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Casio FX-CG10 PRIZM Color Graphing Calculator (Black) :

Casio FX-CG10 PRIZM Color Graphing Calculator (Black) : Office Products.


CASIO Fx-Cg10 Prizm Color Graphing Calculator (Black) - Fx-Cg10 ...

CASIO fx-CG10 PRIZM Graphing Calculator Move beyond black and white to see math in full color! The PRIZM is a revolutionary graphing calculator with ...

GO TO STORE reviews: Casio FX-CG10 PRIZM Color ...

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Casio FX-CG10 PRIZM Color Graphing Calculator (Black) at Read honest and unbiased product ...


Casio FX-CG10 PRIZM रंग ग्राफिंग कैलकुलेटर (काला) : ...

Love this calculator. My instructors hate Casio's and you've gotta be careful in some classes, where instructors disallow programmable graphing calculators. It ...


USB Data Cable for Casio FX-CG20, FX-CG50, FX-CG10, FX ...

USB Data Cable for Casio FX-CG20, FX-CG50, FX-CG10, FX-9750Gii, FX-9860Gii Programmable Graphing Scientific School Office Calculators : Computers ...


Casio PRIZM FX-CG10 Graphing Calculator Features

  • Casio
  • Graphing
Casio PRIZM FX-CG10 Graphing Calculator Colours:
  • Black

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Casio PRIZM FX-CG10 Graphing Calculator Reviews from YouTube

Casio Prizm fx-CG10 Review and unboxing
Casio FX CG10 PRIZM Color Graphing Calculator review
Casio Prizm fx-CG10 Unboxing
Casio fx-CG50 vs TI-84 Plus CE Review and Comparison
video title: unboxing skips unboxing
Oh my God! After all of these years, I've been trying to figure out where the regular math function was! Thank you!
This is one of the useless review I've seen: it's a calculator FFS, you need to test calculator functions! You show nothing: no equations, no graphs, no nothing.
How can i charge this calculator ?
I may be getting one of these for eighth grade. Somehow it is approved in my TI obsessed district.
Does this calculator show steps of solving equations or does it just show the end answer? for example how would it solve 24=12x2-2x thank you!
When you said "log, in" that's actually LN as in natural logarithm, not IN!
...Do people sell software for these? I see no reason to own one but if there's a software market for these I would surely emulate it and sell program packages for these.
They could make one with just a big display and a emulate all the buttons. In this day and age it would make a lot of sense, because the interface would be much more flexible. Then again, there are incredibly good calculators for mobile phones, there's even a TI emulator which can be used with ROMs.
Am I the only one that thought of putting porn on the image files?
#Falsifiedinformation  I got through Queensland High School without anyone commenting that my calculator was not allowed :/ Which high school did you go to bud? #senpainoticedme #whatisaclaspad ?
Can you change the brightness?
What website did you order it from? Does it deliver to Spain?
but a nice review too ;)
I'm in the 10th grade of a german school, and the hohle year should buy this one. with or actual calculator (casio fx991) we only learned about 40-50% to work with him. This is so illogical but i'm happy to own one of these
Thank you for this, I know its just a calc, but it has a huge price tag and I need to find a good one for school
my god is this asf jerome's old music
for example, someone who lost theirs and is now looking to get a new better one for school! :D
thx! i need to work with this thing next year
I was gunna get that, but then I learned it requires batteries. I think I'll stick with m nspire
Looks like a blackberry.
Not even a sin(x) to show off the screen?
hey guys , is this bad boy allowed in further maths tests for CIE ??
hahahha i found you here im going to buy this calculator :P
Man, I really want one of these...
So it's not prohibited to use it in SAT Subject Tests?
Thank you !
Are there no special drivers to connect the CASIO Prizm to the PC? I understand that the calculator once connected is recognized as a USB Unit and no specific driver from the CD is required. Is that correct?
This video is very usefull for me, since I bought a new Casio fx-CG10 that did not come in its box, to verify if there is anything missing that is required to use the calculator and specially to connect it to a PC. I received the unit with its cables, but did not receive the CD. I would like to know if all the contents of the Prizm CD are available in the CASIO Web site. Thank you.
I say the Prizm fx cg10 is good for all grades 8 and above, I really want this calculator, the prizm is also legible for the ACT test, the TI-nspire cx CAS is not but the TI-Nspire is.
is it permitted for the IB program?
Best Buy had a clearance on this on $38.
The TI Inspire CX/CX CAS is basically a different kind of machine than the Casio Prism. The Prism is actually a better competitor against the TI-84 since those machines are more closely related to each other in functions and layout. The Inspire is more of a computer than calculator. For those who can adjust to the Inspire it is a more capable machine but the Prism is easier to use and therefore more desirable for high school students where the Inspire is better for college and professional use.
how do i get the "cos30" not to read as a square root?
is this better than the Ti Nspire???????????
Just returned my Ti-84 Plus CE after finding out that the ASM program door was permanently removed from its operating system. Exchanged it for the Casio FX-CG50, and with exception of the batteries, it is a laughingly superior graphing calculator at nearly $70 cheaper.
You can get radical answers with the ce if you mess with the settings.
Thank you for your information! But I have a question, at 1:17 you said you can use rechargeable AAA batteries on CG50 and charge by USB port without taking out them and is it true? I searched internet but everyone said there is no charging option for CG50. I already ordered one but I want the correct answer ASAP. Your review quality is high enough but I concern that wrong information may contained in this video. Thanks for reading!
When you buy a TI 84 plus CE you’d be using a rechargeable non disposable battery which is kinda good for the environment...
What do you think about Cg 50 versus HP Prime? And Ti84 is above or under the Nspire? I have seen comparisons between Prime and nspire , 84 and Nspire. But nothing about Cg50 (or 84, they are similar as you said) and Prime. Are they lower range? (A part from CAS)
Also, something pretty great about the CG50 these days is the Python programming capabilities, which are available on every CG50 with an OS update. Only the TI-84 Plus CE-T Python Edition and the TI-83 Premium CE Edition Python have Python programming.
Casio does have a solve function btw, however you are required to use limits and the number closest to etc.
Am I allowed to use the HP prime on the regents ?
The CG50 does have a catalogue option that is called by pressing shift then 4. This brings up all the functions that can be called. I find the CG50 contextual options are more like common functions.
The Casio CG50 on-screen menu structure is super easy to use once you become familiar with it; but for those who can't be bothered to make that investment, Casio provides a powerful alternative, its inbuilt Catalog (Shift-4), which functions rather like the TI approach. The TI84 is better in certain respects (e.g. it packs far more data in the screen for lists and spreadsheet data) but one would really have to compare the Casio CG50 with the TI-Nspire CX II (non-CAS version) to achieve a fairer fight.
Which one would you suggest for college algebra, probability and statistics?
I sincerely don't get why Texas still includes that ridiculous hardware into their products. I don't think the Casio can be considered as a powerful or fast piece of hardware, but yet that Ti-84 accomplishes to pale if compared to that. That's just bullshit, exactly as the Ti-Nspire I bought a couple of days ago. Initially I thought it was a deal, but I realized how it's probably worth less than the 20 dollars I paid it.
I got both, but there is a newer version and of the TI-84 the is slightly faster but still it is no match to the CG-50. Edit: To be honest the tiny boxes at the bottoms of the screen are really useful.
Very nice comparison! I know there were a lot of people wanting a comparison of the CE and the CG 50. I don't have a CG 50 so I'm glad you were able to make this happen!

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