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Captain Phasma Reviews from YouTube

Phasma is AWESOME Again - Star Wars: Phasma Book Review
Star Wars The Black Series Captain Phasma (Quicksilver Baton) Review
Hot Toys Captain Phasma Review
Bandai Star Wars Captain Phasma Model Kit Build and Review The Force Awakens
Man the movies ruined Phasma
I'm so disappointed Phasma didn't turn out to be something more significant in Star Wars. All the ingredients were there, but they wasted their time on shallow characters like Rose.
At this rate, Disney canon books are just damage control for poor scriptwriting. An accompanying book is supposed to enhance the film, not act as a requirement for the movie to make sense.
It's a shame she wasn't exactly great in the flicks.
Its a shame that she was under used in the last Jedi as well as the force awakens.
This book SUCKS!!! It gives her ZERO character development!!! She was just a born phsyco path, the book also reads as though a damn 12 year old girl wrote it, these are facts! The premise is interesting, but the delivery is a bloody mess!
I love Phasma again and I love Cardinal.
I got tearful when Torben was killed by his brother and when Siv killed him...
This would have been an excellent side story film.
Just bought the book, so far I have only read about 40 pages, but im already so engaged with the story,the ways its written just gives so great awareness of the sorroundings, and a really great look into the universe of "star wars" 100% recommended to anyone its accesible to, and its also pretty cheap, I bought it for around 15 usd.
Watching this before TLJ: "Oh jesus all this phasma merch was worth it!" Watching this after TLJ: "........"
How did Kylo found darth Vader’s helmet
My favorite Easter egg from the book is when she put on the mandalorian helmet
Make Phasma great again.
Oh how sad it is we didn't get THIS Phasma in VIII. lol Aw well, I'm still excited to get my copy in the mail
The Last Jedi definitely did not live up to this book.
You know a star wars character is cool when they get killed off fast. Like boba fett. Maul. Grivious
Loved Cardinal!
to bad she does nothing in the last Jedi
Is her armour fireproof? Because I hope she lives from that fall
Bonjour pour ceux qui le chercherait j'en vend une neuve dans sa boîte d'origine 25€ sur vinted ✌😷
If you have one of those liquid chome marker, this is a great project
Gun looks piss gold
Is the gun gold or silver
Captain Phasma is so underated.
Today i got this figure for just 5 euros ! That is not much lol
i wish this version was released without the damage because i didn't get the original and i think having the baton and the new cape is better
I found this figure in a Ross department store in Miami Dolphin mall for 5 dollars. And never Fond it again
It's on Amazon
I found this figure at Ross for $5
Is the battle damage paint , rub?
Unfortunately I don’t have friends in high places but I was lucky enough to get her at for 50% off! Great review Mike I’m excited because I feel like this one will be more posable and I love the battle damage look.
As I write this it is now 4/20 but I picked this up at a Disney Store at my local mall for $21 on the 4/19 although I am not sure when exactly it was released I wasn't even aware that it existed I was blown away while shopping at the Disney Store with my girlfriend and I had to have it at first I was confused because when I looked it up I did notice that sticker I did not know that it was only released in Canada I was aware the Toys R Us was no longer a thing here in the states I do thank you for clearing that up for me here are some pics for verification and as always May the force be with you
My Phasma can barely move her thigh or head and can't stand at all. The baton won't stay in her hand either and just falls out
Yeah man, My Phasma, The first 6 in one, is so damn dull!! Not shiny
10:58 subliminal message? Alright mike i see how it is.
Thanks for reminding me that a janitor defeated a souped up stormtrooper captain hahhahaha JK great review Mike as always
Love this figure! I thought the new cape looks so much better on this Phasma!
Awesome review as always, bro. I don’t collect this line but I do think it’s cool. The figure may not be a shiny as you would have liked but it still looks great. Cheers M
We want shiny! Lol, Nice figure though!
So.... you got it for almost $100 Dlls? you wasn't clear enough... XD
My man stop talking about your discount....and talk about the figure. We get it
Dude! Thank you so much! I had no idea BBTS was even having this promotion sale and i was actually just about to buy Captain Phasma and Boba Fett off Sideshow. This is amazing! Now i can actually order a 3rd figure with that credit. :)
Basically you get for $100! Such a good deal!
Yes I've been taking advantage of the bbts promo too, is insane, I'm surprised not a lot of people is taking about it, the thing is if you buy a figure with the promo and use the credit to buy another figure of the same promo you can get away with serious discount, I end up paying only $50 bucks for one of the hot toys, is crazy!!!
Did she not come with her staff (Full length and Closed) that I’ve seen pictured elsewhere?
The thing where the sprues attach to the inside of the pieces is called undergating. I believe it's a bit trickier to design but Bandai often uses it for chrome plated kits where you can't really clean up the surface or for more premium kits to make it easier to keep the armor surface clean.
Do you by any chance review the phasma last jedi version?
Why is everything ChrOmE!?!?
since you are a sucker for chrome, shinny blink blink thingy, i suggest u invest urself for a godhand nipper
Simply use this paper-like cape as a pattern to make a proper one yourself out of a light fabric...
You've convinced me that I need one of these to go with my Vader & Stormtrooper. I like chrome as much as you do and the only reason I haven't ordered the C3-P0 (yet!) is that I prefer the bad guys. I suppose I'll have to get a First Order Stormtrooper to go with Captain Phasma as well- you're a bad influence on me, and you can take that as a compliment! I enjoy your videos as the camerawork & sound are spot on and you cut out all the speeded-up video of the entire build that other people include and is as much use as a chocolate teapot. Keep doing what you're doing!
She looks more like the phasma from the last jedi.
Any chance you’ll get the last jedai version now that shes out?
Any chance you’ll get the last jedai version now that its out?
This reminds me of daft punk. :)
I can't stand Phasma. I think that's the ugliest armor I've seen to date. All of the First Order armor looks stupid, but hers is the worst.
Did you do an update vid on the cloth cape?
The reason why there are pieces that don't contribute to the build is because those parts runners are more than likely shared by multiple model kits. This is what bandai does. They recycle parts for their models. They do the same thing with gundam model kits. So those leftover parts are probably from or for something else.
does it come with a trash compactor ahaha
the cape reminds me of an oversized lego cape, with all the peg holes
Captain phasma is so lame
I just got this figure as my first model kit, and am awaiting a tool kit similar to what you recommended to STEEVEWES a couple weeks ago to build it. Also have a fabric cape from rickhor49 on the way. Wish me luck!
Damn, I've only just now learned about these Model Kits. I really want them now and since I have a long Miniatures experience I couldn't help but weather the Models and apply some paint on them :D

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