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Chemical Reactor Modeling: Multiphase Reactive Flows Book Reviews from YouTube

Chemical Reactor Modeling Multiphase Reactive Flows
The BEST Chemical Reactor Engineering Book - A Honest Review from a Process Engineer
Design of Multiphase Reactors by Prof. J. B. Joshi part 1
RTD for Ideal Reactors !! Tank in Series Model !! Dispersion Model !! Non-Ideal Reactors
Thanks for your kind comments. As stated, I will be making more Book Review for Chemical & Process Engineers!
Can you share about Chemical Reaction Engineering by Octave Levenspiel
I have just obtained that book to improve my knowledge about chemical reactors, this video is a gift to start with my new path. Thank you Emmanuel! Hope that in future you'll make a similar video, maybe about columns and similar ;) Good job as always! See you!
Im a student of chemical engineering And I have read this book its amazing
Naptha samel remove formula
Sir petroleum ether solvent samel remove formula
Muchas gracias por hacer mas fcil entender estos conceptos
My old undergraduate supervisor told a story about meeting Fogler in his office. Apparently Fogler was sitting at his desk, with nothing but a pen in his hand and a single piece of paper, on which he was slowly writing. "I write it once, and I write it right," he said, "no need for any revisions".It's a great story. But I'm a Levenspiel man through and through.
Which book would you recommend for freshman Chemical eng?
Best book for dynamic and control process for ChemE in your personal opinion? Thanks for these videos, so helpful.
El "Levine" es bueno tambin, me acuerdo de haber estudiado para hacer el bce de calor y materia en un TAD con catalizador. Ese es un librazo por supuesto. Cheers from a "country" called Argentina , great channel for all the CE. Aguante el chavo del 8.
RIP Folger
I read somewhere that octave was the professor of fogler
Best books for math. What kind of math is the most useful for chem engineeres to know and master? Which are the math skills that are most on demand that give the edge in finding job?
Thanks a lot for your efforts!
Very useful, glad you are doing a series in this topic
Best book (CRE,process control,design)
RIP, Dr. Fogler, who mentored one of our faculty. As I sit here in my academic office, I have Fogler's book, Levenspiel's book (the one I learned from before the asteroid killed off the dinos), and Hill and Root, all on my desk. Each has its own strength, but Fogler's remains my go-to text when building assignments for kinetics-oriented lab experiments for seniors.
I had the honor of meeting Professor Fogler in person in 2017, he signed my book and impressed me that he wrote my name perfectly! since he was always very close to the mexican institue of chemical engineers. Although I knew him for a very short time, I can say that Professor Fogler was a very kind, patient, fun and forward-thinking person. Rest in peace dear Professor.
Thank you Ganshyam
Thank you sir
Thank you sir for explaining and simplifying such a complex topic of cre..
well explained......i have search for rtd models ....then found your video...nice to see that...
Thankyou so much sir
Very helpful Sir Thank you so much for helping out

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