Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS Digital Camera

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Buy Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS Digital Camera online at Amazon. Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS Digital Camera . Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS Digital Camera available in Colours: Purple Silver

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Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS Digital Camera price at Amazon - ₹32,499 ₹57,699

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The lowest Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS Digital Camera Price in India is ₹57,699 ₹32,499 at Amazon.
Buy Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS Digital Camera online at Amazon.
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Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS Digital Camera Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS Digital Camera available in Colours:
  • Purple
  • Silver

Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS Digital Camera Specifications

Technical Details
Device interface - primary Buttons
Batteries Included Yes
Batteries Required Yes
Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Brand Canon Cameras
Contains Liquid Contents No
Continuous Shooting Speed 7.20
Digital Zoom 4 X
Hardware Interface AV
Has Audio Recording Yes
Has Image Stabilization Yes
Has Self Timer Yes
Includes AC Adapter No
Includes External Memory No
Includes Rechargable Battery No
Includes Remote No
Item model number 1078C001
Item Weight 150 g
Max Resolution 20.2 Megapixels
Max Shutter Speed 15 Seconds
Min Aperture 7 f_stop
Min Focal Length 4.50 Millimeters
Min Shutter Speed 1/2000 of a second Seconds
Model 1078C001
Model Year 2016
Optical Zoom 12 X
Product Dimensions 10.9 x 7.9 x 6.9 cm
Screen Size 3 Inches
Supported Image Type JPEG
Wireless Type 802.11B, 802.11G, 802.11n

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So i got this camera today. and my main channel will be a vlogging channel. cant wait.
Thank you - very helpful. You have convinced me to buy this camera
I appreciate your review, but you went over setting far too fast, specifically , the video selection. How do you upload movies / videos to a home computer or TV..?? How do you save pictures and video to flash drives..?
' canon 360 is okay... but very bad blur focus while closer to the flower... dont have a macro focus and manual adjustment len to be clear perfect focus without blur blur
Tempe Town Lake 😍😍😍
Thank you for this concise review. It's just long enough, with just enough detail for me.
Did you get a lot of grain or noise in low light
I know this is late, but i am just curious to what is the max frame rate on this camera?
does it have microphone jack ?
Hi. Can this camera film in 60fps?
why don't you have a full screen on youtube?
It doesn't have external mic port?
can you ever make a video answering are comment question. One of my questions is can you pause the video when your recording. so you wouldn't have to make multible videos if you wanted to make cool transitions . Thank you very much.
Hi, would you know a stabilizer for this canon?
Just purchase mine from Canon for $149 refurbished. Will be using it for vlogging and demonstrations. Great job Kevin! thanks
its crazy cus this should be a 300 dollar camera. Canon is lowkey helping everyone on a budget lol
Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS I had mine on a dash mount for my vehicle While recording driving video, when playback. You can hear an internal rattling noise. Its annoying
Awesome review pls can I use this for a home video movie also does have an external mic slot? Pls reply me ok.Thanx
how do you put the wrist strap on. im having trouble
The voice cracks
Hey God if you're reading this please help me and my boyfriend get more subscribes and bless and heal everyone in this tough times in the pandemic 🙏🏾💓💯
You were great, fun, and informative. Best of three intros to the camera I saw tonight. Thanks
love the video keep it up dude
This dude got a Flip. LOL.
9:28 ok, this transition is AMAZING. I'm a video editor. This is a handheld spinning cut with 2 different cameras. This transition is amazing. That's all I have to say.
One of the best introduction cameras for people testing the waters or if you're teaching or gtting someone else into photography. For under 200usd it's a must. This is the best review on this camera. Greta job.
Yo man, I just bought this camera for my videos, glad I found your review! Thanks!
Bro you are such a great dad, you look so supportive and understanding about your son and toady's generation. I wish when I was your sons age my dad was like you but he wasnt! Best of luck :)
you did a great job kid, you have a great personality and confidence and the centre of attaction of this video is not camera but you yourself. Thanks
I would of chose the powershot SX720 HS, but that camera is too complicated and expensive. The ELPH camera is simple, cheap, and good so i will buy that
Bro ...I grabbed it ...Thanks for review...But ...My cam i hear more hisss in fhd vlog...Even if my indoor is silent....but I don't hear such hiss in yours bro...Have u edited in post ...??
I’ve seen several reviews of this particular camera and it seems pretty good. I have several Samsung cameras that I came out between 2013 and 2015 in the other really good but those were not nearly as affordable as the Canon ELPH 360 when they where new. I’m really just checking out this camera because I know it comes in purple and I was really just looking for a really good quality affordable camera to give to my mom for Mother’s Day. I know everyone takes pictures on their iPhone or android phone these days but most casual people don’t even know how to utilize their phone camera efficiently. That’s why I always feel like I want my friends and family to have good quality cameras. At the same time I don’t want it to be affordable for me if I’m going to give them a camera. The thing is that I’ve seen 720p cameras that look really good and I’ve also seen 1080p cameras that look terrible. What I’ve learned about the video is that you can have 720p cameras that actually look better than 1080p camera because of the bit rate in which the video is recorded and played back. The only thing I would say that’s negative about this camera is the fact that it does not have a flip screen. I think that even lower and cameras like this should have flip screens. If Vivitar can sell a camera for $20 with a flip of screen then Canton should be able to sell a camera for $200 with a flip up screen. If you want to get your dad or your mom or your grandparents a really nice camera that’s easy to use in doesn’t have too many buttons and they can just set it to auto and it will work then this is a perfect camera for that. Like I said, that’s why I want to get this camera for my mom and because it comes in purple as well. You also can’t forget about the fact that this is a 20 megapixel camera. That means you’re going to get some really sharp really nice really clean pictures that could be blown up to a nice size if they want to get prints and hang up the photos in their house. I know the new light thing is still 4K and everyone just wants to shoot in 4K but you know what, the truth is that you don’t need 4K especially if you’re in less than casual shooter. Do you want to get this camera for your daughter or your son and they may be 13 years old then this is the perfect camera for that. It’s affordable but it’s really damn good quality for that price. It’s not the biggest camera sensor on the market by far I mean it’s definitely not full frame for sure It doesn’t even look like it’s an APS-C sensor. That doesn’t matter because it’s point-and-shoot. You turn it on and within seconds you’re able to take a picture and it’s not a Camera in at the high-end market it’s in a be really nice quality camera gift market. Even if you just have a child maybe 10 years old, and you can give this to them for their birthday or something. I hate when people are showing me their photos that they took with their phones because phones no matter what quality they are just terrible to me. Open you got your 12 megapixel iPhone 11 with all the bells and whistle‘s but personally I just happen to be a pixel paper and I noticed stuff like that. And iPhone 11 is still never going to look as good as my Samsung Galaxy NX Camera or my Samsung NX30 Camera. Every camera that I own is better than my iPhone. Take all the selfies you want and take all the casual photo you want with your iPhone or android phone because there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m just saying that I personally want myself and the people in my life to be able to take high-quality photos so I like to take it upon myself to help them do that.
S6 Edge in 2019?
Does it take 16:9 ration for video and photography ...both
The audio from the Samsung was bad.
You have a natural talent lol I think you just sold me on this camera. I am just starting my YouTube channel and I honestly don’t have a lot of money to spend. Thanks for the review.
this 5 yr old made a great video review ... impressive !
I wanted to ask have you use the HDMI output. Since the camera don't come with a HDMI cable which cable are you using if you have one. I check amazon and they have some but sometimes when buy cable, sometimes they work sometimes not.
You deserve more credit❤
Is the a/v out digital or the HDMI micro USB or mini USB? I want to buy an adapter to use a yeti nano with the camera
Can you make basketball and football mixtapes on this camra
subscribed, liked & bell on. :-)
This was very helpful.- I just got this camera...Thank you , now I will go & find a video on how to transfer from camera to youtube channel.
Bro am poor so I'll go with the 360 ,,
Can you use an external mic with an adapter?
Where did u buy the white camera
The sweetest imprint
Damn, I found one at a thrift store, it was cheap, I had my Elph 180 with me, so I put the battery in and it worked. And passed. Damn I’m stupid
Could you help on "how to use the macro lens", a step by step on how to use it and get out of it ? Mostly for us dummies !! thanks.
Wow! The 360 looks way better than the 190. It's worth it for the price difference.
Is the adio from the camera
' canon 360 camera is a okay... but bad blur focus
No flip out screen but if you're in your room - has a hack, couldn't you use a make up mirror behind the camera and you could see your camera screen....might be an ok quick fix
the beginning of the video looked slightly out of focus… unless its just me
Hello! This video helped me so much because I just got the Powershot ELPH 360 HS and I wanted to see a review for it and things like that. Thanks so much for the help. I personally think that this is and amazing affordable camera too. This was very helpful and im starting my YouTube channel and needed some advise. :)
Who is on 2020
Ima try so far this is my quality lmk if I could do better
Can I use it your YouTube video
How can you use this camera as external webcam for a laptop? And is it possible to use a laptop as its external monitor?
Awesome video 👌
Do you know how to do pause on the video when its recording? I bout brand new one and cant find out I really appreciate it 🙉 Canon powershot elph 360 hs
There's something about your voice that's satisfying.
I just got this camera literally ten minuets ago. The battery is charging right now. I’m gonna make a review video as my first video! Not mad at it for $119 🙌🙌
one question i have is that is it easy to see yourself/ record yourself without a viewfinder?