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β-Casomorphins: A1 Milk, Milk Peptides and Human Health Book Reviews from YouTube

A1 vs A2 Cows Milk: What's the Difference, Benefits, & Nutrition
A1 vs A2 Milk
Bovine Milk Proteins and Human Disease: Is there a Correlation?- Daria Schooler, MD
Follow Dr Gaurav Garg on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/gauravgargeducation Follow Prashant Dhawan on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/prashant.dhawan.79 Follow Dr Gaurav Garg on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/tirelesssoul/ Follow Dr Gaurav Garg on Twitter - https://twitter.com/GauravGarg888 Follow Prashant Mavani on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PrashantTMavani/ Follow Prashant Mavani on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PrashantMavani
The quantity of milk consumed per day is also one of many factors.
first update your knowledge about consumption data of A1 milk
sab jhooth hai a1 aur a2 jaisa kuch nhi sab industury walo ki sajis hoti hai ye
such a good information
Does A1 milk have no benifits?
White board ko hata de
Cow Milk में Protein होता है और Buffalo Milk में Calcium होता है । Cow Milk में Calcium नहीं होता ।
Some how we can surely say that it's all business. It's just a way to make profit by making controversy. Gir in Brazil isn't the pure Indian gir. It's a hi-breed of Indian gir and HF cow. Overall this theory isn't just more than a propaganda. Inn Australia a2 milk firm has been penalised for making this propaganda. And we are blindly flowing in the emotions.
Why don't patanjali sells A2 milk ? , if it do, profits will sky rocket !!
very confusing video
Pagal log doodh bechne walo ko hi nai pata....Cow kitni type ki hai n kis cow ka doodh bech rahe wo log
Why the F humans drink other animals’ milk. Mothers make milk for their babies, not for us. Use logic, milk from another animal is very enervating for other animals.
Cow ghee or gir cow ghee me kya antar hai
Bhai seede point pe aaya karo, kisi ko video forward kare to vo dekh b le
Save Indian cows
Jersey cows produce A2 milk. So it's not just the Indian cow that produces this type of milk.
Milk is known as a complete food. It helps in boosting the immune system and provides all the essential nutrients to the body. So along with that, you can take spirulina capsules offered by Planet Ayurveda. They are a wonderful antioxidant thus helps in detoxifying the body and nourishes it.
Bhai ku6 bhi a6a khalo ya pilo pahle jitna jyada age nahi ji pavoge all every products me ganda milavat hai
my first experience with a2 milk came when i moved to australia. honestly a lot of the milk at the grocery store has a funky smell, idk if it's because of the cow's diet or the temperature that milk is stored at here or what. i gravitated to a2 milk because it's the nearest to what i remember, it has a very neutral taste which i like.
It's great that they're coming out with a2. However I would love to see it in raw milk form or with the cream on top non homogenized form. Which I used to be able to get at whole foods but I think it was A1 milk before covid since Cobra came out that good milk on top or cream on top homogenized milk has been unavailable. The same thing goes with Amish butter unsalted. And several other items have been gone since covid started.
After trying this milk I confirmed that I was, in fact, very lactose intolerant. It was not a pleasant discovery. Let's just say the results were far more spontaneous and...uhh compulsory. I curse this milk to the depths of hades.
a2m helps me heaps without getting bloating and sore stomach from normal a1 milk
the research on A2 was funded by the A2 milk company FYI
Very informative video but the only downfall is the price difference to regular milk.
I heard about A2 milk a couple times before but now that I’m attempting Fertility Awareness, A2 milk was one of the helpful whole fats mentioned to help out women that were struggling with fertility. I think this is my choice milk now.
Why not just go goat milk?
My irritable bowel went away fully when I changed from vegetarian to vegan.. I'm never going back to dairy.
Does grass fed cows by default have A2 milk (at least in higher proportions), does the cows bread in Asia( they are 99% grass fed) have higher A2 milk compared US bread cows(meat, fish and grains) ?
Raw milk> corporate milk
awesome, thanks!
A 2 milk. Is the best
This video was great! i just bought this product by mistake as well good to know its beneficial!
bought A2 milk today.......taste the same as normal milk.....will find out in an hour when i run to the toilet lol....but i hope its good like how they say it is........
their is still skepticism on A1 AND A2 milk . any research proof is available globally that A1 is not good?
👉 *आज भी हमारे यहां पुराने तरीके से बनाया जाता है देशी गाय का बिलोना घी आपको घर के लिए शुद्ध घी चाहिए तो हमारा संपर्क कर सकते है ।* 👉 *परंपरागत विधि से निर्मित बिलोना घी अब आप ओनलाईन के माध्यम से भी खरीद सकते हैं।* Buy Online - www.gavyamart.com Buy On Whatsap - 7073667733
Let cows feed there babys
So what's the difference between A2 milk and normal glucose intolerance milk? You can find both at Store shelves.
I'm a huuuuuuge milk fanatic!!! And I've tried everything from grass fed, organic, local non-pasteurized, ultra filtered, pasteurized, goat milk, skim milk, 1%, 2%, homo milk, whole milk, etc.... and I must say, this brand (the red carton or the 3.25%) has been the best tasting milk I've had in my life!! Believe me I consume about 1.5 L of milk a day and this is by far my favorite! Loved your video! :) My review: I've tried both the blue carton (2%) and the red carton (3.25%) and I think I prefer the 3.25%.... the taste is very different including the smell... something that I don't really notice between other brands that much. I usually get a feeling of my stomach kicking after drinking milk, but with this brand I noticed I don't get gassy or any irritability in my bowels. The taste is also similar to ultra pasteurized milk (the ones that can be left outside before opening) I'm not sure if this one can be left outside that way since it's always sold in the fridge isles. On the box it says it's pasteurized and needs to be kept in the fridge. The only other milk in my area that rivals this one (in taste) is Lactantia, which is pasteurized at extremely high temperatures killing bacteria and extending the shelf life.
I'm italian, we have Jerseys cow, wich A2 milk too, the taste is way different to prim'holstein (wich almost all dary come from in europe) I would like to taste the indian cow milk to compare the taste From italia there is the Chianina, which is the biggest cow in the worl and very white majestic but only for meat
Bhai Kya cross breed me bhi dhire dhire A2 milk ban Jayega genetic problem to Nahi aayegi na
Where do we get this A2 milk please ?
Very very very good information sir ji👌👌👌👍👍👍
Can u provide authentic support for your theory
Sir please drying of milk par video dalna
Thank you great information🇦🇹👍👏❤❤❤❤❤❤🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Wonderful information bhai. Thank so much
Amazing information
Amazing information
7.15 audio check
The initial research was paid for by the A2 company who put a monopoly on the A2 company name. I have a friend who could not digest the A2 milk and she could digest A1 milk. Why? I read a scientific report, unrelated to the A2 conpany, that said Beta-casomorphine-7 is in human breast milk. Why? Why did the A2 company only use it's own scientists and it's own employees for their experiments? People in other countries do SO many things differently than India. They drink cold milk and eat beef drinknso much cold soda, and take wrong combinations of food and eat at wrong times of day. They have a lot of stress and unnatural lifestyle. And Homogenization is what causes the fat globules to be destroyed and cause clogged arteries. When A2 company tried to sue other dairies and force them to say their milk is unhealthy, their case did not stand in the court. Their scientific evidence was weak. Their studies biased and incomplete. They injected A1 milk into rats on the outside of their stomachs. Not feeding it to them by mouth. They did so many cheater things. This is a cheater money making scam. Love all cows and use the best cows for your local area.
I read a scientific report that human breast milk also contains A1 protein which becomes beta-casomorphine-7. I went shopping at ABS for bull semen and found many Holstein bulls who were A2A2.
No evidence
India ko abi takes aackal nahi ayi
#bs___nata हमारे यूट्यूब चैनल को सबक्ररसा करे और भक्ति सागर में जोड़ें फोटो पर क्लिक करें सारी वीडियो मिल जाएंगी जय माता दी
बोहत खूब बोहत मेहनत की ह आपने
Great guys keep this concern of healthy society
गिरलांडो, ब्राह्मण, फ़्रिजवाल गायों के बारे में भी जानकारी दे धन्यवाद 🙏🙏
nice content
In india, we had been drinking A2 Milk of desi cows for 10, 000 to 17000 years , but no milk allergies were known. After introducing A1 cows, milk allergies of have increased globally including india. These allergies are not due lactose intolerance ! Allergies and lactose intolerance have biochemical mechanism due to BCM7 (from A1 casein), which slows down Gut motility.
I love dairy, but it triggers major inflammation.
what she is ttrying to say is A2 is better.
It’s all bad. No one should be eating dairy!
There is still fat in milk no matter if the cow has a hump on its back and comes from India. This fat like all fat deposits in the arteries and this hardens over time and sets you up for a heart attack. There is no protein found in animals that they did not get from plants. If you eliminate the middle man (the cow), you can be healthy apart from dairy of any kind and meats, poultry and fish. No, if the dairy industry knew about A2 and waited till so many have died of breast cancer and prostate cancer, and we are supposed to "trust" the dairy industry, are you kidding me? Plant-based milks are not causing breast and prostate cancers. My mother and sister died of breast cancer and my husband had prostate cancer. Let me tell you that what you are pushing is not worth the risk. I cured my arthritis getting off of dairy milk and I don't want it back. At this point, do I care about your studies? Half my family is dead of cancer. I do NOT believe you and will not think this is good for human consumption no matter what you say. Vegans give lectures too and they are not fat! Look at you, lady. You are not what I want to look like!
A2 milk is often available from those who produce unprocessed milk for sale. It may take a bit of searching to find in your area. The local chapter of the Weston A; Price Foundation may be able to help. Most dairy cows are bred using frozen semen from bulls which are deemed to be genetically superior for economically significant traits, from the standpoint of commercial dairy operations. Among the many traits they are tested for is the A1 or A2 casein protein. A2 A2 bulls are readily available in all the popular dairy breeds, including the Holstein. With cow turnover being rather high, especially in the increasingly huge industrial milk production operations, the milk produced by these facilities could easily be all A2 within just a few years. People should also be aware that there are a number of significant differences between the highly processed white stuff sold in plastic jugs or plastic lines containers in supermarkets, and the unprocessed version- at least 7 that I can think of off the top of my head. Many milk products have substances added, including emulsifiers which tend to cause 'leaky gut' issues. Seriously, milk and cream should just contain milk, or cream. Cheeses should contain just milk, cultures, perhaps rennet, and maybe salt; nothing else. Yogurt should contain simply milk and cultures. Pectin in yogurt may not be bad, though it does change the flavor and texture of the yogurt. If you want fruit in your yogurt, put it in yourself. Even if you are a sugar junkie and want jam in there, you will get better quality and fewer questionable ingredients if you buy the plain whole milk yogurt, then walk a few aisles over and buy a good jam or preserves, and spoon it in yourself. You will save money, too, and put fewer little plastic containers into the oceans. It is quick and easy to make yogurt at home. Starting with 100% 'grassfed' milk from a breed or species that produces rich milk will give superior results, but supermarket milk will still five you better results than many bland, flavorless commercial brands.  Many producers of unprocessed milk also test their cows and offer A2 milk. A1 milk and products made from it, has been used for thousands of years by people in northern Europe without causing problems, so apparently not everyone has an issue with the A1 casein. That said, it is easy enough to find A2 milk in many States. If unprocessed milk or milk direct from the farmer is not available in your State, ask your legislators why??? www.RealMilk.com (No affiliation) Milk from other species is another option. Milk from goats and sheep have been used before cows milk, and are still widely used around the world. Those wanting fluid milk from these species - which have only A2 milk - will have to shop at a natural food store or find a farm, but cheeses from these species are available in virtually every supermarket. Reindeer, camels, yaks, water buffalo, and mares are other species that have long provided milk for human food, and are still being milked today. Eland, a large antelope, and even moose are also being milked. There seems to be a far, far stronger correlation between high intake of sugars, starches (which are just glucose sugar molecules linked together), and/or industrially produced seed oils with chronic disease than milk of any kind, but it seems fashionable at the moment to bash animal-source foods.
No matter which cow gives the best milk if we really must drink milk it should come from our own species. Just makes sense. 🌹
I would not recommend any milk, and especially raw due to Bovine Leukemia Virus which infects about 65% of cattle. The virus can cause problems in humans according to academic research.
A2doodh.com Jains’ A2doodh is nutritious, healthy, pure & unadulterated milk with A2 proteins from A2 Indian Native Cows It all starts with hand-picking the right cows. A2 Doodh is a 100% natural fresh cows’ milk from specially selected indigenous (desi) cows, not a product of genetic engineering or hormone driven dairy. We work with farmers to identify and select genuine indigenous breed of cows like Gir with the hump on back that naturally produce milk containing only the A2 protein, and is free from all A1 protein. Cows are then and segregated. Only these cows are milked to produce completely natural A2 Doodh that’s full of nutritional goodness. A2doodh.com
baloney! raw, grass fed (A2) milk is awesome
great way to explain this information. I could see how some may find it hard/complex, but you do a great job in laying everything out and really pointing out the key takeaways.

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