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Cellucor C4 Ultimate Protein (380gm, Cherry Limeade) Features

  • Contains carnosyn beta alanine,  an amino acid, which converts to a compound in your body called carnosine
  • The ultimate formula 6g citrulline malate, 3. 2G beta alanine, 1. 5G creatine nitrate, 1g arginine, 858mg nootropic energy blend, 300mg caffeine per scoop, 20 servings per contain
  • Premium ingredients: cellucor promises quality of ingredients and purposefully crafted blend of patented ingredients that promote energy and endurance to satisfy your fitness goals
  • Sports Vitamins & Proteins

The lowest Cellucor C4 Ultimate Protein (380gm, Cherry Limeade) Price in India is ₹6,715 at Amazon.
Buy Cellucor C4 Ultimate Protein (380gm, Cherry Limeade) online at Amazon.
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Cellucor C4 Ultimate Protein (380gm, Cherry Limeade) Specifications

Technical Details
Brand Cellucor
feature Cellucor c4 Ultimate20 servngs
Manufacturer Cellucor
Model Cellucor0515614654

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Cellucor C4 Ultimate Protein (380gm, Cherry Limeade) Reviews from YouTube

Cellucor: C4 Ultimate Supplement Review (Updated)
C4 Original Cherry Limeade Cellucor Pre-workout Review
OK, Now I'm Pissed! 🤬Cellucor C4 EXTREME Review
The TRUTH About C4 Pre Workout, C4 Review, All C4's Ranked!
it's too strong for me.
If you don’t powder scooop this pre-workout ur not a man
Is it a good option for teenagers? Im 16 and just started training.
Been using it for a week. I like it but I add more water and half tablespoon. Good progress so far
Can u drink this if you dont even work out but u need to stay up and get energy to do things around the house?
Take 2 scoops watch it make your skin burn
C4 Extreme i pretty legit, ive used that the last few month and about to try this one. I like that C4 extreme gives you like 30serving or so but this one only gives you 12....
3 cups of coffee holy heck
C4 ultimate, is it better than total war?
Cellucor stuff sucks
Not a credible review if you haven’t used it.
You read the label, then complained about the mixability, and then talked about flavor. You did not speak from personal use of the effectiveness while in the gym and you call this a review....
Yo, whenever I drink this, it gives me wet sh!t, why is that??
Call me 9599965112 wht no 9873978728 Edrass c4 Kitne ka h kahana se milega
Dose it burn fat
Tried a lot of pre workouts & then decided 2 try this & I like it a lot I feel I have more clean Energy & endurance using it compared 2 others I used..gonna be using this for awhile..can be clumpy..but if u got a shaker cup no problem..gonna buy the $70 tub next time..
Just got 5 tubs of this for $34 aus per tub, so happy, 1 of the best pumps form myself
Nice break down in good time. First person to explain the use of beta alanine. 👌
Mine came without a measuring spoon 😭
0:00 Posing 0:25 Review begins 0:59 Nutrition Panel 1:05 Nutrition Panel Explained 5:32 Package Opening 6:45 Taste Test 9:06 Mid workout thoughts/ 2nd scoop 10:27 Post workout thoughts 11:17 Closing thoughts
Cellucor C4 Original Preworkout this is an amazing product but you can't get an authentic product with surety when purchasing from a market place as there are loads of sellers. Had a pretty poor experience there. I did switch to bodyfuelindia.com and have been purchasing from there, highly recommended, try it,,
Just so you know, you have to take beta alanine everyday in order for it to be effective. This is what the studies show. It has to be atleast 3.2 grams a day. This is the only way you can raise your carnosine levels. So in essence its kind of like how you have take creatine everyday in order for it to absorb. Go on amazon and order beta alanine from bulk supplements or from nutricost.
Workout video mentioned in video will be uploaded 2/3/2019! (Gotta do daily videos for dat dere YouTube Algorithm.)
2 scoops? Lol no thanks! 😂 If i take half a scoop I’m bouncing off the walls!! 🤣
Tried this for the first time today and I felt nothing. I paid $40 for a 60serving container and I feel robbed. Wished I could have found this video sooner😭😔 might try to return it if I find my receipt. Damn. The guy from the store really didn’t know what he was talking about. FYI. I got this one from the “OC Discount Nutrition “ store, there’s nothing discounted from this product yall 🤨👎👎👎❌❌❌ Don’t buy it!
I got the 60 servings for 38 so that’s not bad
Cellucor C4 Original Preworkout this is an amazing product but you can't get an authentic product with surety when purchasing from a market place as there are loads of sellers. Had a pretty poor experience there. I did switch to bodyfuelindia.com and have been purchasing from there, highly recommended, try it,,
My yea buddy has 420mg per scoop what is that 200mg shit?
What is your recommended pre workout,pleas let me know
I use c4 it sucks I work construction I need a stronger pre workout any ideas also I can easily drink 3 monsters a day.
Jesus Christ I felt even worse with this product
I’m salty because I just bought 120 servings of this, luckily I got it on sale and it was only about 50 cents a serving
the orginal C4 extreme back in 2010-2011 was the shit, I miss it so much, literally the best pre workout I ever tried.
i had that experience.. i wasn't feeling my pre-workout and some guy refereed me to the extreme. I tried it and it was a joke. I did better on a regular cup of coffee.
vapor x5 is better than that shit
My first time watching... guy is hilarious!! 😂😂 Its funny 'cause its TRUE!
Personally I do like this preworkout but I like the on the go version that comes in a can I feel it’s better and I don’t get the tingling feeling. Tmi but I use birth control and when I drink caffeine the birth control causes my body to hold caffeine 4 hours longer than the regular person so it’s all fun and games until I try to sleep but I do end up sleeping but it’s light sleep and I sleep normally the next night
Got for $21
this dudes way to small to have all that shit behind him lmao
Maybe works different for girls... I had c4 original and it worked great for me... 🤷‍♀️ But also, you have to decide what kind of work out you need it for, you need energu for lifting? Running? Martial arts? You should also choose your preworkout based on that...
Best pre-workouts supplement I ever used is animal pump by universal nutrition
Can u do c4 shred review
Whats your top 5 pre workouts? Have you tried fuel by flyte sports?
Are you going to review the new C4 Dynasty?
Check out my most recent review of the BEST at home treadmill and a discount! https://youtu.be/TXB9vCJLnrc
You forgot that it’s gives you a tingling sensation
Love the all might statue and DBS in the background.
took my first pre workout today, which was c4. Didnt feel any different. Only thing that happened is that im in the gym toilets dying rn. Dunno if its just me
I find c4 works for me but im a beginner and will probably switch to just creatine at some point. Not really sure yet
C4 is fucking worth it. When I’m sleepy before the gym it keeps my body awake
Made me feel like shit, I felt like I was spinning out after workout I get anxiety and feel angry on it, just have gurana and herbal pills, I hate the synthetic shit and why put color in it I don't care about freaking color all you need is vitamin d and zinc to boost testosterone lot of preworkouts look dirty I say fuck the preworkouts don't waste ya money
I’m scared to use ion wan shrink my
isn’t c4 sport for sports or something (not 100% sure just remember reading it somewhere)
C4 don’t hit the same no more
Wtf is the tingling feeling
Yeah I'll stick to coffee
I used c4 sport and I was energized for a whole 5 hour workout session, which also drastically increased sweat production but I got no tingling feeling. Caffeine and creatine are relatively counter productive. Creatine is already an energy increaser, and caffeine is diuretic and can cause you to lose too much water and essentially increases your time in the bathroom.
I love c4 ive been using it since I was 20
Do you want to talk/learn about God and Jesus? God and Jesus both love you and can help you with whatever you may be going through!
yoo. i bought the C4 Ripped and feel nothing (just a little bit of more energy but thats it) i tried with 2 scoops bit it did the same.. maybe c4 ultimate is better for me?
Keep your money I Tooked this pre workout felt nothing To be honest my traditional pre workout banana and free sugar coffe works better Also may be the reason we have all different metabolism but didtn . Work for me not even a pump But good thing is tasty but for that I eat a mango
Yeah I was on the c4 original I think I did the c4 sport I think but I haven't tried the neuro but this stuff does increase your memory and sharpen your focus I noticed memorizing lyrics to songs and it does improve your singing karaoke ability
I took the ghost protein at GNC I liked it and I like to see the reviews of that and I got some ghosts amino acid and that is good the powder form and I added that to the shake and both of those have a good flavor I got the chocolate I think it was chocolate chip chunks that are in the ghost protein powder when you mix it up with milk and add the fruit and everything it really tastes great some
Yeah it's your gold standard pre exercise drink it's you know one of the best on the market today that I've tried

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