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Cambridge Igcse First Language English Coursebook (Cambridge International Examinations), by Marian Cox, is a book about English language written to help ...


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Exercises are grouped into 12 diverse units on cross-curricula topics which are not linked to the Coursebook themes, so students remain engaged in the reading ...


Cambridge IGCSE® First Language English Coursebook (Cambridge International IGCSE) Book Features

  • Book - cambridge igcse first language english coursebook (cambridge international igcse)
  • Language: english
  • Binding: paperback

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Cambridge IGCSE® First Language English Coursebook (Cambridge International IGCSE) Book Reviews from YouTube

How I got an A* in IGCSE First Language English | CAIE 0500
iGCSE First Language English - FULL Paper 1 WALKTHROUGH!
All you need to know about Cambridge International (IGCSE) Curriculum
A guide to the CIE IGCSE English Language Paper 1 (Reading)
A nice video for students :) For the summary Q - it's 10 marks for reading and 5 marks for writing. You need a range of points as per the MS... 7± is usually enough.
Hi. Your English sounds great. I am an English teacher and I'm considering teaching IGCSE English as a second language. Would you say there's a demand for teachers in this field? Thank you
Did u score 9 or was it 8??
Youre so adorable😩
It is very nice and concise explanation
Make a complete info video on gradewise structure and syllabus
I'm taking mine tomorrow, i'll tell u how it goes! last time i got an 84, but i'm hoping for a 90+ this time :)))
It was super helpful thank you so much!!
In the directed writing of paper 2, how am I supposed to identify if I should write a discursive, argumentative, or persuasive writing?
at what percentage is A star is actually given
can you get a reattempt at the paper? like in literature ,students had the option of giving the paper again if they were not satisfied with their grades. however, if they got lower grades in the reattempt than the first one then the lower grades will be counted and nothing more could be done. im from india
which books did you get those descriptive ideas from? do u mind listing them
i loved this vid and the vid for history. its very very helpful. could you also pls make these kind of videos for other subjects if possible?
Thank you so much love
This is so helpful! Just stumbled across your channel, and what a happy accident! You should be proud of yourself. Will check out more of your videos after exams. ❤.
Wow thanks for the tips, I am doing my Eng exam tomorrow...wish me luck 🙂
Ive been struggling to understand the exam structure for a while now, and this really helped!!! Thank you!!!🧡🧡
I would be forever grateful to you if you would do a video like this about analysing poetry
so for the question which says using ur own words can we take a quote from the passage and explain it
I have my exam in less than 2 hours, this video has really helped me prepare for the exam and although my anxiety is going crazy rn i think I'll be okay. Thank you so much!
Is 0500/11 and 0500/13 similar?
I have my Paper 1 exam in two days, thank you for your help.
Hi just a little tip. It would be much helpful if you would write the time stamps for the questions in either the comments or the description box. But anyway thank you for the work! Its really helpful
Sir Do we need GMAT after clearing IGCSE syllabus with good score to get Business Schools in India or Abroad
thank you so much for the video
I have my English paper-1 board exam today and I feel much more confident after looking at your doing the paper and me doing it simultaneously. Thanks a lot for this video
Thank you ever so much for this!! I've got my English P1 board exam tomorrow, this is an excellent form of revision. Thank you for the informative yet hilarious commentary!
44:10 THE IRONY LOLLLLL I am drinking coffee myself rn-
"damn american spelling"
Good morning. Can you kindly tell, actually what are the features or things, we are suppose to look for when it comes to writer’s effect? What I understood is to look for the linguistic devices or adjectives or imagery or verbs and other tools. Wonder I’m right?
Do you have a summary video of each paper to just get an idea of the requirements for each paper? Thanks, home educating parent!
58:08 summary part
Omg thank you so much!! My IGCSE exam is on Monday!! Can you please attach a link to a paper with the sample answers to the paper??
I honestly dont agree that i consumed the first combo is like a point
Great content sir. I also do IGCSE maths and Physics videos kindly check in my channel.
I have read many pieces on Juxtaposition, and I am wondering if Juxtaposition as a device can exist at a text level where there is a start contrast between the beginning and ending of a narrative with some change in the character, mood, atmosphere and setting going beyond the confines of a sentence. COULD YOU PLEASE ADVISE? :) THANK YOU SO MUCH. Artist Eric Kim also published an article focusing on juxtaposition. He writes, "Juxtaposition is just a fancy word for contrast." The point is, contrast can be achieved in many different ways. It's not just light versus dark or big versus small. In his fourth example of juxtaposition, Kim explores the contrast between the past and the present. We see a daughter looking at herself in the mirror as she puts on a colorful dress. This stands in contrast to the black and white photo of her parents hanging beside her.
Sir do we need to give the examples in chronological order. like which one came first? do we??
Appreciate the effort taken to go through the complete paper. Thanks
this is for extended right?
Hello Sir,can you let me know the career options in India after 12th grade in IGCSE board.How can we apply for Universities in India
Good morg.. I am new to ur channel. U r doing very useful job to our society.. thanks a lot sir. My kids r studying cbse syllabus. Can I buy Cambridge books and make them to atten assessment by private not through school.. in my town no such school available... also what is diff bw Cambridge primary books and Cambridge books
sir, is age qualification mandatory for admission or we can take admission in any level at any age?
Hi sir... Is Cambridge Primary Check point is mandatory or we can go with only school Assessment
Ib IGCSE both are which one is best in future
Sir You didn't tell con's about igcse.can you plz update.thanks in advance sir.nice explanation
Hi Sir you are amazing.. I am planning my daughter for home schooling
Sir all bull shit. The IGCS has no control over schools. Schools can charge any fee and no local authorities has any is day light robbery .
Thanks sir very informative.
Excellent Job Sudarshan. I loved the way you are talking. Your clarity in speech and your flow of thought is excellent. Thanks for sharing. Your videos are so overwhelming. God bless.
Appreciate your overall guidance for right school & board selection. How can I reach you for your support on some additional coaching to select right school to a 9th grader ?
Which is more application-based? ICSE or IGCSE? What is your opinion?
The video was quite informative.Just wanted to let you know my son is in IB board with big picture method School. Do IB School and IGCSE schools have books or should develop course content for children to get basic knowledge on topics. Research through other methods can be an extended process for learning. Kindly make a video on this .. methodology of teaching in IB and IGCSE and are the teachers qualified enough to teach at IB or IGCSE board.Secondly accredited schools only parents must look for admissions. If you can make a video on accredition of Schools in India. Wishing you the best.
Is the Cambridge IGCSE a Singaporean board?
If I have to choose board for pre primary for my kid, wt should I consider while deciding??
Very informative. Explained in a very nice and lucid manner.
Super video sir. I have joined my kid in IGCSE he is doing his upper kindergarten. One clarification sir… you said IGCSE board starts at class 9 and 10 so in PYP and MYP Which board syllabus they will follow?? In my kids school they are not showing any syllabus which they follow so I’m having confusion now what is being followed to teach… kindly give some explanations regarding this query Thank you😊
Hi Sir, thanks for useful video. could you please share more info on IGCSE EdExcel curriculum..
Sir. Super video. Quick question. You mentioned Cambridge schools are 130 in number in another video (boards comparison video) but here you mentioned there are around 500 schools offering Cambridge. What’s the correct number?
Very Awesome video, thank u so much sir....
Hello, can i ask you a favor to give example to answer each question ? Thx in advance
Love this. So helpful thanks ❤️ Have you got a link to paper 2 please ?
Hi,I cannot access this paper anywhere.can u pls send me the link
Very informative indeed!
Could you teach me efl, thanks!!!
So, what score should I give to my student in writing if she is able to achieve level 5, should I give her 4 or 5?
adam chidell
Hi Wetherby English! I took my IGCSE last year and got an A*! thank so much for all your videos! they were really helpful!!
I thought this was jackwhitehall 🤣🤣
who else is here in 2021??
which year and month is this paper from
Is this paper similar to 1126 English languge (syllabus B ) ?
How much time should you spend on Q2d in order to complete the paper confidently?
this literally came in my mocks- i got an A*, can't thank you enough!!
A very educational video that helps me out a lot. Big up wetherby!
Thank you sir big up wetherby for doing me dearly in the igcse English course
Thank you very useful
In the last question do we have to write the questions and answer them in three different paragraphs?

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