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Casio FX-9860GII SD Power Graphic Calculator : Office ...

The Casio FX-9860GII SD is hands down, one of the best graphical calculators of all time. There are over 2000+ functions plus an addition of being able to ...


CASIO FX-9860GII Scientific Graphical Calculator ... - Buy CASIO FX-9860GII Scientific Graphical Calculator only for Rs. 6995 from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee.


CASIO fx-9860G - II Scientific Calculator

I have been using this product for past 2 years (I have an SD model), and I must say that it has everything a graduation student would need. It's a graphing ...


Casio Power FX-9860GII SD Graphic Calculator Features

Elegantly designed, this advanced scientific calculator helps you calculate even the toughest of computations without breaking a sweat. It is cased in a travel-friendly slide-on hard case. This is a graphic calculator with 2900+ functions and in-built apps for research and modelling.  Perfect for Advanced Calculations If you are into complex calculations, this is the perfect calculator for you. You can compute advanced Algebraic, Trigonometrical, Calculus, Statistics functions easily. It also helps with list-based Statistics, Regression and Graph plots too.  Smart Calculator This is also a smart calculator wherein you can transfer compatible apps to the calculator using the supplied USB cable.

  • Graphical Calculator
  • 12 Digits Display
  • Powered By: Battery Powered
  • Model Name : Scientific
  • Warranty Summary: 3 years warranty services against manufacturing defects for all Casio-India products.
  • Graphing

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Casio Power FX-9860GII SD Graphic Calculator Reviews from YouTube

Casio Graphical Calculators: Basics (fx-9860GII, CG-20, CG50)
Casio FX-9860GII Advanced Graphic Calculator review
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Unboxing Casio fx-9860GIII - Graphic Calculator
Flimsy keys
Does anyone know how to set it so my answers are in standard form as im tryna do things like speeds of electrons and its difficult to round to standard form when its like 164859937274819495827829505927284950030272759020194758201048392093592*010494 (Yes i button spammed 😂)
How do you store the result of the previous calculation after you accidentally press something else? The "Ans" sign wouldn't appear when I press '->' in this case..(I can manually type it again in the next line but the result is too complicated to do so)
how to clear the all  memories by once???
Thx man
Maths Help with Mr Orys, You mentioned in the paragraph that all Casio graphical calculators work in the same way....What about the Classpad 400 & the 9860 G II?
Where is the percentage symbol plz help me
Thank you very much anyone 2019 And how to delete all the answers in this cal.Should i just click reset for it only?
So you basically explain what a normal calculator do, instead of showing what that model does in particular like graphics, tables and so on.
Excellent video! But is there any differenciation&integration function?
Still helpful in 2019! I got this calculator for my Calculus 1 class.
I've got the same calculator, but there is a problem, because when I want to turn it on it doesn't work, but the light is working. Does anyone has any idea what can be wrong with my calculator?
Hello, whats about sin,cos and tan?
Where is the percentage button?
When I turned it on, the menu pops up, & I can’t figure out how to do a regular problem like, say, 3x2 because there isn’t an option. Please help
so helpful
I would like to buy this product in Vietnam?
Thank you so much! It was so helpful
ذي الحاسبه في سوق كوم بـ600 ريال😂
who is here coz of the SAT and see that your g calculator is acceptable and want to know how to function ? XD
I deleted the geometry funktion, do you know how to re insall it ?
Try it again when you get audio. And who are those phoney thumbs up?
When I divide 1 by 200 on this calculator I get 5e-03 instead of .005! Why?
Where under the character select app for this Casio 9860G II
Good video, don't understand the dislikes due to sound, it's an unboxing not a music video
What the diffrence usb pwr grahp 1 and 2 ?
Where is the sound?
🔥Buy CASIO FX-9860GII:
So my Sharp El - 9950 is now officially broken and am now looking for a new graphing calculator. This one looks nice, and I checked a local bookstore and its $40 costlier than my sharp. Anyways cant wait for mine to arrive soon ❤
Good review, very helpful. I just place an order for this calculator thanks to your review.
I don't got cable with mine
Hi please I need help ): my casio Fx-9860GII only work while connected to my PC if I disconnect it doesn't turn on. I've tried to change the batteries and then reset but it didn't work. Pleeeesse help my warranty already expired.
kalculater is too honest
My left ear loved this
Haha your english is too funny! 😂😂
How can I use variables in Program Mode like "Pc" or "P1" - I mean, more than one letter. When I try to use it I get an error message, also if I use any character of the "CHAR" option I get an error message. Please help!
what is the difference between casio 9750giii and 9860giii
I've bought this calculator and it has lots of good features and functions, but what lets it down, in my opinion, is the monochrome display; it is hard to see in low light. You need a strong, wide angle, light source to be able to read the display properly.
I am looking forward to buying a cheap graphical calculator for SAT and AP Calculus AB. I was looking through the FX 9860 series but was not able to contemplate the differences between GII and GIII. Can you recommend which one should I go for with respect to the exam perspective since GIII is a newer model and may not be accepted at some test centres?
the FX9860GII/SD has a SDK software, a C compiler and a linker offered by CASIO allowing you to create simple applications for the calculator. Does the FX9860GIII has something similar?
Hi, looks smaller than 9860gii, doesn't it?
i looking for examples of programs in python for this calculator any help thanks
It's very similar to my old casio algebra fx
At this point I don't see why does the 9860 still exist, while the Casio listing price is lower than cg50, I've never seen an actual price difference between those that's significant (5 euro max), and the cg50 is just better in every way. Having owned both (the gii), not having to guess the pixels say in my opinion is worth every penny of the 4 euro price difference I paid for teh cg50 when my gii broke. Great video as always!
Do you know of any qualities this calculator can do, that the fx CG50 can’t do?
Why would they make it uglier than the gii
What kind of pyton implementation does it have?
Hello, What's the difference between this one and fx9860gii?
How much does it cost?
Great video as always!
Apart from a different colour scheme, the main difference between this and the French "Graph 35+E II" is the inclusion of an LED on the French version that lights up in exam mode. (Those are also the main differences between the CG50 and the French Graph 90+E.)
I want to buy a new graphic calculator. But I don't know if choosing a FX-9860 , FX-CG50 or other series. Would you recommend me a good calculator, please?
Interesting video, but I have to say I feel sorry for the folk who try to save a few pounds by purchasing this instead of Casio's CG50.
Currently showing on Amazon at £91.52 (CG50 is £97)
Or something like: …SUM(X=1,1000,XROOT(3 ,EXP(SIN(ATAN(X)))) )
Might be handy to include a simple speed test when reviewing calculators. Such as: „INT(0,6,EXP(X^3),X) Just for computing power. :)

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