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Buy CAT+BLACK Men's Tan Synthetic Hiking Shoes -6 UK online at Amazon. Material- High Quality Synthetic Lifestyle-Outdoor ,Casual, Hiking And Trekking Shoes Highly Cushioned Footbed which means You can wear them all day ...
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CAT+BLACK Men's Tan Synthetic Hiking Shoes -6 UK Features

  • Material- High Quality Synthetic
  • Lifestyle-Outdoor ,Casual, Hiking And Trekking Shoes
  • Highly Cushioned Footbed which means You can wear them all day long without any kind of discomfort or uneasiness
  • Disclaimer: Color may slightly vary due to different screen resolutions
  • Care Instructions: Clean your Shoes using a good quality brush to remove loose surface dirt

The lowest CAT+BLACK Men's Tan Synthetic Hiking Shoes -6 UK Price in India is ₹599 at Amazon.
Buy CAT+BLACK Men's Tan Synthetic Hiking Shoes -6 UK online at Amazon.
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CAT+BLACK Men's Tan Synthetic Hiking Shoes -6 UK Reviews from YouTube

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I bought a pair great boots. They are a bit heavy and the sole is very stiff compared to a Vibram sole. Takes quite a few miles to get broken in. Better as work boots than hikers due the weight.
"A $200 boot, for $139 ". Now going for $180. Missed the boat on these. Just as much as comparable boots now. 😪
They look too uncomfortable for me I wanted to like these but I'll pass
Elon Musk is not south afrian , he is Canadian
Hi, Have you ever heard of Altburg boots from Richmond in Yorkshire,UK. Awesome quality but very responsible prices. I bought a pair a week before doing Wainwrights coast to coast walk , I did it in 10 days and had no foot problems or blasters straight out the box.
Are the chelsea style of a similar construction?
139? They sell for 179 mate.
Are you doing boot's from around the world? If not, that would be a great series.
I'm south African and first time I'm hearing of them. Glad to hear about a good product that's great value
Not $139 anymore. At $190 these have very little appeal beside the frog.
Bought a pair of their mean machine boots about 2 weeks ago. Really solid and well made. I’m from South Africa and if it wasn’t for this video I would have never found out about a local boot maker that was such good value for money. Plus I get to support a local business 😁
Boot has appreciated $40 more despite strong dollar since the video. Was that close to picking up a pair.
Jim Green increased the price on these by nearly 30%. They are now $180.
guess it was too good to last, they are now $179
What is cut centered score? İs it good thing or bad ??
Elon musk is a scam
I got pretty disappointed by these. -The very top of the boot applies a lot of pressure on the front of your shin without support on the back. So its slightly uncomfortable when you need to bend your foot up. -The base of the tongue is arranged in such a way to have many layers of leather all stacked on each other right at the bottom, were your shoe normally bends while you walk. Which just applies unnecessary force to the top of your foot while you walk. -The front vertical face of the heel is slightly angled back. So if you ever want to hook your heel on an edge of something, the boot has a tendency to slip. A discrete heel is usually very useful for hiking or doing other non-standard activities and these managed to have the heel but make it useless. -The tongue is positioned very weirdly. The layering and arrangement of the leather seems poorly thought out. Its quite hard to fold it up in a way that allows you to wear it without an awkward pile of leather bunched up asymmetrically on top of your foot. -The lace loops have no friction in them whatsoever. Meaning when you try to lace them up, you need to exert a lot of force to get it laced properly. Even then the laces will slide around causing the laces to be loose everywhere but one stretch that is way too tight. -The Pull tab is a tab, not a loop, so if you want to use it, you need to pinch it rather than just hooking a finger in a loop. -And the logos are generally extremely ugly. If I weren't sending these back, I'd cut off the logos and just live with pin holes on the tongue that will let water fall into the foam void and turn into a rot swamp. Which it would probably do anyway because the threads aren't waxed on the tongue.
badass boots for the price. id rockem
Dam 130 a year now retailing for 179
Amazon. $180.00
They are very bad smelly is it?
Dear Sir, would be so kind to share our experience wearing this shoes 2 years later?
WATCH NEXT - How To Spit Shine Shoes Like A Marine: What's your go-to brand to shine your shoes? Comment below! - Shoe care products shown in the video are available here.
What to do for olive green boots ? It's difficult to get cream polish for that color.
Tried to iron out the creases exactly as stated (damp cloth, cotton setting, don't let the iron sit on one spot, etc..) and it ruined my boots. the ironed-out area is now extremely discolored (way lighter than the rest of the boot). So use this method with caution!
tools and products price u provide here cost a new shoe !
Good stuff, but I’d like to challenge your claim in the thumbnail about doing all this in 5 minutes
Fuck all this bullshit
I thought this video was for me until you said “gentlemen.” Whew, that was a close one!
If I were to buy black paint , am i going to need a finisher to coat it?
Good hints and techniques for shoes' leather uppers. But what about *scuffs and discolouration of the outsoles and visible heel areas?* Did he mention anything about those? Because if you leave the outsoles (and heels) as shown at 4:50 and other spots, the shoes will still look bad and sad :( What procedures and products should we use on those lower outside areas? Just apply some wax polish, buff a bit and call it a day?
l use Obenauf's on all my leather products..nothing else comes close to restoring and preserving leather.
Can we do the same for suede shoes
1:46 What brand makes those shoes and are the pairs right after Aldens?!
It was neat and up to point. How come not a peep about mink oil? Conditions and protects leather pretty well in my experience.
use layers of wax to prevent cuts
This video was very informative. I bought some really nice shoes from a thrift store with mild creasing. I tried your technique and it really helped. Shoe trees have made the creases disappear. Thanks for the info!
I think Brogues take double damage and double effort to restore than non-brogue. Your thoughts ?
I cant figure out how this can even be legal?..
at this point I'm not trying anything from YouTube because it doesn't work and that's to the dislike button I have no idea of its BS or good advice
Excellent video! Thanks for posting.
What happens if you do not rinse the shampoo and just let them dry as you did?
i haven't even looked at any of your other videos yet but i watched this one the whole way through and that alone is worth a sub thanks for the info!
Never heard of suede shampoo! Amazing!
I was wearing my new suede boots and got caught in rain which left black color on the tops where it used to be teal. Can I restore the original color in these areas? Thanks a million!
I have suede roller skates that I need to clean. I've been watching so many tutorials and I think you are one of the best straight to the point of the tutorial I've ever watched! Thank you for sharing this video.
Is this shampoo only for suede?
Can you change the color of suede from dark brown to red
I just purchased brand new suede shoes and this was so helpful to me to protect and care for them from the beginning . They were expensive and now I can protect my shoes and they will always look like new from the first day I wear them. Thank you👍
HELP I had a stain and used tiny tiny bit of oil remover ( for pots ) I read that t's high PH.....and it left a slimy gray spot on top of the suede and then I used water to try and remove it but nothing helps :(
Would that cleaner work with white nubuck?
Idk what I did wrong but after doing this my boots got all crunchy and hard after they dried. Also never went back to the desert brown they were. after rinsing off the cleaner with water they stayed the same dark wet color after they dried. Sad. Were my favorite boots/:
Is there any alternative to suede shampoo? Unfortunately I live somewhere where I don't have access to it :(
Can you get candle wax out of suede?
after you got done brushing the shoes when they dried I can still see the stain I think another shampooing on that one shoe would work you said it's completely gone but I think when you watch back your video you can see it I could see it and I'm not even there but hey thanks for the tips and I'll just make sure I shampoo really really good my new Buck Timberlands and next time I won't use Dawn soap which remove the stain also removed the coloring made my shoe nice and light brown I got to find dark brown stain and stain that shoe to match the one I didn't wash
I have this very nice heavy suede jacket that I bought from Jos. E Banks. Its dark chocolate. When out of season I store the jacket in a plastic suit protector on a heavy cedar hanger. Could I use the waterproof as mentioned in your video to spray on the jacket?
Can I please get the link for the shampoo and products used to clean this?
Does it remove coffee stains ?
?? My mother always held the suede shoe over the tea kettle steam to bring up the nap. Thoughts??
Cam this shampoo remove fungus from your suede due to cold weather?
Excellent video! I spilled cooking oil on my favorite suede boots...working your magic video on them now! I heard about dawn dish liquid too but may try that if this doesn't work! Happy New Year!

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