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Chatham Dockyard in Old Photographs (Britain in Old Photographs) Book Reviews from YouTube

Chatham Dockyard - Half a millennium of supporting the Royal Navy
Our visit to the Historic Dockyard Chatham, Kent
Identifying old photographs
Pictures from 1800s England
Pinned post for Q&A :)
One of the many dockyards I worked in as a Shipwright.My home dockyard was Devonport
very good photography and narrative. well done again.
Oberon also went to Australia, Brazil and Chile
As a little lad, our East London boy's club arranged for us to spend a week with the Army and the same period with the Navy. We visited Chatham for the Navy portion of that trip and acrually got to see ropes and cables being stretched to their point of failure on a very long hydraulic test bed. The place seemed endless and full of cool stuff (probably not so cool for the Service personnel having to work on them, but being kids, our perspective was somewhat limited). Visiting the engine rooms of various huge vessels was my personal favorite and I specifically ssked if there was a scuttle valve (the adult in charge of us thought that was a stupid question but the Navy staff were pleased that one of us understood why those valves would be fitted). We had a great time with the Navy, and as an adult, when I heard that the yard was being closed I was saddened, as I had such fond memories of my visit. Where now there are yuppie flats once was a large part of our Naval support facilities, and I prefer to remember them as they were when I was visiting.
Thank you :)
Really great video!
If you ever get to the Colomies, come and visit Old Mystic Seaport in Connecticut. You'll love it.
A fabulous video, as usual and loved the drone footage. Living in Greenwich, I’ve been visiting the Historic Dockyard since I was a student, right from the early days in its raw, original state. As a very good film maker friend was involved years ago in documenting the ropery and another social documentary on the workers and working life of the dockyard, had the chance to go to a reunion party and meeting and chatting to some of the workers. As you will know, HMS Cavalier was known as the fastest ship in the Royal Navy, and Ocelot served well in the cold-war as, strangely for an older design, was very quiet once submerged and difficult to detect. I believe the Oberon class was a development from the late war German ‘electro-boats?’
Ispent a day there in 2016, it was a great day out and can highly recommend it.
21:30 It's 0-4-0. Unless we've gone French, suddenly ;-) That out of the system, as a Maritime *and* Railway enthusiast.. might need to take a couple of days. Thanks for the great review and fascinating history!
Well worth a trip and if you are local like I am the ticket last a year so repeat visits are fun. Lots to see and even if its busy there is space so you never feel crowded!! Good overview Drach !
Ocelot AKA Penetrator….!
How do shipyard and dockyard sizes and scopes vary over time? And how long did it take to make wooden and later iron warships normally? (Ie not the US overproducing steel ships like it’s going out of fashion)
Thanks much - outstanding job.
Chatham: *closes* The people: Literally 1984
A video indulging naval shipyard cranes, their construction, technology & capacity, would be very welcome.
If you visit take your wife/girlfriend as they do call the midwfe tours there.
Great work Sir thank you
If you ever make it to Canada, the Royal Ontario Museum still displays it's ship models as well as the Art Gallery of Ontario. Their collections include builders models.
I just booked a table at the Command House, knowing nothing about Chatham. On doing a search for things to do in Chatham and I came across this video. THANK YOU so much for such a useful video, will definitely make time to visit and thanks for the tip about the ticket lasting all year.
been to Portsmouth for a week , now Chatham is my next destination from Belgium
From this pics I remember elsa and anna. Hi I'm 9/5 yrs old and literally this pics is kinda scary for me coz the background song was soo creepy and I wanted to tell that old is gold ! Disney anna was born in 1821 and elsa in 1817 omg And I wanted to tell that is cameras available in 1800s ??
Can you make avidio for frans
The vidio is very good
As sad as these pictures are it was just as bad in NY City during this time frame. How we treated the poor back then was nothing to be proud of. The poor of today may live a bit better than back then but poor and unemployed is poor and unemployed in any era! They, the powers that were, treated them with contempt the same as the powers of today treat the poor and powerless. With open contempt! So so sad the things we humans do to other human beings and then turn around and call ourselves civilized!
Those photos I've just looked through are so then even the children had to find a sml job or something to do for the family not like now, the photos are very nice looking through them
Days of Empire??????????????? LOL!
Great video subbed and liked
Amazing 😇😍🥰
What is the background music? I love it. Soothing.x
It seems we are headed in that direction again. Thank you Conservative party.
Noice 🔥
where did you find all these?
All that white privilege
A very sad look at life in those times, life expectancy would not be even close to what we can expect today ,,,, mind you they didn't have horrendous stockpiles of nuclear weapons capable of wiping out all of us did they ?
An empire where the sun never sets......shoeless children, poorchouses and abject poverty; a nation is measured by how it treats it's most needy.
Old Pictures. In viewing old pictures from the 1800's, even 1700's lithographs, they have a peculiar way of jogging my memory of similar places and similar times. Times and places I once knew personally. A very long time ago. Many old pictures are what they are referred to as a daguerreotype. A photograph on metal like tin or lead. Nice old pictures bring back old memories this life's distractions have set aside. We have lived before. What we are now is an aggregate of all our previous lives contributing to our present being. Those who are referred to as "old souls" know what I am writing about. Precocious young children are drawing on their timeless energy and experience. They haven't yet been taught to ignore their "fantasies". Not everything in our past is taken away from us with each renewal of life. In those earlier lives we had passions even more genuine than those of today. Some of them had a way of ushering in the possessor of those passions into a new life whereby those passions were abated by the veil, and for good reason. People are becoming more inhuman and unhuman. Some people cycle upward, and some downward. We each have to draw on our aggregate wisdom to show us the correct way. Each gift of time we are blessed with is a time of growth. We must fight to retain it. Otherwise we will become completely disenfranchised from cumulative time, and feel completely displaced. This is why many people feel depressed and worthless. They have slipped off the pathway. Something has happened to temporarily cut off the source and memory of their past joys. When they find they can re-enter their aggregate memory, they will find complete healing and deliverance from this present life's ills. Old photos, and daguerreotypes were invented by man with the help of the Divine Father in Heaven for the express purpose of re-opening the doorway of remembrance and healing that has been cruelly shut by evil forces that seek to inhibit and destroy our progression. When you begin to remember, cherish those memories. They help carry you successfully through time.
it was no better in the early 50 's
think the music is fitting to the video,eerie!👌👌👌

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