Canon EF 70-200mm f 4L USM Lens

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Buy Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM Lens online at Flipkart Amazon Snapdeal TATACliq. Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM Lens . Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM Lens available in Colours: White Black

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Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM Lens price at Flipkart - ₹148,020

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Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM Lens price at Amazon - ₹156,601

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Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM Lens price at Snapdeal - ₹156,601

Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM Lens Offers and Coupons:

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TATACliq ₹156,601
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Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM Lens price at TATACliq - ₹156,601

Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM Lens Offers and Coupons:

Estimated Delivery: 4-5 Days
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The lowest Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM Lens Price in India is ₹148,020 at Flipkart.
Buy Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM Lens online at Flipkart Amazon Snapdeal TATACliq.
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Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM Lens Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM Lens available in Colours:
  • White
  • Black

Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM Lens Specifications

Additional Features
Other Specifications Distance Scale, L-series Optics, Light and Compact, Four-stop Image Stabilizer, Fluorite and UD Lens Elements, Super Spectra Coatings, Circular Aperture
Compatibility Features
Lens Mount EF
Suitable For Wildlife
Dimensions 76 x 172 mm (Diameter x Length)
Weight 705 g
Brand Canon
Color Black & White
Filter Attachment Size 67 mm
Lens Cap E-67U
Lens Case LP1224
Lens Hood ET-74
Lens Type Telephoto
Minimum Aperture 32
Model EF 70-200 mm f/4L USM
Name Telephoto Zoom
Prime/Zoom Zoom
Type Telephoto Zoom
In the Box
Sales Package Lens
Lens Features
Angle of View Diagonal: 34° - 12°, Horizontal: 29° - 10°, Vertical: 19° 30 ′ - 7°
Drive System Ring-type USM
Lens Construction (Elements/Groups) 16 Elements in 13 Groups
Performance Features
Aperture with Max Focal Length f/4
Aperture with Min Focal Length f/32
Maximum Focal Length 200 mm
Maximum Magnification (x) 0.21
Minimum Focal Length 70 mm
Minimum Focusing Distance 1.2 m

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I have a few Canon L lenses, but this is my favourite. It's so sharp, and (not mentioned) very light
3:00 So this doesn't have a fast shutter speed? "Good for telephoto photos on sunny days" but not cloudy days or indoors. 😕 Wouldn't a handheld tripod sort this?
1:05 Ya sound like Steve Harley and the Cockney Rebel
I love this lens, it's perfect for landscapes and when shooting from a tripod IS is not a problem.
Is it still worth it to buy this lens the IS version f4 for about 500$ ? I know the mark2 is about 900-1000 . Used ofcouse
Price of lens plz
Have had my eye on this lens for awhile and finally pulled the triggerまえ So happy I decided to get it. Just a really good lens. Very happy.
Do you think this will work well on Canon M50? I would not use it to do video as I am not interested in video but for wild life photography.
Hello, thank you for this video. I have a 6D and am searching for a telephoto lens for 300-400€. I found the 120-400mm Sigma and this 70-200mm L for more or less the same price, but I don't know which one would be better for me. I wanted a telephoto lens for Surfpictures, and the 400mm from sigma seems like a pretty good long telephoto for that, but I'm a bit scared of it's size and weight. The L attracts me with it's awesome image quality but I'm not sure if the 200mm are enough. Another issue is that I'm not sure how often I really will shoot Surfpictures (when the waves are good, I'm in the water instead of taking pictures), so that maybe the L also would be good for my nature photography, which I normally do. So my question is: Is the 120-400mm really that weighty and is it's image quality fine, compared to the L? And are the 200mm of the L enough, or is it worth it to go with half focal length for the better quality? Can I crop my 6D image with the L to get closer images without loosing that much quality? Would be awesome if anybody can help me
You mentioned in a later video that this lens doesn’t got into your sharpest lens selection because it is soft in the corners and borders. Yes Incan confirm this. This lens is kinda overhyped. I don’t see it being better than the 55-250 STM lens on crop bodies, it’s worse especially at the borders.
I bad one todays for 250€ great
Hey Chris, Can you review this lens again in 2019 (as per your full frame and APSC camera standards)?
Does this lens work with canon 1500d?
Would this lens be ideal for whale watching in Alaska?
Does this lens work canon t6 reble
"And "L" means "Luxwury" I could imagine the smug look on your face ... lol 😅
Will I damage the lens if it is in auto focus and I turn the focus ring?
Will this fit a Canon EOS 1200D?
My favorite lense, even non stabilized. Recently I caught a flying eagle at...2500/sec at F5. My sharpest pic ever! On the opposit I use it for studio portraits ligt up with soft boxes. I increase the ISO and use it without tripod. A great lense.
Is this still a good investment in 2020? I am struggling to choose between this lens and Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS II USM Lens. Definitely need some suggestions. Thanks!
I got one few days ago
Just order mine can’t wait
I want one
is this good for sports photography???
GREAT video, Izzy. Thank you very much!!
Does this fit the canon t7?
Does this work with the t7i
2X or 1.4 x extender is possible with 70-200 F 4 ?
What's in your pocket!?!?!??!
How well does this lens work with the mc11 on say an a7rii ? Eye af ? Tracking ?
Is this the I S version, or the non version?
Sir, is this lens good for sports photography and my camera is a Canon SL2? Thank you
I have a canon t5i rabel? Does it work in this type of camera??
Hello sir will this lens fit in my Canon 500D DSLR?
Non is? How much in your shop?
I am brand new to cameras and I need some advice. I just bought the Canon 70D because I’m starting a YouTube channel and it’s all about makeup. I thought that I seen a big beauty guru using this lens (Desi Perkins). I am currently bidding on eBay and I’m in the lead and winning with this particular lens. Do you think this would be a good lens for me and my lack of knowledge about cameras and to use on my YouTube channel? If I’m applying eyeshadow for example then I’d need to zoom in good on my eyes as a example. But I’m to the point I don’t want to bid any higher for it because the price is getting pretty up there. Do you think that this lens is exactly what I’ll need or am I wasting my money and need a different lens instead?
His intro is priceless lol
Price as of today?
thank you for your informative videos, they really help a lot. i earnestly request you to make a comparison video of Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 vs canon EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS III USM vs sigma 70-200mm F2.8 DG OS HSM | S, I know you already made individual reviews of the first two lenses, but I request you to make the video like you made earlier like "8x Ultra wide-angle zoom lens comparison battle! APS-C lenses from Canon, Sigma, Tamron & Tokina"( ) thank you very much.
good video, could you help me? Which do you think is the best option, this lens or the 70-300 f/4-5.6 L is usm? Thanks a lot. I have canon 90d.
How come the image quality is affected when used with the M6 + adapter. Can anyone give an optical/mechanical explanation. Thanks in adavance!
Is it sharp with canon 90d ?
Great job Chris. Maybe you can test the Sigma 135mm f1. 8 on the M6II, very interested in the result as im looking into one for my 90D.👍🏻
Chris, as I thought had originally commented, were price not an issue, would certainly have purchased the 70-200 2.8. Fwiw, have the 24-70 L 2.8. On my 6D most of the time. Superb bokeh and IQ. Sometimes use Canon 85 1.8 prime.
Hi, unrelated to this great review. do you think canon will launch a 6D III in the coming years? Something like that could fit my requirements in terms of pricing and performance and I'm looking for thoughts on the matter.
How did that sensor get that dirty ? hahahha
I bought this lens as a grey import for approx £900 (I did my research on reputable companies) and initially paired it with my Canon 80D where it seemed to work well. I've since changed that for an Eos R and it seems to be even better. As I primarily shoot landscapes I see no reason to go for the f2.8 version due to expense and weight. I guess if I had enough spare cash I would but by the time you add another lens or 2 plus body and accessories for me the weight/cost wasn't worth it. For £900 incl. a reputable company warranty I think it's well worth the price.
Hi Chris, I really like your reviews. I have an M6 Mk2 and I seriously considered the 70-200 f4, but opted for the 55-250 ef-s after seeing your stellar review of it. I’m glad I went with the 55-250 as the M6 seems to be just as brutal to the L glass. I can see the 55-250 is softish at the long end, but I’m interested in your thoughts. Do you still have your 55-250 and could you review it on your M6? I’m interested to see how close it is to the 70-200 f4. Cheers and look forward to more of your adapted reviews.
heyyyy my first l lens was a 70-200 f/4 am i a cooooool kiddddd
Or you buy for less money an used EF 70-200 f/2.8 L IS II lens with brighter aperture.
I have the older one and it is an outstanding lens. When you auto-focus all you hear is an almost whisper silent "Ha". And it always locks dead on. I find that it along with its sister 24-70 f4 I'm covered from 24 to 200 mm. The only two lenses I really need outside. And although not a macro lens it gets close enough to flowers to make them look as if they were shot with a macro. Great Lens. Plus the f4 has been about $1,000 cheaper than the f2.8 version.
I was able to buy this lens last christmas used/refurbished for 650€. I'm still very happy with the purchase, the only thing I regret is to not be able to spend more time with the lens. I used it on a crop sensor by the way, but I decided to get this lens anyways as an investment in the future, when I will purchase a better body. Very nice review of the lens, which made me happy with my choice last year. :)
Canon sensors seem to be inferior to Sony's.
Your new uploads frustrate me since I had purchased M6mark2 months ago. 😳 What would be the most suitable lens for M6mark2? What is the use of having such high numbers of pixels if it can not make clear images even with the canon ' L ’ lens?
Is it me or the front element looks small
The Mark I was an excellent choice, never aged, one of there very most solid options in Canon's lineup. Mark II will not get the same success due to mirrorless is eating up the market. This Mark II is excellent on an EOS R as well, gust the R 70-200 2.8 is just as portable (!!!) We will see what kind of lens Canon will provide to put the adequate answer to the mirrorless market, I am looking forward.
I bought this lens last year. I like it. Its much quicker than the last on. Great pics.
It'd be great if you would do a review of the Canon RF 85mm f/2 macro IS STM lens. It's listed at$599 USD. Thanks.
Amazon USA - UK - Help support more lens reviews -
Would this be good to adapt to the new RF bodies? Thanks man
what kind of camera do you recommend for wildlife photography and portraits with this lens? budget 1000 euros (for the camera)
I order one today
Meanwhile your flashlight reviews have 10 times more views lol
Nice review. I actually have this lens and I love it 😆. You deserve more views. I just subscribed. 😃