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Buy Cage Sturdy Alumina Alcohol Stove Stand/Spirit Burner Base Rack Bracket online at Amazon. Sturdy, well built, Stand for Alcohol Stove/Spirit Burner Practical and lightweight, easy to use and carry Breathable hole design, which is conducive...
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Picnic Round Alcohol Stove Stand for Camping Pots Cookware ...

Sturdy, well built, Stand for Alcohol Stove/Spirit Burner · Practical, folding and lightweight, easy to use and carry · Environmentally friendly. · The base can ...


Cage Sturdy Alumina Alcohol Stove Stand/Spirit Burner Base Rack Bracket Features

  • Sturdy, well built, Stand for Alcohol Stove/Spirit Burner
  • Practical and lightweight, easy to use and carry
  • Breathable hole design, which is conducive to air circulation and full combustion.
  • The base can support the kettle, the pot and so on. It would quicken your cooking
  • Perfect for camping, hunting, hiking, picnic, backpacking, fishing and other outdoor cooking activities

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Cage Sturdy Alumina Alcohol Stove Stand/Spirit Burner Base Rack Bracket Reviews from YouTube

🔥The Unusual Mil-Tec Tripod for Alcohol Stoves - Review
The Truth About Alcohol Stoves - When, Where, Why and Why Not
What Is the BEST Trangia Pot Stand? - Testing Eight Options
Awesome Alcohol Stove Review
I just got back from a multiday adventure which promises snow, ice and lots of wind! Adventure coming soon! - Luke
You can buy those little stands that sits directly on the rim of the Trangia for smaller pots… loads on Amazon
My stove came with a stand so , i guess doesn't apply to me but ya 5 bucks is cheap but in Can $ your looking at 20 to 30 bucks with shipping
I made my own three leg, fold flat tripod for my Trangia, out of a stainless dollar store skewer, and some cable clamps. This is pretty nice though, and for $5? Not too bad.
Thank u.
Can you turn the legs in so it fits with smaller cup?
I am In Europe and will buy this one and see how can do to make it for smaller cups, and dissemble the legs so to pack it smaller
Picked one of these up for 5 euro. While they are simple and do an okay job keeping your burner safely in place and a pot or kettle etc on top, they mostly don’t make sense as a solid purchase. In my opinion the pot supports aren’t that great and can slip off easy. It also has zero wind protection. It is also an awkward size for packing. In my opinion if you want a simple trangia stand that is light and cheap you should go for something like the bushbox pocket ultralight. Weighs like 70grams, has some wind protection (proper wind protection still needed), folds completely flat, no moving parts, doubles as a wood burning stove if needed, accommodates all pot sizes. I still like this mil-tec stove but i cant figure out where exactly it fits into a cook system. Nice video and review as always. Cheers from Sweden
Love this review of the little alcohol stove so great for cups of coffee or tea love it thanks you are awesome at reviews .:) Hugs to both you luke and Susie .:) Keep up great videos love them .:)
Thank you sir! I saw this on a one of your recent videos and did some digging for their website. With your stamp of approval, it's a go. Might be a challenge with my Stanley set but that’s why they make screening!
Couldn't you just put the stove on the ground, put the stand over it upside down, and place the small cup on the stand? The springs might be a problem then though.
I'm not so sure about this stove but I did just get my swiss gel stove and used it for the first time and I think that one is going to work SWEET for my needs. Thank you!
Thank you 👍. For small cups / mugs couldn’t you put a small square metal bush craft grill on top of it? (The kind that you use for the little wood burning fire box stoves?). I think those would hold a small cup just fine?
이녀석 참 리뷰 앤더 장사 잘하는 녀석이네 라이더LEE
Where'stheliquor is a great place, but my credit card called me on a security alert since I had never before shopped out of country. (China doesn't count as so much stuff comes from there)
I never owned an alcohol stove. I always make fires... yes even when I'm not supposed to. I'm very careful though, and now at the age of 55...I still never caught the woods on fire. Btw, I've been camping before I could walk.
Wow it almost looks like a flux core capacitor
Hey how are ya. Couldn't you just bend the top legs to 90 degrees to take the smaller cup. looks pretty easy to do. Thanks.....Damon from Australia
Great review. The only drawback for me is having to use a wind shield. I have a Nano & that needs a shield or you end up using more fuel than you should. So far I’ve found the small folding stoves from China work best as the sides shield the wind & you can put a mug on top as well as A kettle. Keep up the good work.
I thought about buying an alcohol stove, looks like I’ll be sticking with canister stove. I live in the desert so it doesn’t get very cold here to worry about canister giving me a hard time. Matter of fact I think I’m going to break out my camp set and do a backyard camping trip lol
Hi I'm in England. I like using Methylated spirit as a fuel as its very cheap compared to 5 pounds or more for gas cannisters windy weather is a limitation but I usually dig a small hole for the stove if no natural cover. Good vid
Very interesting. I use a Vargo alcohol stove (the one with three legs) since 2014 and it's stil working perfecly. My wife, who's also my every adventure partner, and i did the via Francigena, from Canterbury to Rome, +/- 2000km, the via Lusitana (700km) in Portugal and many many other hikes. All the way we used this stove. On pic-nic tables, in our tent vestibule when raining, even inside the different places we stayed. Never had any problems. Tru, it's not super fast. But for us, it's not that important. As for the fuel, we never had difficulty finding it. Even work with rubbing alcool as long as it's over 70% if no other choices. Also have a canister stove but don't like the noise when we're in splendid and quiet back country. And not knowing what's left in the can make me insecure. But it's just my opinion. Anyway, i really thank you for all that content you share with us.
Love my Trangia alcohol stove, love my homemade coke can stoves. I have used them for over 40 years. I have used other types of stoves and fuel and always go back to my Trangia.
Thanks for the review, I really liked it. As you say, pros and cons, and situation-dependent. I do like the Trangia stove in the right circumstances. One thing I'd add to the discussion on that stove is that in cold circumstances it lights much easier if you pre-warm the fuel. The easiest way I find is to put the fuel in the stove, the lid on securely, and pop it in a pocket while you prep for the meal. It's also worth noting that these are subject to a small amount of sootiness depending on the fuel. If you buy purpose-labelled alcohol fuel that's not an issue. You can also buy straight ethanol quite cheaply, and if it's sold as 100% ethanol it will be less cheap and will burn with a sooty red flame. Hardware store grade is sold more cheaply and can be as low as 95% ethanol, the rest being water. But the cleanest flame is from 90% ethanol 10% water. So yeah, it's fiddly.
When you speak about Trangia you should at least be able to set up the System correct. Trangias works flawless to -30 C degrees. This is a specification from the Swedish Army.
Not exactly alcohol stove, but as a camp counselor with older children we made a neat stove with a can, corrugated cardboard and melted crayons. Everybody cooked their breakfast on the stove they made.
Luke, you hit it square again. Your take on the world around you is so REALISTIC. Asking your viewers to tell you, you are full of ***t. Ok 👌 now the trolls are disarmed. Or at least minimumized. I've been patrolling the woods and mountains of Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan and Colorado. I lived just outside Aspen for 30 years. I grew up in Northern Wisconsin. I've lived, yes LIVED 👍, in 1 or 2 man tents, 6 person dome, snow caves, and just me, a bedroll, and the sky. Therefore.........I've lived inside your head for most of my life. Now, I know, no 2 people are exactly the same but I think you know what I mean. Keep the "ball" rolling. Sounds like you have instilled your Life-Ethic in your son and daughter (and wife). I can't think that I've a single bad day. (In a manner of speaking). That includes every day since June of 2014, which is when I became an invalid and retired to my bed for the duration. I do all my camping with Joe , Steve, yourself and others on the internet. That's good enough for me. 👍👍👍👍🙃
I don't know why folks are desperately trying to reinvent the wheel. I've always said it doesn't get any better than the gas canister stove. Just find a way to insulate it when using it in sub-zero temp.
I love my MSR Dragonfly jet engine stove for cooking, it will burn almost anything petroleum, but for that first sunrise cup of coffee in the middle of a crowded camp that was still in party mode 3hrs ago the silent nature and even that waiting time for the boil, clearing up the camp kitchen after the night before, cant beat the alcohol stove. Now that said I generally partake in heavy weight vehicle supported camp outs. and have room for 2 fuels, it provides for redundancy, and even the ability to supply a low cost system to someone else who has had a failure of their own gear. And with it's lower output it is a little safer to use under cover in inclement weather. You are absolutely correct it is a tool with specific uses, know the limitations of your gear.
great vid, wow, Im done looking at those lol
See as someone who refuses to live off camp meals I find alcohol stoves perfect granted it may take a little longer but I like cooking and I'd much rather take my time than burn the only food I've got to eat plus it's not as wasteful or annoying because I 100% don't need a jet burner but if I do I'll take my old pressure stove as it's beautiful and hasn't let me down in 4+ years after rebuilding it
I keep an alcohol stove in my day trip pack so I can conveniently make a cup of coffee or tea wherever I go.
One part of camping is getting out away from the fast paced daily chaos, slowing down, and enjoying your surroundings. Such as smoking a pipe, kick back, relax, and savor the flavor. If you are in that much of a hurry to cook cook cook, in my opinion, your not relaxing. I guess that may be the difference between camping and on a hike adventure. The adventure may not allow you the time to kick back, relax, and enjoy.
Thanks. Good points about canister vs. alcohol stoves. I'll still make (not buy) an alcohol stove, just for fun, but I'll stick with the canister on the trail.
Up and up, straight forward critique. Thanks! just another way of cooking in an emergency if you only have candle wax and toilet paper 🇭🇲
Have you ever tried Cotton ball with Vaseline worked in to them ? perfect for lighting fires also can be lit with a striker burns about 8 minutes hot blue flame :)
Thank you for this video: very helpful. Cheers.
Hey spot on from my experience! I use my al stove for day hikes in the winter ( nothing better than instant soup for lunch!) to 1-2 nights year round ( just to qualify, I do not “cook”; just boil water). After that, fuel volume carrying becomes an issue. Absolutely reliable, especially at altitudes above 10k in the winter; something that cannot be said about gas canister stoves. Thanks for your analysis 👍
I find the Lixada portable folding stove better than the Firebox Nano as it functions perfectly well as a wood burner, there is a bigger aperture and space to burn twigs right up to thicker branches if you feed them in slowly. It works as a windshield and pot stand for the Trangia, and folds down flat to pocket size. Available in Ti and stainless, mine is stainless. In fact mine isn't Lixada, but a no-name knockoff, but it's perfectly good and only cost me the equivalent of $15. But you should use the hinged one, not the one which clips together, as it can fall apart when you move it.
Should have tested the Swedish military kit.
That is not chicken wire, it is hardware cloth. The holes in chicken with are 6 sided not square and that kind of wire isn't really strong enough.
Altitude changes boiling temperature. 212 is at sea level. At 500 feet above sea level water boils at 211. Weather systems (high and low pressure) can influence the boiling temperature as well.
My bean can stand
What do you do with all that gear?
So the distance from the burner to the pot is only part of the story here. The best result was the trangia 27, not only does the burner not sit directly on the ground with the 27, but it also has air being drawn in from below aswell and lots of space around the flames it’s self. So therefore, the air-fuel mixture here is the key to a fast boil time, just like a car the mixture is incredibly important to an efficient use of fuel and the resulting performance. So a large well engineered pot stand that allows good all round air draw, is far better than a small enclosed canteen cup style pot stand, however wind protection is also a factor. On reflection the trangia 27 is the hands down winner because it offers excellent air draw with the perfect wind protection at the detriment of its size and weight. So further testing in a windy environment is needed to find the perfect play off between size, weight, wind protection, oxygen draw and ultimately boil time.
I boiled 0.5 liters in 6 minutes, with about 5 cm from flame base to pot. It might be that the flame is hotter higher up, like flames do, so a bigger gap is beneficial.
Really cannot beat 27. I think not only the distance, but the shield holding some heat is helping a bit.
I have the nano in stainless steel the 2oz diffrence in weight is not gonna break me. I also have the 5" firebox in stainless and while that is a fantastic stove it also has some heft to it, it you want a 5" i recommend getting the Ti version.
I think Hiram may have passed away sadly cause he was great
Great review 👍🏻
I got the Firebox Nano based on this review / recommendation by Paleo Hiker. Thanks much for all the work you put into this. That being said I tested it recently in the cold / snow to cook ramen noodles. There was a bit of a breeze and after 20 minutes of waiting the water got warm but it never boiled and noodles were not cooked. The flame was mostly blowing to the side of my pot so very inefficient. I ran out of fuel and I gave up and used a BRS 3000 canister stove that boiled it right up. I was dissapointed in the Firebox stove. Too much fiddling around. I like the idea of an alcohol stove since they are light weight, no moving parts, and quiet but seems a good wind screen is critical. I will next get a Toaks Windscreen / Pot Stand.
The Evernew cross stand v2 is taller. Probably hits the trangia sweetspot. Any experience with it?
I use the evernew alcohol burner with a firebox nano (ss). I get the best results, the fastest boil time, using the burner on the base of the stove - a greater distance than the supposed “sweet spot”. I use the evernew pot stand beneath the burner as a spacer to slow the boil time (decreasing the temp). The nano serves as my windscreen.
1:50 I made mods to that shape stand to fit with 750 ml titanium cup. It is tightly fit to cup and pouch. Weight is 34 gram.
If you are not concerned with weight, Coghlans folding stove works well too. You need wind protection with it too. I use my DIY pop can stoves with it.
Hopefully the 25 ,set i ordered will come in soon . I got the little cross piece thats built for the 27 and 25 sets , can use anything in it for a cooking pot on it
The flame on most test not the same color is it the same fuel is the question
Will gasoline work for the stove? Thnx
Be carefull : - prepare a flat site to use it and clean the site to free it from burning. In case of spilling the alcohol have water and soil around you. Clean your hands before starting the fire. And use a smaller pot for preventing a turnover. Safe first.
Thanks mate!
May need this during great depression
Taras, you rule.
Good job Comrade
I just received my alcohol burner in the mail now I know how it works !! Thanks for the info 😁
ชอบสำเนียงอังกฤษเหน่อ ๆ !
One of the best Russian English speakers.
The lid can also controll flame
Que tipo de alcohol es
Awesome buddy .. I’ve ordered same one from China .. great price .. all the best Chris & Sam
Will kerosene work with this stove?
You could just blow the fire out 😂🤷‍♂️
Same type of videos on both channels lol
Will kerosin work
Yess!! Finally someone who doesn't waiste time with the box
Are you a russian ?
Great video.

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