Canon EOS 6D Mark II 26.2MP DSLR (With EF 24-70mm f/4L USM Lens)

Canon EOS 6D Mark II 26.2MP DSLR (With EF 24-70mm f/4L USM Lens) Price in India, Specifications, Reviews & Offers. Buy online @ Amazon.

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Buy Canon EOS 6D Mark II 26.2MP DSLR (With EF 24-70mm f/4L USM Lens) online at Amazon. Canon EOS 6D Mark II 26.2MP DSLR (With EF 24-70mm f/4L USM Lens)

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Buy Canon EOS 6D Mark II 26.2MP DSLR (With EF 24-70mm f/4L USM Lens) online at Amazon.
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Canon EOS 6D Mark II 26.2MP DSLR (With EF 24-70mm f/4L USM Lens)

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CANON EOS 6D MARK II: First Look with Rick Sammon, Canon Explorer of Light
CANON EOS 6D MARK II: First Look with Rick Sammon, Canon Explorer of Light
New Canon 6D Mark II 2019  - Test Video And Pictures
New Canon 6D Mark II 2019 - Test Video And Pictures
Canon 6D Mark II Unboxing
Canon 6D Mark II Unboxing
Canon EOS 6D Mark II
Canon EOS 6D Mark II
Awesome shots & good review too! What lens were you using?
Predictions... 2019, Canon will probably unveil EOS 80D MarkII with 26.2MP sensor and ability to shoot 4K video at a max of 30p cropped... Canon could also unveil a T8i with a 26.2MP sensor that can shoot 4K at 30p but i highly doubt the 4K part on a rebel body, given Canon fears such a camera would be a cannibal toward the 5D series... I also believe Canon will unveil a camera with a name from nowhere as they did the 77D. A rebel body with similar specs as the T8i and this will probably include 4K capabilities but at low frame rates and probably cropped. This camera, whatever it will be called, will be the successor to the 77D. Maybe 88D? or T8S? or maybe EOS 1099D? to correspond with tax season? who knows... I believe canon will retire the 6D Mark II because it was a camera received with little to no enthusiasm. A full frame Canon 6D Mark 3 with 4K at 60p, with a properly done AF point 26.2MP sensor would be highly appreciated, but very unlikely to be seen.
I came up with another problem concerning Canon equipping the 6D2 with outdated technology. I was setting up this camera for tethered shooting and was astounded that it has only the slow and antiquated USB 2.0 technology. Producing a camera in 2017 without at least USB 3.0 capability is simply inexcusable!
Pure propoganda video.
I Don't know why people don't like the entry level full frame 6D mark 2 . Yes , there is No 4k , No dual slots , limited dynamic range , the price is a bit expensive . But . It has a full articulate high resolution touchscreen display that most or all full frame cameras don't have this . It also has a dual pixel autofocus for live view and video and it is a great feature . It is also small and light weighting for a FF DSLR . Its AF system is very good and great for tracking and shooting in lowlight . It uses canon L lenses that are cheap and high quality . Not disappointing DSLR at all. Anyone can take great shots by any camera.
Even A6300 is better than this.
Finally a great positive, straight to the point review focusing only on what features the camera has! Thank you!
and I don't mind thats its mainly aim at photography
I like the 6d mark ii, don't care what anyone says
I own the original 6D and love it. Not sure if I'll upgrade yet. Lots of great info in this video, someone just tell Rick to breath between sentences or add some spaces in the editing...I can't really take it.
I use all of these feature in my A7r about 3 year !!!! Flip screen , Liveview focus , Timelapse .etc and more than that I used timelapse shift , smooth reflection app , digital ND filter as well .... I think for people who already own Canon 6d and doesn't want to change a brand ..... Keep using old 6D and buy more glass that is better. This 6Dmk2 is old technology from 3+ year ago .
First minute in and he is saying it is a good camera for film..... From what I have heard it is not at all good enough for film for the price and just in general, so I think this is obviously a sales pitch from Rick Sammon and not an honest opinion. If you are wanting to know more, watch other videos about the 6Dii.
what is your solution to take risk and shoot with this camera in events with having just one sd card slot and avoid losing photos?
Great to see a FF camera at this point in a line have this feature set. GPS, wifi, Bluetooth, touchscreen, with touch to focus, articulating screen, HDR, time lapse. I know a ton of people it would help. And great tips too Rick!
Thanks, Rick, for the tips and reminders while also introducing the new 6D II. I wish my 5D Mk iv had that articulating screen! The GPS is a feature I use all the time and I'm glad the new 6D II has it, too, along with the other new features. You always make things look easy--thanks for helping so many photographers.
Great video and tips from Rick! I'm not a Canon shooter (yet), but this camera has a lot of features I wish my Nikons had.
Great video, thanks for the breakdown. ISO performance looks amazing! The tips were a nice added bonus! Thanks, Rick!
Cool video introduction to the new 6d mkII, much more than just a review of the features. Great shots, time lapse and photography tips from one of the best! Thanks!
The video does a great job of demonstrating the features of the camera, along with good pointers on getting the most out of the gear.
Very nice #badshahvlogs
horrible music!!
it is good ..?
sub bk
"Zoom lens" she says, while rotating the focus ring! 😂
Been thinking of getting this camera for astrophotography and just wondering how good is it for astrophotography. Milky way shots with the highlands of scotland I'd like to shoot plus the constellations etc. Been using the Canon 700D really good but full frame is my next upgrade. Would you recommend this camera for astrophotography?
I use mine for pro work. So it works great with pro work. And the clasdic 6d is just a 6d not a mark 1 it is not written on it. And as I work for Canon they do not call it the mark 1.
Is good camera?
Hello Sir. I just bought a canon 6d mark 2. I noticed that the shutter has a horizontal line at the center ( hardware ). Is that normal or a defect. Kindly let me know as if this is a defect I can return it. Thanks.
Thank you. Your review was quite informative. I currently have the Canon M6 which is my go to camera and the ancient 5D2. The Canon 6D2, although an entry FF model, has most of the features covered. I have been a Canon user from the Kiss, 30D, 40D, 60D to my current equipment. I am an engineer by profession but I am not a tech geek. I have been a Canon user because of the complete package offered by Canon: 1. Easy to understand and operate UI. 2. Canon equipment has been reliable. 3. I have not turned in an equipment for repair but Canon offers great “after sales” service. 4. I like the Jpeg files. In short, my “customer satisfaction” to the Canon system is quite good.
On 2:53 they que footsteps and after no 😂
This camera rocks, I used it for a few weeks to test it, and the images were as good, if not better than my 5DMIII, in a lighter, more nimble, yet tough body, with great focusing and a similar center spread to the Nikon D750/OG 6D, but with all cross point, which is super accurate. The flip/touch screen is surprisingly useful and unique on a full frame DSLR. Coming from Mirrorless, the DPAF "touch to focus" is actually usable, unlike the "Live View" on my 5DMIII. The colors are beautiful (Canon has color science nailed, and it shines on the 6DMI & MII) and with a good lens, this camera will do rocking stills. LOVE the screen on this, it's a really nice package, for both Vlogging and Stills. Wi-Fi is awesome! And the weather resistance is good. Love this camera! DR is same as 5DMIII, in other words, it's fine. The only people worried about DR are pixel peepers taking pictures of their keyboards in their basements. Actual working photographers and budding videographers and you tubers love this camera. The Canon 5DMIII has "worse" dynamic range than the 5DMII, and no one freaked out. Expose properly, and your DR will be perfect. Is the 6D MII a 5DMIV? No. But neither was the 6D a 5DMIII, yet everyone LOVED the 6D. Why so many haters on the Mark II? Seems like a rad camera, and having shot with it for a few thousand test shots, I can tell you, it's a lovely DSLR for a beginner, or even a pro looking for a simple, lightweight body. Pros use 6D's all the time! Good review! Nice to see a decent review of a camera that is getting unwarranted bashing. I don't know why this camera is getting bad press, but I'm glad it is, because it will probably bring the price down and I will buy one for sure.
Lauren and Rob, I visited your channel because you are so great source of information on Instax and Fujifilm, and now I can see Canon camera reviews. I am totally disappointed, and I lost my enthusiasm, loyalty; you are just wasting your time on Canon reviews. Not because Canon products are not great, and not because you are not great reviewers of anything. All the best and bye. Miklos
Hi guys! Can you make a video on the Pentax K1000? <3
Which one to buy cannon 80d or Cannon 6d markii
Flippy , outtie , screen
hi Lauren,  i have the 6D and won't replace it with 6D2 ;   without selling it,  i can buy 2nd body from other brands :  Fuji, Olympus/Panasonic, Nikon etc.  does the build quality of new 24-105 II  feel very cheap, plasticky compared to its predecessor or other old L zooms ?    i had it in my hands last week ; the robust or rugged quality is missing ;   even 6DII being lighter than 6D by 80-90 grams, means there's more plastic and less metal.  Nikon bodies aren't so poorly built.   Thanks for the unboxing,  Regards.
Tilty , Fliippy Screen 😂
Is it great for recording videos
I hope you did not spend your own money on this. For that price I will take a Sony over this anyday. Canon is being left behind by Sony and now the new Nikon D850 in tech at any price point. Canon holds back to many features to force you to buy their more expensive bodies. It's hard to believe this is only a 1080p video with now one of the worst codecs to deal with. No Canon LOG, no 4K, no high bitrate codec, no 4K HDMI output, no full pixel readout, no new video features to speak of. No one would ever consider this camera for video.
Lauren, make a review of the Impossible I-1
I love your channel! I'm getting the Instax mini 90!!!
Vai comprar sua dsl vai de t6i Ou 80d mas barata
Com prei uma me arrependie vendie minha t6i para comprar uma 6dmark2 Se algue estiver lendo essa mensagem faça isso que eu fiz
Mano qual tu acha melhor a 5D mark ii ou 6D?
O foco dela não é tão bom assim no olho erra menos um pouco que a antiga
Review espetacular Zack!
Melhor review, Zack, parabéns
Minha maior dificuldade é não poder fazer streaming ou gravar em gravador externo
Olá Zack será que pode me ajudar? quando coloco radio flash o meu speedlight não dispara se eu estiver usando live view existe uma maneira de disparara ele usando o radio flash e live view?
volta e vem falar da xt3 pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeee
Bom dia Zack. Muito bacana seu Review. Mas me tira uma dúvida, você acha que vale a pena sair da 80D e ir para a 6Dmark ll???
Amigo Canon 6D Mark 2 ou Sony A6500?
Opa Zack! Primeiramente parabéns pelo blog e pelos vídeos, tenho feito bastante pesquisa e a sua contribuição é pra lá de ótima! Vi que muita gente pergunta aqui sobre suas dúvidas entre câmeras e eu não sei se você (ou alguém) vai me responder mas acho que vale arriscar: Canon EOS 6D Mark II ou Nikon D800E? Nunca usei Nikon profissionalmente e estou bem insatisfeita coma qualidade de imagem da minha já antiga Canon 7D. Seu review super empolgado dessa Nikon me contagiou.
Sensacional o REview... Teremos o Review da EOS RT?
pessoal to em duvida entre "Nikon D750" e "canon 6d mark II" qual vcs recomendam ?
Zack! Que bom que voltou a publicar aberto no YouTube.
Olá Zack, parabéns pelo vídeo!! Estou com problemas para achar um programa para informar a quantidade de ckiks, parece que não há suporte para versão, Magic Lantern, Canon EOS... Você tem alguma dica? Desde já obrigado.
Vi primeiro o vídeo e depois fui pro texto, no blog. Excelente trabalho (lá e cá)!! ♥️👍
Compensa uma T7i ou pagar o dobro na 6d mk ll?
Olá Marcelo! Agradeço primeiramente o ótimo trabalho. Ajudou-me muito! Valeu! Tenho uma dúvida: Eu não vi você falando nas opções para mudar o tempo em que a "Regua de Fotómetro" fica ligada. Existe uma opção nas customizações que possam permitir mexer nesse parâmetro? Obrigado!
Otimo review, o que é essa parada com o Iphone nos 23:17?