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Buy Canon PowerShot G1 X (Mark III) Digital Camera online at Flipkart. Key specs are not available. Canon PowerShot G1 X (Mark III) Digital Camera Colours: Black
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Flipkart Offers ₹68,740
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Canon PowerShot G1 X (Mark III) Digital Camera Features

This compact camera from Canon pushes frontiers in technology to deliver DSLR quality images. The PowerShot G1 X Mark III features an APS-C imaging sensor used in many DSLR cameras, and Dual Pixel CMOS AF to deliver high image quality and unprecedented high-speed AF. The Touch & Drag AF featured on the PowerShot G1 X Mark III allows touch screen AF operation for even more precise AF even during viewfinder shooting.

  • Effective Pixels: 24.2 MP
  • Optical Zoom: 3x | Digital Zoom: 12x
  • Auto Focus
  • Display Size: 3 inch
  • Key specs are not available.
Canon PowerShot G1 X (Mark III) Digital Camera Colours:
  • Black

The lowest Canon PowerShot G1 X (Mark III) Digital Camera Price in India is ₹68,740 at Flipkart.
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Canon PowerShot G1 X (Mark III) Digital Camera Reviews from YouTube

Canon Powershot G1X Mark III Hands-On Field Test
Canon G1 X Mark III Ultimate Review
Canon G1X Mark III Unboxing - Vlogging Camera for TripRazer
This guys hairline is just as impressive as the camera.
Curious how the final images compare to the Ricoh GR3 at the wide open end (2.8 24mm).
The sensor 1/1,5 its smaller than my Old Nokia phone 808 pureview - (1/1,2)🤔😂
After seeing this , I decided to buy a G5X :)
I prefer Lumix LX 100II over this Canon, mainly because of the better menu with actually the same image quality.
What a review. I believe you totally misuderstood the very meaning and functions of this camera. I've seen other videos from this channel, and I think you always make the same mistakes. I use G1 MK III ad a replacement for my DSLR and I shoot fashion. I can tell you this camera is designed for high demanding professionals.
I own a Canon 200D with Sigma 18-35 lens, I only do photography (no video). While I'm happy with the quality of the images, it is quite not a convenient combo to use because it is big and heavy and I'm traveling all the time. It is therefore necessary to somehow plan to make a photo session with a backpack etc. and the whole is really not discreet when you want to do street photography for example. It is not the type of combo you bring with you when going to the restaurant or stuff like that. I am therefore looking for a high quality camera that is versatile, but above all that I could have everywhere with me, for example to take improvised pictures in the beautiful streets of Tokyo or elsewhere, without being too much noticed. The main interest of this camera for me is to have aps-c quality sensor, with a quality lens, easy to carry and discreet. The best camera is the one you have with you they say
I have a G1x and the deep dynamic range pretty much the same as full frame. The landscape photos on the computer monitor looks like I'm looking through a clear window, incredible transparent feel. If you don't need bokeh effects or fast autofocus, big zoom range, or a smaller body, This kind of pocketable machine is excellent. No one will probably notice from the photos that the camera is so small.
Nice review, I wait for g1x IV with 24-72 mm as gx5 (f1.8-28) That will be a perfect everyday camera for people and for street photography!
For the top of the GX product line it is disappointing. Should have a mic input, f1.8 lens, and better video. Even the G5X Mk1 and G7X Mk2 have f1.8 lenses. Good hands on review 👍
i smell some haters
Chris its main advantage over g5X it's that it doesn't get so much dust inside the lens, as G1X III is now weather-sealed !
Does the G5X Mk II have a hot shoe? The G1 X Mk III has one!
intro is brooklyn 99 theme song
The video looks soft as hell
G 5 X, Lumix lx100 ii and Leica d-lux 7 are not weather sealed. For me, thats important. G1 X is weather sealed.
Regardless of what anyone says, I regret that I did not buy this instead of the g7x mk II.
i was excited about a weather-sealed point and shoot with an aps-c sensor, but watching this video was very informative. it isn’t for me, and isn’t for most people. thank you!
What's the brand of the fanny pack?
Thank you for an honest review. Before this review, I had the idea to change my g7xm2 for this model but now I think I will stay with the current... Thank you so much...
Hmm I'm so stuck on this one. I want something compact for travel that can go in a jacket pocket. Currently use an a6600 with the 16-55 f2.8 which is a killer combo (in my opinion), but it's just so big that it's not ideal for general carry on hols. On the one hand something like the XF10 seems perfect due to size but apparently focusing is a dog. Then the X100F looks like a much better performer, but the prime lens is limiting (I think for a prime I'd take a 50mm equiv over a 35mm equiv personally). Then we have this G1X iii which has the benefit of the zoom range and more compact than the X100F, but the iffy lens speed means it's actually not gathering more light comparative to a 1 inch with a faster lens (e.g. RX100 iii/iv/v with the 1.8-2.8 lens is a 2.9-4.5 equiv on APS-C). STUCK!!! :-(
Is the build in ND filter automatic in auto mode, or do you need to manually switch on/off? Thanks
Хорошая попытка но я всё равно не куплю эту говёную камеру, у которой светосила хуже чем даже в мыльницах. Эта камера делает великолепные снимки в светлое время суток. В тёмное время получаются ужасные изображения и большая матрица не спасает.
Hello, could you please advise any compact camera for photography in the same price range of this? Can also go for mirrorless ones. I am looking for amazing image quality
How much is this camera
For the looks of it, my hands are definitely larger than yours. It’ll be so tiny on my hands, oh gosh 😅
Mic input? Mic input? Why complaining for a completely useless mic input on a camera like this? Totally nonsense!
I have the gx1 first edition. But I need WiFi and Bluetooth. Maybe a good buy! Awesome review
Миллион слов ни о чем!
Is the front wheel clicky?
It's still priced at $1,000, about as much as a crop sensor D-SLR. That's way too expensive & there's still no external mic input. No thanks.
i just came back from best buy to check out this particular camera, and I saw a little hole for the Mic input, and you said Canon does not include it on this one? i am confused.
Love your videos Kinotika, but having looked at a lot of videos (including many of your own), the quality of this one for some reason did not seem so good. Not up to your usual standards. Maybe it was YouTube's compression? I could make out you were shooting with a Canon EOS - maybe R? But the image quality seemed poor. Very video-like rather than the usual 'Canon' colour-science that everyone loves. I suspect you were not using 'C' log? Or were you? The blacks seemed crushed and the colours saturated. The video image quality at 5:35 out of the G1X actually looked better than your own footage. I'd be interested to know if you agree, or whether there were some issues with the camera you were using? Otherwise great content, and thanks for posting.
Sorry nur my g1x m3 does have an audio Input, on the right hand side right above the USB ports
The mk11 despite having a slightly smaller 1.5 inch sensor and no evf, did have 24-120mm equivalent lens f2-f.3.9. With a 15mp sensor its individual pixels are bigger than the mk3 and its F2 minimum is about equal to the Slightly slower lens but bigger sensor on the mk3. As for vlogging it's not something that interest me at all. But most point and shoot cameras have a far better video focusing system than any large sensor camera, dslr, changeable lens system. All those cameras are first and foremost a Camera for taking still images with and any trade off that's needed that causes issue with video recording is done, video always comes second on a dslr, changeable lens system or large sensor compact. Needs are somewhat met with a lumix tz100 1 inch sensor camera that's small, compact fits in the pocket, has a 25-250mm range for stills and around 33-300mm for 4k video, which is excellent. That's the camera to buy for vloggers if you want excellent results in a camera you can put in your pocket. Dont fall for the bull about a bigger sensor being better for low light video, virtually every camera except for a few high end full frame ones just use a small crop of the sensor anyway, so low light use is out of the question. I only take photos and use a fuji x100, just thought if throw my thoughts out there
The only think I wish it has was a faster lens, I'm sure it's possible
I’m not seeing why to get this over an M50.
I don't like the view finder on it
I am looking for a camera but, the Mic. input or the lack of makes it a probly no go. Question: I only have one hand that works (the left) How difficult would it be for me?
What's up everyone?! I hope this review of the Canon G1 X MKIII is helpful. Did you like it? Was there too much detail? Not enough? What did you like, and also, what did you not like? What would you like to see more of? Would love to know what you think, good or bad. I am grateful in advance 🙏 I like the image and video quality from such a tiny camera, amazing auto-focus but would have liked to see an external mic input and improved remote control. Let me know what you think!!
Can I put it in my pants pocket. I plan to take pictures in the Bronx where I used to live. and they will rob you if they so much as see your camera. Let's say baggy jeans because it is hard for any camera to fit in tight jeans. Or wearing slacks, which usually have roomy pockets.
Your reviews are always spot on and provide a fair, unbiased and knowledgeable assessment of the camera in question. The only disadvantages of the G1X Mark 3 (one from a photographic point of view and the other as a cash strapped consumer!) ) would be the limited aperture and the price! At the time of your review, it would have been around $1200 new. Now, however, looking on e-bay, I have seen a few examples not much over £500-700 (or $678-950 appx)-cheaper if sourced from the States! That would make it a viable alternative to the excellent Canon M50 now. As you say, no camera gives you everything, but the focal length here is a very useful one, and the image stabiliser would be very useful, especially with the slow lens in lower light and ability to negate the use of high ISOs. by using a slower shutter speed for static subjects. And at least HD video would be nice and steady hand held! Many expensive DSLRs/Mirrorless cameras don't have that-anything that gives you confidence in your camera will make you use it more. Also, the build quality and element of weather sealing gives the user the user extra reassurance. So even if you can't change lenses, the G1X 3 has so much going for it and you can't ask much more of that from a small camera with an APSC sensor. Thumbs up-just lower the price in the January Sales, Canon :)
Hi, just curious two things (I only care about photos), how is image quality compared with RX100 VA? I noticed you said autofocus is good, but still not comparable to Sony Rx100 VA?
Is there one camera that has the features on an G1, high pixels, lighting features, panoramic and the ones on an SX such as super close macros and 65 zoom?
Is it possible to charge the battery from a power bank?
Nice summary. The child model is charming, spontaneous, and full of personality. Good feature summary and good image and video samples. TT
What is in your opinion the best camera out there, what ever brand and price for good sharp pictures, im not filming or making any kind of movies, im just intrested in the photos
Good Review.
I love my m50
You look like the guy from Friends
I've watched a few of your videos but this is the third camera review video of yours I watched. I was confused between the M50 and the RP initially. The announcement of the M6 Mark II has confused me even further. I'll wait until it's officially announced at the end of this month and then make a decision. I'm considering the G1 X Mark III as well.
Excellent review - very helpful.
Can you use a tripod with this camera?
These compact cameras are much too expensive for what they offer. Canon's mirrorless or low end D-SLR's are a much better value.
would you say the Canon PowerShot G1X Mark III or II?
Really like your reviews... especially for someone who is trying hard to navigate through the choices available these days. As a beginner I’m thinking of going for the Canon EOS 250D! What do you think?
You can’t compare aperture directly on camera of different sensor size, just like focal length. Handphones have aperture at sub f2.0, but in reality their depth of field is like f8 in equivalent.
This fit in my Pocket or Small Belt Pouch which M50 with 22mm can't fit
Yes, a good camera.
Kya is camera se YouTube video shooting kar sakte hu????... no daily vlog... plss rly...
Good quality video 📹
nice video sir. .
very nice camera
I love Nikon & canon.
Nikon is best
plz compare canong7x mark2 and canon g1x mark 3 i am planning to get a new one so help me
Hi please Muja ek camera degiya na apka Pas to bohut ha Ma vi ak blogger bana chatu
Kuch bhi nahi bata skta one plus 6 k baare me .
lots of mistakes ;_;
it is a sd card not micro sd
awsome for vlog
Omit VIYA at first take my love I am washing your all of the video in bangladesh your video xtremly charmed at my mind 20 march I will go to India and I am wanted to meet with you Please replay omit Dada !
There is one mistake @ 2:54, It's not a Micro SD card, it is a SD card.
Bhai kya aap lodha mai rehte ho??? 😰😰😰😰😰
Bhai 70k ya 17k??
Nice camera for all parpus
Waiting for #MWC18 vlogs with this camera
Superb vlogging camera

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