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C# 2012 Programming Black Book Covers .NET 4.5 Book Reviews from YouTube

TOP 5 Books Every C# Developer Should READ
The Top 10 C# Books Of All Time
C# Books - My Top 3
What Is The Best C# Book? What Is the Best C# Resource?
You are great person ❤ thank you alot 😊 you are generous and genius 😀
please sir , i need a source to master c# wpf ( mvvm) , books or tutorials , thank you for you efforts
These are also very interesting: https://youtu.be/fE1QThWUtmQ
Thank you 🙂
Everyone know Amazon.. please gave some free books links.
Any good c# fundamentals book recommendation? I am currently reading this: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18682439-fundamentals-of-computer-programming-with-c (english version)
Which book I should start to learn Asp.Net in 2020. I have seen most of the books are coming with Asp.Net core. I am C# developer with good experience on windows applications. Can I directly start with Asp.Net core or you recommend to read Asp.Net MVC first. Please recommend one single book to learn Asp.Net technology.
Thank you so much!
Great list ! thank you, have you read " Pro C#7 " ? if so, what are your thoughts about it?
Just received my Design Patterns book, sadly it's not available anywhere, so I downloaded it in PDF and printed it from a Print Shop, it costed my like 20BGN
Thank You! Great Recommendations
Иво, в Design Patterns книжката примерите на кой език са?
Very nice list! What about "dependency injection in .net" and "the art of unit testing"? Would you recommend those?
Hey, awesome video! You recommended reading books focusing on more general topics - that is, not specific to a certain technology like React or C#. React in particular has a very lean API, there are only a handful of domain-specific functions or concepts you need to learn to get started with it. So knowledge of React involves for the most part understanding of the underlying technologies - JS, the DOM, component-based design, etc since it builds on top of them. For this reason I think that reading a book about it can be useful in general since it would focus on more stable and established technologies and concepts. I don't mean to seem defensive, I just don't find the example very appropriate.
Thanks for the list! How exactly do you read such books? Do you just read through the whole thing, stop at certain points and play around with what you’ve read so far, or stop frequently to test out any examples you find interesting?
Hey take a look at my Channel and Subscribe!
Thanks for recommending ! What do you recommend if I want to dive into the C#/.NET Core performance optimization ?
This is a very old video
Wait we’re on C# 10 and .Net 6 right? Troelson-Japiksy series or mark price are mostly current for language spec but going forward I would recommend getting spec online since it’s changing so fast and for books focus on programming architecture, patterns, data structures, best practices etc…
Join the Discord community to chat with other devs and get help if you're stuck on something. https://discord.gg/dcvmDnegsn
Thx for this amazing video ! I am on my way to printing out Yellow Book ! I have 1 question: are you dutch ?
Nice list! My personal favorite is C# 9 and .NET 5 – Modern Cross-Platform Development by Mark J. Price. I guess it has been updated now for .NET 6.
Thanks 😊
I got productive with C# after going through the book "Learning C# by Programming Games" which shows the basics of the language by using a code-based C# game framework. I've not been on top of finding a job in the industry but I've since made a personal blog with razor pages and 10 or so games. A more general book I'd recommend is "Ultralearning" by Scott Young.
This is fantastic advice, not only for coding, but for anything that requires practical application to learn. Thanks Tim
My main resources: Pluralsight (paid) and Stackoverflow. In the past I bought some C# books by Wrox and Apress publishers.
I'm really feel that this book will help a lot, because after many years ~15, I started learn C# Because I'm lecturer and it change my understanding When I found this channel I looked to SOLID :) I feel like In Java I'm stuck in beginner level :) Also for students I tried to show Frameworks Spring and other depends on language and I feel that is useless to give those topics this year when I talked with my new collegue in University :) Now I feel What is Interface is before I'm Just used it without deep understanding. I try to tell for my students that never try to "finish" (make perfect) app, just make your bounties or bullet points and implement those.
Good answer to this question. I suspect the title to this video was written after making the decision to recommend the book otherwise a straightforward recommendation without a good tie-in would get less interest to a very important part of what turns talent\skills into a successful career. Sometimes referred to as "The Intangibles" traits that tend to be impossible to teach people or flush out during a job interview. A very talented coder might be able to do amazing things on a whiteboard during a coding interview, but that does not mean he\she has other non-coding skills to get the job done. Some can get obsessed with perfect code or the perfect design to the point where it never ends, iterating on the section of code long past the point where it was stable in an effort to get it "perfect", or get sidetracked trying to implement something they find new and interesting, but is not something that brings any significant benefits to the project long\short term.
the best c# ressource is your channel tim :)
Hello Tim, is your Foundation in C# going to be available soon ? Good video again ! Really interesting advice.
That's great , I watched the vid and extremely happy with it , I was searching about good content to learn C# and SQL THANK YOU ❤
This is such a pointless clickbait video. At least the title is misleading. You'd do better by linking to the resources you think are worth using and in the spirit of your approach. Then maybe explain how you think the resource should be used in your opinion. Why the hell make a video under this title and then just go: You need to work hard and be invested.
The only paid course I ever had was Tim's Blazor course, because I was in a hurry and Blazor didn't have many resources at that time-- and I already knew the quality of his ideas from his YouTube videos. But generally, my answer to those questions is-- YouTube, YouTube, YouTube.
Illustrated C# by Daniel Solis and Cal Schrotenboer. Teachers that teach C# from fundamentals with diagrams. Their illustrations help it stick. Very good book.
thank you very much for this book!
Dependency injection, published by Manning. It totally changed the way I program.
An important book for me is Clean Code. Read it twice.
People running behind Java....but I learn c# in my b.scit from NIIT ,that time I had my best concept on basic level....but everyone had told about Java Java....I was confuse and another side I was not sure to join corporate sector....than I tried for my MCA and got admission in 3 yr mca but here no one talking about it in proper way...they discuss only .net and not about c# in detail...then I was confuse but c# concept inside me...and everyone got somewhere for learn Java....they learn and got job...I am still jobless....but I want to learn c# on more advanced level
Why in India not more job for c#
Actually, you described me perfectly in those failings. I know for sure where your coming from there. I'll certainly give the book a try, as well as making a concentrated effort to finish what I started. Cheers buddy!
Such a great advice.

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