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Nissin Di700 (For Nikon) Speedlite Flash Features

  • Flash for Nikon i-TTL
  • model: Di700N
Nissin Di700 (For Nikon) Speedlite Flash

The lowest Nissin Di700 (For Nikon) Speedlite Flash Price in India is ₹52,605 at Amazon.
Buy Nissin Di700 (For Nikon) Speedlite Flash online at Amazon.
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Nissin Di700 (For Nikon) Speedlite Flash Specifications

Weight 350 g
Flash Features
AF Assist Beam 0.7 - 6 m
Flash Duration 1/800 secs - 1/30000 secs
Guide Number 54 (at 200 mm Zoom Head Position), 48 (at 105 mm Zoom Head Position)
General Specifications
Brand Nissin
Features High-performance Advanced Flash, High-speed Synchronization, Colorful LED Control Panel and Selector Dial, New Rotating Lock Release Buttons
Model Name Di700 for Nikon
Type Flash
Performance Features
Number of Flashes 200 - 1500 Flashes
Recycling Time 0.1 - 4 secs
Power Features
Power Source 4 x AA Batteries

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Nissin Di700 (For Nikon) Speedlite Flash Reviews from YouTube

Nissin Di700 unboxing & review
Understanding TTL vs Manual Flash with Nissin Speedlights
Nissin Speedlite Di622 Camera Flash Review
How to Sync the Nissin Di700A Wireless Flash and Nissin Air 1 Commander
Thanks for the review, even if I'm a little late on watching this. I own this flash and mistakenly bought the Air 1 to use for wireless triggering. Does the Di700 work with standard Speedlight transmitters or would you still need a receiver to make a physical wired connection?
i cannot find to make the assistance IR with my fui model, any help ?
Is it going to work with nissin air commander? i have nissin Di700a with air cimmander and need another nisssin flash. THNX
How can i control the zoom, can i control it manually ?
Interrsant dar nu extraordinar...
which one to buy between nissindi700 and canon430ex ?how is nissin di700 ?
Strobe flash?
the only way to enable HSS is via the in-camera menu. the controls on the flash do not allow changing HSS settings.
I Cannot enable has function? How to turn it on?
what do you mean? how to enable it?
How it works the hss function in manual mode at 1/128 power?
I realized that sensor for zoom interfere with infrared light from a light source. It`s not a problem, it`s just a bug on nikon model.
oh, we misread your original post. the hunting of the FLASH zoom, not the lens we have not experienced such an issue with our Di700 here. that looks like a defect of the flash. we'd recommend contacting your local Nissin dealer.
Copy that link and paste in youtube search. For some reason i can't paste the entire link in my comment.
I mean this problem: is similar with that. In my case is not that bad. It is 1 to 100000 chances to make that thing.
we'd got a Canon model and have not experienced this issue. what do you mean by the camera light meter? did you mean the focus assist light of the Nikon camera? can you turn it off when flash is in use? also for camera system to focus, you need to have areas of contrast under the point of focusing. if you try to focus on a solid color, for example, the camera cannot focus regardless of the flash being there or not. hope this help.
Hi!I have a problem with this speedlight. The light meter in the camera, nikon d90, do not mix well with flash light meter. The result, hunting zoom on speedlight. This happens only under certain conditions, neon light or strange contrasts and when camera light meter goes to standby, the speedlghit no longer behave strangely.It is my unit fault or it is a problem with all nissin di700?
I want to learn how a TTL would work with a godox ttl trigger and off camera 2,3 flashes.How a manual flash will fit into there?We set a power there.I have 2 manual and 1 TTL high speed sync flash from godox and a pro transmitter.
Nikon TTL uses pre-flashes to fire each flash individually I believe, in sequence, so it will know how to adjust each for equal lighting. Then, you can adjust each up or down as necessary, to adjust hair light, say. Not just all at once measurement through the lens, I believe.
why the website ( is down?
One of the annoying thing about TTL is that is cob
Very good explanation, simple and to the point.
Excellent !
TTL flash is like many beginners needing AF lenses & software to do the work for them.True photographers are dead, just image editors and people using cell phones.True photographers make end meets by doing reviews and boasting products.Beginners love shooting TTL & HSS but wonder why those cheap flashes overheat.Do you think many are going to buy ATG's best, Nissin MG8000 Extreme Flash?
Do they have trigger for this speedlite ? Please answer this T_T
I have had the Nissan Mark II Di622 off-camera flash for a while now - and it is the only flash that I have at the moment - I am having a hard time using it while shooting weddings, etc. It takes about 3 - 4 seconds before the flash will go off while pressing the shutter release, so I miss most of those important moments like; couples dancing, bouquet toss,etc - why is that? My camera flash settings are on TTL and my Flash setting is set on default... what am I doing wrong - I really need the flash to go off IMMEDIATELY after pressing the shutter release!!! Can someone please help me!!! Thank you!!!
does this flash works off camera too , please answer
Please i need a quick responseWill this work for my nikon D5000
What the difference btw this one and MarkII?
will Off camerra TTL will work on this one? thanks
Do you think it will work with Nikon d80?
@alcausinner nyahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!
@AmpWorkz yes
@TheAgonyOfVictory regular.
Hey, a quicke question is this the regular model or the Mark 2 model? Thanks
@che1ch what do you mean by charging noise? when you charge the battery? please excuse my noob question
@vProductios I thought canon and nikon have the same flash mount...
@davomrmac does the Di622 supports canon's wireless ETTL II system, can it be use as master and slave
@vProductios If you ordered the Canon version it should be fine.
is it compatible with nikon d3100? if it's, does it works nice with d3100? :)
can this flash head turn 180 ie from facing to the front and be able to face to the back?
@GalloPinz : The Di622 is not compatible with Nikon's CLS. However, in slave flash mode, it can be triggered by the D90's built-in flash. It can even be triggered with the flash of my Sony DSC-W100 point-and-shoot camera. The important thing is that the slave flash's optical sensor should see the flash emitted by the built-in flash.
@Xannava I think this is the 480EX counterpart since it can't be your master.
Thank you sir!
Thanks... I had been trying to work out what was going wrong with my sync for hours... you've answered in seconds! No BS too! THANK YOU!
Does it really matter if the flashes are to specific toNikon, Canon or others? I would think with the commander it wouldn't make a difference.
I am trying to connect two cameras, each with their own commander to the same flashes. any advice?
Have you had customers returning this product?
Is this suitable for Micro 4/3 Panasonic G9?
Hey! Have you updated your camera to the 4.0 firmware? I want to update my A7ii, but I've seen people saying the Air1 + Di700A stopped to fire on manual mode and lost HSS for TTL after the update. I'm afraid.
When I press the two buttons on the flash, it starts beeping but as soon as I release the buttons, it stops beeping unlike what's seen in the video where the flash continues beeping until it syncs with the commander. Is the difference because the systm in the video is for Canon while mine is for Sony?
Fantastic info on this product thank you very much.
HiHow do I set up HSS with the air1 on the camera and the di700 flash off camera?
I'm on unit #2 and it's not working, not impressed.
Your video is the best i have found. However, I'm still trying to figure out manual mode. Can you make a video on how to set Air 1 commander and flash to work in manual mode and how to set the flash power output?
Once you complete syncing flash and air 1 commander, and then turn off units, do they stay synced up once you turn them back on? Or is syncing required all over again?
Is the commander just able to set all Groups A/B/C up to TTL or M?Because the User Interface looked like that. I am Used to set just 1 to TTL and the other or just Manual effect lights.
Very clear instructions. Thank you.
Thank you so much for your clear instructions.

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