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Checkered Men's Waistcoat
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Checkered Men's Waistcoat Reviews from YouTube

How To Wear A Vest For Men | Waistcoat
How to Wear a Vest or Men's Waistcoat When Layering The Stylish Way - Gentleman's Gazette
How To Wear A Vest The Best! Men's Style: Vest (Waistcoat) Outfit
Top 10 Mens Vests Dress Men Vests [Winter 2018 ]: Coofandy Men's Lapel Casual Plaid Waistcoat
4:23 It is in fact, okay to button your bottom button of your waist coat. Unlike a suit jacket it is not considered a fashion faux pas to button the bottom button of a waist coat, though you can opt to leave it unbuttoned (as most people do).
1:57 voice crack lol
Classic man! Keep doing what you're doing, dude. Loving the videos.
Thank you.Could you please include subtitles.Cheers.
Man you’re one of a kind
Ok where can I buy vests like these?
Great video as always. Waste coat single breasted only and with 4 buttons only way to go in my view.
A waistcoat. yeah, I wasted many coats in my short life!
I had a question about whether it's appropriate to wear a vest without a suit coat and you've answered it with this video, thank you.
Thanks for the tips.
Hey loved the video 1)can the vest be of one fabric only like same front and back? 2)could you suggest a colour that would go well with a navy blue suit and work has a odd vest, even go well with black chinos Great content cheers!
Suggest me what kind of waistcoat will suit me i want a double breasted waistcoat but i have doubt it will not Suit me as i m a bit skinny.
On unbuttoning the bottom button of a vest. it’s never been mandatory for one to do so. It started with King Edward VII. He got to fat for his suits, and was simply unable to button the bottom button. Naturally, imitation is the sincerest for of flattery. So folks at court began doing the same thing. Soon spread throughout the western world. These days, some vests are fitted and made to leave the bottom button undone. Most you might find off the rack fit better if done up all the way.
This was a BIG help. Always had these questions.
John great video thank you. What's your opinion- belt or no belt?
Got to this one a little late but as always love the content. Keep the fashion forward videos coming John. Have a great weekend.
Good collection
HI John Great vid . I tend to wear waistcoats in conjunction with sports jackets and denims or chinos . So, quite what we call smart casual in the UK . The most versatile colours I would recommend is camel/beige brown   and a maroon . These 2 waistcoats tend to go with most of my jackets
Good evening John, how are you? Thank you for that great information. You always do an excellent job Have a great night!
Just like a chef more than four ingredients in a dish makes it a mess.
If you really invested in three vests instead of a second suit you'd end up looking just slightly different with every waistcoat, with that second suit you'd really change your outfit; at that point I'd say that you couldn't wear a suit everyday, so the investment loses its value. That's my humble opinion, great video apart from that, it really got me
I’m about to find out what an oddvest is. ahh. ok because I bought a suit with no vest and I’m here for some rules on a mismatched vest.
Been working on those waistcoats for a while now
Stripes and checks on way—should be a solid shirt or a solid jacket.
Such a great and in-depth video :) what you forgot to mention your opinion- should one put pocket square in his vest?
I like sweater vest in the winter with my semi-casual semi-formal look, especially a nice wool or cashmere blend will keep you very warm I do have some 100% cotton I like to almost as good they do wash better.
Love vests but not so much in the style specifically shown here. I usually like the more vintage/classic styles but this one isn't jiving with me and I would sooner choose the more modern waistcoat style.
don't know how not done it is most most of the time i just wear a vest with lapel with the same fabrick on the back i really enjoy the freedom of not wearing a jacket
Suitsupply is my place to go for waistcoats. Theire made to measure options and service are great. At least in my local shop.
8:25: That one looks amazing!
regency waistcoats are the best.
i prefer navy pinstripe vests. the host looks too pudgy to wear vests and tries to hide his accent
Could I wear a grey pinstripe suit with a solid black vest?
Will a brown vest go with a black suit or a grey vest with a black suit and brown accents @GentlemansGazette
Would you mind sharing your opinion on using the waistcoat and pants from a 3-piece suit and a simple classic leather jacket. I don't enjoy wearing the suitjacket. This creates a more rugged bold look. But I wonder whether it is something not done/hideous? There is an argument for it looking kind of 'garcon'-like but I actually like that. There to please the people close to me and then roughen it up with the leather jacket to go to a restaurant or a party. I'm looking to make this my signature look. -M
I understand your comment regarding wearing a belt with a vest. However, what are your thoughts on wearing a belt with vest if you are wearing a leather jacket or denim jacket over the vest? This is something I do regularly.
Personally I can never wear light shoes with dark trousers but I agree with all else
Your tie was crooked in the video.
Can somebody please help me out over here I currently have a black trouser, white & light pink dress shirt Which colour waistcoat and tie combo will look the most badass with above available Thank you in advance
Alpha is the man you think of as a wing man
I am here in 2020
Amazing ultra light women's vest at low price AT 36% OFF HURRY UP click here to BUY: Women Vests 2020 New Winter Ultra Light White Duck Down Vest Female Slim Sleeveless Jacket Women's Windproof Warm Waistcoat
A leather vest is perfect against the slings and arrows of your haters. A waistcoat should not be worn with a belt, but since a waistcoat should be longer than the belt line, you shouldn't be able to see the belt if you do wear one. So many bad examples in the photos at the end showing men that don't know how to properly wear a waistcoat. There should be no triangle of shirt showing at the bottom of the waistcoat, nor should you see the bottom of the tie or the waistline. Also, leave the bottom button undone to show you know your satorial history.
Good morning, dear friend.Thank you for your fascinating video.Where're you from originally? What's your name?Greetings from Moscow, Russia.
I like sweater vest in the winter with my semi-casual semi-formal look, especially a nice wool or cashmere blend will keep you very warm I do have some 100% cotton I like to almost as good they do wash better.
Well there's another type of person who's over 6 ft tall
ill invest in a vest
Can you make a video focused on what shoes to wear when wearing a vest. I only have vans and don't think those go with the look. I'm trying to update my look.
To convert any coat into a waistcoat. just throw it away, and it becomes a waste coat.
all of those guys are wearing vests terribly. You shouldn’t wear a vest and a belt.
Step one: be thin.
the "third" type of guy you're describing is a sub-group of the "second", so there are only two types, not three by that description.
dhunki dhunki dhunki lage
Wear a good pair trousers with a pattern dress shirt( bonus add a vest of the same color) and with a denim jacket
But, I thought it was against sartorial rules to wear a belt with a vest.
I like the vest, dress shirt, tie and dress pants outfit. You remember the important lesson that ZZ Top taught us, "''Cause every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed man!" And blimey, button that bottom button! It just looks so undone otherwise. I don't care if this was a custom going back to Lord Stuffington, the 6th Earl of Haughtiness. Scurvy used to be a longstanding custom in the British Navy. It was still an awfully bad lifestyle.
I miss the old Alpha M. Before he got sponsors. Videos seemed more real and more down to earth too.
Can you make a video on how to grow beard like yours? I been trying to grow for 5 years, and I’m now 25 with literally 4 strings of hair on my chin.(yeah, I count my you can call it beard)

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