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Snapdeal Offers ₹870
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Best Buy BETA 58A Version Vocal Karaoke Handheld Dynamic ...

Best Buy BETA 58A Version Vocal Karaoke Handheld Dynamic Singing Mic Studio Voice Recording Karaoke Stage Wired Microphone Microfone Mike : ...


WON माइक्रोफ़ोन Beta 58A डायनामिक माइक कार्डियोइड वोकल ...

तकनीकी विवरण ; ‎p2 mic · ‎2 माइक का पैक · ‎2 · ‎XLR.


बेस्ट बाय बीटा 58 ए वर्जन वोकल कराओके हैंडहेल्ड डायनामिक सिंगिंग माइक ...

BETA 58A दुनिया भर में गायक और टूरिंग पेशेवरों के बीच एक प्रमुख विकल्प बन जाता है. Beta 58A अपनी ...


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  • Dynamic

The lowest BTL BETA-57 Dynamic Microphone Price in India is ₹870 at Snapdeal.
Buy BTL BETA-57 Dynamic Microphone online at Snapdeal.
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BTL BETA-57 Dynamic Microphone Reviews from YouTube

Shure BETA SM57A - Best MIC EVER! in 4k UHD
Behringer SL 75C Instrument Microphone Review (vs Shure SM-57 Comparison)
Behringer - SL 75C - Dynamic Microphone - Test/Review - SM57 Killer?
Shure Beta 58A Dynamic Mic Review / Test
Damn son. Don’t know what a windscreen is called. Doesn’t know what to call a plosive. Insane preamp hiss. Why the hell are you reviewing audio equipment?
That filter fit looks really good!!!
Scary bit of hiss on the video for an audio guy ;)
hey sir : good morning , i like shure mic , especially sm 57 beta with it ,s wind poper .
This microfone is good to guitar amp?
ooooooohhh scary knife
Peter piper picked a pack of pickled peppers !!
Your noise floor is too high... Listen to the hiss in your test.
How about, wind screen?!?
The “foamy thing”?!?
Hey man, is this good for miking up a guitar cab for studio recording?
I believe it is cheaper than the Beta 58, which makes it an attractive option.
este es el original ?? Made in México??
hi Craig, is this mic good for saxophone ?
To my ear the Beta 57A might have a bit less proximity effect than the Beta 58A. For whatever reason, it's just a bit less woofy sounding up close. It's a slightly better choice for speech, I think. Marginally different from the Beta 58A, though. Enjoy.
beta 87 a should sound better
it picks up too much noise for me.. :/
that magnet near the diaphragm would mess with the performance of the mic... would it not??
hi Craig, How would you compare your beta 57 to your sm57? which one needs more gain to sound good, because I am planning to buy one of these 2 mics. Your voice sounds so clear and balanced with this great mic. Thank you very much for your video, very educational and friendly!! cheers man!!
Hey Craig.. Thanks for this very useful video as i am planning to buy one of this shure mics (Beta 57 or Beta 58) and i came across ur custom made cable and i just wonder how to made it? coz i too have a Nikon DSLR with 3.5m audio input with plugin power. and i was planning to buy a Audio Interface to record this mic on my pc for my videos which i shoot from my DSLR. But if there is any way to connect this cable to my DSLR directly then this will be so much cost, time and effort saving.. Pls can u tell me how this cable looks like on both ends and how to made it and everything i need to get this cable and start recording directly on my Camera..!!!
Me watching it now I can find for as little as 25$
Glenn Fricker did a SL57 / SM57 comparison and honestly I thought the SL sounded better both in his review and this one. The Shure is definitely a higher quality microphone but honestly I think this mic has it beat on every other point.
“Indistinguishable”?? Like night and day, to my ears. The Shure SM57 being night, and the Behring being day.
Hey man nice vid I’ve just got this mic and it’s making a fairly loud static noise which is kind of distracting over the guitar. I noticed you didn’t have this so as wondering if you thought it could be the interface I was using or something you’re doing different?
Can it be used with harmonica?
what is your fave mic to use for guitars? out of all cheap to expenssive
The Behringer costs 18€ in Germany. No brainer.
SL75 IS TRUE 14OKTOBER 1975.busi ngk javanise east nganjuk .patianrowo.rowomarto.sukorami
I'm Buying It! Thank you for review :)
very good video and how cool you play the guitar Greetings Arequipa Peru
Indistinguishable? Very different upper mid range.
I have a lot of Behringer gear, but in this instance the SM57 sounded more rounded to me.
Amazing , excellent vidéo tutoriel. Merci. Salutation du Québec
Seriously Behringer is such a large company and this is the best they can do to show off their mike? hahahaha
10:09 it already sounds fantastic for such a budget mic! what a steal! Was thinking of the Shure SM57 of doing simple home recording, now im set on the SL75C!
Very informative, Thanks! Which you recommend between this and the b906(for guitar cab)?
First off that green guitar sound incredible. The mic sound really easy to listen to. Pleasant not sharp. As good as sm57.
Not gonna lie I never realised how much I disliked the sound of a Shure SM57...
For the guitar tones, I actually like the behringer better
what kind of table stand are you using?
Can we use this microphone for VOICE OVERS?
would this mic be good for drums?
Thanks man! Solid Review! Greetings from Uruguay
I’ve been looking at videos and listening to shootouts with budget mics all day and this was the first one that made me smile & laugh. I would have loved to hear it against an SM57 but nonetheless, I thought the video was “solid.” :) Keep up the good work - humor is really helpful right now.
Where did you get this? Amazon has it with $14 shipping and the usual places dont have it.
First of all. Just discovered this channel today, you got a subscribe. Secondly, im going to buy this mic. And finally, and i mean this in a humorous way, you are the behringer Podcastage.
what is that windscreen you are using?
I think this is the first review of this mic on YouTube. To me it sounds harsh and thin on voice but this is an instrument mic after all. If you want to talk into it get the 8500 or the 85A. That frequency response is ugly but somehow I find it more believable than the typical "flat line with a bump in the desirable presence frequencies" that almost every mic I look at has.
I *loved* this on the guitar, and I liked it processed. Sounds good unprocessed, as well.
Plosives aren't going to be an issue if this is going to be used as intended. Guitar amps don't tend to create plosives.
Didn't Behringer do the same with their copy of the beta 58A (BA85A) and the (a little less identical) SM58 (XM8500)? They're not fooling anyone.
Solid 🤷🏼‍♂️
Shure SM57. Berinhger SL75. They hope people are confused. Thanks for the windscreen test. Hurt my feelings. 🤣
On Amazon with a shipping charge, but free shipping on other sites. I'll be getting a couple!
It would have been more helpful if you'd held the mic at 180 degrees :-)
Hello there, I recently purchased a scarlett 4i4 and a beta58a and my beta58a seems to be extremely quiet ( not showing any light on the gain halo on the scarlett but in ableton it shows the highest as -34db, this is with gain on almost highest on scarlett and +6 in ableton ), I have googled around alot and it seems that it should be working without a cloudlifter and you make no mention of it in the video, am I missing something stupid or is this weird?
Thank You earthling!! You helped me lot choosing my mic(s)! Now everytime for sound check i Say "hello earthling!" 😁😂🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
*Best for podcasting and streaming... Unlike AT2020 **** or Yeti, this is not too sensitive which is a good thing if it is used in a home environment..*
My go-to mic for podcasting. This thing’s a work-horse, it sounds great and you can’t go wrong with Shure
How to tell the difference of real beta 58 and fake ones?
Which is best Shure beta58a or Audixom2
I just ordered this. I don't wanna hear anything bad about it.
Man! Please do shure 565sd!
Hi, can it be used to record vocals as well, or would you recommend it more for performing live?
I really enjoyed singing from Ez Voice because I love singing.
I think the sm57 beta is better for vocals at a 6 inch distance away, just crank some compression and you get such a such a shiny vocal
Can it work in computer
I have the beta 58 and beta 57, which is for instruments and vocals.
Great review man!! Can I ask just what pop filter you are using for this review? Really seems to remove those plosives!
Damn, that mic sounds good.
I use this mic during live performance but was looking at buying another mic for my home studio recordings to record both vocals and guitar. Unfortunately I can only spare about £100 for a microphone. Is it worth buying something else on that budget or shall I just stay with what I have? Which mic would you recommend under £100 for vocals, acoustic guitar and cajon?
Very nice bro i am singer devdas kirade from MP district Khargone in India
I own Senn MKH 416, Neumann TLM 103, Neumann KSM 105 and Shure Beta sm58a. All these mics are truly great but I absolutely love 58a. 58a has so much clarity and emotions, no feedback, 58a always produces great sound in any situation. This mic is so underrated. I can listen to this mic for hours (unlike sh1t Rode mics, NT USB and so on).
High quality content, i wanna start singing and my mom's boyfriend gave me this 🎶🎶🎶♥️😍

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