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Brand:By Terry
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Buy By Terry Light Expert Perfecting Foundation Brush (02 Apricot Light) online at Amazon. By Terry Light Expert Perfecting Foundation Brush (02 Apricot Light) Colours: As Shown In The Image
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Amazon Offers ₹6,139
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By Terry Light Expert Perfecting Foundation Brush (02 Apricot Light) Features

  • A groundbreaking clickpen foundation brush Features a builtin brush applicator Helps eliminate flaws, dull skin & shadows Contains hydrasleeking filling spheres to instantly illuminate dull skin Immediately sleeks wrinkles & fine lines & banishes signs of fatigue Offers a sheer coverage which can also be built up Creates a perfect complexion in an ageless glow
  • Delivered within 1-2 weeks
    By Terry Light Expert Perfecting Foundation Brush (02 Apricot Light) Colours:
    • As Shown In The Image

    The lowest By Terry Light Expert Perfecting Foundation Brush (02 Apricot Light) Price in India is ₹6,139 at Amazon.
    Buy By Terry Light Expert Perfecting Foundation Brush (02 Apricot Light) online at Amazon.
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    By Terry Light Expert Perfecting Foundation Brush (02 Apricot Light) Specifications

    Technical Details
    Brand By Terry
    Color As shown in the image
    feature By Terry Light-Expert Perfecting Foundation-2 Apricot Light17ml/0.57oz
    Manufacturer By Terry
    Manufacturer Part Number 1141451200
    Model 1141450200
    Number of Items 1
    Size 17ml/0.57oz

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     by terry light expert perfecting foundation brush, 02 apricot

    By Terry Light Expert Perfecting Foundation Brush (02 Apricot Light) Reviews from YouTube

    BY TERRY LIGHT EXPERT Click Brush Foundation Review and Demo | Risa Does Makeup
    First Impressions | Product Testing | By Terry Light Expert Click Brush Illuminating Flawless Founda
    FOUNDATION FRIDAY | By Terry Light Expert Click Stick
    The foundation itself looks really nice, but I don't think this is something I would purchase; the built in brush thingy seems more like a gimmick, imo.
    Excellent review! So thorough and balanced. As a woman with adult dryish skin with minor imperfections I love this foundation.
    what color is this..I have really nodded eyes on the outer corner can you do a day natural look
    Another great review :) x
    You're so beautiful!!! Thanks for the review!!! Foundation reviews are my favorite.. I'm always looking to try something new!
    Very good . Thank you. Appreciate you suggesting the type of skin that can use this foundation. Excellent!
    I like all your videos xxx
    Thank you for your REVIEW, I will have to go and get it...I think it really left your skin very smooth.. thank you for your time in uploading this video...have a fantastic day!
    it has a pretty finish, ice never used a by terry product, heard they smell like rose that's a turn off for me. did you see the yt video the the neutrogena hydro boost foundation is a dupe for the la mer foundation?
    I actually think this foundation looks really pretty on you. I find that many of the By Terry products oxidize possibly because they have anti-aging ingredients and feel like serums. They have two really good concealers which are silky and lightweight but even those seem to darken on me. xo Lois
    You are so beautiful and I love the fact that you are into anti aging just as much as I am. I will be 26 at the end of this month and I can only pray I look as young as you do at this age. Glad I found your channel
    OBSERBATION! You really need to slow down with your LIP FILLERS, it does NOT look balanced  and in proportion with the rest of your face.. too much filler on face and lips it really makes someone older, you look young, without fillers all over face and lips you will look much more YOUTHFUL.. just trying to help
    I tried this in space nk here in Scotland in the lightest shade. I found it oxidised quite a lot - at least a whole shade which then made it too dark. I have very pink/white skin and it even looked a little too pink on me. It sank into pores giving me the polka dot look also. Now bear in mind it's not exactly hot and humid here even in September when I tried it out. I have dry/eczema prone 45 year old skin for reference. Best wishes.
    found looks a tad orange compared to your neck. at least it was free
    Love your reviews 💖💖💖
    Risa is Real ! Nice and honest review.
    Depending on the smell, sounds perfect for me. 😄
    i miss my oil so much!!i was on accutane 3 years ago and now i gob on oil because im so dry!!thanks for the honest review!!😃😃
    Try the by terry celular cc serum I use it before foundation or on its own it's amazing
    Like your shorter hair!
    I have that foundation. I click it out but don't use the brush to apply it. I have stopped using it. I think it didn't last that long on me.
    Hi Lisa, could you do an updated skin care routine ? Your skin looks amazing.
    I like the brush attachment. Very handy and i am oily in tzone. Must try. Xx-E
    Hi Lisa I looked at the Stella & Dot page I think I would love to order some pieces for my daughter, sisters, and myself, I love how you presented the pieces and your enthusiasm, I enjoy watching you on all your social media formats, however do I need I stylist to order if so please be mine thanks ( jean from pa)
    Hi Lisa, I love your attitude and your positive energy! Just a question concerning your voice: Are your vocal folds okay? Your voice always appears hoarse like you were having nodules on your vocal chords. Have you had that checked? Maybe you need some voice therapy or simply some rest?
    Great review, it looks nice on you! I’m going to have to try it!! Love your hair!
    I love your haircut!!! Now I’m going to have to check into this foundation!
    Have you tried By Terry CC serum? I use that on weekends, no effort look. The CC serum blurs your skin. You have to wait and allow it to settle, and it blurs a bit. How is this foundation compared to Gerda Spillmann bio-fond foundation?
    The By Terry powders are fantastic but pricey. The eyeshadow are not very good.
    Thumbs up!! TFS
    Have you found out how to clean the brush?
    I just was on their site, and they got another foundation you might like. It's called By Terry - Cover-Expert Perfecting Fluid Foundation Ultra Correcting Coverage
    I wonder if you're not using a lot more of the foundation than you would with another bc it pumps out of the brush and you just don't realize it. It looks great. I would just be interested to see how many pumps of a normal foundation would equal what is needed with this one.
    The Touche Veloutee Highlighting Concealer Brush!!! 😬 I love it, I've spent more looking for a dupe than if I'd just purchased it again. Which I just might...
    I love the ByTerry lip clic, and the Tea to Tan. In fact, I have met a By Terry products I haven't love. Blessings..MaryEllen
    Do you have to buy a new brush and foundation set every time you run out? I just don't like having to buy the brush and foundation every time I need to order.
    I love the by terry hylaronic setting powder I use it under my eyes amazing
    Those glasses look great on you! Where did you get them?
    it looks great but ill be honest ill never spend $65 for a bb cream type foundation.
    your dog is so cute!!!
    It looks so nice on you!
    I absolutely love your foundation videos! I struggle with acne, acne scars, and very oily skin and I love testing out new foundations too! Hope you have a wonderful weekend xoxox
    wow I'm very impressed with how long that foundation held up. nice!
    OMG 90s R&B is the best! high school days.
    Is cover girl cruelty free?
    Wow, it looks great on you! And it lasted for such a long time. Impressive!
    Try a powder foundation with spf, very quick to go on, no need to set or clean sponges after. My HG is the Cle De Peau, I put it on with a giant Artis brush in 10seconds. The refill is pricey but lasts a while and you save on setting powder.
    I'm so envious of your freckles "sun spots" or whatever you call them? Hyper-pigmentation? Lol. You tend to cover them up to make your skin an even slate, which- if I had any character to my face, I'd probably do the same because "you want what you don't have, and don't want what you DO." Lol. But, coming from someone who's skin is pretty boring, healthy!, but... without foundation, just looks sick. I'm 3/4 Native American, so my skin is white-yellow, like jaundice yellow. I've got minor dark circles, that are enhanced by my natural skin color, so... really I look sick. When I don't wear foundation, people do things for me, speak nicer, get me coffee, and ask me "what's wrong" or if I'm "feeling ok." Even my HUSBAND! 😂😂😋 I'm going to try the lip product you've got in the tube! I use the Dior shea butter and rose oil lip balm, but it turns my lips an unattractive shade of pink-red, and if I apply it like a chapstick while I'm driving or just in a rush, 10 min later, it looks like a child applied my lip product and didn't know where the lines of my lips end! 😂🙊 If you've seen the green lipstick that supposedly turns your lips that "perfect shade, just for you, natural pink" color... that's EXACTLY what the Dior balm does to me! Thanks for the reviews on new products that AREN'T the 5 most popular talked about in YouTube! I've fallen in a rut of watching too much "main stream" Big Youtube content and it's very repetitive... I love how you talk about items not EVERYONE is talking about at the moment. 😏 Although- if you ever hit a million or two million subs, I'd totally still cheer you on. You've saved me... a lot of money. Lol! And also... you've "inspired" me to spend quite a bit also. 🙃🙃🙃🙈🙊
    You should try the concealer after the foundation it's usually tends to last longer & cover better :) Also Nikkia Joy recommend using a paint pot for the areas where the makeup tends to run off easy. I use my essence eye primer because its cruelty free & works Great!
    I love the small, natural brand 14e. They have a sheer tint and a fuller coverage foundation. Definitely cruelty free and excellent ingredients...they have samples for sale, too, so you can try before getting a full size :). xo, Christine
    Omg I absolutely love 💕 you. 😊😊😊😗😗😗
    I love the idea behind this series! I am also in awe of the ability to give a review in 2 minutes! haha So hard for a chatty girl like me! haha Anyways, I love the idea of that brush foundation! How convenient for on the go! And too bad the lipstick was a no go. :(
    I love this new series! Very helpful love.
    So pretty hun!
    You look gorge, and that's pretty cool you can buy the foundation online at Walmart!
    Amazing review and very honest but yet straight to the point! Thank you for sharing. And by the way you look amazing as always
    Great informative reviews! Thank you for being so honest!!!!
    awesome vid!! I make vids too, if you want check it out xo
    LOVE THIS 😍😘😘💗! Thank you for your honest review
    I love the by terry cover expert fluid foundation but I have not tried the brush version. Awesome review love how quick it was.
    Girl this is perfect! I am loving review in 2
    This new series is perfect!! Keep them coming
    yes love it! why take 10 min when you can go straight to the point

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