give warranty or support. Chuwi are liars who steal customers.
okay, but if I wanted to use the stylus to take notes on an app (Evernote, OneNote, etc.), is there palm rejection? I'm planning to use this for extensive note taking in university
Hi, I just need it just for work(send emails, SSH connection to servers through VPN, use WinSCP and open a single web page for work) do you recommend, I have now a laptop of 15" but I want someting more light and small to use. Thanks.
Do you think this tablet/laptop is still worth it?
Does this pen have palm rejection?
congrats to whoever Tom is. I hope you really need it.
I need to know if i won or not so I know if I have to start begging for money. I need a PC bad. Im totally about to destroy this free Coolpad so called smart phone that can only hold two apps at a time. HELP ME
Did anyone win?
It's great, cool, amazing, i like it and i love to win this giveaway.
Perfect :) Perfect item for my educational works :) Really love that big touch screen :) Thanks Makeuseof for the oppportunity :)
The Chuwi Hi13 is now just $269 here with coupon Hi13GB
Like any of your reviews or all your reviews, it's just perfect. The answer to the question "should you buy" it's actually very simple, for me at least. NO ONE should buy Chuwi devices! Despite the good build quality, design, performance, and value or the money, Chuwi is very bad in customer service, warranty and after sale support. Two years ago I purchased a CoreBook by backing it on Indigogo and last year one more Lapbook SE, so I'm not an enemy of the brand. Everything changed when the cover keyboard o the CoreBook started malfunctioning, several keys don't work anymore. After contacting Chuwi I've been told the following: 24 months warranty is for the tablet-pc alone; keyboard is only 3 months covered. Repair is out o the question as well as buying a new one since don't have it anymore. No whatsoever proposal or support in solving the issue, except "you can connect an external keyboard via BT". Basically f!?k myself and throw 500 USD it in the trash after not even 2 years of using the device.
I'm a bit late to the party, but I'm just after a big screened tablet that can be used effectively as a screen to show song sheets for when I gig or busk. Surely this will be good enough? Files would probably just be PDF's or scanned pages (jpegs)? Cheers!
21:08 on low performance devices i always advice to use sumatra PDF reader. try it!
cant really expect to much from celeron it just a step above the atom infact ide choose the atom over celeron any day but that is my prefrence. Thanks for the review on this. Dell is running a good price on the Inspiron 3000 though not 13 inch but the stats are well enough and a 500gig hard drive option is a nice bonus
Hy! Which one would you prefer, Hi13 or Cube Knote?
Is there going to be a newer version of this tablet? I'm thinking of buying one but it's over a year old.
I got the Chuwi Hi13 today and it seems the hardware inside mine is a bit different and setup slightly different. Chuwi is only dedicating 167MB of ram for the graphics with my tablet and the Storage in my tablet is Sandisk DF4064. Also the speakers sound decent and they are loud. Also where you whowed the memory in Task Manager it shows slots used 2 of 4 mine shows 2 of 3
Can it have Android installed?
Would this be able to run the sims 4 and Rocket league?
the pen seems much better than other cheap tablet
to be precise what if i want to use Chuwi Hi13 "ONLY" for taking class notes or say use as notebook. pleas reply
lol path of exile 30 fps solo leveling, in parties at 90 it would be something like 2fps
i want to see zbrush tested on this. im a student and cant afford a wacom cintiq
Hi can I ask you a question is there any chance that I can downgrade to Windows 7 on this tablet
DO NOT BUY THIS! no support, defect hardware, specifications of the past, the oficial drives will make you have to reinstall the system you will only have a headache with this piece of s.
Question :Could you just lower the screen resolution to around 2K to improve system performance? I would image it would still look great on a 13-inch screen
Your reviews have definitely been helping Thank you for going really into depth with your reviews will definitely subscribe
Please, can you inform me, if I can use the tablet (hdmi) + external monitor with 2560 x 1080 (60 hz)? thank you
hi does anyone know if this uses pulse width modulation? I have noticed on some reviews the screen flickers
please review the Chuwi Hi9 tablet!
I love your reviews and especially on these lesser known units
Buyers beware, don't buy anything from Chuwi They absolutely don't back up their products. I purchased a Chuwi Surbook 128gb top model from them. The claimed Gorilla glass screen showed tiny chipping then the screen cracked (within 2 months of receiving it) causing imaging issues during use (frozen ghost images text and images). I have communicated with Chuwi 30+ times, they have stalled basically done nothing to resolve it. I paid $400 for the Surface clone and as the old saying goes you get what you pay for. Take my word DO NOT buy anything from this rip off company. Every Tech company I have ever had product from would have sent me a new replacement. Not Chuwi!
How well does it play high quality videos?
Can you buy this for me :'j
would I be able to use this as a portable cintiq? could I use the "project screen" feature of windows to project Photoshop from my powerful laptop to this tablet?
I bought a chuwi 1 year ago, after a month stopped working (and im not the first) and this is the reality of chuwi : It's amazing how they treat their customers after selling, No emails, no answers, worst of all they have my computer for almost a year and they don't give me an explanation. 1 month after my chuwi freeze I bought an used surface. nothing to compare here, its simply faster and don't crash all the time, support will be there always for you. If someone can help wit this I would appreciate it, because I don't know what else to do to get it back.
To be fair, I'm running a SP3 right now and I'm willing to take the downgrade in specs to get rid of this flimsy, buggy piece of crap.
Where can I buy a charger for this Can someone please help me I busted my charger. Someone please leave a link if u know one. Thanks
Great review! I have a Chuwi hi 13. It's definitely not the best out there. Surface pros are better, but for a University student on a budget this 2-in-1 definitely does the job. Battery life is pretty great. I can easily reach 5 hours staight of use without having to give up on screen brightness 50% and wifi. I've been using it for 3 months now and I'm quite satisfied about quality/price of the tablet.
How about samsung chromebook plus, its very premium feelinh, and it comes with the s pen. And it costs 400$ too
If it were an order of magnitude less expensive than the Surface book, it would cost about $31.66.
Can you do more phone's?
have had 2 CHUWI HiBook Pro and Hi10 Pro both would never swith on again after battery got drained once. terrible experience with the Gearbest customer service to follow and very poor compensation. . think twice before you buy Atom dual boot direct from the chinese.
I appreciate your reviews even if the product is not top name brand as these may be just all someone needs and they would also like to know about these other products.
Can u get an Eve V and review it please?
Just received a faulty surbook and after contacting chuwi they responded after a week considering to send it back to China for repairs. Awful customer service. REPLY
shut it.
SOLD! Got it off ebay in the UK totals about 310 GBP for all 3 parts. Warning to UK people some joker is selling it as a package on ebay for over 400 quid, buy it separate. All i will use it for is multimedia and a few retro games / emulations and fed up with iOS being shit . Note to Apple, if a china no name can fit 2 USB a ports on a keyboard that thin why can you not ?

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